Our arts critics have already recommended 39 great things to do this week and our music critics have picked the 27 best concerts, but there are still hundreds more events happening. To prevent some of the quirkier and more extraordinary ones from slipping through the cracks, we've compiled them here—from the opening week of Into the Basement: An Immersive Horror Experience to the Swedish Club's Viking Disco, and from Seattle Made Week to the opening of the Can Can's Zombie Cheerleaders From Hell! For even more options this week, check out our complete Things To Do calendar.

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1. Responding to the Global Refugee Crisis: From There to Here
Doctors Without Borders will host a panel discussion about "the medical challenges faced by those currently displaced in the global refugee crisis, focusing specifically on "the physical and mental health consequences of displacement on individuals and entire communities." Panelists include Jason Cone, MSF-USA's executive director, Valerie Nkamgang Bemo, deputy director for emergency response at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Casey O'Connor of Doctors Without Borders, and Floribert Hengwa Mubalama, executive director of Seattle's Congolese Integration Network.


2. Old Forester Old Fashioned Face Off
Join 10 bourbon-loving Seattle bartenders for a night of cocktail-making. Sample the drinks, eat snacks, and vote for your favorite Old Forester Old Fashioned.


3. Seattle Science Slam #8
Enjoy a rowdy evening of science by hearing three scientists break down their projects in a way that the lay person can totally understand. This installment features Itzue Caviedes-Solis' project on the evolution of swimming in tree frogs, David Frank's project on sensory marketing and the subtle science of packaging, and Anamol Pundle's project on making cleaner cookstoves using computational fluid dynamics. Applaud the loudest for your favorite.


4. Fast Nasties, Grampa's Chili, Circular Reasoning
Fast Nasties make a concerted effort to bring the blues as a genre up to modern standards, with soulful vocals and haunting guitar. They'll be joined by Grampa's Chili and Circular Reasoning.

5. Lampedusa: Concerts for Refugees
Enjoy an evening of acoustic performances from singer/songwriters Steve Earle, Patty Griffin, Emmylou Harris, Dave Matthews, and special guests. The show is meant to raise awareness and money to support expanded educational opportunities for displaced people through JRS's Global Education Initiative.

6. Queer Pop Music with Be Steadwell
D.C.-based queer pop artist Be Steadwell will be performing solo (she's also a singer in queer pop group The Lost Bois). Join her for a night of dancing and snack-eating.


7. Jean François Porchez: The Visible Invisibility of Words
If you're obsessed with letters and their design (perhaps you're an avid spokesperson for Helvetica), you may enjoy hearing from Jean François Porchez, founder of Typofonderie, an independent digital type foundry in France, and director of ZeCraft, a design studio specializing in custom typeface projects. He'll talk about how typography influences the way we read.

8. Mark Bowden: The Turning Point of the American War in Vietnam
Mark Bowden, author Black Hawk Down, will discuss his new book, Hue 1968: A Turning Point of the American War in Vietnam, which recounts the centerpiece of the Tet Offensive.

9. Patrick Rothfuss, Nate Taylor and Daniel Dos Santos
Meet sci-fi author Patrick Rothfuss on the occasion of the 10th anniversary reissue of his first novel, The Name of the Wind, a bildungsroman about a fierce young hero who can wield magic. Rothfuss's later books have appeared on NPR's Top 100 Science Fiction/Fantasy Books list.

10. Walter Stahr: Stanton
Hear Walter Tahr discuss his latest work: a biography of Edwin Stanton, Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of War. The book explores Stanton's role in organizing the Civil War effort and his brief takeover of the government after Lincoln's death.


11. No Flash Light Night Hike
Walk through the wilderness in the dark and learn cool facts about night vision, "what happens when you bite down on a Wintergreen Mint," bats, and constellations (if the sky is clear).



12. Everything Passes and Everything Stays
Check out the work of Cuban-born artist Tatiana Garmendia, whose drawings, paintings, photographs, video, and textiles "specifically explore the archetype of The Hanged Man, with its models of sacrifice, suspension, conformism, and new points of view."


13. Stanley Jordan
Bold jazz guitarist Stanley Jordan wowed the world back in the '80s with his eloquent fret-tapping technique, which remains a persuasive pleasure in his current live shows.



14. Techstars Startup Week
Hear talks and panel discussions on everything from SEO strategies to the importance of inclusive and diverse hiring practices at Techstars Startup Week.



15. Forced from Home
The worldwide humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders has seen firsthand the terrible effects of the refugee crisis—the 65 million people in flight from their homes around the world because of violence and persecution. A DWB aid worker will guide you around this exhibit, which reveals the agony of the refugee experience through photos, stories, and artifacts.
Closing Sunday.


16. Open Warehouse Sale
Kyoto Art and Antiques only opens for a few days twice a year, selling Japanese goods from their headquarters in Kyoto. Check out their new stock in this fall warehouse sale.



17. The Letter Farmer
Join The Letter Farmer—a pop-up stationery store "in the form of a food truck, minus the food"—for a night of oysters, Aperol, and letter writing. Enjoy complimentary snail mail necessities like glass dipping pens (duh), stamps, stationery, and envelopes.


18. American Whiskey 101
Taste various American whiskeys, including Buffalo Trace, Westland, Mellow Corn, Rittenhouse, and Bernheim, and learn how different grains produce different flavors.


19. Cerebral Incubation, Cordyceps, Angel Splitter
Las Vegas death metal band Cerebral Incubation describe their music as "BRUTAL WEST SIDE CAVEMAN SLAM." They'll be joined by Cordyceps and Angel Splitter.

20. Dead Rider, Free Salamander Exhibit, Quid Quo
Chicago experimental rock group Dead Rider will showcase their latest Drag City releases with support from Free Salamander Exhibit and Quid Quo.

21. Forms: Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones
Hear experimental electronic music from Barcelona-based producers/DJs/visual artists Sinjin Hawke and Zora Jones.

22. The Harper Conspiracy, Teresa Kolo, Guests
Dance to the harmonies of Seattle rock/soul band The Harper Conspiracy, who will be joined by Teresa Kolo and other special guests.

23. Mimicking Birds with Kilcid Band
Join Mimicking Birds, a Portland trio fronted by singer/songwriter Nate Lacy, for a night of lilting melodies and finger-picking. They'll be joined by Port Townsend's Kilcid Band.

24. Norm Chambers, Kaori Suzuki, John Krausbauer, Eric Ostrowski
Join Norm Chambers (Panabrite/JĂĽrgen MĂĽller), "synth builder" Kaori Suzuki, John Krausbauer, and Eric Ostrowski for a night of Seattle experimental electronic music.

25. Skeleton Hands, Statiqbloom, Crimes AM
Skeleton Hands, an electronic/punk duo comprised of Evan Scott Sharfe and Chase Anderson, make music that is "simultaneously foreboding and uplifting." They'll be joined by Statiqbloom and Crimes AM.


26. Booktoberfest
Celebrate books and alcohol at Booktoberfest, where readers are invited to enjoy bookish happy hours, librarian-hosted trivia nights, spooky stories, karaoke, literary fortune telling, and a whole lot more with the Seattle Public Library.


27. Civic Cocktail: Seattle's Shift to the Left
Join Nikkita Oliver, Stranger publisher Tim Keck, and former King County executive Ron Sims in what will no doubt be a lively discussion of Seattle's current leftist movements and their future. Knute Berger of Crosscut will also attend, and Joni Berger will moderate.

28. Civil Rights Challenges We All Face
Megan Ming Francis, an associate professor of Political Science at UW, will discuss how post-9/11 policies have resulted in a rollback in civil rights and liberties "in the name of the greater good." She'll raise the question of how these policies have shaped our present and what role collective silence played.

29. Communicating Climate Change: The Science
Get a primer on what exactly causes global warming and what we can do about it in this citizen science presentation.

30. Peter Wadhams: A Farewell to Ice
Peter Wadhams, an experienced sea ice scientist, will present his new book A Farewell to Ice. In the book, he describes how ice forms and the vital role it plays in reflecting solar heat back into space and providing an "air conditioning" system for the planet.

31. Zoe Quinn: Crash Override
Video game developer Zoe Quinn is famous for her connection to "Gamergate" (the deluge of harassment—including rape and death threats—she faced online, thanks to a deceitful blog post published by an ex-boyfriend) and for her interactive fiction game "Depression Quest." She'll visit Seattle to share her personal perspective and present her new book, Crash Override: How Gamergate (Nearly) Destroyed My Life, and How We Can Win the Fight Against Online Hate.


32. Planning Meeting for November 4: Trump/Pence Must Go!
Join Refuse Fascism Seattle for a month of strategizing and solidarity meetings in preparation for November 4.



33. Peat Week
Step right up to a glorious spectacle of oddities at this freaky symposium. Learn everything you've ever wanted to know about peat-smoked beer, vote on your favorite drink in a cocktail competition, and play carnival games.



34. Inclucity 2017
This event showcases demonstrations and displays form local individuals and organizations who are working to increase the inclusion of people with disabilities. Chat, learn, ask questions, and get involved.

35. Witness to Innocence Panel with Dr. Katherine Beckett & IPNW
This panel co-hosted by Innocence Project Northwest highlights individuals who have been wrongly convicted of a crime, and later exonerated. Hear from panelists Sabrina Butler-Smith, one of two women in America to be exonerated from death row, Dr. Katherine Beckett, a professor in the Department of Sociology and the Law, Societies, and Justice Program, IPNW's Laura Zarowsky, and others.

36. Campfire: Improvised Ghost Stories
Starting today, KUOW and Unexpected Productions present seven weeks-worth of spooky, creepy, and kooky improvised ghost stories based on real-life events shared by audience members.


37. An American Ascent
George Potter and Andy Adkins' American Ascent "documents the first African American expedition to tackle Denali (aka Mt. McKinley, North America’s highest peak), while shedding light on the complex relationship many African Americans have with the outdoors."


38. Poké Class
Learn the secret to a perfect DIY poke bowl from TRACE executive chef Steven Ariel. He'll divulge how to select and prepare the fish, and what kinds of ingredients to pair it with.

39. Night of Gourdian Delight
Experience the delightful marriage of gourds and alcohol to get in the fall spirit by tasting six pumpkin beers from Anderson Valley, Cloudburst, Southern Tier, and more.


40. Dirty Revival with Lindstrom & The Limit
Portland seven-piece soul outfit Dirty Revival is led by the powerhouse vocals of singer Sarah Clarke. They'll be joined by Lindstrom and The Limit.

41. Fungal Abyss, Toim, Humours, Pink Muscles
Because the main idea behind Fungal Abyss is to take mushrooms and play improvisational spacey doom metal, no two Fungal Abyss shows are alike. This experiment is the brainchild of local stoner-metal kings Lesbian. A Fungal Abyss show is a unique experience, as they flow freely through a mind-bending and ear-crushing jam session. Psychedelics aren’t required, of course, but they could certainly enhance the experience. KEVIN DIERS

42. Ten-Speed Music with Guests
Ten-Speed Music, a collaboration between Isaac Pierce and Nick Alvarez, describe their music as "song-like vehicles/functional nostalgia."

43. Theoretics, Black Giraffe, Urban Ghost
Five-piece free synth trip-hop band Theoretics play jazz-electronica-groove fusion. They typically bring on local chanteuses and 206 rappers to bulk up their sets, with frequent guests like Whitney Lyman, Maiah Manser, and Tazlyn Gue. KIM SELLING


44. Page to Stage: BOOM
STAGEright Theatre brings you a cast of local performers in a reading of the play BOOM by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb, about a journalism student and a marine biologist who meet in a lab for sex.


45. Daniel Ellsberg
Join Daniel Elssberg, the first person in America to get arrested for leaking top secret documents, which became known as "The Pentagon Papers." He'll talk about "how and why he revealed the Pentagon Papers, how his actions helped alter the course of U.S. history while also discussing the future, necessity, ethics, and perils of whistle-blowing."

46. Kelly Ogilvie TEDx Talk
Kelly Ogilvie, CEO and co-founder of DeepCell, which specializes in "extracting cannabis compounds from the plant and combining those compounds with sugar, making their products water soluble," will discuss "unraveling the stigma around cannabis."

47. Signe Nielsen
Signe Nielsen knows her stuff when it comes to landscape architecture and urban design. She's been working in the field in New York since 1978, specializing these days in making environmentally friendly spaces that people working, living, or galavanting in the city actually want to spend time in. Hear her talk about her work at her current company, Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects.

48. Spirit in the Rock: The Fierce Battle for Modoc Homelands
Learn about the "fierce, bloody, and unjust" 1873 Modoc War (fought in Northern California, between the indigenous Modoc people and the U.S. army) at this event celebrating the book Spirit in the Rock: The Fierce Battle for Modoc Homelands by Jim Compton. Compton was a journalist, author, and former Seattle City Council member, and he died two months after completing this book's manuscript.

49. Trans Writers Read
Hear work from Genesis Ellis, Susan Brittain, and Calvin Gimpelevich, all of whom are trans/genderqueer authors who are immigrants or first-generation Americans.

50. Yotam Ottolenghi & Helen Goh
Join chef Yotam Ottolenghi and pastry chef Helen Goh for the release of their new baking book, SWEET.



51. Beyond the Selfie Opening
Li Turner, Susan Christensen, Joan Kimura, and Gregory Pierce consider "who you see when you look at portrayals of others" in this exploration of selfies.

52. Gary Faigin: Inside Out Opening
See new paintings by artist, Seattle Times critic, and Gage Academy co-founder Gary Faigin. This series will explore "the ways the rush of industry dwarves threatens our domestic tranquility, even as certain images of change, like the steam engine, project a seductive beauty."


53. Bandaloop
Project Bandaloop is known for staging terrifying dance performances on vertical structures (like the Space Needle!). It looks like they may be indoors for this one, but it should still be exciting.

54. Inspection!
Inspection! is a comedy/theater/variety show about the very mysterious semiannual inspection by the "The Recall Department."



55. Maple Viewing Festival 2017
These gardens are meant to be enjoyed in all seasons and weather, so venture out and wind to enjoy a swirl of leaves this weekend at the Seattle Japanese Garden. The festival promises crafts, taiko performances, scavenger hunts, sword demonstrations, tours, and a photography exhibit.


56. Femmes of Vulgarity
POC trans/queer artists will explore and celebrate "all the facets of sexuality, sensuality and erotica that our souls and art have to offer" at this multidisciplinary arts event.



57. Amy Oates: We Make This City - A Crowdsourced Mural
Cut Up/Cut Out artist Amy Oates invites visitors to "play with light, shadow, pattern, and space" through an interactive drawing program. Artist and visitors will add sketches, doodles, patterns, and text to create a collective piece.


58. Taste of Seattle Made presented by Central Co-op
At this hyper-local event, presented by Central Co-op, you can purchase goods from over 55 different Seattle-based food and beverage makers, plus sample unlimited bites. Your ticket also gets you seven alcohol pours. You can also get your photo taken in the Central Co-op Lounge, and take part in contests and carnival games.


59. Campout Cinema: Interview with a Vampire
In this classic Halloween flick based on the novel by Anne Rice, a vampire tells the story of his life, from a widowed plantation owner to his present fanged state. Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunst, Antonio Banderas, and Christian Slater are the shining stars.

60. Meaningful Movies: Tickling Giants
Meaningful Movies presents a documentary on the brave, very funny, and staggering popular Egyptian satirist Dr. Bassem Youssef, whom you may have seen as a guest on the Jon Stewart-era Daily Show. Youssef's TV show, Al-Bernameg, poked cheeky fun at President Mohammed Morsi, leading to the comedian's arrest warrant for allegedly "insulting Islam" and the politician.


61. Black Tiger Sex Machine, Yookie, Kai Wachi, Sullivan King, Lektrique
Dance the night away to the synth-and-sample-laden Canadian electronic trio Black Tiger Sex Machine, who perform wearing "iconic tiger helmets."

62. Chip Parker, Bill Anschell Trio
Spend an evening listening to jazz, ballads, and blues from the Great American Songbook with Chip Parker and the Bill Anschell Trio.

63. Nekromantix
Death-obsessed psychobilly fiends Necromantic will play El Corazon just before Halloween and Dia de los Muertos. Throw on your victory rolls and get ready to be romanced by a real skeleton crew.

64. Noel Brass Jr.
Join Seattle composer/keyboardist Noel Brass Jr. (the founding member of psychedelic trio Afro Cop) to celebrate the limited vinyl release of his first solo record, Broken Cloud Orchestra, and to hear him perform.

65. Northwest Sinfonietta: Notions of a Nation
The Northwest Sinfonietta will gather to perform works indicative of the theme "Notions of a Nation," including pieces that encapsulate the many views of America, through the eyes of 20th century composers like Adolphus Hailstork and Samuel Barber.

66. SoulOut Showcase
See a showcase of up-and-coming choreographers, dancers, singers, rappers, spoken word artists, and other entertainers in a club-style setting inspired by Club Jete’ LA.

67. Viking Disco
Vikings had their fair share of anger issues—maybe all they needed was a good ole cathartic disco? Consider dressing up in your chicest helmet and shield for a night of boogying, with hits provided by ABBA tribute band Prom Date Mixtape and vinyl-spinning sets from guest DJs.


68. Theater Queen
Join SHE for an evening of exploring "musical theater ins and outs" with drag, singing, and other performances. Featuring Alicia Rodenko, Irene DuBois, Sam Harrison, Strawberry Shartcake, Brandy Snow, Miss Opal Essence, and Cannoli.


69. Diana Morita Cole: Sideways: Memoirs of a Misfit
Diana Morita Cole will share parts of her life story in Sideways: Memoir of a Misfit, which relates her birth in the Minidoka internment camp for Japanese Americans in Idaho, her childhood in a Chicago ghetto, and her meetings with William Minoru Hohri and Iva Toguri (who was wrongfully imprisoned when misidentified as "Tokyo Rose").

70. Jessica Bruder: Nomadland
Journalist Jessica Bruder will discuss her debut book, Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-first Century, which explores a new class of nomadic workers who travel in their RVs from one short-term job to another.



71. Fort Nisqually Candlelight Tour
Eavesdrop on historical interpreters as they go back to October of 1855, when "many of the Fort’s residents were celebrating the promotion of Dr. Tolmie to chief factor." Expect to see "gentlemen and their wives, American settler families, experienced trappers, Scottish and French-Canadian laborers and their families, young people at a dance, blacksmiths working at the forge, clerks in the sale shop, and cooks in the kitchen."

72. Into the Basement: An Immersive Horror Experience
If you like big and scary puzzles, consider exploring actual subterranean ruins in Seattle's underground labyrinth, "armed with only a flashlight, headphones, and a single clue."


73. Sounds of TAIKO
Hear Taiko, a Japanese style of drumming, performed by Kenny Endo, Ian Dobson, CHIKIRI, and Cascades Taiko Drummers at the Bellevue World TAIKO Festival's Sounds of TAIKO.


74. Adjudicated Choreographers Showcase: Men In Dance
This showcase presents choreography by new artists who may not have the opportunity to have their work fully produced in Seattle. The five pieces are fully produced and presented during Act I, and the audience is asked to write down some notes between pieces. Act II consists of a panel of three professional dancers, who will share their feedback.

75. Blitzkrieg
Brian Wade's Blitzkrieg is a play about Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun holed up at Berghof (Hitler's home in the Bavarian Alps) during the last year of World War II.

76. Soy Cuba
This revue of Cuban music and dance will span centuries of styles and feature performers including Roberto Borrell, Calixto Oviedo, Kiki Valera, José Carrión, Pedro Vargas, Maiensy Sanchez, Reinier Valdes, Julio Jáuregui, Carlos Cascante, and Elspeth Savani. Directed by Alfredo Polier.



See an experiment in form—dry soda atmospheric firing—at this exhibit featuring innovative works by Len Hudson, Sandra Mander, and Meg Murch.

78. Knitting Conference
Delve into the fiber arts with spinning, knitting, designing, and textile workshops led by artists, including Laura Ricketts, an expert in indigenous Sami textile arts.


79. Seattle Home Show
Peep hundreds of home and garden product displays, go to a “Meet the Experts” seminar, learn about new building products and materials, see landscape displays, learn about living green, taste wine, and make arts & crafts.

80. Seattle Leather Daddy & Daddy's Boy Contest
Are you a leather daddy or a daddy's boy? This competition, hosted by Seattle Men in Leather, may be a good place to find out, as either a participant or a spectator.


81. Oktoberfest Northwest
Oktoberfest NW is Western Washington's largest Munich-style "festhalle biergarten," complete with German food, bier, dancing and entertainment. They also offer Hammerschlagen, a German drinking game involving a hammer, nails, and a tree stump.

82. Salmon Days Festival
Issaquah's salmon spawning fest goes heavy on the fish puns: its "ohfishal" "spawnsors" must be "reel" proud to support the fish parade, music, and carnival.

83. Seattle Made Week
Drink beer, learn about the future of urban manufacturing, attend demos, and party the night away at this week of events celebrating all of the wonderful things that are Made in Seattle.


84. The Addams Family
Catch your favorite creepy and kooky family in song and dance form at this community theater production.

85. Cobweb Chronicles: A Burlesque
Join, if you dare, Seattle burlesque troupe the Devils Advocates for a weekend of mysteries and ghoulish delights, hosted by Miss Effie DuBois, Mystic Deflowered, and Willy Nilly. Performers include Tout D'Lou, Hersera, Delicatessen, Miss Boozy Cheeks, and several more local talents. There will also be a costume contest and a raffle each night.

86. Wait Until Dark
Susy Hendricks, a blind woman, and her husband Sam, are imperiled by a trio of con men in the Greenwich Village apartment. As the play goes on, Susy learns that her blindness may help her and her husband escape.

87. Zombie Cheerleaders From Hell!
The Heavenly Spies are back with their annual Halloween show featuring scary hot dancers—plus "terrifying masks and pretty pasties, black cats and twerking booties, sweet transvestites and dancing cuties."



88. 6X6NW
Help raise money for Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council at a show featuring 600 works of art, all sized six-by-six inches. Buy art (each piece is on sale for $36) and enjoy food, drinks, and music.

89. Art Interruptions Walking Tour
Explore the Delridge Neighborhood Greenway, look at art, and meet the artists who created Art Interruptions along the Delridge Neighborhood Greenway and Connector Trail.

90. Beyond BorderLands: Community Response Center
Artist Pedro-Lasch will host this afternoon of workshops and discussions about immigration policy, as well as art-making and healing, as an extension of BorderLands. Other local artists and community organizations will also be around, including 21 Progress, Black Prisoners Caucus, Marita Dingus (who will teach healing through doll-making), Art of Henry Luke (who will lead a protest sign-making workshop), Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, and Red Eagle Soaring.


91. Up in the Woods: An Improvised Horror Movie
At this improvised show, the audience chooses the key elements of spooky scenes for the players to act out—like where they'll be stranded, what creepy object will start the action, and who the villain will be.


92. Ecotober
Enjoy a live musical performance by Million Dollar Nile, a bike rodeo, arts and crafts, a "toilet demo," a Halloween costume showcase, and more at this eco-friendly Halloween celebration.

93. Hatstravaganza
Coco Chanel said, "Before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory." Unless it's a hat! Check out the new creations of local hat makers Wayne Wichern, Izzie Lewis, Carol Campbell, Fine Gelfand, Daria Wheatley, Michale Crooks, Ingrid Ostheller, Ann deVuono, and Diana Rubell.

94. The Secret Sauce of Communication
What makes certain content cool and other content drool? Unpack the basic components of compelling communication with UW Communication Leadership director Hanson Hosein and Derek Thompson, senior editor at The Atlantic.

95. Vital Records Workshop
As part of the The 2017 NAAM Family History Workshop Series, Janet O’Connor Camarata of Stepstone Genealogy will teach participants how to access and navigate state digital archives and county offices to learn about their family histories.

96. The Fake News Survival Guide: Resources and Tips for Staying Informed
Learn how to do your research at this very relevant community workshop.


97. Meaningful Movies: What the Health
What the Health, from the creators of the documentary Cowspiracy, "exposes the collusion and corruption in government and big business that is costing us trillions of healthcare dollars, and keeping us sick."

98. Vietnam Film Series
Review and reflect on Ken Burns and Lynn Novik's film series on the Vietnam War, featuring a panel of Vietnam veterans from Veterans For Peace and a history professor from the Jackson School of International Studies who teaches Southeast Asian Studies.

99. Norma
Bask in today's finest bel canto singing at a live screening of Bellini's Norma from the Metropolitan Opera, starring Sondra Radvanovsky as the Druid priestess. October 7 is the live broadcast; there's an encore on October 11. Sat Oct 7, 9:55 am, Wed Oct 11, 1 and 6:30 pm.


100. Beers Made By Walking
Some local brewers took a hike, stopping to talk about water and plants along the way, and have now made some beer inspired by their treks. This is the tapping event where you can taste the fruits of their inspiration! This event will feature ten new trail-inspired beers, and all proceeds will benefit the Washington Wild Brewshed Alliance.


101. 14/48: BoomBox
This speedy showcase gives 12 composers (including Gretta Harley and Mike Catts) a theme and 24 hours to make a five-minute piece. All 12 pieces are then handed over to a band filled with local musicians, who also have a mere 24 hours to rehearse before two concert performances. Zippity do dah your way over to see how it turns out.

102. The Auditorium Opening Night
To celebrate the University Heights Center's newly-renovated auditorium, they will host a night of live music from reggae-rock artist Unite One and live comedy from Jet City Improv, with food and beer from Bigtime Brewery.

103. Disco Inferno with Hit Explosion
Delightfully self-explanatory Hit Explosion was voted "Best Live Performance Cover Band" by the Northwest Music Awards Association. Hear their renditions of "original dance floor songs."

104. Lavoy, Caargo, Vervex
Hear synth-laden alt-pop and '80s nostalgia tunes from five-piece band Lavoy, with support from Caargo and Vervex

105. Lords of Acid, Combichrist, Christian Death, En Esch, Night Club
Belgian dance-industrial survivalists Lords of Acid will be playing their 1994 album Voodoo-U in its entirety, with support from Combichrist, Christian Death, En Esch, and Night Club.

106. The Midnight Ghost Train
Kansas' The Midnight Ghost Train describe their music as a mix of "gospel hymns of the sermon, down-tuned rock and roll riffs of Southern rock, and dark delta blues."

107. Midnight Idols, Late Night Shiner, Atomic Rust
Seattle metal group Midnight Idols, who refer to themselves as "quality purveyors of true heavy metal since 2002," will be joined by Late Night Shiner and Atomic Rust.

108. Modular on the Spot
Bask in the soft escaping sun and gnat swarms of a twilight spent in the park, with blessedly present modular synthesizer works from featured artists Chloe Harris, Donald Crunk, Infideltek, John L Rice, Dark Side of the Tune, Cindy Reichel, Four Dimensional Nightmare, Noisepoetnobody, Cathartech, Endless Sample, and Swift-Tuttle, and visuals by Nick Bartoletti.

109. Pankow with Black Agent
Dance to the pioneering tunes of Italian EBM/industrial band Pankow, who formed in Florence in 1979 and started experimenting with electronic machines from 1981. They'll be joined by Black Agent.


110. Deafies in Drag Show
Deafies in Drag duo Casavina and Selena Minogue are on their world tour, and they're be serving up spectacular improv, stand-up, and audience games that will have you feeling nostalgic for '90s pop stars, childhood toys, and classic scandals.

111. Fuck This, Miles for President
Local musician and performer Mai Li is turning 35, and is therefore eligible to run for President. Join her for "a campaign rally for the queer, minority-driven vaudevillian America 30's Weimar could only dream of" with a variety show featuring activist bands, "self-effacing cowboy drag," satirical burlesque, and much more.


112. Blaine Harden
New York Times and Washington Post journalist Blaine Harden, author of Escape from Camp 14, will reveal the horrible and fascinating tale of Donald Nichols, a spymaster in postwar Korea's puppet regime who was implicated in torture and execution. From Elliott Bay's publicity blurb: "King of Spies is not just the story of one American spy: with napalmed villages and severed heads, high-level lies and long-running cover-ups, it reminds us that the darkest sins of the Vietnam War—and many other conflicts that followed—were first committed in Korea."

113. Frances Moore Lappé and Adam Eichen: Igniting Power, Meaning, and Connection for the America We Want
Diet for a Small Planet author Frances Moore Lappé and organizer-scholar Adam Eichen will discuss their book Daring Democracy: Igniting Power, Meaning, and Connection for the America We Want. They add: "With riveting stories and little-known evidence, they demystify how we got here and expose the well-orchestrated effort that has robbed Americans of their rightful power."

114. Mars: Our Future on the Red Planet
In this reception, lecture, and book-signing with journalist Leonard David, learn about "the imminent settlement of humans on Mars," which David explores in his companion book to the National Geographic six-part Mars series produced by Ron Howard.


115. Your Vote, Your Voice!
Join a community forum to talk about local campaigns, hear from community leaders, participate in a round table discussion, and contribute to action items in preparation of the upcoming elections.


116. Glow in the Park: Seattle Humane's Walk for the Animals
Dress up in your most glowing outfit and join pet lovers and their pups in a walk that benefits the cuties at Seattle Humane. Stick around for an adoptable dog parade, vendor booths, and more.

117. Monster Mash Dash
Walk or run a 5K in your costume at the annual Monster Mash Dash. Win prizes and have a graveyard smash.



118. BrickCon
LEGOs have survived the invention of video games, the internet, and virtual reality. They're unstoppable. This is a festival honoring the mighty LEGO, featuring thousands of models created by adult hobbyists.


119. 24 Hour Comic Challenge
Pull an all-nighter to create a brilliant 24-page comic in 24 hours. You'll be provided with breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night snacks, and coffee, obviously, to pull you through.



120. Beyond BorderLands: Artist Talk with Pedro Lasch
As an extension of BorderLands, hear local artist Pedro Lasch, who was born and raised in Mexico City, discuss immigrant rights and the notion of "nationalist and belonging." Afterward, see presentations from other local artists Humaira Abid, Anida Yoeu Ali, C. Davida Ingram, Deborah Lawrence, and several others.


121. Red May's October Revolution
Drink, dance (dance revolution) and conspire in celebration of the Great October Socialist Revolution, with a reenactment of sorts by local talent, including cellist Lori Goldston, Seattle writer Doug Nufer, Red May Tone Deaf Chorus, who will perform The Internationale, and others.

122. Thriller Dance Flash Mob
Freak people out while they're buying fresh produce by participating in a Thriller dance flash mob. The Seattle Thrillers will guide you through the dance moves at 11 am, and the action starts at noon. Costumes are very much encouraged.

123. Keep Fremont Freaky Pop-Up
Pick up some Halloween makeup tips, get your face painted, enter a costume contest, go on (another) scavenger hunt, browse local vendor booths, and more at this freaky pop-up.


124. Seattle Children's Festival
Children of many cultures will gather to celebrate folk diversity "from traditional Chinese dance to beat boxing." There'll be dance shows, workshops, crafts, and music for and by little ones.


125. SHRIEK: We Are What We Are + Happy Hour
In We Are What We Are, the American remake of the Mexican film Somos Lo Que Hay, a family loses their mother to a mysterious disease, raising the household tension. This spooky flick was chosen for this year's SHRIEK theme of "Revenge of the Girl Monsters."


126. It's a SMASH House Party
SMASH is an organization that "[provides] health education, advocacy, and healthcare to low-income Seattle area musicians." Join them for a benefit show with Seattle's Tom Price Desert Classic, MKB Ultra, Mike Giacolino, and Low Bar Ramblers.


127. The Sunday Night Shuga Shaq
Spice up your Sunday with a dazzling evening of dancing and "prismatic sexy magic" at this burlesque extravaganza hosted by Ms. Briq House, featuring all POC performers.


128. Grand Ridge Mine Hike
Walk in the shadowy footsteps of Issaquah's earliest coal miners on a guided trek along their three-mile route from downtown Issaquah to the mine site. On the way, you'll pass through an historically significant section of the county’s 1300-acre Grand Ridge Park.

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