The Perverse, Psychedelic Vulnerability of Cherdonna Shinatra


Did she send you guys a box of dried cherries or something? You've written more about her in the last year than anyone on your "genius" lists.
Cherdonna is my spirit animal. Her body moves like mine wants to.
I saw the show. Feels like it was inspired by an ayahuasca experience! Terrifying. Uncomfortable. Thought-provoking. Interesting. Strange. Sometimes funny. Glad when it was over. But also glad I saw it.
I saw this last weekend and found it extremely disappointing. It was an attempt at performance art/interpretive dance that was not in the least bit successful. I found it to be boring and forced. The dancing was amateur level at best. There was a lot of rolling around on the floor while shouting "deep" phrases. I guess all of the reviewers in this town want to elevate Seattle artists, but these rave reviews are totally misleading. If you find lines like "I'm just gonna be me, you're just gonna be you" to be deep and insightful, then yes maybe this show is for you. Personally, I walked out early - something I NEVER do.