Meet sea otters at the Seattle Aquarium's Marine Mammal Mania this week. Shutterstock
Our arts critics have already recommended 84 great things to do this week and our music critics have picked the 36 best music shows, but there are still hundreds more events happening. To prevent some of the quirkier and more extraordinary ones from slipping through the cracks, we've compiled them here—from the BoneBat "Comedy of Horrors" Film Fest to the Highlarious Comedy Festival, and from the 24-hour scavenger hunt Questival to the Shakespeare-themed burlesque show That Sass, Poor Yorick! For even more options this week, check out our complete Things To Do calendar.

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1. Eye on Design Magazine Launch Party
Celebrate the launch of AIGA's new magazine, Eye on Design, an extension of AIGA's blog of the same name that tells stories based on "the code, data, and grids lurking behind our designed interfaces." The first 100 guests will get a free copy of the first issue.


2. Climate Change Impacts in Puget Sound
While you drink beer and listen intently, three scientists will discuss how orcas, salmon, plankton, and other members of the food web of Puget Sound and the wider Salish Sea are being affected by climate change. Panelists include Washington Department of Ecology's Christopher Krembs, ecologist Iris Kemp, and National Oceanographic's Lynne Barre.


3. Meaningful Movies Double Shorts Bill
Learn about the reinvigoration of traditional Pacific Coast canoe journeys from Makah tribal member Jeff Smith in Intertribal Canoe Journey. After that, see Mark Dworkin and Melissa Young's Plane Truths, which explores the sound and pollution impacts of Navy Growler jets on Whidbey Island.


4. Amy Zhao: The Legendary Judges of Magic
Amy Zhao hasn't been out of the fourth grade for long, but the Sunrise Elementary student has already written a book. The Legendary Judges of Magic is about a fairy named Pia who helps her Magicore friend Furball and their fairy friend Sapphire discover "something truly astonishing and awesome."

5. Fungal Fortunes: Talk by Cordyceps Cultivator William Brown
Calling all amateur mycologists and fungi enthusiasts: Mushroom cultivator William Brown will share his story of dropping out of school to pursue his dream of culturing wild mushrooms, starting a farm, and learning how to grow cordyceps mushrooms.

6. Global Nutrition: Women & Children In Developing Countries
As part of the free Global Health and Development lecture series, Shawn Baker, director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation nutrition team, will talk about improving nutrition for women and children in developing countries.

7. The Prairies of Western Washington
Our region is known for its great big trees, but western Washington is also home to sprawling prairies. UW's Dr. Jon Bakker will talk about their history, importance, and current status; illustrate current restoration practices; and highlight some neat elements of their ecology.


8. Tax Amazon to Build Affordable Housing
Jeff Bezos' tech empire is unfathomably loaded, and in the face of an affordable housing crisis, local leaders (including councilmember Kshama Sawant, the Seattle DSA, 350 Seattle, and others) invite you to demand that it, along with other local large corporations, be taxed to help build homes. They'll meet outside campus in South Lake Union for a protest and rally.



9. Shakespeare’s Lost Mixtape
The Schmee has invited area playwrights to create plays inspired by Shakespeare. Watch them along with a staging of a classic Twilight Zone episode called "The Bard."



10. Marine Mammal Mania
Nothing says "spring" like the sound of seals barking on giant rocks in the sunshine. That's why the Aquarium is celebrating the new season with a whole week dedicated to marine mammals, featuring diver shows, live science demonstrations, mammal meet-and-greets, special feedings and enrichments, and more.


11. Achilles in Sparta
Michael Place will direct this play examining the fate of a nation that will march off to war following the abduction of Queen Helen.
No performance on Wednesday or Thursday



12. Tsunami Punx: Rebuilding Northern Japan's Music Communities
After a tsunami hit northern Japan in 2011, musicians and community members joined forces to rebuild music venues using reclaimed rubble, calling their group the "Tohoku Live House Daisakusen." See a film about the project by two students from Tokyo's Waseda University.


13. 1923 Supper Club
For the inaugural edition of this intimate pop-up dinner series, which limits guests to 10 people, 1923's executive chef Nicholas Apt will prepare a menu that includes Painted Hills beef tartare with poached quail egg, pappardelle with spicy pork ragu, and poached peaches with spiced syrup. The dinner will also serve as a preview for Apt's upcoming West Seattle restaurant Vine & Spoon.

14. Cider Cocktail Showdown 3.0
Four cideries (Finnriver, Greenwood Cider Company, Schilling Cider, and Reverend Nat's Hard Cider) will duke it out in an "Iron Chef style cocktail mix-off."

15. Travel Channel Filming at Pie Bar Ballard
Ready for your close-up? Want some booze and buttery pastry? The Travel Channel show Food Paradise will be filming at the bar, and they'll be doing customer interview segments, so you might just get a chance to be on the small screen.


16. Hunks the Show
Men will sing, dance, and take off their clothes in this production explicitly aimed at "bachelorettes, birthday girls, and divorcees." Be warned.


17. Julia Stoops: Parts Per Million Book Launch
In Julia Stoops's new novel, Parts Per Million, we meet John Nelson, a man who leaves his comfortable job with the Forest Service to "join a band of radical environmental and media activists in Portland, Oregon."



18. K-Von
K-Von is billed as "the most famous half-Persian comedian in the world," and we think he's right. He's safe to bring the kids (13 and up) to see, and he assures you that "all jokes are in ENGLISH."


19. Bibliophilia Pub Crawl
Order swanky special cocktails based on famous authors' works in various Belltown bars and help fund next week's Bibliophilia Storytelling Festival. Plus, you may win prizes from Word Lit Zine.

20. New Menu Launch Party
Wasabi will premiere their new menu "filled with old favorites and new delicious menu items," with live music to celebrate the occasion.


21. Girl Groups vs. Boy Bands Sing-Along
Go back to those lip gloss and frosted tip days and sing along with Spice Girls, N'Sync, and other stars.


22. RISE: Morning Storytelling Series
21 Progress will host the sixth edition of their morning storytelling series, which aims to bring together leaders from across the community to share their challenges and aspirations. This time, Seattle Foundation's Jonathan Cunningham will be the special guest.



23. The Highlarious Comedy Festival
Just before the most relaxed day of the year, enjoy live comedy in its various flavors and incarnations—standup, roast, interactive, game show—with special shows highlighting funny queer stoners.


24. Smoke & Dust
Meet the scandalous Barbara Strozzi, whose ambition and musical talent make her chafe against the sexist strictures of the 17th century. In this play, Strozzi's life and body of musical work parallels a modern story about a woman similarly facing down a society that wants to hem her in.



25. The Last Class: A Jazzercize Play
Jazzercize instructor Kelsea Wiggan refuses to yield ground to zumba in this theater show/actual aerobics class, led and performed by Amy Staats, Megan Hill, and Margot Bordelon.

26. The Penelopiad
Margaret Atwood's retelling of the myth known as The Odyssey examines the women, considered unimportant, left behind by the heroes. This UW Undergraduate Theatre Society production will be directed by Grecia Leal.

27. See Alice Run
When the sole aunt of brothers Randy and Sherman falls ill, they decide that one of them must have a child in order to carry on the family name. When Alice Perkins comes into the picture, her desire to have a baby could save the day. The play is written by Anne Pié and will be directed by Bill Huls.



28. Backstreet Bazaar: Friday the 13th Edition
Quarterly art and music festival Backstreet Bazaar showcases South Seattle talent. This edition suggests some spookiness, and may or may not double as a roast of Thomas Jefferson.

29. Craftstravaganza: Tiny Bell Jar
Maybe you read Sylvia Plath at an impressionable age and this event sounds sinister to you. Don't worry! All you'll do is make an adorable little display piece for your own personal museum. They provide all supplies.

30. The Dog Show Poster Show
Looking for an art piece that accurately encapsulates your dog's unique breed? The Cornish Poster Collective will showcase 15 posters representing 15 breeds, with limited screen print editions available for sale.


31. The (Nearly) Sober Comedy Show
This evening of laughs features a lineup of comedians who are either sober or in recovery. This iteration will pair Claire Webber and Bill Bernat.


32. Friday the 13th Part IV
Experience the campy slasher flick Friday the 13th Part IV (aka "The Final Chapter") with a new soundtrack from DJ Nicholas Nicfit Gilmore.


33. Breakdancing and Breakside Brewing Beer Release
To usher in new releases from Breakside Brewing, including Bourbon Barrel Salted Caramel Stout and Err to Excess (Bourbon Barrel Salted Caramel Stout with Oregon grown hazelnuts and cacao nibs), Full Throttle Bottles invites you to bust a move. They'll "lay out some cardboard, toss on some killer vinyl records, and break dance like we're the cast of Breakin 2: Electric Bugaloo."

34. Mac and Jack's Brewery Cruise
Booze while you cruise with this three-course dinner that pairs dishes like grilled baguette salad and pan-seared lamb chops with craft brews from Mac and Jack's Brewery.


35. BeatMatch
In this bracketed tournament with a live audience, 16 local music producers will compete for a cash prize, a performance spot at the Capitol Hill Block Party, and the coveted title of BeatMatch Champion.

36. Bollywood Spring Cruise Party
DJs Prashant and Skee : Shashi will lay down sunny beats for this annual spring boat party. Enjoy two floors of music, food and drink specials, and nice views.

37. Bootie Seattle: Britney vs. Taylor Mash-Up Night
Seattle's only all-mashup dance party throws down for an all-out celebration by paying tribute to long reigning pop princesses Britney Spears and Taylor Swift. Prep thyself for all the '10s break-up bangers and Top40 hits you could possibly handle.

38. Butterflies of Death, Are They Brothers?, Meece, Stucky Jackson & the Boys
"Doomgrass" outfit Butterflies of Death will headline down in Tukwila, with bill support from Are They Brothers?, Meece, and Stucky Jackson & the Boys.

39. Dischord Records Tribute Night
Washington D.C.-based punk label Dischord houses local bands Trashfire, He Whose Ox is Gored, By Sunlight, VHS, Princess, Slow Elk, Blood Mouse, and lots of others. At this tribute night, hear some of the label's favorite thrashers, including Slant 6, Jaw Box, Fugazi, Minor Threat, Rites of Spring, and Hoover.

40. Holla: 90's vs Early 2K Rap Night
Get down to hiphop classics by Nelly, Ludacris, DMX, Lil' Jon, YES, Ja Rule, and other 90s and 2000s artists whom you miss.

41. TunnelVision Entertainment & OMFG Present Sex N The City
Dray Love and Rahale B will headline a night of hiphop and R&B with special guests Ohjmarie and SilhouetteCindy.


42. Peppa Pig Live!
Bring your kids to this live version of the animated TV show, which will be filled with life-size puppets.

43. The Ragpicker
Sway to a fusion of contemporary butoh and droning electronic soundscapes with dance artist Katrina Wolfe.


44. Helene Stapinski: Murder in Matera
Helene Stapinski (Five-Finger Discount: A Crooked Family History, Baby Plays Around: A Love Affair, with Music) is known for mining her own and her family's history for juicy stories. She'll read from her latest book, Murder in Matera: A True Story of Passion, Family, and Forgiveness in Southern Italy, in which she investigates the story of her great-great-grandmother Vita, an alleged murderer and woman of low morals.


45. Intergalactic Roller Disco
DJs Pressha, Chris Tower, HYDEF, Booty and the Beats, and the Slippery Shaman will provide retro beats for you to spin around to in the rink. There will be copious amounts of bubbly.



46. LeMay Wine, Spirits & Chocolate
An evening devoted to the delightful combination of local chocolates, wine, spirits, and more.


47. The Grey Golem
This new play by Asa Fager, directed by local artist Dani Dodge, critiques the "superhero industrial complex" through the story of the retired Grey Golem, who must take up the supermantle once again when his butler is murdered. But times are much more complicated than the golden age of comics.

48. Pratidhwani's #Justice4Julie: Like. Comment. Murder!
In Pratidhwani's dance drama, a wannabe Bollywood star named Julie finds her dreams dashed after she kills a man in Mumbai and gets thrown in jail. Lucky for her, a determined lawyer named Aryan may be able to bust her out.

49. That Sass, Poor Yorick!
We find it delightful that they came up with their own Shakespeare pun, since the Bard himself employed positively doused his plays with sexual innuendo ("some have greatness thrust upon them," anyone?). But these dancers certainly aren't going to let Shakespeare's verses do all the work. See Morgue Anne, Pervert Hero, Scandal from Bohemia, Sailor St. Claire, La Petite Mort, and other sexy performers strut their iambic pentameters. Does that make sense? No! But neither do most burlesque puns. Anyway, there's a different lineup each night.

50. Twelfth Night
Twelfth Night Productions' adaption of Shakespeare's lusty comedy about love and power is set in 1930s New Orleans.


51. Questival
In this 24-hour outdoor adventure race, teams of two to six earn points by submitting challenges (which range from watching a sunrise to mailing a postcard to a senator to catching a fish) to the Questival app. When it's over, prizes will be awarded to the top teams.



52. Games for our Future
Learn to make digital and tabletop games that address climate change through discovery, experimentation, and critical thinking.

53. HALO World Championship
Witness serious players of the e-sports first-person shooter game duke it out in the HALO World Championship. The winners will receive a share of "more than a million dollars" in prize money and the title of "best Halo players in the world."


54. Battle for the Dance Belt
More than 20 acts will compete for the coveted dance belt (and $250 bucks). Two finalists will be chosen by the audience to face off for the prize.



55. Chance Fashion's Spring and Summer Wear Edition
See warmer days manifested in new designs at Chance Fashion's spring/summer show. Featured artists include Pezzo, War Bond Girl, Pedals Fashion Group, Charity Rosalind, and Trash by Tony.

56. Decolonizing Art and Land Relationships
2017 Brink Award Winner Demian DinéYazhi´ invites Pacific Northwest Indigenous artists to discuss their experiences in challenging colonized narratives of the relationship between art, land, and institutions. The organizers add: "The conversation will consider ways in which colonization has problematized the way land art and environmental works are understood in the broader, white-dominant field of contemporary art and art history."

57. Hatstravaganza
Need a big fancy hat for the Kentucky Derby, your next tea party, or to wear in the privacy of your own home? The Millinery Artisan Guild NW will showcase their latest collection of spring and summer hats.

58. Lauren Fejarang and Imana Gunawan: Softcore
Lauren Fejarang's cement, paper, and fabric sculptures address "contradicting sensations that impinge the body" by combining dissimilar materials. Dance artist Imana Gunawan will perform a piece inspired by the installation.

59. Levi Perez: Sentient
Madrona artist Levi Perez's pen and ink drawings "reflect respect" for animals, the environment, and local Native communities. This collection pays tribute to the work of Henry Bugbee Kane, noted for his woodcut illustrations in Edwin Way Teales' The Wilderness World.

60. Pizza Power!
If you're hungry for pizza in both your belly and your mind, enjoy a slice from Sizzle Pie while browsing 'za-themed work (from wood carvings to paintings to pins) from local artists.

61. Reality Massage Closing Reception
Explore Kate Bailey's neurofeedback machine and "blow bubbles with your mind."


62. Living Voices: Journey from the Dust
In this installment of Living Voices, discover the stories of those who experienced the Great Depression, from Oklahoma to the Grand Coulee Dam, through live theatrical performances and archival film.

63. Seattle Red Dress Party
The annual PrideFest Red Dress party donates all of its proceeds to PrideFest and local HIV/AIDS charities. This year, enjoy performances by local songwriter Adra Boo, 2014 Seattle Pride Idol winner Ruth Soto, and DJ Dirty Sanchez.

64. Spring Safari: African Wildlife Conservation Day
See the animals that roam the African savanna on this spring safari. Afterward, attend educational keeper talks and enrichment sessions to learn more about issues like illegal poaching, habitat loss, and how you can help protect savanna animals.


65. BoneBat "Comedy of Horrors" Film Fest 2018
This one-day blood ‘n’ chuckles festival boasts indie horror comedy films, music by Ellenburg’s Devilwood, and prizes.

66. Latino Outdoors Film Screening and Panel
Join Latino Outdoors Washington for a screening of Estamos Aqui: A Celebration of Nature and Culture, a film that explores "what it means to have a Latino identity in relation to nature." Afterwards, join a panel of Latino Outdoors leaders for a discussion.

67. 'A League of Their Own' with Kim Voynar
Lovers of meticulous film analysis can participate in a six-hour, scene-by-scene, and sometimes shot-by-shot deconstruction of a featured film. This time, shout out your analyses of A League of Their Own, about a sisterly rivalry in the first female baseball team.

68. TEDxSeattleLive
Spend the day watching TED2018 videos in anticipation of the upcoming TED Conference in Vancouver, and discuss the topics with others over coffee and snacks.


69. Aha Mele Hawaiian Festival
Get a taste of Hawaiian culture by eating ono Hawaiian food, watching Hawaiian and Polynesian entertainment, and shopping at Hawaiiana vendors.


70. Beer Fest 2018
Taste local beers (seven samples are included in your ticket) and savor a bratwurst lunch at this benefit for Early Life Speech & Language, which provides speech therapy to children at no cost.

71. Salare Tea Party
During brunch, James Beard-nominated chef Edouardo Jordan's restaurant will host their first-ever tea party with their tea dealer Sarah Farr of Harbor Herbalist, who will discuss her new book Healing Herbal Teas amid "yummy tea pastries and such."

72. Whisky Face-Off: Japan vs. Scotland
Four Scotch single malts go head-to-head against four Japanese single malts. There will be three cocktail samples and snacks made with whisky, as well as education about whisky, Japanese and Scotch whisky, and the history of distilling in both countries.

73. Wild & Scenic Hazy IPA Release
In honor of the fifteenth anniversary of the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act, Peddler Brewing and Counterbalance Brewing will release their collaboration beer Wild & Scenic Hazy IPA, brewed with malt donated by Skagit Valley Malting. $1 of every pint will go to support conservation at Washington Wild. Plus, brewery staff will (slowly) bike a 160-lb keg of the beer from Peddler to Counterbalance and will share their route, so you can pedal over to catch them on the way to their "bike-crawl" if you wish.


74. The Best 80's Party Ever (So Far) with Nite Wave
Get ready to dance at the self-proclaimed Best 80's Party in Seattle with new wave rockers Nite Wave who will be cranking out the '80s electro-pop jams.

75. D.A.N.C.E: LCD Soundsystem vs. Daft Punk
Daft Punk and LCD Soundsystem tunes will bogart the turntables all night long at this '90s dance party.

76. Feel Good Inc. - Soul Train Night
Do206 and Motown on Mondays are here to bring you a night of R&B, soul, and funk staffed by local talents DJ100Proof, Blueyedsoul, and Sessions playing hours of the good stuff for their Soul Train Night.

77. Mastering the Hustle
Local music industry speakers will talk about creating safe, inclusive, and accessible spaces to share your art.

78. Phantom Fears
Experience your friend's dad's teen-hood with a night of Rush classics from Seattle tribute band Phantom Fears.

79. Robin Thicke
Everybody's Divorced Dad™ Robin Thicke will share an evening of his mid '00s neo-R&B and "urban contemporary" pop hits.

80. Seattle Bass Coast Tour: The Librarian, Danny Corn, Rob Noble
Prepare for the Bass Coast Festival by dancing to floorrattling dubstep and dancehall beats from local DJ Andrea Graham (aka the Librarian), Danny Corn, and Rob Noble. Enter a raffle for the chance to win a pair of tickets to the festival.

81. WK Presents: Beyond Bollywood Spring Break Party!
Wicked Karma is back with another Bollywood dance party, this time in celebration of springtime. After an opening set from DJ Gbbar, DJ Rkay will spin remixes of popular dance numbers.

82. Zorch Radio's Psychobilly Brawl
Zorch Radio's annual Psychobilly Brawl is a complete free-for-all, with guitars shrieking, drums thumping, and high-energy weirdos dancing to the tunes provided by the stacked lineup of Koffin Kats, Goddamn Gallows, Gutter Demons, Against The Grain, Raw Dogs, Brainiax, Cigaratz, and DJake Noose.


83. Aulelei (Beautiful)
Dancer Fune Tautala will tell his story of giving up football for ballet in a cabaret-style show.

84. Earth Is Home: Water Unites Us
The DAIPANbutoh collective will employ the practice of butoh, a type of avant-garde dance, to flesh out environmental themes in an outdoor performance for the country-wide event National Water Dance Day. While you're there, you can also discover Trina Cooper's giant lung installation.

85. Gong Show Auditions: Live
See contortionists, singers, magicians, dancers, comedians, painters, and "people who work with scary bugs" perform live at this audition show for ABC's The Gong Show, hosted by Emmett Montgomery.

86. The Merry Widow
Austro Hungarian composer Franz Lehár's operetta The Merry Widow, based on Henri Meilhac's comic play L'attaché d'ambassade, tells the story of a countryman's attempt to keep the money of a rich widow in the principality by setting her up with the right husband. See it revived by the Tacoma Opera.

87. National Water Dance Day: Sea Change Within Us
Karin Stevens Dance will present a site-specific "movement choir" addressing the country's critical water issues as part of the nationwide event National Water Dance Day. Dancers from Creative Dance Center/Kaleidoscope Dance Company, Splinter Dance Company, University of Washington Dance Department, eXit SPACE – School of Dance, Khambatta Dance Company, Cornish Prep, Pacific Northwest Ballet faculty, Yi Ren Qigong, and more will participate.

88. Oh, My GOLDness: A Cabaret
This flashy cabaret will tease you with glittery drag, burlesque, dance, variety, songs, and more.


89. Paige Embry: Our Native Bees
In her book Our Native Bees: North America's Endangered Pollinators and the Fight to Save Them, Paige Embry examines the inextricable link between bee health and human health, shedding a light on movements working to protect the essential pollinators. Meet the author during Ballard Art Walk.

90. Saturday University: Ikat Textiles from Indonesia and Malaysian Sarawak
Find out how Indonesian ikat textiles have held ceremonial, artistic, and now global importance from Professor Emerita of Anthropology at College of the Holy Cross Susan Rodgers.


91. March for Science
Advocate for science and evidence-based policy and demand change in our government at this second annual march.

92. Tax Rally 2018: Invest In All Of Us
Fight back against Trump's tax plan (wherein "working families pay up to 17 percent of their income in state and local taxes while the wealthy pay less than three percent") by rallying for reform.



93. Children's Friendship Festival
In honor of International Children's Day, a holiday honoring youth that originated in Turkey, this festival represents different nationalities and cultures through music, ballet, and folk dances.


94. Bainbridge Symphony Orchestra: Superheroes & Villains!
Witness the power of music as it brings superheroes and mythic villains to life with performances of the original Batman, Superman, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens scores, as well as a side-by-side performance with the Bainbridge Symphony Orchestra and the Bainbridge Island Youth Orchestra, and a feature by the second-place winner of their Young Artist Competition. Come dressed up in your favorite superhero or villain costume, as the best outfit will win a prize.


95. 25th PBR: Unleash the Beast
In eight-second "man versus beast duels," athletes hop on the backs of living, breathing bulls (as opposed to motorized ones fastened to the floors of Honky Tonks) and try not to get hurt.



96. SLU Photo Scavenger Hunt
In this scavenger hunt, each person will find something a little different—participants will take photos based on their interpretations of a list of words. Don't forget your camera, a lens, a charged battery, and a memory card.


97. Derek Sheen
Derek Sheen, whom former Stranger staffer Lindy West called "a human hug," will headline this comedy show, which also will include Arielle Norman, Craig Stewart, Evelyn Jensen, and Henry R. Stoddard. Bobby Higley will host.


98. Bulldog BBQ
Support the shelter pups at Bulldog Haven NW by enjoying BBQ fare like hot dogs, chips, and sweets. If you're looking to take home your own doggo, there will be plenty of adoptable bulldogs present.

99. Dogs of Peddler
Just as P.D. Eastman once wrote, it's a party, a big dog party! Peddler Brewing will set up an outdoor off-leash area where pooches can roam while their owners partake in pints of beer. Plus, "dog-loving" vendors will be in attendance touting their wares.

100. Patchwerks Presents Signals 2018 Synthesizer Meetup
Play with everybody's toys at the Patchwerks-hosted Synth Meetup — a legit chance to nerd out on all things electronic with like-minded enthusiasts. The latest products from popular manufacturers will be available, as well as vintage gear, and anyone is welcome to reserve a table for demo-ing their own pieces. BYOHeadphones and power strip, as well as an attitude for synth exploration. Patchwerks will also host a series of educational workshops and product demonstrations for this event, so bring your curious mind as well.


101. The Swimmer
This bizarre filmic adaptation of John Cheever's canonic short story—with a cameo by Cheever himself, as well as one by Joan Rivers—stars Burt Lancaster as a rich ad exec who impulsively decides to swim every pool in the neighborhood. Samantha Lauren will host this screening.


102. Mindful Meditation and Single Origin Dark Chocolate
Meditate on the deliciousness of chocolate: Rachael of Rebel Saints Meditation Society will lead a guided meditation, and Becca of indi chocolate will explain the "benefits and rituals" of cacao.


103. ALONE TOGETHER: An Evening of Solo Human Performances
In keeping with the theme, Substation will host a wide variety of solo artists as they perform short sets alone yet together. Tonight's artists will include Bombthreat23 (Justin Cline), Joel Cuplin, Tarsier Eyes (Dustin Williams), Power Skeleton, Dire (Omari Taylor), Something Sinister (Samantha Wilder), Runaway Daughters (Brock Johnson), and Shit Tit.

104. The Squirrels
Once dead, now alive, the Squirrels are still one of the city’s greatest bands, now and forever. They’re back! The world needs to know! Took fucking Trump to get them to unhibernate, but fuck, let’s be grateful for small favors. Rob Morgan, who knows every rock-and-roll song ever recorded and can kill on at least five of them at any one time, leads a ragtag assemblage of no-goodniks (one graduated Berklee in Boston, another runs a Mexican joint) through the heart, soul, alimentary canal, autonomic nervous system, and occasionally toenails of Western culture. More fun than escaping panda videos! And if you’re not careful, you will learn something… ANDREW HAMLIN


105. The Hacki Ginda Show
"Germany's notorious clown" Hacki Ginda will bring along his Moisture Festival friends Charly Castors and Caela Bailey for a night of circus shenanigans.

106. Miscast Shakespeare Staged Reading: Twelfth Night
Performers are cast totally against type in this production-in-progress of Twelfth Night, directed by Kaitlyn Casimo.

107. Seattle Burlesque Marathong 2018
Cheer for the PNW's fabulous burlesque dancers in this live taping; the recorded acts are destined for "burlesque festivals around the world."