Want a free one of these? Stop by Li'l Woody's in Capitol Hill, White Center, or Ballard on Monday afternoon to get one. Kelly O

There's a lot of pressure to have fun plans for Memorial Day weekend, but if time got the best of you and you're still floundering for ways to fill your three-day break, we've got you covered. Below, you'll find all your options for last-minute entertainment that won't cost more than $10, ranging from Pride ASIA and the gigantic Northwest Folklife Festival to Memorial Day ceremonies in Mill Creek, Lakewood, and Renton and free burger opportunities at Li'l Woody's and Kidd Valley. See them all below, and check out our complete Things To Do calendar for even more options.

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1. Comedy O'Clock June Release Show: Beep Beep Here Comes Summer!
Rejoice that consecutive days of rain and wind are behind us for the time being by enjoying funny performances by Tacoma's Ubiquitous They, Too Hoth for Summer Jam, MARS, and Summer Jamz. Rest assured, a "LaughGuard" will be surveying the premises to ensure everyone is having a fun time.
(Greenwood, free)


2. Botnik's Hour of Babel
Clickhole alum Jamie Brew, fantastic local comic Emmett Montgomery, and their funny friends from Botnik Studios will use a predictive text program to combine random words into delightfully absurd songs and scenes.
(University District, free)


3. Africa Day
DJ Topspin and Selecta Babo Keny will help you celebrate Africa Day by spinning Afrobeat jams.
(Central District, $7/$10)

Funky local four-piece BIG TOOTH promise to "steal your heart" and "melt your face."
(Pioneer Square, free)

5. Breaks and Swells
Boogie to "hip riffs and gruesome grooves" from Breaks and Swells at this free show.
(First Hill, free)

6. Corespondents, Merchant Mariner, War Puppy, Deacon Raleigh St. James Band
Instrumental Seattle band Corespondents make guitar-based tracks that pull from non-Western instrumentation like the dan-bao and bouzouki, while still retaining touches of traditional rock, metal, and blues. They'll be joined by Merchant Mariner, War Puppy, and Deacon Raleigh St. James Band.
(University District, $7)

7. Electric Circus
Hear clever remixes of classic R&B, soul, rock, and psychedelia songs accompanied by light projections. Live performers include violinist Heather Bentley, soprano saxophonist Kate Olson, guitarist Simon Henneman, and many others.
(Columbia City, free)

8. The Glass Fighters of Seemway
Local four-piece Glass Souls will headline a night of soulful rock with support from Prize Fighters and Seemway.
(Downtown, $8/$10)

9. The Grave Aesthetic, Severhead, Joey Pissdrunk
El Paso, Texas, metal band the Grave Aesthetic will shred in the same evening as Severhead and Joey Pissdrunk.
(Tukwila, $7)

10. Hear/Say: Friendsy #2
DJs Qreepz, Quincy James, Justin Hartinger, Ruely, Ainslee, and JustinH will provide party jams for your Friday.
(Capitol Hill, $10)

11. Henry Mansfield, Pale People, Before Our Time
Seattle-based "eclectic piano" rockers Mansfield will play tracks from their new album, North From Here, with support from Pale People and Before Our Time.
(Belltown, $8)

12. Hyphy
Oh boy—Neumos is doing a hyphy night? “Tell Me When to Go,” sort of the mainstream-hit-that-was-the-death-knell of what is commonly thought of as the hyphy movement, did come out 11 years ago. It used to be 20 years before the generational nostalgia cash-in started, but seeing as we passed the event horizon of this black-hole-to-hell-itself some time ago, everything is strictly get-it-while-you-can. Now, I tend to think of hyphy less as a particular slice of time and set of songs than an evolving dimension of the Bay Area rap scene, one known for fierce innovation and trendsetting originality. Something tells me that this is going to be more of a Bay Area rap night rather than an exclusively stunna-shaded, cereal-mascot-tee’d-up hyphy night. Which is great, because the Yay has created one of the world’s all-time greatest musical subcultures, from Short to HBK. (Play some fucking Turf Talk!) Just, please, no G-Eazy. Have some fuckin’ respect. LARRY MIZELL JR.
(Capitol Hill, $5)

13. Ill Fridays
Start your weekend off with DJ Mike Illvester as he spins a melange of funk, R&B, hiphop, and boogie every Friday night for a while.
(Belltown, free)

14. Jim Basnight, Mudbone, Vortex Blues Band
Rock out to a night of power pop from Jim Basnight (of Jim Basnight & The Moberlys) alongside support sets by Mudbone and the Vortex Blues Band.
(Greenwood, $7)

15. La Cerca, Head Band, This Blinding Light
Tucson-based rockers La Cerca will share a bill with Head Band and This Blinding Light.
(Eastlake, $8)

16. Mos Generator, Hex Rays
All hail the power of the riff. Since 2000, Port Orchard’s Mos Generator have been churning out some of the highest-quality heaviness the Northwest has ever produced. Their last official full-length, 2016’s Abyssinia, was crammed full of enough well-polished hooks to get you humming their songs for days, all the while delivering thunderous riffs that give the LP a true punch. This is the record release show for their newest offering, Shadowlands. While Mos Generator proudly represent Kitsap County, they’re a touring machine that just finished a full US trip with the mighty Fu Manchu. KEVIN DIERS
(Ballard, $8)

17. Necrosomnium, Empyrean, Dilapidation, Draconian Suffering
Necrosomnium, a black metal group from Bellingham, will take center stage with opening support from Empyrean, Dilapidation, and Draconian Suffering.
(Columbia City, $5)

18. Percussion Ensemble
The students of the UW Percussion Ensemble will perform as an ensemble for a finale to their academic year with a program of world music led by faculty member Bonnie Whiting.
(University District, $10)

19. Quantum Eraser, Galactic Gold, Mordecai
Quantum Eraser's Anders Covert, formerly of Seattle electronic psych noise duo Wehrwolve, will be joined by Galactic Gold and Mordecai.
(Capitol Hill, $8/$10)

20. Strong Suit, Ian Jones, Guests
Groove to seasoned local rock guys Strong Suit and Ian Jones.
(Georgetown, $7)

21. UW Sings
University Singers, Women's Choir, and the Men's Glee Club join forces for their popular collaborative year-end concert.
(University District, $10)

22. Woodshed, Kings of Cavalier, Maklak, Bear Axe
Thunderous rockers Woodshed will headline this Ballard weekend show, with support from Kings of Cavalier, Maklak, and Bear Axe.
(Ballard, $10)


23. Building the Left: America after the Sanders Campaign
Discover new possibilities for the left with Red May.
(Downtown, free)

24. Christopher Robinson and Gavin Kovite: Deliver Us
Robinson and Kovite's satirical futurist novel takes place in Detroit, where a black activist takes on a drone-happy Amazon. Amanda Knox will moderate (according to the organizers, "her experience with controversy, competing narratives, and commitment to racial justice in the Innocence Movement will provide a framework for discussing this provocative book"), and Jack Ballard will open with a comedy set.
(Capitol Hill, free)

25. Derrick Weston Brown, Bennie Herron, and More
This reading features an all-star lineup of poets both local and visiting, including Derrick Weston Brown, Bennie Heron, Bettina Judd, Quenton Baker, and Anastacia-Reneé.
(Wallingford, free)

26. Restorative Justice Poetry Slam
The National Center for Restorative Justice, an organization that seeks to answer the question: "How do we create the space for accountability and simultaneously build relationships?" will host a free poetry slam. Share your work or just show up to listen.
(West Seattle, free)

27. Science Fiction to Science Fact
Drink beer and check out paintings that explore genetic engineering and the personalities of scientists. Plus, Arjun Khakhar will give a short talk on "plant synthetic biology."
(Fremont, free)

28. The Usual Suspects Book Club: A Brilliant Death
Join a discussion of Robin Yocum's mystery A Brilliant Death, which follows high schooler Travis Baron as he searches for the truth about his mother, who was killed in a boating accident, along with her lover, when Travis was an infant. Or so says his father, Big Frank.
(Mill Creek, free)

29. UW Literary Fiction Reading
Students of the UW School of Professional and Continuing Education's Literary Fiction Writing program have been honing their writing skills through character development, narrative voice, point of view, and other essential fiction-writing tools. Hear their work at this end-of-quarter reading.
(University District, free)



30. Berndnaut Smilde
Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde photographs massive installations made of materials like inkjet-printed plywood, aerogel, prisms, and clouds. Yes, clouds. His sense of mischief has inspired work like Bored Light—a print of a painting leaning "bored" against the wall of a gallery—or a façade of a Wisconsin barn erected in Ireland to fool a Google Photocar. At this gallery, he'll play once again with his "nimbus" theme.
(South Lake Union, free)
Closing Saturday

31. Between and Within: A Tenuous Beauty
Jiyoung Chung, Alan Lau, and Gilchun Koh's art brings to light the alteration of "nature's textures" because of climate change and other human-wrought changes to the world.
(Pioneer Square, free)
Closing Saturday

32. Clyde Petersen and Ellen Forney: Exhale
Liz Patterson and Trevor Doak have curated a selection of works by two wonderful, Stranger Genius Award–recognized local artists: Ellen Forney, whose graphic novel memoir of mental illness Rock Steady: Brilliant Advice from My Bipolar Life is full of great advice, and Clyde Petersen, who, in collaboration with Chris Looney, made the unique DIY cut-out animation film Torrey Pines, a story of growing up trans with a schizophrenic mother. Images from Forney's Rock Steady and Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me will be paired with 400 paper puppets from Torrey Pines' impressive concert scene. This means that you can immerse yourself in the ingredients of two beautiful, therapeutic works of a deceptively simple and cartoonish style. JOULE ZELMAN
(Pioneer Square, free)
Closing Saturday

33. Creativity Persists
This year, the annual member show highlights the necessity of art and creativity in this growing, changing city. Jody Bento of SAM Gallery acts as the guest curator of these sound, performance, visual, and literary pieces.
(Pioneer Square, free)
Closing Saturday

34. David Current: Les Coulisses de Sancerre
David Current's photography documents life in a wine-making town.
(Bellevue, free)
Closing Saturday

35. Do You See Me?
This series from 2017 Betty Bowen award winner Jono Vaughan and Robin Arnitz makes use of vibrant colors, juxtaposed patterns, and visual narrative to reflect how social media attempts to "define us in singular dimensions."
(Chinatown-International District, free)
Closing Saturday

36. Donna Watson
Mixed media painter and collage artist Donna Watson will show her recent work.
(Pioneer Square, free)
Closing Saturday

37. Lauren Iida: 100 Aspects of the Moon
Lauren Iida's paper collage exhibition features 100 hand-cut works inspired by Japanese woodblock artist Yoshitoshi's 1890s series of the same name. The pieces are also inspired by the artist's home in Cambodia and her Japanese American family's vintage photo archive.
(West Seattle, free)
Closing Saturday

38. Liz Patterson and Trevor Doak
The gallery presents a selection of views "inside the graphic novel," curated by Liz Patterson and Trevor Doak.
(Pioneer Square, free)
Closing Saturday

39. Mary Enslow: The Guardian
Mary Enslow's figurative and semi-figurative mixed media sculptures will grace the gallery, paying tribute to nurturers in the artist's life.
(Pioneer Square, free)
Closing Saturday

40. Michael Spafford
See the works of University School of the Northwest legend Michael Spafford, whose paintings, prints, and mixed media depict mythological subjects.
(Downtown, free)
Closing Saturday

41. Patrice Donohue: Mend what has been torn apart
The title references a Camus quote; Donohue's conceptual pieces are composed of woven, torn, sewn, inked newspapers.
(Pioneer Square, free)
Closing Saturday

42. Robert Marchessault: The Lorax Dreams
Robert Marchessault has devoted a lot of his career to painting portraits of trees. For this exhibition, he's experimenting with abstraction and dreamscape, with highly detailed trees depicted against hazy backgrounds.
(Pioneer Square, free)
Closing Saturday

43. Simpatico
Julia Marchand (who takes inspiration from natural landscapes), Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman (who uses old-school "oil and egg tempera techniques"), and Liz Tran (a GAP recipient who paints the point "where optical misfires combine with a vacuum pull moving at the speed of light") have painted the works in this exhibit together, sharing themes of "hope, renewal, and positivity." Curated by Alix Sloan and Lori Johns.
(Downtown, free)
Closing Saturday

44. Steve Craft: New Work
Welcome an artist to Seattle for the first time—Steve Craft, who paints and collages.
(Pioneer Square, free)
Closing Saturday



45. Naramore Seattle Public Schools Art Show
See art by Seattle middle and high schoolers.
(Downtown, free)
Closing Sunday



46. Northwest Folklife Festival
The goal of Folklife is noble as heck: “We envision strong communities, united by arts and culture… When people share aspects of their culture, opportunities are created to dissolve misunderstandings, break down stereotypes, and increase respect for one another.” What does this translate to? A gigantic Memorial Day weekend hippie fest full of lovely people dancing, performing world music from “yodeling to beatboxing” and everything in between, serving tasty street food, and leading workshops in arts and crafts. If you want the numbers: This year will mark the 47th event, will include more than 5,000 performers, will draw from more than 100 cultural communities, expects up to 250,000 attendees, and asks for a $10 donation per person. It’s a great, if potentially overwhelming, people-watching experience, plus a great way to see local music, including Tomo Nakayama, Naomi Wachira, and Astro King Phoenix.
(Seattle Center, $10 suggested donation)



47. Ben Horak: Daydreamin' Dave Release Party
Comic artist Ben Horak will sign copies of his new book, Daydreamin' Dave, about a funny, introspective, and anthropomorphic day dreamer who goes missing and must be replaced. While you're there, enjoy barbecue and complimentary refreshments.
(Georgetown, free)

48. Comic Book Sale
Enjoy 20 percent off bin issues, 10 percent off display books, and 15 percent off new issues of your favorite comics.
(Ballard, free)


49. 100th Anniversary of the Republic of Azerbaijan
To celebrate the Republic of Azerbaijan's 100th year of independence, which became the first secular parliamentary democracy in the Muslim world in 1918, enjoy live Azerbaijani music and folk dancing.
(University District, free)

50. Eritrean Independence Day Anniversary Celebration
Celebrate Eritrean Independence Day with traditional live music and dance performances, coffee tastings, and more.
(Capitol Hill, free)

51. Nii Modo Garage Sale
Buy second-hand clothes, art, records, appliances, and more at the artsy hangout, and join everyone at the potluck.
(Wallingford, free)

52. Uniting Voices
Active Minds UW's annual conference addresses stigmas surrounding mental health issues. This year will begin with a keynote speech from Samantha Powers, who will talk about "dispelling the myths of trauma and student veterans," followed by breakout workshop sessions, a talk from Seema L. Clifasefi about "using community-based participatory research to reduce harm and improve quality of life for people with lived experience of homelessness and substance use problems," and more.
(University District, free)


53. Dawnland
Adam Mazo and Ben Pender-Cudlip's documentary Dawnland exposes government sanctioned atrocities committed against Maine's Native Wabanaki people, including forcibly removing Wabanaki children from their homes and placing them into white communities.
(Downtown, free)

54. Free Community Screening: A Fantastic Woman
Join TRANSform Washington for a free screening of Sebastián Lelio's Academy Award-winning film, A Fantastic Woman. A trans woman and an older man fall rapturously in love—but he dies suddenly during their torrid night together. The bereaved Marina struggles to maintain equilibrium and dignity in the face of her lover's intolerant family. In addition to an Oscar, this film has already won a jury prize, a Silver Berlin Bear, and a Teddy at the Berlinale, as well as numerous other awards and nominations. And—for once in a mainstream movie!—the film boasts an actual trans woman, Daniela Vega, in the role of a trans woman.
(Capitol Hill, free)


55. Capitol Hill Coffee Chats
Stop by the snazziest Starbucks in the city to chat with local coffee people.
(Capitol Hill, free)

56. Cubes Baking Co.'s 1 Year Fiesta
"300 custom Cubes, 8000 cupCubes, 2500 conchas, and nearly 4000 slices of tres leches cake" later, the bakery specializing in boxy creations is turning a year old. Celebrate with loteria every hour (with a Cube as a prize), elotes by Amano Seattle, handmade crafts by MariGlvn and Amano Seattle for sale, birthday cake conchas, raffle giveaways for goodie bags filled with "handmade Lantix-created products from around the country," music, and of course, lots of pan dulce.
(Wallingford, free)


57. Board Games and Booze
Boost your board game confidence by sipping boozy drinks while you play.
(Capitol Hill, free)

58. Game Night
Stop by Ounce of Prevention to play board games and card games, and to construct puzzles.
(Fremont, free)

59. Puzzle and Game Swap
Trade unplayed games and puzzles or ones you'll like more at this swap and social.
(Fremont, free)


60. Aloha Mars, Speed Control, Question? No Answer, Chance to Steal
Seattle pop punk group Aloha Mars aim to bring a little summer to the city, with assistance from Speed Control, Question? No Answer, and Chance to Steal.
(University District, $7)

61. Antlerbag, Head Honcho, Brainsick, Good Touch
Whatever "punk plus" is is what Antlerbag is. They'll be joined by Head Honcho, Brainsick, and Good Touch.
(Tukwila, $7)

62. Bridge City Sinners, Banshee Tree, Amanda Sue
Portland's Bridge City Sinners will bring their punk-infused folk songs up north, with support from Banshee Tree and Amanda Sue.
(University District, $8)

63. Chip Parker & Darin Clendenin
Soulful jazz vocalist Chip Parker will be accompanied by local pianist Darin Clendenin.
(First Hill, free)

64. Her Vibeness, Chamel, Chris LeVaughn
Her Vibeness will merge alternative funk and ambient R&B after sets from Chamel and Chris LeVaughn.
(Columbia City, free)

65. Hot Damn Scandal, Good Morning Bedlam
Bellingham country-blues outfit Hot Damn Scandal promise to show off their "end of the world love songs," "whiskey bottle yodeler folk," and "aviator earball shades." They'll be joined by Good Morning Bedlam.
(Belltown, $8)

66. Instant Party!
DJs Veins Maxwell Edison will take a big spoon and mix up garage, psych, R&B, glam, and krautrock tracks for an all-vinyl dance party.
(Belltown, free)

67. Killer Workout, Electric NoNo, FLRT
Originally known as the West, high-energy rockers Killer Workout aim to provide just that—an active canvas of danceable beats for their audience to groove to.
(Ballard, $10)

68. Loudmotor, Stereo Bones, JAB
Rock and rollers Loudmotor will hit the north end with a vengeance, joined by Stereo Bones and JAB.
(Greenwood, $7)

69. Remembering Avicii — Celebrating His Life & Music
Pay tribute to Avicii's life and work with this evening of music dedicated to his genre, and including tracks by peer artists like Swedish House Mafia, Tiësto, Zedd, Hardwell, NERVO, Galantis, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, and Martin Solveig.
(Capitol Hill, $5)

70. Research, Haunted Horses, Cold Soda
New group Research, comprised of members from Charms, Midday Veil, Terminator, and Rose Windows, will make their debut, with support sets by Haunted Horses and Cold Soda.
(Downtown, $5-$10)

71. Rosie & The Riveters, The Hasslers
Rosie & the Riveters will play folk songs from their politically responsive album Ms. Behave, with support from the Hasslers.
(Pioneer Square, $5/$8)

72. Sixes, Stahv, Rat King
Hear doomy, psychedelic, and experimental rock and punk from Sixes, Stahv, and Rat King.
(Eastlake, $8/$10)

73. Spo with Kelli Frances Corrado and Noise Complaint
Boston artist Spo (of DAve Crespo's After Party) will share a bill with singer-songwriter Kelli Frances Corrado and Noise Complaint.
(University District, free)

74. Vito & The One-Eyed Jacks, Sweet Lou's Sour Mash, The Pine Hearts
Seattle Americana/bluegrass band Vito and the One Eyed Jacks will play tracks from their last album, Poems From An Attic, and will be joined by Sweet Lou's Sour Mash and the Pine Hearts.
(Ballard, $8)

75. Western War, Tissue, Yes Masters
Formerly known as Shapes in Space, NYC jammers Western War bring the raw surging party rock that fans of White Stripes or Black Keys will want to headbang or arm-wrestle to. They'll be joined by Tissue and Yes Masters.
(Shoreline, $8)


76. Pizza Mermaid and Friends! (with Sugar Plum Gary)
The tastiest mermaid around is leaving us for new watery horizons, and her friends, including Sugar Plum Gary (storyteller Emmett Montgomery), are helping to see her off. The show starts at six, but come early to try out Emmett's "Wearable Grandpa booth."
(Ballard, $10)


77. Black Women Doing: Anthropology
Learn about the research of black women anthropologists—a field dominated by white people—including Native archaeology, sexual identity and gender fluidity in Africa, breastfeeding in the American south, and more.
(Central District, free)

78. Kai Carlson-Wee, Emily Van Kley, Diana Khoi Nguyen, Kathryn Smith
Kai Carlson-Wee is a fine poet from the north country who writes sturdy poems about trains, bad men, whiskey, and how you're going nowhere even though you always seem to be moving on. In his debut collection, Rail (BOA Editions), you have a lot of fun chugging along to the carefully patterned sound in his poems and then getting whipped around or halted full stop by a deft narrative move you didn't see coming. Carlson-Wee reads along with three other completely different poets: Emily Van Kley (The Cold and the Rust), Kathryn Smith (Book of Exodus), and Diana Khoi Nguyen (Ghost Of). RICH SMITH
(Wallingford, free)

79. The Prehistory of Renton
In addition to housing Boeing and Washington's only IKEA, Renton sits on top of remains from Duwamish Indian villages spanning from 1790 AD to approximately 1,700 years ago. Join local archaeologist Michael Shong as he discusses these sites, as well as more recent archaeological discoveries in Renton.
(Renton, $5 museum admission)

80. Rachel Pudelek: Freyja's Daughter
In the first book of Rachel Pudelek's new feminist fantasy series, we meet Faline Fry, a bounty hunter and member of the Washington huldra coterie who must unite the succubae, harpies, mermaids, and rusalki to rescue her sister from the Hunters—a group of men who have been "controlling the wild women" for centuries.
(Mill Creek, free)



81. Seattle Mineral Market
Peruse oodles of gems, fossils, jewelry, tools, and books from lots of dealers.
(North Seattle, free)


82. Classic Workboat Show
Check out tugboats, fishing boats, and other aquatic vessels. Plus, hang out in a beer garden and hear "sea storytelling."
(Queen Anne, free)



83. Zachary Pacleb: Leftovers Vignette: Stacked
In an artistic protest against food waste, Pacleb creates structures out of egg cartons. Enjoy snacks whipped up by the artist: "ash roasted beets on a lentil panisse with pine nuts and sheep sorrel, black garlic popcorn, chèvre on toast with blackberry preserves and young conifers." Dang.
(Capitol Hill, free)


84. Josh Chambers
Comedian Josh Chambers, whom you may know from his Ballard Comedy Show with Bo Johnson, will headline a night of laughs with Vanessa Dawn, Kris Cox, Abraham Tadesse, and Jenna Vesper.
(Capitol Hill, free)

85. Musical: Stephen Sondheim Improvised
Using audience suggestions, the cast will improvise a brand-new musical based on the work of Stephen Sondheim, the genius responsible for Into the Woods, Sweeney Todd, Company, Sunday in the Park with George, and more. It's an almost insanely ambitious concept to try to match Sondheim off-the-cuff, so check out UP performers using every ounce of their wits and skills.
(Downtown, $10)


86. Pride ASIA Celebration
This all-day celebration of queer Asian culture will feature a keynote speech from Got Green's Jill Mangaliman, tunes from DJ Phenohype, live performances, and presentations.
(Chinatown-International District, free)


87. Screening Of Reunification with Director Alvin Tsang
Two films by Alvin Tsang explore family history and the Asian American immigrant experience. In the first, Angel Island Profile: Tyrus Wong, 100-year-old artist Tyrus Wong (who died in 2016) shares about his journey to the United States. In the second, Reunification, the director reflects on his own family's tumultuous migration from Hong Kong to Los Angeles in the early 1980s.
(Downtown, free)

88. SHRIEK! The Blob (1988)
SHRIEK is a great film education series about women and minorities in horror. They've discussed genre classics like Nightmare on Elm Street and new hits like Get Out, but once in awhile, they like to kick back and make fun of stupid movies. Join them to heckle The Blob—not the 1950s creature feature starring Steve McQueen as the world's oldest teenager, but the dreadfully acted 1988 remake. "Terror...has no shape." Discuss and drink!
(Greenwood, $10)


89. The Artist Party
Musicians of all genres are invited to jam, network, and talk about the latest happenings in the local music scene. Expect lots of giveaways, group discussions, artist spotlights, and member stories.
(Belltown, $5)

90. Bob Dylan's Birthday Tribute Night
The throaty folk legend is turning another year old, and to celebrate, local strummers will play their favorite Dylan tunes.
(Greenwood, $5)

91. The Hawkins Snow Ball '84: The Upside-Down Edition
Immerse yourself in the finale set of your favorite TV show with this '80s-themed prom decked out with a photo booth, balloons, classic dance tracks, a disco ball, and more. Dress up in your best retro prom outfit (or best Stranger Things costume) and come dance all night, or at least until the Mind-Flayer comes for us all.
(Capitol Hill, $5)

92. Heather Edgley, Marina & The Dreamboats, Gaby DeSpain, Teresa and the Wolves
Baroque pop singer-songwriter Heather Edgley is inspired by the voices of Florence Welch and Lana Del Rey. She'll be joined by Marina & the Dreamboats, Gaby DeSpain, and Teresa and the Wolves.
(Fremont, $6/$8)

93. Lovelee Dae
Let loose for Memorial Day weekend at a daytime dance party with live DJ sets from Justice & Treasure, Pappa T, Jeromy Nail, and Joey Webb.
(Georgetown, $5)

94. Memorial Day Weekend: Sunday at Trinity
Spend part of your long weekend grooving to hiphop, reggae, Afrobeat, and dancehall mixes at this free Memorial Day show.
(Pioneer Square, free)

95. Rise Up: A Tribute to the Music of Hamilton
Rise Up, an ensemble of top Seattle vocalists and musicians, will perform songs from the award-winning musical that various members of your extended family have seen four times, Hamilton!
(Columbia City)

96. Scarves, Mirror Ferrari, Nessa
Seattle trio Scarves’ new album, Mall Goths, consists of 10 tracks “depicting characters along the I-5 corridor between Bellingham, Washington, and Portland, Oregon. Struggling against their reality, desperate for rebellion, yet inextricably stuck, they fall in love in one city and break up in the next.” Surely you can relate. Musically, Mall Goths is bright-orange rock with oddly sing-along-able choruses, sung by an androgynous-sounding dude who strikes me as the rock equivalent of Porter Ray, in terms of vocal timbre. The songs surge and soar on the wings of peculiar chord progressions, which music like this demands in order to avoid coming off as humdrum. DAVE SEGAL
(Capitol Hill, $8/$10)

97. Shark Legs, Tigers of Youth, The Luke Stanton Band
Indie rock group Shark Legs is comprised of Ryan Bedard, Jacob Jones, and Landon Cross, and claims its influences as "Colorful Lights, Floral Prints, Afghans." They'll be joined by Tigers of Youth and The Luke Stanton Band.
(Ballard, $8)

98. Slither 'n' Bass
Does your cross-section of interests include Harry Potter, EDM and DNB raves, and college neighborhood dive bars? If so, good news, this Harry Potter-themed rave at the Blue Moon is perfectly tailored for you. The current DJ line-up includes Quadrant & Iris, Jimni Cricket, DJ Doughboy * Ian K, and Kid Amiga.
(University District, $5)

99. Susquatch 3
Can't make to the Gorge for Sasquatch! Music Festival? Opt for an alternative night of loud rock and pop punk with Kihalás, Line of Flight, Procedure, PINK BOA, Fleetwood Snack, Vacationeer, Tax Evader, Sour Notes, and Thee Effluvium.
(Columbia City, $5-$10)


100. James Pogue: Chosen Country
After being granted access to the armed occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, James Pogue witnessed the fallout of communities divided by politics and religion. Hear more about his experience as he shares his book Chosen Country.
(Ravenna, free)


101. Bicycle Sundays
In honor of Bike Everywhere Month, a section of Lake Washington Boulevard between the Seward Park entrance and Mount Baker Park’s beach will be closed to cars and motorcycles on Sundays. Meet in the park's lower meadow to peddle along the route with a group.
(Rainier Valley, free)



102. Bonney-Watson Memorial Day
Volunteers will place flags on the graves of 3,000 veterans while the Keith Highlanders Pipe Band performs.
(SeaTac, free)

103. Memorial Day Ceremony
The Pierce County Veterans Advisory Council invites the community to place flowers on the graves of those who died while serving in the U.S. military. They'll also serve hot dogs.
(Lakewood, free)

104. Mill Creek Memorial Day
After a commemorative ceremony at the Mill Creek Veterans Monument, join World War II veteran Brigadier General William G. Hathaway in a Memorial Day parade at the Mill Creek Town Center.
(Various locations, free)

105. NVC Memorial Day Service
Major General Tracy Garrett will give a keynote speech honoring those who have died in service.
(Capitol Hill, free)

106. Renton Memorial Day
Renton will remember those who have died serving with the U.S. military with an invocation by the chaplain of the Fred Hancock American Legion Post #19, a presentation of colors, a presentation of a ceremonial wreath, and more.
(Renton, free)


107. Free Burgers on Memorial Day
On Memorial Day, break for lunch at any Li'l Woody's location to grab a free burger.
(Across Seattle, free)

108. Free Memorial Day Burgers
On Memorial Day, buy one burger and get one free at any Kidd Valley location.
(Across Seattle)

109. Phnom Penh Noodle House Closing Celebration
The legendary, beloved Cambodian restaurant, which has been in the International District for over 30 years, is shutting down. They'll have their last service on this day and then celebrate with an evening party to say goodbye, with "refreshments, cake, and lots of hugs."
(Chinatown-International District, free admission)


110. Bach and Pancakes
Join marimba player Erin Jorgensen as she performs a Bach suite, followed by a pancake breakfast.
(Capitol Hill, $5 suggested donation)

111. The Jacks
LA's the Jacks take a lot of inspiration from "British Invasion" bands of the '60s and '70s. Dance to their melodic rock.
(Eastlake, $6/$8)

112. Smoky Knights, The Landmarks, Devin Sinha
Los Angeles indie rock quartet will evoke psychedelic California surf rock with support from the Landmarks, and Devin Sinha.
(Capitol Hill, $8/$10)

113. Upbeat on Jackson Concert Series
Enjoy a free dinner and live performances by local and regional artists across genres at the Low Income Housing Institute's new monthly concert series—this month's will highlight Laura Love and Terry Hunt.
(Central District, free)

114. W Music: Ten Foot Pole Unplugged
Dennis Jagard will play acoustic versions of songs by his '90s California punk band Ten Foot Pole.
(Downtown, free)


115. 14/48: Takeover International
See local professionals act out new works by young playwrights in Seattle and the English cities of Leicester and Wolverhampton. Get some international theater on the cheap.
(Downtown, free)

116. MUMO Musical Monday
Join Tipsy Rose Lee every month as VJs play clips from Broadway performances to Disney musicals. They add: "It's all the fun of karaoke without the stage fright."
(White Center, free)