The Best Presidents Are the Worst People

All the Way Is a Shakespearean Epic About LBJ and How Assholes Get Stuff Done


We very much enjoyed it. I'd expected a more staid "oscar nominee" style drama. But the pacing and the humor and the brilliant staging...these 2 hr 45 min FLEW by. Lots of emotions and lots of points, big and little, and it all just works. It's the best kind of surprise, this production. Bravo.
too bad your shitty president obama isn't just a little bit of an asshole
yup he got things done, but here in seattle if murray gets a little red in the face, omg, you can find many commenters aghast!

we seem to have an ambivalent relationship with power. we actually prefer a bunch of folks marching to protest racist cops, than actually electing a council and mayor here that would fire a few of our own cops after doj found a stunning pattern of illegal violence by our own cops. not one was fired. isn't that strange? all these protests and most white liberals nod their heads understandingly.....we support protests, it feels so civil rightsy....then we go right along electing murray and the council that will NOT make the police chief actually fire any officer despite the official finding there's like 240 cases of illegal violence by our officers. shouldn't some be fired, say the top 20 worst offenders? not firing one is enabling. us not voting out the mayor and council who won't discipline cops is enabling. we have the power here and won't even use it! we prefer to think the faux reform is enough; it's simply too conflictual to actually fire cops. which is of course the only way to rein them in. now today we hear an assistant chief retaliated against one good cop protesting massive overtime wages thefting by other cops, friends of the assistant chief. this will be settled out of court, the assistant chief at most will take early retirement, he's not going to lose his retirement or a single penny despite this massive theft of public dollars and retaliation at his hands. LBJ would not put up with this, he would fire some, grandstand the issue and GET STUFF DONE.

we simply do not want to confront power, use our own, or FORCE change when we can, we think everyone is nice and we can talk them into it slowly and lovingly like talking to a child. but the world is not that way, we will continue to be ripped off and assaulted by out of control cops until we fucking use our POWER against them. LBJ got that. we don't. that you sometimes use power and real threats not just kumbaya talk.
Where on earth did you get the idea LBJ was a "Best President" ?

He has been quoted as saying about the passage of The Civil Rights Act "This will make the N WORDS vote Democrat for 100 years". Keep in mind, Martin Luther King was generally sympathetic to the GOP.

Vietnam ? After JFK was killed, LBJ ramped up involvement, from a few thousand "advisers", to over a half million troops. How did a dirt poor man who was elected to Congress in the '40s, become a multi millionaire, when he left office, in 1969? HINT: THOUSANDS of Huey Bell helicopters were destroyed, in VN. They just 'happened' to be manufactured in LBJ's home state, of Texas.
The same folks who decry 'Cheney-Halliburton', are remarkably silent, about this connection.
Further, Nixon was crucified for VN, but was actually the person who ordered the draw down of forces, while simultaneously engineering a peace treaty, that ended US involvement, in Southeast Asia.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was generally sympathetic to the GOP?? Yikes!

That's news to me.

I was only a newborn baby when LBJ took over as President of he United States only months after JFK was brutally murdered on 11/22/63--in LBJ's home state!----but I agree: how on earth did Lyndon Baines Johnson make the "best president" list?
The Southern Democrats in Congress consistently voted against any attempt to pass Civil Rights laws. Prominent West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd (D) was a member of the KKK. LBJ formed an alliance with the GOP to pass the '64 Act, but purely for political purposes, not because he was 'enlightened'. Eisenhower (R) was the President who sent troops to Arkansas, in support of black students, who attempted to be the first to desegregate the schools. Amazing how, in the modern era, the GOP has been cast as the 'evil' party.

As far as JFK being killed in Texas, look up "Madeleine Duncan Brown" on Youtube. Not vouching for her account, but she sure describes well, the players of the day, in Dallas, and has a certain ring of plausibility, about her.

Thank you.
@6) "Amazing how, in the modern era, the GOP has been cast as the 'evil' party."

Times change, and LBJ and the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights act helped to change them.

Now see here:…