Car Seat Headrest will headline this weekend's Timber! Outdoor Music Festival in Carnation.
This week, our music critics have picked everything from the female/nonbinary/trans-focused electronic music festival TUF FEST to the Seattle Symphony's Brahms V. Radiohead showdown to Baltimore shoegaze duo Wye Oak. Follow the links below for ticket links and music clips for all of their picks, and find even more shows on our complete music calendar.

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Mortuary Drape, Volahn, Domitian
Italian black metal! And while I’d prefer Italian prog, Mortuary Drape bring the standard-issue black metal tropes, and they won’t let anyone down who shows up with a head already wrapped up in the scene. A Facebook acquaintance of mine says this stuff might be interesting but, sorry, they can’t get past the Cookie Monster vocals. I say, hey, just imagine the Cookie Monster singing! And occasionally swallowing the mic, nom nom nom nom. The guitars ring out unwashed riffs and silvery runs, the drums pound, and the Cookie Monster testifies. Get thee (de)sanctified! ANDREW HAMLIN


Rock’n’Roll Patio Party with The Shivas & The Rare Forms
Soak up some sun on the back patio while you groove to peppy pop rock from the Shivas and the Rare Forms. DJ 50 Spence will spin 45s in between sets.



2018 Seattle Chamber Music Society Summer Festival
Seattle Chamber Music Society is, once again, throwing their Summer Festival, with free informal recitals and full orchestral performances for all ages throughout the month of July. The cabal of esteemed artists involved this year will include Mary Lynch, Andrew Wan, Benjamin Beilman, Jonathan Vinocour, Astrid Schween, George Li, and many more. Plus, don't miss the Music Under The Stars series, during which a student ensemble sets up in a park and plays to whoever shows up, often folks with picnic blankets in tow and maybe a surreptitious bottle of wine or two, after which Benaroya Hall pipes in whatever festival performance is happening that night.



Liv Warfield with NPG Hornz
The Prince-approved vocalist Liv Warfield has toured extensively around the world, carefully honing her soulful sound over the years. She'll be joined by NPG Hornz for this performance.



Brahms V. Radiohead
The intersections and departures between two pieces of music created more than 120 years apart are explored and expanded upon in this intriguing rock and classical mash-up: the four movements of Brahms' Symphony No. 1 (circa 1876) and eight songs from Radiohead's OK Computer (1997). Seattle Symphony stages the program with support from three guest vocalists, including Andrew Lipke. LEILANI POLK



Phoebe Bridgers, Harrison Whitford
Last November, cinematically somber singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers was in town sharing the stage with Seattle staple Noah Gundersen. And a month before that, she was opening for Philly’s the War on Drugs. Now the LA musician is back headlining gigs in support of her 2017 album, Stranger in the Alps, channeling nonchalant poetry with a sarcastically deadpan presence. Now that Bridgers is the main feature, she’s brought along her Nashville-based collaborator Harrison Whitford, whose jangly freak folk will set the tone for the evening. Even if you caught Bridgers once or both times she came through last year, she’s still got plenty for ya. ZACH FRIMMEL


Mama Tits is 'Big & Loud'
Get a load of the pipes on that broad! Everyone's favorite giant of drag is back in town and ready to belt out one showstopper after another. Mama's show Big & Loud is part storytelling, part musical revue, and part comedic act—with a voice so sultry, it'll make your socks go up and down. Mama is one of a rare breed of drag performers whose song, dance, and personality can command any space she enters, whether it's a coffee shop or an auditorium or a city street. And with dinner and drinks served to your table, the Triple Door is a perfect home for this triple threat. MATT BAUME


Jeremy Enigk, Chris Staples
I saw a few folks put Jeremy Enigk on their “Worst Concert Ever” list, and I confess: I don’t get it. He does his thing, namely lush jangle-pop, strings on board, with invocations to higher powers thankfully unspecified. His album from last year, Ghosts, keeps up the good work, though nothing so specific as the Good Word—that I can find, anyway. I tend to hear Christian artists as enjoyable, ironic cheese or iron-fisted demagogues with one hand on your wallet and the other in their own pants. I’m happy to find an exception. ANDREW HAMLIN


Huun Huur Tu, Yaima, DJ Darek Mazzone
Straight outta Tuva, Russia, Huun Huur Tu gained notoriety back in the 1990s for their incredible throat-singing skills, using techniques that create multi-note drones and overtones that resemble emanations from birds, flutes, and synthesizers. The group's recent live performance on KEXP found them singing more conventionally while playing instruments such as igil (a two-stringed bowed instrument), khomus (jaw harp), dünggür (shaman drum), and doshpuluur (lute), as well as acoustic guitar. Their repertoire abounds with elegant folk songs that plumb a profound mournfulness in a language you'll never learn. You may find yourself crying without even knowing why. DAVE SEGAL



Timber! Outdoor Music Festival
Timber is back for its sixth year with three days of crowd-friendly folk, rock, and pop performances, and all-ages activities like camping, kayaking, and stargazing all weekend long. This year's lineup includes Car Seat Headrest, Industrial Revelation, Naked Giants, and more.



Ry Cooder, Joachim Cooder
Synonymously linked with pioneers like the Buena Vista Social Club, Captain Beefheart, and Ali Farka Touré, Ry Cooder is a living legend. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. As a wunderkind, he starred in Captain Beefheart’s Safe as Milk at age 20. He cruised on a solo and session-musician career for decades, then later went on to be the producer and collaborator of the world-renowned Buena Vista Social Club. Cooder doesn’t tour much these days, so now is the time to see him. Plus, he’s brought along his son Joachim on this tour—they’re generationally genius. ZACH FRIMMEL

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, the self-admitted First Couple of Country, hit the road on their Soul 2 Soul world tour.

Woodinville Bluegrass Classic: Béla Fleck & The Flecktones, Del McCoury Band, The Jerry Douglas Band
Bluegrass bigwig Béla Fleck and his backing band the Flecktones will play sonic vignettes of Fleck's multi-decade career as the "king of the banjo." He'll be joined by the Del McCoury Band and the Jerry Douglas Band.


Logic, NF
Young Maryland MC Logic fits easily into the "sensitive guy" rapper lineage, with his hardscrabble origin story buffeted by beats ripped straight from the turn-of-the-century Kanye gospel-soul playbook and rhymes that can achieve the internal fluidity of B-side Kendrick, with sadly little of the unflinching honesty that marked Mr. Lamar as a major new player. Indeed, this (good) kid can flow, and the production glistens expensively, but one finds little substance beyond the artfully flipped syllables and platitudes dressed up as choruses. KYLE FLECK


The Intelligence, the Fall-Outs, Tissue
I’m not sure you could get a more Seattle lineup than the lineup on deck tonight—even if the players don’t all currently live here. First, we’ll be gettin' Tissue, a slightly dark and deadpan indie rock group, followed by an actual garage band, the Fall-Outs, who are sussed (they’ve actually covered 1960s Nederbeat sides, i.e., songs from mid-’60s Dutch garage-rock bands), AND are known to enjoy Gorditos. Headlining is the most engaging of rock and rollers, the Intelligence. If you don’t know their noise, GET TO KNOW THEM, ’cause you’re late as hell gettin’ in on them. MIKE NIPPER


Furniture Girls, Rabia Shaheen Qazi, Sam Cobra, Temple Canyon, Oh, Rose
All local womxn-fronted bands will play Americana, soul, rock, punk, and folk jams.

S. Carey, H.C. McEntire
Sean Carey of S. Carey rose to prominence as one of the original multi-instrumentalists and angelic harmonies in Bon Iver. For the last decade, Carey has captained his own side project featuring serenely meditative lullabies of soft keyboard and whisper-like warbling that make you want to lie down next to a river and decompress and/or just gently float away. In 2018, he released his third studio full-length, Hundred Acres, which is just as delicately idyllic, but updated with some colorful, sonic textures. Warming the stage will be H.C. McEntire’s alt-country from Durham, North Carolina. ZACH FRIMMEL



Star Wars: A New Hope in Concert
The Seattle Symphony will perform the work of legendary composer and Hollywood score master John Williams, featuring Star Wars: A New Hope on the big screen with pitch-perfect symphonic accompaniment.



Melissa Etheridge, LeAnn Rimes
Folk-rock legend and '90s lesbian rumor mill icon Melissa Etheridge will spread her wings and do other inspiring Americana metaphors on her tour with country-pop star LeAnn Rimes.


Sylvan Esso
Every new generation of college kids needs at least one party album to rally behind. For my freshman year, it was M.I.A.’s Kala and Kanye West’s Graduation—for this year’s crop, it will be Sylvan Esso’s What Now. Their electrified, multilayered pop is clever, bright, and fully hitched to dance as a primary activity in a way that feels much like two-dimensional worship. Preaching a lifestyle adjacent to “the power of dance heals all” is a little #LoveWins for my taste, but Sylvan Esso manage to carry their music through these lyrical tropes with a strength of conviction that is truly impressive (and occasionally beguiling). And hey—who am I to shit on such an active joy? KIM SELLING

This annual, free, all-day/all-night affair is thrown by the local TUF collective of female/nonbinary/trans artists and creatives with an emphasis on electronic music and comes with support from the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture. Panels will cover nuts-and-bolts matters like how to set up a PA, career advice like business skills for artists, and critical reflections on the music industry, with a stacked lineup of daytime performers and a late-night after party. Artists will include TT the Artist, Nightspace, and Guayaba, there will be art from the likes of FEMAIL and REEL GRRLS, and local notables including Nikkita Oliver and Women.Weed.Wifi will lead workshops.


Wimps, Fabulous Downey Brothers, Sleepover Club
Before typing out this blurb, I wondered if I really needed to bump this show, ’cause like, I reckon all the hip kids are prolly already planning on spending this evening with America’s most favorite and fabulous SUPER-fun-pop-punk-sing-along-let’s-everybody-hug-we’re-so-happy band, Wimps. Right? Like, going to see Wimps live is a total no-brainer. MIKE NIPPER


Bets, Dummy, Lizzie Rose
Brooklyn-based indie-pop artist BETS covers every last angsty hit off of the Violent Femmes' 1983 debut album in her own style. Hear her perform Project Violent Femmes in its entirety with support from Dummy and Lizzie Rose.

Brit Floyd
In honor of the 45th anniversary of Dark Side of the Moon, expect to hear many guitar solos as Pink Floyd tribute band Brit Floyd dishes out the hits.

Texas-based a cappella pop group Pentatonix are best known for their covers of popular hits—particularly Christmas songs—in their own harmony-laden style.


The Bash
BIG BLDG RCRDS' annual summer music festival is now simply The Bash, happening in partnership with KEXP's Audioasis this year, and culminating in a four-stage, 30-artist, food truck and local beer extravaganza. Local notables will include Sloucher, GOODSTEPH, bod, Great Spiders, Haunted Horses, and many more.



Day Shift at NAAM: Every(way) Black, Power to the People
Celebrate "black pride, black love, black power, black brilliance, and black allies" at this Central District dance party presented by Day Shift, featuring live sets from locals like Tendai Maraire (of Shabazz Palaces), Vitamin D, DJ TOPSPIN, Huneycut, DJ QUALIFI, Kween Kay$h, SaxG's Ultraloveforce, Sosa, PHNK, Aramis, Toya B, and others.

Spean Rajana Presents: The Romvong Remix
Plunge your eardrums into catchy and exciting Khmer disco and Romvong-style music spun by local DJs and sung live by Nath Chhim, plus spoken word, a raffle, and more. The profits will benefit Spean Rajana, which promotes Cambodian culture overseas.


Bill Brovold, Wally Shoup and Paul Klemmish, Noel Kennon/Greg Kelley/Robert Millis
About Wally Shoup I can say nothing I haven’t said already—he’s probably the greatest free-jazz saxophonist to call Seattle home; he’s fiery, he’s endlessly inventive, and we need to appreciate him while we can. Tacoma native and guitarist Bill Brovold stretches himself from country music to NYC’s early-’80s no-wave movement to minimalism. Paul Klemmish plays bass and has history with Shoup; that’s all, regrettably, I was able to find out about him. Check out this passion in motion, if you value passion, or for that matter, motion. ANDREW HAMLIN


The Pillows feat. FLCL, Noodles, Cullen Omori
Japanese rock band the Pillows, who provide the soundtrack for the anime series FLCL, will be joined by Noodles and Cullen Omori on the U.S. tour stop.

Wye Oak
Baltimore duo Wye Oak forged their signature sound from the start with a dusky spin on Americana that doubles as a rootsy take on shoegaze. The first two records from bassist Jenn Wasner and drummer/keyboard player Andy Stack are lovely, if a little uneventful, but they came into their own on 2011's Civilian, where Wasner’s magic-hour alto meets with the moodiest of melodies. Since then, they've traded the guitar for more electronic textures. On their fifth full-length, The Louder I Call, the Faster It Runs, the clouds have started to lift, placing even greater emphasis on Wasner's ever-majestic vocals. KATHY FENNESSY


Quicksand, Glassjaw
Though they might not sound too much alike, Quicksand and Glassjaw have a lot in common. Most notably, they have both been classified as “post hardcore” and returned from long hiatuses in 2017 to release comeback albums: Glassjaw with Material Control and Quicksand with Interiors. If there weren’t a Quicksand to rise from the underground New York hardcore scene in 1990 and break into the mainstream with a more melodic, alternative-rock edge, sign to a major label, and tour on the first ever Warped Tour, there may never have been a Glassjaw to take that blueprint and push it even further in the late ’90s. KEVIN DIERS

Tres Leches, Guayaba, Terror/Cactus
I can say with absolute certainty that this is one of the best lineups of summer 2018. Seattle’s Latinx community doesn’t get enough credit for the taste and talent they bring to this ungrateful city, and this bill shows just a breath of what’s out there to be enjoyed. In the simplest of genre labeling, Tres Leches play art pop and punk with biting social commentary, Guayaba is an otherworldly goddess bestowing Afrofuturist soul and hiphop upon us, and Terror/Cactus are hypnotic, psychedelic electro-cumbia influenced by Tropicália and science fiction—all of them are complex and engaging, and they will keep you dancing and thinking about all the ways music can be a million amazing things at once. KIM SELLING