Theres no shortage of birds flying around the Seattle area year round, but this week offers a special opportunity to appreciate the winged vertebrates of our region.
There's no shortage of birds flying around the Seattle area year round, but this week offers a special opportunity to appreciate the winged vertebrates of our region. Nickolas Thurston

Good news, wildlife enthusiasts: The Seward Park Audubon Center will hold its first Bird Week series this week, dedicated to the winged vertebrates of our region. Activities like Bird Trivia (at Hill City Tap House and Tippe and Drague) and KNKX's BirdNote Podcast Live! will lead up to a full day of Free Guided Bird Walks on Saturday in local parks. We've rounded up all of their events below—but that's not all: Top Pot Doughnuts will also offer a special "Bird's Nest Doughnut" this week. Plus, the Audubon Society is collecting bird-themed recordings on StoryCorps, and they've even made a special Bird Week Spotify playlist. Can't make it out this week? Mark your calendars for the Yakima River Canyon Bird Fest and Bird Focus: Spring Migration in May.

Bird Week: How to Draw Birds
Lovely comics artist, painter, and poet Mita Mahato will help you draw a variety of bird species from specimens provided by Seward Park Audubon Center.
Central Library

Celebrate Bird Beers
The West Seattle brewery will celebrate Bird Week by pouring their favorite bird-inspired beers. The draft list includes a few from Pelican Brewery; Aslan's Space Eagle Brett IPA; Bainbridge Brewing's Eagle Harbor IPA; Wander Brewing's Early Bird Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout; Spoetzl Brewing's Shiner: Ruby Red Bird Ale; and Sea Cider's Birds & Bees Cyser.
The Beer Junction

Bird Week Trivia
Answer bird-themed trivia questions in honor of Bird Week. They add, "Where knowing the wingspan of a Mew Gull won't help you, knowing who sings "All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun" just might."
Tippe and Drague Alehouse

Bird Week Trivia Night
For Bird Week, the tap house will add a few bird-themed questions to their trivia night.
Hill City Tap House

BirdNote Podcast Live!
For 90 seconds every morning, KNKX (the smaller, scrappier public-radio station that won its independence from Pacific Lutheran University in 2016) features the most public-radio moment of the day: BirdNote, a daily audio feed of—you guessed it—bird songs and bird facts. The show, which originated with the Seattle Audubon Society, is now broadcast on more than 150 radio stations across the United States, and it will be live at the First Baptist Church this month, with hosts Michael Stein and Mary McCann, as well as 2016 Stranger Genius Award–winning artist Barbara Earl Thomas, wildlife ecologist J. Drew Lanham, and Taima, the local celebrity hawk that leads the Seahawks through the tunnel before each home game. Cacaw! KATIE HERZOG
Seattle First Baptist Church

Free Guided Bird Walks
For the main event of Seward Park's Bird Week, meet up with expert birders at your nearest public park to take a free guided walk.
Various locations

Outdoors for All Adaptive Hiking Event
Before learning about the many birdies that live in Seward Park on a free guided walk, explore the old growth forest's ever-popular owl population with Outdoors for All before enjoying a BBQ feast.
Seward Park Environmental & Audubon Center