Local rapper of the moment DoNormaal will be at Capitol Hill Block Party, but she'll also be at the free SQUADfest on Saturday. Una Blue

Capitol Hill Block Party can be overcrowded and hot, and it is admittedly not for everybody. If you've already decided to roll right past it, we suggest these shows and festivals instead, some of which exist in direct opposition to CHBP, and some that are just trying to get their live music vibes on. If you decide to go to Block Party anyway, though, we'll still be here for you with our Capitol Hill Block Party calendar.

Black Fret Concert Series: The Black Tones
Streaming live from Nectar 10/28 at 8pm
Happy Halloween! Friday Oct 30 - SAVE 25% Storewide at Herbs House in Ballard.
Open Daily 8am-10pm - Order Online - People Like Pot - Come Say High!
Earshot Jazz Festival | Oct 16 – Nov 8
This week: Ahamefule J. Oluo, Charles Lloyd, Reggie Goings, Bill Frisell, John and Gerald Clayton

1. Bat City Anti-Block Party
The Anti-Block Party is here and ready to peel back your ear drums. Consider this the darker, cheaper, more Eastlake-y alternative to the Capitol Hill Block Party. Expect a buckwild lineup of live acts and DJs, including Raw Dogs, FCON, and Murder Weapons, spanning over three days at both LoFi and Victory Lounge.

2. Capitol Hill Sebastian Bach Party
This tribute to Sebastian Bach (which has nothing to do with Sebastian Bach, except for the fact that his name is a convenient rhyme with "block") is a block away from the Pike/Pine Hellmouth, at Therapy Lounge. Enjoy three free days of local bands thrashing out their overcast summer energies, with sets by Beverly Crusher, Weeed, Ramona, Gang Cult, and many more, plus DJ sets in the evening. If you really want to help, bring a few canned food donations.

3. Slim's Fest
Crack a Bud Heavy and shake out your jorts because Slim's Last Chance is throwing a matinee rock n' roll show on the outdoor flatbed truck stage, featuring Dusty 45's, Redneck Girlfriend, The Dee Dees, and Blackheart Honeymoon.

4. SQUADfest
SQUADFEST is an all-day, all-night community bout of local crews teaming up for a free and all-ages music spread. Split between an outdoor stage set-up on the street and the comfortable dark of Vermillion, this fest features sets by HR/Honor Roll, TUF, Sleep Steady, 69/50, Golden Alchemy, Black Magic Noize, Spread Thick Dance Party, Rob Sims, Lifetime Supply Club, Fish Tank Friends, and Filthy Fingers United.

5. West Seattle Rock Party
For the third year, the West Seattle Rock Party, a creation and curation by the free-rock-loving brains behind Skylark and Substation, will bust through the mid-summer malaise. This year features Stereo Creeps, Infinite Flux, In The Valley, Das Vulture, We Are Not Mel Torme, The Grindylow, The Deadrones, The Finger Guns, Mulder, It's Me, and This Definite Sky.