This Friday, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. As Ana Sofia Knauf wrote earlier this week, we need you to join the resistance. We’ve already compiled a complete list of marches, rallies, benefit concerts, 5K runs, flash mobs, discussions, and other events happening this week to help you fight Trump’s hate, but there are also several restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, and bars in Seattle offering food and drink specials this weekend that will help you in that mission—some by donating money to causes like the ACLU, and some just by getting you drunk with like-minded people or offering discounts. One of these events, the Rough Draft dinner at Lovecitylove, is already sold out, but as Tobias Coughlin-Bogue wrote in his description of that event, “Maybe I'm not the most ardent activist, but if I can protest Cheeto Jesus with guava pork cheek and elderflower cured salmon, that's how I'm going to do it.” The same principle applies to the specials below, but with beer, cupcakes, and whiskey.

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Baracky Road at Molly Moon's
Just like to President Barack Obama, goodbye must be said to this beloved flavor on January 20th. At Molly Moon's, savor Obama's final days in office with a bowl of chocolate ice cream with toasted hazelnuts, mini marshmallows and chunks of organic Theo Chocolate. It'll help a little.


Beer Trumps Hate: Un-Inauguration Party! at Hopvine Pub
Most things are better than hate, really. Hangnails, the Millennial Whoop, cigarette butts floating in a puddle... Yea, even these are better than a nasty ol' wad of festerin' hate. It's just that love and beer are ESPECIALLY better, and both will be in supply at Hopvine—notably Rooftop Brewing's Love Trumps Hate IPA. Raise money for the ACLU, don't look at the TV, and have a good time.

Beer Trumps Hate: Inauguration Day at The Red Door
The Red Door will pour Rooftop Brewing's Beer Trumps Hate IPA—made with symbolically significant mosaic hops to represent "the notion that beer can be a common bond between a mosaic of different people"—and donate your beery dollars to the ACLU of Western Washington.

I Survived Inauguration Day! (Now I need a beer.) at Ounces
On Inauguration Day, stop by Ounces to drink a beer and celebrate making it through the week (and historic day). Ounces will be offering Rooftop Brewing's "Beer Trumps Hate IPA" (proceeds of which will go to nonprofit organizations that fight hate) and offering $1 off pints—but they'll welcome you whether you need to "a) drown your sorrows or b) cheers in the excitement of the day!"

Love Trumps Hate at The Barrel Thief
On Inauguration Day, lots of us will reach for bourbon—so do it at The Barrel Thief, enjoy a classy tasting flight, and know that $10 from each $25 flight will go towards the ACLU. The bourbon options include Angel's Envy, Hudson Baby, EH Taylor, and Four Roses Barrel Strength.

No TV No Wifi No Worries Happy Hour at Coastal Kitchen
On January 20th, it's okay if your approach to Trump resistance is a head-in-the-sand strategy. Coastal Kitchen will construct a Trump-free environment with plenty of alcohol on hand, and they'll have happy hour specials running all day. From 8 am-3 pm, they'll have a "Don't Judge Me Happy Hour" with $6 cocktails, and they'll have $6-$8 drinks—plus $1.50 oysters—from 3-11 pm.

Post-Inauguration Special at Norm's Eatery & Alehouse
Norm's Eatery & Ale House will mark the first day of Trump's presidency by donating $1 from every draft beer sold to Planned Parenthood.

Raise Money for Planned Parenthood at Vif
Cafe/coffee shop/wine shop/restaurant Vif will donate 10% of their sales to Planned Parenthood on Inauguration Day. Imbibe, consume, and know you're taking a small step to help people get the health care they need.

Rough Draft #5 After Party! at Lovecitylove
After Rough Draft #5 Inauguration Day, head to Lovecitylove for dinner (tacos!), "pretty drinks," and a party—with all proceeds going to the ACLU.

Suck it Trump! at the Hideout
The Hideout is sounding a rallying cry and decreeing that 10% of their proceeds from their Inauguration Day drink sales will go to the Ingersoll Gender Center, with the evening soundtrack provided by TUF DJ I VDA at the helm.


Weekend Wake at Capitol Cider
Capitol Cider will host a wake this weekend, presumably for the Obama administration and the values it represented, with food and drink specials and appropriate melancholy.


Benefit Breakfast at Super Six
Before heading to Judkins Park for the Seattle Womxn's March on Saturday, stop by Super Six for breakfast. They will be donating all sales to Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest, and will be offering food and drink specials as well as some pre-march community bonding. Limited quantities of sign-making supplies will be available.

Free Stumptown Coffee at Two Doors Down
Two Doors Down will be kind in a very Seattle way this Saturday—by offering free coffee to everyone headed to the Womxn's March.

Women's March Dozen at Cupcake Royale
Head to Cupcake Royale on January 21st to buy these limited edition cupcakes created in honor of the Women's Marches in Seattle and Washington DC.


F*ck This Sh*t! Planned Parenthood Fundraiser at Dino's Tomato Pie
Nourish your feminist stomach with Dino's pizza specials, the purchase of which will benefit Planned Parenthood. Avail yourself of some morale-boosting drink specials as well. TUF, a female electronic music collective, is sending Simone Pierson and Annie Holden to pep you up with tunes.