Imminent Mode: Lore presents fashion and art by queer trans designers of color.

Every second Thursday, rain or shine, the streets of Capitol Hill are filled with tipsy art lovers checking out galleries and special events. On our Capitol Hill Art Walk calendar, you'll find a bunch of great options for the August 9 edition. Below, we've compiled our critics' picks—the things you shouldn't miss. Follow the links for more details and images, and, if you can't make it out on Art Walk, check out our complete visual art calendar for even more events.

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Ethan Harrington: Northwest Palate
Harrington is the latest artist featured at this gallery devoted to depictions of food and food establishments, including a reverent painting of Rancho Bravo. (Our print editor Christopher Frizzelle ran across him as he was painting.) Harrington says: "It's been tough to watch some of my favorite Seattle restaurants and bars get bulldozed over the years to make way for new construction. Progress is fine but I'm sentimental so I'm on a mission to capture vintage dining spots in paint while I still can."
FoodArt Collection

Imminent Mode: Lore
The Imminent Mode fashion and art series returns with garments and accoutrements by queer trans people of color. This iteration's theme is "Lore," referring to interpersonal traditions and legends passed among communities and individuals.

Jeff Mihalyo: New and Selected Abstract Work
Jeff Mihalyo is a prominent and prolific local who works in abstract and narrative/surrealist modes, as well in in new media. Admire his soft brushstrokes and Klee-like colors.
Steve Gilbert Studio

JoEllen Wang: Disembodying Women
Seattle artist JoEllen Wang examines feminine, pregnancy, motherhood, and gender norms through detailed gouache and watercolor paintings of lovely textile patterns and more figurative subjects.
Ghost Gallery

Joseph John Sanchez III
The artist expresses "pop culture nostalgia" by juxtaposing texts from literature, songs, and film with drawings and collages. If you're a fan of Edgar Poe, Willy Wonka, or any number of classic tales of weirdness, take a look.
Salon Bar-Kon

Laura Van Horne
Laura Van Horne's past exhibitions have focused on colorful orbs that bring to mind microbes, eyeballs, and inkblots. This show looks like it might add an intriguing element of figurative collage.
Victrola Coffee & Art

Odette Allen
Allen shapes desert landscapes and coral shoals out of rich curves of color, focusing on areas of the Earth that are vulnerable to climate change.
Front Room

Sam Wolfe Connelly: Underbrush
This New York-based charcoal-lover sensitively depicts nocturnal animals and other sinister sights in eerie shades.
Creatura House

Sense of Place: Solutions to Save Showbox and Cultural Space
Want to save the Showbox from demolition? The second installment of "Sense of Place: Solutions to Save Showbox & Cultural Space" will focus on "ways to preserve cultural space within a city that is quickly transforming." The evening will combine storytelling, case studies, films, and live testimonials about the historic theater.
Northwest Film Forum

Slow Burn: A Durational Drag Performance
Delightfully freaky local drag artist Arson Nicki "pushes the art form of traditional drag lip sync to its extremes," this time by hitting "shuffle" on a nine-hour-long playlist (without breaks) and mouthing the words while moving around the room. Attendees are free to come and go as they please, and blankets, pillows, and other comfy items are encouraged.
Studio Current

Snack Attack!
These snacks, depicted by artists like Seth Goodkind (Push/Pull), Valerie Niemeyer, Zac Boetes, Genevieve St. Charles-Monet, Rich Stevens, and others, might entice you or creep you out a little. Find yourself among anthropomorphic burgers, silly cupcake dogs, giggling ice cream cones, and other denizens of the plate.
True Love Art Gallery

studio e presents: Amber Barney-Nivón
Barney-Nivón's sculptures and installation investigate patterns, repetition, and space in three dimensions.
Amandine Bakeshop

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