TGIF(ry Day)! Although you could very reasonably celebrate National French Fry Day on July 13 by inhaling any plate of crispy, salty potato strips in the city (and we're not saying you shouldn't), we've taken this moment to compile some of the best and most unique options, ranging from Skillet's gravy-covered poutine to Mamnoon's harra frites, and from the chowder fries at White Swan Public House to the fancy tallow-fried pommes frites at Bateau. Read on to find out about all of them, including how to get free fries from Li'l Woody's for the occasion, and find even more edible inspiration on our full food and drink calendar.

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8oz Burger and Co.
The upscale burger spot offers Kennebec fries and truffled garlic fries. You can also get a short rib poutine made with Kennebec fries smothered in their house gravy and topped with mozzarella. Add on a fried egg for an extra two dollars.
Ballard, Capitol Hill

The twice-fried pommes frites at Pioneer Square's German bierhall pair well with hearty sausages and ketchup and mayonnaise (try the curry ketchup).
Pioneer Square

The pommes frites at Renee Erickson's modern French steakhouse are not once, not twice, but thrice fried in tallow (rendered beef fat) for extra crispiness.
Capitol Hill

Cafe Presse
The Stranger's Tobias Coughlin-Bogue once called Cafe Presse's frites "stupefyingly" and "face-meltingly" delicious. The fries are made with Washington russet potatoes, blanched in peanut oil at 325 degrees, cooled on sheet pans in a walk-in fridge, then removed and re-fried to order at 350 degrees, resulting in inimitable crispiness. They're served with a side of "mysteriously silky and flavorful" mayo.
Capitol Hill

Fries don't come much more extravagant than the famous truffle fries at Canlis. (Apparently, they're also Gwyneth Paltrow-approved.)
Queen Anne

Damn the Weather
Ever had potatoes roasted in the drippings of a roast chicken? Damn the Weather's fries are cooked in chicken fat to a similar effect and seasoned with fennel pollen and lemon.
Pioneer Square

Harry's Fine Foods
The famous fries at Capitol Hill’s American neighborhood cafe Harry’s Fine Foods come showered with fried rosemary and sage and a sprinkle of salty cheese.
Capitol Hill

Katsu Burger
Don't miss the tonkatsu-style burger spot's fries, which are available seasoned with just sea salt, nori, curry powder, or a 12-spice blend.
Various locations

Knee High Stocking Co.
Okay, they're more home fries than French fries, but the Capitol Hill speakeasy's luxurious duck-fat-fried patatas bravas are no less a perfect partner for the bar's pork tocino or steak tapa sliders. They're available with garlic, ginger, and honey or with sriracha mayo, or spiced and duck-fat-free with sriracha ketchup for vegetarians.
Capitol Hill

Li'l Woody’s
You can get the local burger joint's hand-cut fries drizzled with house-made queso, or order yours with a side of "crack" (a Full Tilt milkshake served on the side in a little cup, just for dipping). Plus, if you go before Monday, July 15, you can catch their current special in celebration of French Fry Day, the Fry Sauce Burger: a grass-fed beef patty with melty American cheese, piled with fries and slathered in fry sauce. And, the best part: For Fry Day, they'll be offering free fries with any purchase of a burger or shake at all of their locations.
Various locations

Little Big Burger The irresistibly crispy truffle fries at this Portland-based burger joint are like McDonald's fries with a serious upgrade. Try them with the Camden's spicy ketchup or fry sauce for dipping. Various locations

Loretta’s Northwesterner
In addition to a burger that's been recognized as one of the best in the country, the South Park burger joint also features some great thick-cut fries, also available as chili fries or "Irish nachos" (loaded with the toppings you'd put on a baked potato).
South Park

Capitol Hill's modern Lebanese/Syrian restaurant serves harra frites, their Middle Eastern take on fries: Aleppo-spiced French fries with cilantro, za'atar mayo, and house-made harra ketchup.
Capitol Hill

Quality Athletics
Josh Henderson's sporty Pioneer Square bar's meaty carne asada fries come loaded with grass-fed steak, pico de gallo, guac, habañero salsa, cilantro, sour cream, and cheddar in their own mini cast-iron skillet.
Pioneer Square

Michael Mina's fancy French restaurant serves thick duck fat frites with rosemary and garlic.

Just for French Fry Day, the diner chain will gild the lily by crowning their basket of fries with…a slice of pie. The whole shebang is only $1 from 6 pm-midnight, no extra purchase required, and you can choose from any 18 of the pies featured that day. (If you’d prefer to not mingle your pastry with potatoes, no hard feelings—Shari’s will serve them separately for you.)
Various locations

The Southern comfort food sensation's poutine, which The Stranger's Bethany Jean Clement once described as "a big cup of thick, ungreasy fries with cubes of Irish cheddar covered in delicious, chickeny gravy with fresh herbs," is almost as controversial (it lacks the traditional cheese curds of classic Canadian poutine) as it is delicious.
Various locations

Sunset Fried Chicken
Made with Kennebec potatoes, the large, crispy, hand-cut fries at Monica Dimas's fried chicken joint inside Queer/Bar can be ordered with Cajun spices or not and come with spicy mayo for dipping.
Capitol Hill

The Swinery
The West Seattle deli/butcher's "Swine Fries" are hand-cut and cooked in rendered pork fat, then tossed with salt, fresh garlic, and green onion. As if that's not enough, you can also get them in a poutine with fresh cheese curds and the Swinery's house pork gravy, or in the popular "Danger Fries," slathered in a bacon blue cheese béchamel sauce.
West Seattle

White Swan Public House
South Lake Union's dockside restaurant puts a decidedly Northwest take on poutine with its "poutine of the sea": fries topped with clams, bacon, and scallions and doused with chowder instead of gravy.
South Lake Union

Zig Zag Cafe
The romantic craft cocktail bar tucked away behind the stairs below Pike Place serves Greek fries, made with fresh-cut potatoes and wild oregano and served with a tzatziki-inspired Greek ranch. Get a sprinkle of feta for an extra two dollars.