At Polar Science Weekend at the Pacific Science Center, you'll get to touch polar bear fur, don a "survival suit," and participate in activities involving liquid nitrogen. sivanadar / Shutterstock

Our critics have already recommended 51 awesome things to do this week, but if you're looking for something a little more off the beaten path that you might not know about otherwise (like you're in the right place. Read on for all of your options, from a French disco highlighting "weird French music" to an in-store appearance by Bob Marley's son at Ganja Goddess to a beer and yoga class.

Ask the Oracle
Presented by Hugo House, this mystic event about precognition features Sarah Galvin, Brian Castner, and Sonora Jha, and is hosted by Johnny Horton.

Andy Behrle: luminous soundscape
True to Jack Straw New Media Gallery's interdisciplinary, boundary-pushing vision, this exhibit defies our expectations of sensory representations. Visitors will "see soundwaves and listen to patterns of light."

ACTLab Reading Series: The Great Soul of Russia
ACTLab, The Seagull Project, and other Seattle art and theatre makers explore Chekhov's pervasive influence in the fifth season of the reading series The Great Soul of Russia. Tonight, Seagull ensemble members Julie Briskman and Alexandra Tavares and guest artist Jean Sherrard will read from Forbidden Fruit, about a young Muslim boy who struggles with pride and his faith after seeing his sister eating pork.

BYU: International Folk Dance Ensemble
Brigham Young University's International Folk Dance Ensemble presents this evening of dance and music (including Irish hard shoe, American clogging, and Ukrainian Hopak).

An Evening with Demetri Martin
The weirdly entertaining Demetri Martin (from Important Things with Demetri Martin and The Daily Show fame) comes to the HUB Ballroom for an evening of live deadpan oddity.

Am I Normal? French Disko
#frenchface is a monthly "weird French music" event that advocates the "frenchefication of the absurd." Tonight's event features a French Disko dance party and a release of the first issue of the #frenchface zine. The "famous antisocial francophone buttons" will also be available while supplies last.

XURS and Pink Muscles
"XURS call themselves 'weird punk' on their Bandcamp page, and it's a pretty accurate description. Sharp, staccato, and blown-out guitars sound like a tube TV stuck between channels and evoke Atari Teenage Riot without that project's industrial inclinations." -Joseph Schafer

Giant Steps Opening Party
The opening party (space-themed!) of Giant Steps: Artist Residency on the Moon promises performance, live music, and a cash bar.

Julian Marley In-Store Appearance
Julian Marley (reggae musician, Rastafarian, and son of the legendary Bob Marley) will make an in-store appearance at Ganja Goddess, a recreational marijuana store.

Pisces Rockaroke Birthday Party
Attention, all Pisces: Chop Suey is throwing you a (free) birthday party complete with drink specials and karaoke with a live band, so you can live out your rockstar dreams.

Blank Slate
You might be able to participate in some improv comedy shows, but with Blank Slate you'll be able to shape a full-length narrative. Choose Your Own Adventure meets Saturday Night Live at this weekly event open to teens and adults.

Disney After Dark
Stripped Screw Burlesque presents a "dramatically comedic" and "drippingly sensual" sequel to Disney After Dark, in which, after discovering her prince is marrying someone else, a drunk Princess Aurora tries to return home to the Magic Kingdom and encounters "weird and wonderful" characters on the journey. (Through Sat)

Death on the Supermarket Shelf
This murder mystery taps into the tabloid-style paranoia of "killers everywhere," focusing on the 1982 Tylenol scandal, in which seven people died after accidentally ingesting cyanide mixed in with their painkillers. (Through Sun)

Polar Science Weekend
Check out interactive exhibits, demonstrations, activities, and more at Polar Science Weekend. They promise the opportunity to don a "survival suit," touch polar bear fur, and watch demonstrations with titles like Ice Under Fire, along with activities involving liquid nitrogen and polar sleds. (Through Sun)

"Seattle’s Eugene Fauntleroy is one of the brains behind Nacho Borracho’s Weird Room techno event, so you know his selections will skew toward the unconventional, while fellow local Dempsey is a purveyor of beautiful, eccentric house music." -Dave Segal

Visual Chorus
At Visual Chorus, presented by Reed O'Beirne, a DJ or live band will provide a live soundtrack to accompany a variety of short films. (Through Sat)

David A. Jaffe: The Space Between Us
A small string ensemble surrounds the audience while robotic percussion created by the legendary Trimpin—with 18 robotic orchestra chimes, a robotic piano, xylophones and a glockenspiel—accompany them.

You know the improvisors have thought their plan through when they invite audience members to put any item of their choice in the mysterious Funbucket...except liquids or anything that comes from a body. Bring weird stuff and watch them make it weirder.

In the Queen's Favor
The Byrd Ensemble performs sacred works by Byrd and Tallis "dedicated to the Queen in thanks for music printing rights and to commemorate the 17th year of her reign."

Late Nite Art
This evening is a combination art party and pop-up dinner, with a three-course meal created by Chef Jaimee Fuertes, alongside an interactive workshop where you'll get your hands dirty while exploring "provocative questions." All the supplies are included, along with the meal and one drink.

MarchFourth describe themselves as "a SteamFunk Rock-n-Roll Circus Party," and "a sonic explosion delivered by 20 musicians, dancers and artisans who travel the world, year-round." They're also performing on March fifth, despite their name, so that's pretty weird.

Saturday University: Buddhist Caves at Dunhuang
Mimi Gardner Gates, director emerita of the Seattle Art Museum, will speak about the area in western China that contains hundreds of caves, full of Buddhist wall paintings and sculptures, tucked away into the hills.

Seattle Miniature Show
All the little things in all the little houses will look meticulous at the Seattle Miniature Show. (Sat & Sun)

A Tribute to Johnny Cash
San Diego-based Johnny Cash tribute band Cash'd Out have been called "the next best thing to Johnny Cash," have reportedly made Cindy Cash cry, and were once the only tribute band endorsed by the official Johnny Cash web page.

Beer & Yoga
Bring a mat and a water bottle for this morning yoga class that includes a post-workout pint of beer from Hellbent, a finalist in the Best Brewpub in Western Washington contest.

Love Is So Weird
This group show is billed as a "love fest of local art," featuring work by stellar people nearby, including Isabela Garcia, Kimberly Trowbridge, Chelsea Werner-Jatzke & Shaun Kardinal, Frankié Betheny Viérra & Deven Arthur Viérra, Lauren Rodriguez, Keri Scherbring, Andrew Lamb Schultz, Jazz Brown, Brandon Vosika, Lisa Hammond, Sofia Lee, Melissa Ludin, and Emily Pothast.

The Murder Mystery Company in Seattle: Till Death Do Us Part
The Old Spaghetti Factory hosts this interactive evening of food, drink, murder, and theatre. The staples.

Noise Yoga
Seattle-based guitarist Bill Horist will provide musical accompaniment to this yoga class in the Frye's art gallery, in order to "facilitate a focused space to appreciate modern compositions by grounding participants' experience through the mind-body connection breaking the often static experience of the audience to challenge participants' understanding of the relation of sound to the body, and their personal relation to artistic appreciation."

Turbo Turkey: March Laughness
The holiday-themed improv show takes on March Madness.