The Future of Masturbation Is Now

Aziz Ansari Is Trying to Understand the Pocket Vagina on His Modern Romance Tour


None taken.
oh heyy boom- BOOMTOWN. Don't know if I want my pocket vagina to be high tek I've heard stories about electrocution. I like to think of my masturbation as being omnipresent so it's now it's everywheres.
I love the way he handles the "dick pics are a cool and reasonable thing to send a woman, what are other cool lines to put on one" question.
@3, Um, the dick pics joke of Aziz's. And where does Trent say he thinks dick pics are cool? Trent says he likes Aziz's word that he sends with his dick pic. Then he asks Aziz what other people who are sending dick pics could write with them.

I think maybe you are the one that got owned.