Brett Love Saw 270 Seattle Theater and Dance Performances in 2014. By Choice.

What the Hell Is His Problem?


Brett Love is a mensch. His attendance is appreciated by any company that knows that he is there. Can't say enough about him. Other than let him review stuff for the Stranger. We'd get better reviews than book reports and personal diary passages from Kiley and Mudede researching shit that has nothing to do with the performance he saw.
The Libertini's are phenomenal and Gone Wild was one of my favs!
Marekthegreat, what did he ever do to you? Unnecessary.
Brett is a kind soul and he encourages artists , with his pocketbook. I applaud his perseverance.

A good citizen of Puget Sound ( and does HP well too).
Brett Love honors his last name well. He is not only a dedicated patron but an excellent human being. It's great to read he is now getting more involved in the making of art. I wish we had more people with at least a fraction of his dedication.

I think I see your problem. While you may feel wiping your ass 270 times a year is a noteworthy accomplishment, all I see is someone who spends a quarter of their year suffering from severe constipation.