Blood Ensemble Puts on a Ghost Story in a Barn

Barn Show Is a Haunted, Hundred-Year-Old Story, and to See It, You Need to Travel 35 Miles North of the City


Saw the show Friday 7/18. One of the most amazing performances I have ever seen. The inventiveness on display is continually surprising as you are whisked around the property and across time, viewing some moments at a distance and then others in close up detail. The overall effect is closer to watching a movie than traditional theatre. The actors are so present, you can't find the seams. All artifice goes away. I know it's only running one more weekend, but if you can, check Barn Show out. Wow.
I am unable to see this production this go around, however I am intimately familiar with the area, and while the O.A. vowels are correct, it's not Oregon Alder that's sprung up, it's Oregon Ash