Now that Valentine's Day is over, there are plenty of other ways to fill the rest of your week, including our arts and music critics' recommendations, Black History Month events, and resistance events. But that's not all—there are hundreds more events happening. To prevent some of the quirkier and more extraordinary ones from slipping through the cracks, we've compiled them here, ranging from the Eat Your Heart Out Horror Film Festival and the South Asian International Documentary Festival to the Seattle Festival of Improv Theater and a stand-up set from Daily Show contributor Michelle Wolf, and from Winter Wonderland Gay Bingo to the Whiskey + Chowder Festival. See them all below, and, for even more options this week, check out our complete Things To Do calendar.

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1. Broken Hearts Ball 2017
For the fifth year running, the High Dive has declared that broken hearts are for a-holes, and in that spirit, throw a big party. This year the party show genre is "POST-EVERYTHING ROCK" and the featured bands will be Fast & Friendly, Little Fixtures, and The Considerate A-Holes.

2. David Osborne
Author (and former senior adviser to Vice President Al Gore) David Osborne will sign and discuss The Coming, his new novel about a Nez Percé man, Daytime Smoke, son of a 19th-century white explorer, whose "story is one that encompasses the culminating decades of the 19th century, from those early explorations through the tragic last wars, with all the calamity in between."

3. Father Daughter #13
Nicholas and Darb expand in their 13th edition of Father Daughter with experimental ambient music combined with immersive visuals. They'll be joined by "electronic harsh ambient duo from another world" Ah Puch, mysterious Nico Sophiea, and the "Dirdy But Trio" Geoff Harper and Mike Peterson.

4. Florence Williams: The Nature Fix
Science writer Florence Williams is the author of Breasts: A Natural and Unnatural History, an ambitious, funny, and surprising take on breasts and their role in today's society. Here, she'll share from The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative, an informed and thoroughly researched set of reasons to take a walk in the woods.

5. French Truly: The Well-Digger's Daughter
Daniel Auteuil's 2011 film adapts the saga of country well-digger Pascal and his daughter Patricia, who falls in love with a pilot and threatens the family's good name. SIFF's French Truly salon offers a movie screening preceded by a cultural presentation by Virginie Paradis. Stay after the film for a drinks, cheese, and pastry reception.

6. I Think You're Totally Wrong: A Quarrel
Two men—writer Caleb Powell and writer/UW professor David Shields—star in a documentary that seems designed to drive them both crazy: they put their already-contentious friendship to the test by spending four days in an isolated cabin with the poor film director (one James Franco) for company. Will they discover true friendship, or will they punch each other in the face? At tonight's screening, see Caleb Powell, David Shields, and Charles Mudede in conversation.

7. Palestinian Cultural Resistance & Solidarity Festival
Hosted by SUPER, "a student group at the University of Washington dedicated to equal rights and justice for the Palestinian people," this festival will celebrate hardy Palestinian culture with delicious food and poetry/music performances, including spoken word works by Remi Kanazi.

8. The Return of DeadGrass
Ricky Gene Powell and Acoustic Laboratory will play twangy covers of Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia songs. Get your country psychedelia fix on guitar, banjo, upright bass, mandolin, and fiddle.

9. Robby Krieger Band
Soloist and ex-Doors guitarist Robby Krieger will visit the Neptune while on tour with his backing band and guest vocalist Waylon Krueger in celebration of fifty years of The Doors.

10. Scott Sonenshein
Scott Sonenshein of Rice University will bring you the latest in psychology and management science in his book Stretch: Unlock the Power of Less—and Achieve More Than You Ever Imagined.

11. Trivia! A Benefit for Stand with Standing Rock
Professor Robert will challenge you to display your wide-ranging knowledge of trivial matters, and to show solidarity by donating to Stand with Standing Rock. Compete for prizes and eat Highline vegan dishes.

12. Vanity White
Valentine's Day is over, but do you need to fall into the same unromantic routine? No! Sink into an evening of sultry burlesque and sophisticated cabaret with Vanity White, Seattle's guitar-playing drag chanteuse.


13. Protect the Sacred: Native Artists for Standing Rock
In Protect the Sacred: Native Artists for Standing Rock, 25 Indigenous Pacific Northwest artists chosen by Asia Tail (Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma) exhibit their works at Spaceworks Gallery in Tacoma. Proceeds go to the Standing Rock camp protesting DAPL construction. At the closing reception on February 16, there will be a Native Art Mart featuring vendors curated by Lisa Fruichantie (Seminole Nation of Oklahoma).


14. Bright Half Life
This play by celebrated playwright Tanya Barfield (known for her play Blue Door, as well as her acclaimed work on the TV show The Americans) depicts Vicky and Erica's relationship from first love to marriage to fights to the end of life. This New Century Theatre Company production is directed by HATLO, who helmed Thatswhatshesaid. The two preview shows (the 15th and 16th) are pay-what-you-can.


15. As You Like It
You've heard that "all the world's a stage," and that's from Shakespeare's beloved As You Like It: a deeply funny play that says a lot about the foolishness of love. This production, directed by Jeffrey Fracé, is set in America in the 1950s. Sunday is the closing night.

16. Seattle Festival of Improv Theater
The Seattle Festival of Improv Theater promises five days of improvisational theater and comedy, featuring performers from around the world.


17. Along the Blue
Give feedback to the performers of a new work by Insurgent Theater, a "queer, feminist, anti-racist, LGBTQIA" company. Along the Blue by Ji Iadevaia acts out the difficult consequences of a break-up in the queer community and also stars Avry DiMaccio and Meagan Sarratt.

18. Ascension Northwest: A Grateful Homage Celebrating 90 Years Since John Coltrane's Birth
Don Berman, drummer-composer, will lead the 11 members of the Big Band Thing in a semi-improvised tribute to John Coltrane, adapting "the same instrumentation that Trane used on his Ascension recording."

19. Britney Shears: One Decade Later
It's the 10th anniversary of Britney Spears shaving her head, to the gleeful consternation of the tabloids. Commemorate the "scandal" with music against the type of society where women's pileous and sartorial decisions are taken as evidence of "meltdown." Pay $5 minimum, or add a $5 or $15 dollar contribution to Planned Parenthood. PS—sounds like there's going to be "another shaved head" by the end of the night.

20. Critical Issues in Contemporary Art Practice: Hannah Black
Hannah Black will speak on her work, which reflects "feminist, communist, and black radical theory" as well as pop and her personal experiences. Black is the author of Dark Pool Party.

21. Do What You Love Comedy: Elicia Sanchez
Local hilaritarian Elicia Sanchez ("a grumpy nugget of delight"—Lindy West) will (over)share "embarrassing personal stories, nerdy obsessions, social politics" and instances of subversive awkwardness at Do What You Love, a series showcasing local comedy talent.

22. Dream Date Sing-Along
Feeling any post-Valentine's Day letdown? Order a cocktail and some snacks from the friendly and quiet servers inside the cinema and let filmic incarnations of a multi-generational plethora of babes from Elvis to Bruno Mars lead you in romantic songs.

23. Gerard Schwarz
Gerard Schwarz spent over 25 years as music director of the Seattle Symphony and currently conducts the All Star Orchestra on public TV. He'll tell you about his past career and his take on the future of classical music.

24. Jane Sobel Klonsky
Jane Sobel Klonsky will sign copies of her adorable book about senior dogs and their people.

25. Paris Combo
The chanteuse-led quintet Paris Combo blends jazz, French pop, cabaret, g*psy, and Latino and Middle Eastern rhythms for a sprightly and eclectic sound.

26. Priests, Stef Chura, Nail Polish
Priests' somber rock occasionally sounds dreamy rather than angry, but has enough bite to qualify as postpunk—and the lyrics pack plenty of anti-conformist indignation and individual malaise. $1 from each ticket will be donated to Casa Ruby, a Washington, DC program for LGBT people in need.

27. Queen4Queen
An exquisite line-up of Seattle queens (Cookie Couture & K5X, Pole Queen, Strawberry Shartcake, Jade Dynasty, and "Queen of the Night: Klaudya Markos") will paint the night bigger than life with stunning numbers, wild makeup, and sexy beats.

28. Real Nerds of Comedy
Harry Riley, Anica Cihla, Sally Jordan, Jack Ballard, Silas Lindenstein, Joel O'Connor, and Timmy Booth will demonstrate that nerds can be funny on purpose, too.

29. Rock for Standing Rock
Stand up for our Native community and the water protectors at Standing Rock and come to this benefit show, with live sets by Wild Wild Mexico, Tellers, and Tres Leches.

30. Subcontinental Drift
Bring whatever creative project you've been working on—"improv, comedy, music, performance art, dance, spoken word, hip hop," or anything else with the theme of love/hate—and share it with a warm crowd.

31. Veracity Shorts
The Veracity program will show short films from all over the planet to bring you snapshots of the Colombian Civil War, ritual song in Réunion, the people of the Sicilian island of Lampedusa, and strange activity in a Swiss meadow, followed by a series of mini-documentaries by Syrian girls in the Za’atari and Irbid refugee camps.

32. Voices Raised—Some Things Gotta Be Said
"In the spirit of Sixties hootenannies," singer-songwriters David Guilbault, Tai Shan, Jeremy Serwer, Audrey Goodman, Peter Spencer, and Claire Michelle will converge at Couth Buzzard for night of proud Americana celebrating protest, diversity, and community.


33. Brown Derby Series: "Top Gun"
Seattle has a venerable and undignified tradition of marvelously ramshackle bar theater. If Dina Martina is its queen, Ian Bell's Brown Derby Series—which adapts major motion pictures for raucous, boozy audiences—is the crown prince. This time, prepare for silliness in action with an "under-rehearsed," homoerotic staged reading of Top Gun.

34. My Man Godfrey
The 1936 screwball comedy film My Man Godfrey depicts the romance of a slightly vapid New York society girl and a vagrant whom she whimsically hires as a butler. The performers of Theater Schmeater will stage this satire of inequality that proves that "the more things change, the more things remain the same."

35. Storyville Rising
This Seattle Immersive Theatre production features burlesque, music, history, and performance that will resurrect the "infamous 'red-light' district" of New Orleans at the turn of the century, exploring themes of power, polite society, race, and sex. After the show on Saturday, swing by for The Few Clothes Cabaret, a special burlesque/cocktail party with a five-piece jazz band and performances by a lightly garbed dancing troupe.


36. The Liar
See into the fascinating world of a compulsive liar in David Ives' adaptation of Pierre Corneille’s 17th century comedy.

37. Yes, No, Maybe?
DO YOU LIKE ME?! YES _no _Maybe??
This exhibit, opening during Ballard Art Walk, will feature stories of angst-y young love by Dillon Lacey and other featured artists.


38. The Best 80's Party Ever (So Far)
Get ready to dance at the self-proclaimed Best 80's Party in Seattle with new wave rockers Nite Wave and Bellingham '80s hardcore revivalists Voyager.

39. Breaking Weird with Rose & Blake
Comedians Elliott Rose and Sadie Blake will improvise strange verbal comedy in their original "Tand-Up" style, about which they write, "You heard of dueling pianos? Try that with talking."

40. Century on Tap
As you linger after dinner (featuring red snapper filet, sirloin, or artichoke ravioli, plus appetizer and dessert), you'll be rhythmically jollied by super-skilled tapping feet belonging to the Alchemy Tap Project, Northwest Tap Connection, Jovon Miller, Sister Kate, and Chester Whitmore and Evita Arce. Stay after to swing to tunes by Casey MacGill.

41. Craftstravaganza: Voodoo String Doll
Break the winter doldrums at this community crafting night, where you'll learn to make voodoo string dolls, which "are used to bring love, happiness, success and other good things to you." They ask that you bring small items to incorporate into the dolls that represent the good things you want in your life, and they'll provide the rest of the materials.

42. Eugenie Jones Sings Nina Simone
Earshot Jazz Vocalist of the Year Eugenie Jones will spend an evening at the Royal Room performing the iconic jazz and blues hits of Nina Simone's career.

43. Idiots Rule, Surf Wax Americans
Enjoy a night of covers thanks to Idiots Rule, a Jane's Addiction tribute group, and Surf Wax Americans, playing an homage to Weezer.

44. Inverted Space Ensemble
This concert by University of Washington students will be devoted to music by modern and contemporary composers: Charles Corey, Jacob Sundstrom, Ania Stachurska, Clint McCallum, Sergej Newski, Beat Furrer, and John Cage.

45. Questionable Content
Watch Theater Schmeater's two teams go head to head in this game show-style comedy show. Expect "wit, deception and knowledge of off-beat pop culture." This month's contestants will be Phil Arensberg, Sarah Skilling, Mike Masilotti, Bridget Quigg, Tyler Schnupp, and Greg Stackhouse.

46. Show Me Your Cupcakes: The Art of Dirty Talk
Drop by Babeland for free teeny Cupcake Royale cupcakes (not a euphemism, whatever the event title may imply), sex tips, and a free toy if you're one of the first five to arrive.

47. Stripped Screw Burlesque
The popular female Stripped Screw Burlesque troupe will titillate you at Seattle's dueling piano bar. (No word on if they're dancing to dueling pianos.)

'Cause nothing bad ever happens when you play around with the supernatural, right? Comedians Matt Hatfield and Sophie Lowenstein will lead you in an "old-timey séance," leading you to ponder... God god who's holding my hand????

49. Tricked: A Mostly Male Burlesque Show
EmpeROAR Fabulous!!! and the Marquis Façade will co-present the first in a series of drag, burlesque, and boylesque shows—not necessarily limited to men. The theme: those wily, alluring Tricksters, from Loki to Coyote to Bugs Bunny. With Fosse Jack, Jesus la Pinga, Kiki Mustang, and Mika Wish. VIP ticket holders will get a tarot reading, front row seats, and a gift bag.

50. Whiskey + Chowder Festival
While the Northwest coast is certainly known for its rich fishy soups, local distilleries deserve equal attention. Indulge in hot "Cioppino, Bouillabaisse, or Bisque" or other winter dishes from Le Petit Cochon, Taylor Shellfish, the Carlile Room, Goldfinch Tavern, Terra Plata, and other Seattle/regional restaurants; pair them with whiskeys from distilleries like Tattoosh, Heritage, 3 Howls, Oola, Seattle, Bainbridge, Mischief Bay, and J.P. Trodden. You can also attend 20-minute seminars for $20 like "The Rise of Rye," "A Taste of Place: Scotch Whiskey," or "The Art of the Cocktail."


51. Battle of the Bards
This unique event allows the audience to take charge of the direction of Ghost Light Theatrical's 2017-2018 season. Three ensembles will perform scenes from three classical play adaptations, and then audience members will vote on their favorite, ultimately deciding which adaptation makes it into Ghost Light's lineup.

52. Everett Film Festival
See classic and new films about and by women: this year, the line-up includes Haute Cuisine, about the first female cook for the French president, Judy Lieff's doc Deaf Jam, and Susanne Bier's Love Is All You Need. Each night also includes a gala with appetizers, drinks, and a raffle of metal sculptures by Mike Nordine.

53. Joshua Bell with Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto
Renowned violinist Joshua Bell will perform Russian master Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto and Czech composer Dvořák’s uplifting Eighth Symphony.

54. Michelle Wolf
Michelle Wolf—a new Daily Show with Trevor Noah contributor, gifted stand-up artist, and host of the show Now Hiring with Michelle Wolf—will swing by Laughs Comedy Club.

55. Truth or Dare
Play Truth or Dare with the intrepid actors at Unexpected Productions. Go wild, but note that the show is family-friendly.

56. When Love Speaks
Thalia's Umbrella will present this production, compiled by David Wright, featuring romantic poetry and music from authors from Shakespeare to Marlowe.


57. Little Women
The Tony Award-nominated musical Little Women (based on Louisa May Alcott's enduring 1869 semi-autobiographical novel) brings the stories of Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy March to life with music and dance.

58. Michael Malone with Ryan Hicks
"Rubber-face" Michael Malone—who won 2012's Annual Seattle International Comedy Competition and has plied his comical wares on Bob and Tom Radio and TV, made appearances on WGN TV, National Lampoon’s Operation Comedy Tour, NBC TV, and more—will headline a show at the Comedy Underground.

59. Six Degrees of Separation
John Guare's thoughtful Six Degrees of Separation, nominated for a Pulitzer in 1990, tells the story of an injured young black man who convinces an older, rich New York couple that he is Sidney Poitier's son—but what is he really up to?

60. Social Justice Game Jam
If you're a creative gamer type and you care about issues like legal protection for low-income debtors, the Northwest Justice Project needs your input. With the aid of legal professionals, help develop games that teach skills for those facing foreclosure, fraud, wage theft, predatory loans, and other forms of rapacity.

61. Twisted Cabaret: My Twisted Valentine
One-man vaudeville/varieté circus Frank Olivier performs a cabaret based on the premise that he's the only performer who'd shown up and has to do everything himself: juggling, acrobatics, unicycling, fire acts, tongue contortionism, and stuff you've never heard of. Olivier has been performing for decades, from The Johnny Carson Show to Broadway to the BBC, and he's like a clown car of talents—just when you think you've seen him do it all, another bizarro delight comes tumbling out. His specialty is making it look like he's completely losing control when in fact he is a fine-tuned genius.


62. 206 Zulu 13th Anniversary
Hiphop will reign this Saturday as DJs of all styles throw down for a $500 prize. Dance to beats by Sho Nuph, Jazzy Jay, DJ Zeta Barber, and many more.

63. After Midnight Cabaret: The Five Year Itch
After five years, the After Midnight Cabaret's cast of vixens are still here to scratch your itch. Celebrate their Wood Anniversary (tee-hee!) with sexy hijinks and naughty guests.

64. BarkHappy Seattle: Puppy Love Pawty for Emerald City Pet Rescue
Buy a ticket for this doggy party and get tons of free swag for your animal, including coupons, bandanas, balls, and dog food lids. Well-behaved dogs are welcome to attend—get sloshy on the discounted drinks menu, see if you got lucky in the raffle, and immortalize your strange osculatory habits at the "Free Puppy Kissing Booth." Some proceeds will benefit the Emerald City Pet Rescue.

65. Chihuly through the Lens
Exceptionally, photographers will be allowed to bring tripods into Chihuly Garden & Glass for an exclusive shoot of the elaborate, organic-looking glass sculptures. Bring your own equipment.

66. Dr. Sketchy's February
This Brooklyn-based "alt drawing movement" will roost at the Conservatory for a night, giving you the chance to sketch burlesque artists in the flesh. This round will introduce you to Jacqueline Hyde, Olatsa Assassin, mai li, and Miss.Elaine YES.

67. Drunk High Advice
Why get advice from your dumb friends when you can benefit from the thoughtful words of "an inebriated panel" of comedians? Once you've heard the panel's council on your problem, a group of improvisers will act out the possible consequences of the advice. Then, come back in "high spirits" (no smoking or vaping allowed inside) for The Green Show, a 21+ improv comedy show by, about, and for people who are thoroughly stoned.

68. Ed Littlefield Native Jazz Trio
Edward Littlefield, a Tlingit Native from Alaska, blends jazz and choral forms with Native traditional music. He has played with the Idaho-Washington Symphony, the Orion Trombone Quartet, the Jazz Police, and the MusicWorks Jazz Orchestra, among other outfits.

69. Harlem Globetrotters
Bring the kids to this watch this season's roster of Harlem Globetrotters engage in "ball handling wizardry" and "basketball artistry."

70. La Petite Mort's Dark Cabaret
Diva le DĂ©viant will introduce you to the esoteric artists and performers of La Petite Mort (psssst... it means orgasm in French!!!): burlesque teasers Shanghai Pearl, Nina Nightshade, and Czech Mate & Anna Clara Buoyant, hula hooper Indigo Sky, glass walker Kali von Wunderkammer, stilts walker Alison Gale, juggler Jpeace Lovecircus, and variety queens Eva Walker and Leslie Rosen.

71. Mariam Ghani
As part of the Islam Across Asia: Art Practices/Cultural Politics series, artist/filmmaker Mariam Ghani will speak about her research on five unfinished Afghan films started between 1978 and 1992 and their reflection on society through Afghan Communism, Soviet invasion, and the rise of the mujahideen.

72. Portrait Workshop Series with Seth Goodkind
This three-hour workshop with Seth Goodkind will cover portraiture basics including anatomy, light and shadow, and composition.

73. Saturday Morning Cartoons
At this monthly series, you can see brilliant animated children's films from around the globe with like-minded movie lovers, both juvenile and adult. It's free, and you can donate to partake in some refreshments. This month, they'll show Night on the Galactic Railroad, a 1985 Japanese flick (with English subtitles) that, on the surface, is about "anthropomorphic cats flying into the Milky Way on a magical train," but also asks deeper questions like "Is there a God? What happens after you die? And, what is true happiness?"

74. Saturday Secret Matinees
Every Saturday until March 25, the Sprocket Society will screen a chapter of the 1936 16mm adventure serial The Undersea Kingdom, starring Ray "Crash" Corrigan as an American he-man battling the evil king of Atlantis, Unga Khan. Watch our hero battle "killer robots, disintegrator rays, and rocket aeroplanes" every week.

75. Venice Is Sinking Masquerade Ball
"Decadence" comes from the Latin root meaning "to fall," which sort of explains why it refers both to decay and the surrender to ultimate, immoral luxury. So keep the image of Venice falling into its own beautiful, dirty canals and party away with belly dancers, contortionists, an opera singer, burlesque dancers, Taiko drummers—and of course, lots of lush dessert from Rigoletto and gelato from Gelatiamo at the Marie Antoinette Dessert Bar (not sure what she had to do with Venice, but why not). There's also a costume contest limited to 100 participants and extra perks for VIP ticket-holders, including a bondage and pole dance show, macaroons, a pasta bar, and a VIP bar with "sexy Eyes Wide Shut servers."

76. Vicki Boeckman, Peter Maund, and Jo Baim
Hear worlds collide in this program of melding Western and Middle Eastern music pieces, helmed by renowned San Francisco percussionist Peter Maund, recorder player Vicki Boeckman, and keyboardist Jo Baim.

77. Wayward Series: Melanie Voytovich & Friends
Percussion artist Melanie Voytovitch will collaborate with fellow rhythm masters Storm Benjamin, Scott Langdon, and Kerry O'Brien and add cello by Brad Hawkins and dance by Ella Maher. On the agenda: a premiere of Socket by Bradley Hawkins, Music for Flowerpots No. 1 by Elliot Cole, the debut of Untitled for Dance and Percussion by Maher and Voytovich, and pieces by Benjamin Marx, Ivan Trevino, and David Molk.

78. what's love got to do with it?
The Ecco Chamber Ensemble will reflect on "the role of technology, our humanity, isolation, self-image, and the age-old dilemma of following one’s heart" through songs accompanied by flute and guitar, including works by Robert Beaser, Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, John Dowland, Gabriel Fauré, Christoph Gluck, Frederic Hand, Deirdre Lynds, Louis Sauter, and Franz Schubert. You'll also be the first audience on earth to hear Mark Hilliard Wilson’s Instagram Lieder. Proceeds will benefit Girls on the Run.

79. Winter Wonderland Gay Bingo
Aleksa Manila will host this glitzy and glamorous evening of bingo that promises many photo opportunities, punch, and even a Winter Formal Royal Court. It's like high school, but way better.


80. Cosmic Quest
In Pocket Theater's interactive show, a smooth ride on an experimental spacecraft will turn into a challenging quest to right your ship and explore the universe with your fellow "cadets" from space academy.

81. Numinous
This light show will pop up one weekend every month for six months. The first edition will highlight solar-powered, space-themed light art sculptures from Randy Morris.

82. Octopus Week
Denizens of the deep, we salute you. Get acquainted with the Seattle Aquarium's star residents, two gorgeous giant Pacific octopuses. Throughout the week, aquarium biologists and staff will give talks and lead activities, and human divers will cavort underwater with the cephalopods in the Window on Washington Waters exhibit on Sunday. On Saturday, you can also witness the landmark release of octopuses into the Pacific (via live video feed).

83. South Asian International Documentary Festival
Tasveer will bring you two days of free documentaries from South Asia, including features like Cities of Sleep, an atmospheric film about the plight of rough sleepers in Delhi; Kominas, about American Muslim punk band Taqwacore; and Sonita, a portrait of a young, rebellious Afghani singer in Iran. That's just a sample; there are many other short and medium-length films that are all worth your ten minutes to a half an hour. And again: all free.


84. 2017 Mostly Nordic: Nynorsk
Laura Loge will sing beautiful art songs in the Nynorsk language (a minority form of Norwegian) by Aasmund Olavsson Vinje, set to music by Edvard Grieg. Canadian Danish pianist Sandra Mogensen will play accompaniment. For those with a special interest in the linguistics, come early for a lecture on Nynorsk by Lori Ann Reinhall, president of the Seattle-Bergen Sister City Association. If you pay the higher price, you can also partake of Norwegian smörgåsbord.

85. Alterbeast, Depths of Hatred, Aenimus, Guests
ALTERBEAST will enthusiastically marauder your eardrums like paper plates under a lawn mower. They've opened for Deicide, Dying Fetus, Testament, Revocation, Exhumed, and Severed Savior, and now they're bringing their deathly virtuosic stylings to Studio Seven.

86. Balancing the Scales: Challenging Institutional Racism in Our Criminal Justice System
The Urban Poverty Forum will challenge the public to face injustice in the prison system, in which people of color are disproportionally incarcerated and serve longer sentences than whites. Hear from Mary Flowers of the NAACP, Chief Judge Wesley Saint Clair from the Juvenile Courthouse, and the musical/dramatic Mahogany Project.

87. David Duchovny with Jess Walter
We may all have gotten acquainted with Duchovny as the lean-faced nerd rooting out government cover-ups in The X-Files, but he's also contributed to the world of literature with the decidedly offbeat Holy Cow; now, he'll speak with novelist Jess Walter about his second novel, Bucky F*cking Dent, a dramatic story of father-son baseball fan rivalry.

88. Eat Your Heart Out Horror Film Festival
If you spent all Valentine's Day beaming hate vibes at the patriarchy AND you love movies about hapless protagonists besieged by forces of darkness, this LGBTQ+/women's horror film fest is right up your delightfully creepy alley. The headliner film is Brides to Be, a haunted house/lesbian romance thriller. But there are also 12 international short films directed by women or members of the LGBTQ community that, they promise, will "make you scream and hide in the arms of your sweetie." Plus, catch Neato Kino's escape artistry at intermission. All ticket sales go to Planned Parenthood.

89. Experience Hendrix
Celebrate the music and legacy of Jimi Hendrix with Experience Hendrix, a super-group super-show in which scads of renowned artists gather for a night of glowing tribute. Featured musicians for the evening include Billy Cox, Buddy Guy, Zakk Wylde, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Jonny Lang, Dweezil Zappa, Keb' Mo', Chris Layton, Mato Nanji, Noah Hunt, The Slide Brothers, and Henri Brown.

90. Exterminator City
This party/comics market will feature the work of 18 illustrators, publishers, artists, zine-makers, and cartoonists—come for camaraderie and for the chance to check out new artwork.

91. FELLOWSHIP: LUV's Hangover Brunch
Stave off the pain of your poor decisions by burying it in buttermilk biscuits at LUV Kitchen's hair-of-the-dog three-courser, not for the kiddies. Each ticket gets you Southern-style cooking (shrimp and grits, quiche, bacon, sausage, eggs, veggies, and artisanal preserves) and a Bloody Mary, a mimosa, or something nonalcoholic to drink.

92. Limanjaya, Forrest Reed, ENTENDRES
Limanjaya, the up-and-coming electronica and hiphop producer, will headline at the Sunset, flanked by opening sets by Forrest Reed and ENTENDRES.

93. Match Game
Audience contestants try to guess local celebrities' answers to silly questions for a ribald evening. The February edition, subtitled "Hart to Hart, She Wrote," will star Richard Rugburn, Miss Moist Alias, Mark "Mom Finley, Miss Kitty Baby, and many more.

94. One Love
Have a drink and plan your big gay (or queer or even straight) wedding at this free-with-registration showcase, with seminars covering every aspect of queer marriage, plus tastings, prizes, goodies, and more.

95. President's Day Weekend: Comedy Jam 6
Get ready for President's Day with comedic antics by Esau McGraw, Lance Edward, and host Ralph Porter

96. Ridiculous Vices: Molière Improvised
Improvisers will cook up a show in the bawdy vein of 17th-century French farceur Molière, based on audience suggestions.

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