Eek! It's Art Walk! Don't miss Peter Ferguson's eerie fin-de-siècle worlds.

Every second Thursday, rain or shine, the streets of Capitol Hill are filled with tipsy art lovers checking out galleries and special events for Capitol Hill Art Walk. On our Capitol Hill Art Walk calendar, you'll find a bunch of great options for the November 8 edition, but, below, we've compiled our critics' picks—the things you shouldn't miss. Follow the links for more details and images, check out our complete visual art calendar for even more events.

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Amanda Jorgensen
Alaskan, Seattle-based artist Jorgensen pays artistic tribute to Northwest flora and fauna, like cormorants, octopuses, bears, and lynxes. Her illustrations combine realistic detail and expressionistic patterns, and are lovely and moving. 
Front Seat

Artem/s, The Carols, Lilac, Sleepover Club
While the music plays, artists and illustrators slip visual stimulation under a camera pointed down at a table. These images will be projected into the room for an extra-artsy party feel.
Fred Wildlife Refuge

Coco Spadoni & Krista Brand: (Un)Pleasant
In one of two shows at the venue (also check out Robbie Riley: Kodak to Canvas), Coco Spadoni and Krista Brand unveil ceramic forms, paintings, and found objects in all their deliberate ugliness, avoiding anything overly easy on the eye. Why, you ask? To question what we look at, why we look at it, and what goes in galleries. For Spadoni's sculptures, it's a matter of "deflated dreams, tributes to failed love, and re-imaginings of queerness."
The Factory

George Rodriguez: Nosotrus
Texan-born Rodriguez makes stunning, monumental ceramic masks and sculptures inspired by traditions of Indigenous Mexico. He'll be featured as one of the artists of nosotrus, the Mexican Cultural Institute's series of Mexican American creative self-reflection. 
Consulate General of Mexico

Isvald Klingels: Growth
This artist and commercial illustrator has worked for Vogue, the Barbican, Sony BMG Records, Sub Pop, Absolut Vodka, Elle, Goldfrapp, Oasis, City Arts, and many more. Isvald is a self-proclaimed obsessive with a fondness for textile arts and wild, cosmic patterns.
Ghost Gallery

Matt Harvey
Check out Matt Harvey's striking illustrations, which former Stranger art director Aaron Huffman highlighted several times as examples of excellence in poster art. Harvey's clients have included Neumos, Cirque du Soleil, the Maldoggies, Sisters, and the Art Walk itself.
Redhook Brewlab

Peter Ferguson: Mock Robin
Peter Ferguson, a Roq la Rue regular, paints rich, imaginative, warmly hued pop surrealist works that evoke Northern Renaissance strangeness.
Roq la Rue

Robbie Riley: Kodak to Canvas
Gorgeous nostalgia reigns in Robbie Riley's large-scale paintings based on Kodak photos from the 1940s and '50s, drawn from his grandparents' trove. See rich and cinematic images of the Northwest from more than a half-century ago.
The Factory

Scream for Queer Art!
Stop by this pop-up gallery to shop an eclectic array of artwork and handcrafted wares by local queer makers. Plus, you can get your head buzzed for five bucks and eat free snacks.
Scream Salon

Sequoia Day O'Connell
Photographer/poet/doula Sequoia Day O'Connell makes their Art Walk debut, as does this coffeeshop. O'Connell, who's curated a couple of fine exhibitions, captures moments of intimacy and vulnerability in her subjects.
Kaladi Brothers

Zola Kahn
Young Pakistani artist Khan, an asylee in the United States, will reveal his strong, bold, eye-pleasuring abstracts constructed of thick palette knifework.
Lounge by AT&T

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