Saturday, April 29, marks 100 days of Trump's presidency. If, after reading about the resistance actions that have taken place every day since his inauguration, you want to know what you can do to take part in the resistance movement in Seattle, we've got you covered. Here are all of the rallies, marches, community meetings, talks, fundraisers, and other events happening over the next week, including the first event in The Stranger's Resist/Recharge series, the IRE Volunteer Fair, the People's Climate March, and a Planned Parenthood-centered art show. Find all of these events, plus many more happening further in the future, on our complete resistance calendar.

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APRIL 26 (DAY 97)

Good Guys Seattle: Organizing for Non-Organizers in the Era of Trump
The Good Guys at the Barricades ("a training institute, center for mentorship, and hub for folks who are hungry for opportunities in the face of the Trump presidency, but who have not been connected to organizing before") are going on tour around the country to help people get involved in politics and community organizing. This event is their one stop in Seattle, and will help you develop the skills to actively, productively participate in the resistance.

Let's Make America Gay Again! Fundraiser for LGBTQ Allyship
Coastal Kitchen will join in the "Decline to Sign" effort, which exhorts citizens not to support I-1552, a proposed initiative that would impose hardships on trans people trying to use public bathrooms. Order food off the $15.52 menu; all proceeds will benefit the LGBTQ Allyship organization. The kitchen will also sell drink specials like $6 Old Forester ($2 more to make it a pickleback with Britt's Pickles) and $6 Woodford Reserve rye Manhattans. A portion of those drink sales will be donated, too.

Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest & Hawaii: Seattle Action Night
Sign up to make phone calls, write letters, and organize for Planned Parenthood.

APRIL 27 (DAY 98)

Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest & Hawaii: Stand with PP Poster Show
At this Planned Parenthood-centered art show, buy 11" by 14" prints by artists who have depicted how the sexual health organization benefits everyone. The proceeds will be used to "fight back and stand up against the forces that aim to destroy what is a widely misunderstood and unbelievably important organization."

Undoing Racism in Renton
Learn how the City of Renton and Renton School District are trying to make life better and fairer for people of color in the city. Find out how you can help.

APRIL 28 (DAY 99)

People's Climate March Sign Making Party
Keep the pressure up after last week's March for Science and get ready for Saturday's People's Climate March. Write letters to your representatives, make signs with Patagonia's provided materials, and socialize with other citizen activists and folks from the dynamic environmental group 350 Seattle. There'll be beer from Fremont Brewing and cider from Seattle Cider Company.

SLAY: A Hip Hop Party for LGBT+, POC, And Open-Minded People
Shrug off your work week worries and hit up this hiphop dance party soundtracked by West Coast thrillers DJ Automaton and Ronin Roc, and explicitly held for LGBTQIA and POC communities and their allies (which should be all of us, really). Slay markets itself as a social justice movement, rather than just a party source, with an open encouragement to different minority communities to come together in a celebration of everyone's differences. Partial proceeds of the evening will be donated to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.

Speaking STEM: Communicating Controversial Science
Important science is not always happily received by the public—think stem cell research and evolution—and STEM workers don't always have the communications tools to engage. We're now seeing the consequences. Joy Delyria of the Pacific Science Center and Ariana Coveney, a linguistics and cultural educator, will reveal how to have these difficult conversations and become a better scientific communicator.

APRIL 29 (DAY 100)

IRE Volunteer Fair
"Ignite. Resist. Engage." Get acquainted with more than 20 local organizations—ACLU, Got Green, Tenants Union of Washington, Indivisible North Seattle, Ingersoll Gender Center, and many more—to get an idea of what help you can bring and whom you'd like to volunteer for.

People's Climate March
Last week was the March for Science—this event is similar, but a little more specific. They'll protest the Trump administration's "anti climate change, anti environment, anti science stance" and drive home the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (and, you know, recognize that climate change is a scientifically accepted concept).

Represent Yourself
Get a free stamped postcard from Third Place for contacting local, state, and national politicians with whatever concerns you have. Take the opportunity to register to vote, too, and buy more postcards if you have more to say than will fit on one piece of paper.

Representation Day
Represent.Us Seattle, which advocates for the Anti-Corruption Act, doesn't want you to forget that things can be improved on the local level. They're offering a day of action with a chance to learn about this legislation and a presentation of "Washington State’s Corruption Risk Report Card," plus speeches from special guests and entertainment, food, and drink.

Seattle Youth Empowerment Day
Young activists aged 13 to 18 are invited to a free event by MOHAI and NonprofitLeader.Org, where they can meet nonprofit representatives and gain experience in community advocacy. Lunch is provided.

Trivia for a Cause: Benefit for Islamic Center of the Eastside
This kid-friendly, comedy-filled trivia night (with guest speakers!) was organized to raise money for the Islamic Center for the Eastside, which was damaged by an arson incident this January.

APRIL 30 (DAY 101)

Keep America Great: A Northwest Immigrant Rights Benefit
Drink for a good cause at this Northwest Immigrant Rights Project benefit night in conjunction with the Blue Moon, wherein $1 from each pour of the ten beers on tap goes to NWIRP. Even better news, the tasting room is both dog- and kid-friendly.

Keep America Great: A Northwest Immigrant Rights Benefit
Defend immigrant rights at this benefit show for the NW Immigrant Rights Project featuring music from Argan, Catalino Underdog, and The Black Chevys. Next door, Floating Bridge Brewing will be donating $1 from every beer poured from 1pm-8pm, so go lush up for a good cause.

MAY 1 (DAY 102)

Annual May Day March for Workers and Immigrant Rights
This workers' strike is a demonstration against the border wall, deportations and indefinite detentions, the increase in military spending, and anti-Muslim discrimination, among other Trump administration priorities. The co-organizers of El Comité say: "This is not an action against businesses. This is an action against national governance and policy that is inhumane, repressive, unwarranted, counterproductive and fiscally destructive." They also call for business and local government to give their employees the day off.

Communities Rising! Citywide Meeting
Learn about the projects that neighborhood-based Communities Rising groups have been working on (and hear from author, journalist, and publisher Ethan Casey) at this resistance event.

Hedrick Smith
Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist Hedrick Smith, who has been a reporter and producer since 1962 for, among others, the New York Times and Frontline, will weigh in on the "political earthquake" that tumbled Trump into power. What does the current Republican regime hold in store for America? Is there any chance they might help improve lower- and middle-class lives?

May Day: Veteran Anti-War Formation
Anti-war veterans and activists will gather to remember those lost in combat and demonstrate against war.

MAY 2 (DAY 103)

Legal Workshop on Immigration Policies
Cut through the panic of today's anti-foreigner climate and learn about your legal rights as immigrants, employees, and employers. Instawork is offering a free workshop over beer and food. Ask your immigration and DACA-related questions, and attorney Manuel "Manny" Francisco Rios will give you answers.

Resist/Recharge is The Stranger’s new event series that will give you a fun, smart, low-pressure place to talk about how to resist the bullshit coming out of Trump’s administration. Each time, we’ll pair a great bar with a rad local organization doing advocacy work that is becoming more important every day Trump is in power. Come get a drink and learn about the organization. Then, get involved or don’t say anything at all. Like we said, low-pressure. The organization this first time is Somos Seattle, which builds community by hosting events for LGBTQ+ Latinx folks and the event will focus on being LGBTQ+ and an immigrant in Trump’s America. Five storytellers will talk about their own experiences, including what it’s like to be undocumented, trans, or to have a mixed-status immigrant family, and attendees will get the chance to ask questions.

MAY 3 (DAY 104)

Black Lives Matter
Join a conversation with Jamelle Bouie (Slate magazine) and Patrisse Cullors, the woman behind the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag, to hear about racial relations in America, the history of the movement, and their "vision of justice for all."

Civic Cocktail: Social Justice & Effective Activism
Guardian columnist, This American Life contributor, former Stranger staffer, and extremely funny person Lindy West will discuss politics and pop culture with Civic Cocktail host Joni Balter. Then, Washington's Democratic Party chair Tina Podlodowski and her Republican counterpart Chris Vance will sit down with journalists Phyllis Fletcher (Northwest News Network) and the Stranger's Eli Sanders to talk about influencing politics through grassroots action.

History, Conflict and Promise: Civil Rights at the UW
In 1968, the Black Student Union occupied the offices of the University of Washington's president to demand changes in admissions policies and curricula. Their action made a difference. On this night, prominent UW alumni will talk about the state of the university's "commitment to justice and equality for all." Ralina Joseph will moderate a conversation with Larry Gossett, Verlaine Keith-Miller, Sharon Maeda, Emile Pitre, and Rogelio Riojas.

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