Don't miss a set from local surf rockers Baywitch at the Big Ass Boombox Festival.

Panicking because you haven't yet made plans for the weekend and you're short on cash? Don't worry—below, find all of your options for last-minute entertainment that won't cost more than $10, ranging from the closing of Artifacts from the Multiverse to the January Macabre Market, and from the Japanese Mochi Tsuki 30th anniversary celebration on Bainbridge Island to the Black Music for Black Lives Festival. For even more options, check out our complete Things To Do calendar. Plus, check out our dance music calendar to find all the places to rave away your post-holiday winter sadness, including this weekend's Mamma Mia! night.

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1. Bob Ross
Grab a drink and paint mountains and happy trees by the instruction of the famously mellow onscreen painter Bob Ross.
(Fremont, $3)


2. Maple Leaf Lights
The holidays may be over, but here's one last chance to appreciate the lengths to which people have gone to illuminate their houses with impressive Christmas light displays.
(Maple Leaf, free)


3. Meaningful Movies: 'Trickle Down Town'
Seattle filmmaker Tomasz Biernacki's detailed, intimate documentary about homelessness in our city humanizes the victims of the housing crisis and dispels harmful myths. Meet Biernacki and discuss with the Meaningful Movies crowd.
(University District, $5)


4. Alex Dunn, The Crying Shame
Alex Dunn will perform country-tinged acoustic songs inspired by the history of the Northwest. He'll be joined by folksy "post-war garage rock" band the Crying Shame. 
(Capitol Hill, $8/$10)

5. The Almost Faithful, Knuckles, Oceans Fade
Seattle alt-rock trio the Almost Faithful will bring their brand of psychedelic jams to Georgetown with opening sets from "psychobilly" band Knuckles and Seattle art rockers Oceans Fade.
(Georgetown, $7)

6. The Black Chevys
Seattle rock/soul band the Black Chevys will headline an energetic show in Eastlake. 
(Eastlake, $8/$10)

7. The Breds with Sarah O'Dea, Del Vox, Earl Tom Parker
Seattle's Sarah O'Dea will make use of her classical training in piano, trumpet, guitar, and voice to accompany the Breds with her own form of Americana. Del Vox and Earl Tom Parker will provide opening sets. 
(Greenwood, $7)

8. Chanel Beads, 129,600, Sour Girl, Zander Yates
Abandon the concept of genre for a night of eclectic live sets from "fake jazz" band Chanel Beads, 129,600, Sour Girl, and doom-folk artist Zander Yates. 
(University District, $5)

9. Garth Reeves Birthday Bash with Garth Reeves Band, Darren Loucas, Tekla Waterfield, Guests
Local musician Garth Reeves will celebrate 50 years around the sun with a lively show featuring Jeff Fiedler on guitar, Andy Stoller on bass, Jason Staczekorgan on keys, Michael Musburger and Perry Morgan on drums, and David Salonen on fiddle. 
(Columbia City, $10)

10. Jim O'Halloran Trio with Guests
Local jazz mainstays Jim O'Halloran Trio have some new music to share with you.
(Columbia City, free)

11. Just Rese
Oakland-born rapper Just Rese fuses funk, hiphop, and R&B in his music. Hear him perform live on his HIPS Tour. 
(Belltown, $10)

12. Klozd Sirkut, Real Don Music, Juliette
Klozd Sirkut is composed of seasoned musicians playing a variety of jazz, rock, funk, and soul "with a heavy dose of EDM." Dance to their set after those of Real Don Music and Juliette.
(Fremont, $8/$10)

13. Mamma Mia!
Shimmy and shake to the biggest, sparkliest hits of the '70s, with a special feature of tracks from the ABBA discography, thanks to DJ Disco Vinnie.
(Capitol Hill, $5)

14. The Science of Deduction, The Secret Light, Verbal Tip
Dance to overlapping synths and vocals from electro five-piece the Science of Deduction, plus sets by Portland darkwave band the Secret Light and Seattle's Verbal Tip. 
(West Seattle, $8)

15. Scratchdog Stringband, The High Seagrass
Move around to high-energy bluegrass from the Scratchdog Stringband and the High Seagrass.
(Ballard, $8/10)

16. Shady Bottom
Shady Bottom throws back to the '60s and '70s with soulful funk covers and originals. The sextet will play their grooves live. 
(Downtown, free)

17. Squirrel Hammer
Beat-folk/pop trio Squirrel Hammer will play their unique blues-inflicted jams live with their friends Tom Ranken, Dustin Russell, and Chet Kane.
(Belltown, $10)

18. 회사auto, Darien Shields, EvChan
Dance to electronic music inspired by the past with live sets from 회사AUTO, Darien Shields, and EvChan. You can buy VHS tapes for sale while you're reveling in nostalgia.
(Capitol Hill, $5)


19. Lumber Yard Birthday Party
White Center's premier lumberjack-themed LGBTQ bar invites you to "flannel up for some fun" in honor of their first birthday, with a performance from "raunchy rapper" and drag queen Mizz Honey Bucket, DJ tunes, birthday cake, and prizes.
(White Center, free)



20. Sixth Annual Big Ass Boom Box Festival
Early January is the live-music doldrums, so this free mini-festival of local bands, now in its sixth year, is a welcome respite from Top-40 DJ nights and other calendar-filling fluff. The lineup—which includes Face Mason, Ketamine Kat, Seasalt, Push4Luv, Phoebe Kinks, Sus, Tourist Activities, and others—is sure to please those seeking local rock and electronic music as usual. ANDREW GOSPE
(Belltown, free)


21. Artifacts from the Multiverse
Filmed partly in the Hoh Rain Forest and partly in Seattle, sci-fi flick Prospect transformed the luscious Pacific Northwest into an alien landscape. Following a father and daughter hunting for valuable gems on a distant moon, the duo encounter danger and the threat of total isolation as they scavenge for these precious objects. Glassbox Gallery will be exhibiting props, costumes, and “alternate realities” from the award-winning film. Let your imagination run wild and picture yourself walking through Cal Anderson Park in a futuristic space suit, digging under the plastic turf looking for gems that will fetch a high price at any intergalactic market of your fancy in some reality parallel to this one. JASMYNE KEIMIG
(Chinatown-International District, free)
Closing Saturday

22. Jolyn Wells-Moran: Seeking the Spirit of Nature
See oil landscapes shaped with bold, thick brushstrokes by artist Wells-Moran.
(West Seattle, free)
Closing Saturday

23. Laura Hamje: 53 Views of the Alaskan Way Viaduct
When the Alaskan Way Viaduct closes this year, the city’s most accessible elevated westward view goes with it. I’ve been practicing nostalgia for that loss over the past couple of years, not minding when traffic slows and I’m stuck staring at Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains in the distance. Seattle artist Laura Hamje’s paintings in various mediums—from oil on linen to gouache on paper—are snapshots of all the different swoops, curves, and pillars of the 65-year-old roadway. Based in part on Japanese artist Hiroshige Ando’s early-19th-century woodblock series 53 Stations of the Tokaido, the series captures the structure in its many moods—from the darkened and rainy, to the bright flashes of light puncturing shadows. All of the views are from the perspective of how we will remember the viaduct the most: through a windshield. KATIE KURTZ
(Chinatown-International District, free)
Closing Saturday



24. Snow Day in Denny Park
Denny Park's winter light display will provide a magical, twinkly respite from your day. 
(Queen Anne, free)

25. Winter Wonderland at Redmond Town Center
Enjoy an ice skating rink, a carousel, live entertainment, and more family-friendly activities throughout the winter season.
(Redmond, free)


26. Resolve to Buy More Art Print Sale
Stop by Push/Pull for a special selection of $5–$10 prints, plus 25% off all other prints, by 100 artists.
(Ballard, free)

27. Video Isle Closing Inventory Sale
Before Fremont's beloved video rental store officially rests in peace, they'll hold a sale to liquidate their entire inventory. Stop by to purchase previously viewed copies of your favorite movies and to share some sweet memories.
(Fremont, free)


28. Chop Challenge: Recycled Textile Art
Artists transform damaged Eileen Fisher textiles into original textile works.
(Columbia City, free)
Closing Sunday

29. The Contemporary Art of Pacific Northwest Crafts
Discover work in clay, wood, glass, or fiber by artist members of Northwest Designer Craftsmen from Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.
(Downtown, free)
Closing Sunday

30. D. Allan Drummond: Curiosity
I remember when I first watched The Mummy as a child, I was completely terrified by the scenes of bewitched scarabs crawling under some unfortunate person’s skin and eating them alive from the inside. Yuck. And even though I know scarabs and prehistoric trilobites have basically nothing to do with each other, looking at D. Allan Drummond’s bronze-cast rendering of the now extinct marine creature brings up a lot of childhood body horror for me—and fascination. In the University of Chicago professor’s first show, Drummond will be presenting a mounted installation of his 3-D printed trilobite sculptures, which visitors are encouraged to inspect (without touching) for themselves. Careful they don’t crawl under your skin, though. JASMYNE KEIMIG
(Capitol Hill, free)
Closing Sunday

31. Fast Forward: Skateboards and Paddles
At first glance, skateboards and paddles seem worlds apart. The former is a symbol of teenage rebellion, while the latter, one of the most ancient human tools. One travels over asphalt, the other water. But upon closer inspection, these two modes of transportation share a lot of similarities. Not only do they take us where we need to be, fast, but they can also act as a canvas for personal expression. In this giant group show, Stonington Gallery brings together more than 35 artists to decorate longboards, traditional skateboards, and paddles in whatever way they see fit. The results are sure to be intriguing—and pretty sick! JASMYNE KEIMIG
(Pioneer Square, free)
Closing Sunday

32. My Other Story
Di Faria, Carol Hershman, Elinor Maroney, Leslie Moon, and Olivia Zapata's ceramics, glass, woodcuts, and jewelry are on display for your admiration.
(Columbia City, free)
Closing Sunday

33. Rich’s Fantastic, Cosmic 40th Birthday Party
Join in a birthday bash for artist Richard McBride Stevens and admire exuberant art by Adam One, Amy Liz, Angelita Martinez, Craig Cundiff, Eli Nickerson, Erich J. Moffitt, John Lytle Wilson, Maj Askew, Ten Hundred, and Reed Carpenter.
(Capitol Hill, free)
Closing Sunday



34. Beyond The Tippe: Comedy Showcase
Local comic Natalie Holt will headline before an open mic at "Beacon Hill's second-favorite comedy show."
(Beacon Hill, free)

35. Hot Seat
Erin Ingle will present an evening of comedy with Alyssa Yeoman, Chris Mejia, and Bo Johnson.
(Capitol Hill, $10)


36. Mochi Tsuki 2019: 30th Anniversary Celebration
Every year, Bainbridge Island celebrates its Japanese American community with Mochi Tsuki, a celebration that features Seattle Kokon Taiko performances, traditional mochi making, and other cultural events. This 30th-anniversary installment should have some extra fun festivities in store.
(Bainbridge Island, free)


37. Brewery Tour and Tasting
Learn about the operations and history behind Optimism Brewing Co. with a tour of their full brewery and cellar facilities, plus their "beer lab" and "sensory evaluation chamber." When you're done, experience the results for yourself with a complimentary flight of beer.
(Capitol Hill, $10)


38. 13 Coins Live: Reji Marc
Hear blues and soul covers performed live by Reji Marc. 
(Bellevue, free)

39. Africa Violeta, Omarte Grandioso
Seattle Latin rockers Africa Violeta will headline in the Central District with special guests Los Rukis and DJ support from Omarte Grandioso. 
(Pioneer Square, $10)

40. Amateur Eyes, Trauma Del Rey, Artemis Moon, Grim Statistic
Ann Arbor rockers Amateur Eyes will stop by Seattle for a night out with locals Grim Statistic, Trauma Del Ray, and Artemis Moon. 
(Greenwood, $7)

41. Balkan Dance Cafe with Dromeno!
Join Seattle-based Balkan/Greek dance band Dromeno for a night of lively, accordion-heavy music.
(Fremont, pay what you can)

42. A Benefit for Ryan Georg with Stoned Evergreen Travelers, Zero Down, Brain Cell Genocide, Voodoo Death Gun
Help fund the medical recovery of Ryan Georg, the lead singer and guitarist of Olympia heavy metal band Saint Helen who was assaulted earlier this year, by rocking out to metal sets by Stoned Evergreen Travelers, Zero Down, Brain Cell Genocide, and Voodoo Death Gun.
(Eastlake, $10)

43. Birch Pereira and the Gin Joints
Birch Pereira and the Gin Joints will provide you with swing, country, and rock-inspired originals.
(First Hill, free)

44. Black Music for Black Lives Festival
Show your support for #BlackLivesMatter by joining a strong lineup of local black musicians, including rappers Money Making Prince and King Flyz, Tacoma's K.P. Tha Killa Percussionist, Zooited Gang, the Artist Keli, Kibbonafide, and many others.
(Columbia City, $10)

45. Black Whales, King Mammoth, Guests
Enjoy "almost danceable psychedelic anthems" from Seattle five-piece Black Whales after an opening set from Everett's King Mammoth. 
(Ballard, $10)

46. Bloom ft. Carly Barton
Carly Barton of Periphery Records will join resident DJ Gag Reflex for this installment of the techno-oriented "cerebral sonic experience" Bloom.
(Downtown, $7)

47. Bounce Brunch Onesieland with La Kendall, Jesse Leer, Buckmaster
No need to change out of the onesie you sleep in for this brunch event—you're encouraged to stay as cozy as possible for a morning of eggs and bacon, massages, and house music spun live by DJs LA Kendall, Jesse Leer, and Buckmaster, and Trinitron. You can even bring your dog.
(White Center, free)

48. Deadbeat Blackout, Foul Blooded, Guests
Thrash to melodic punk at a rowdy show with Olympia heavy-metal rockers Deadbeat Blackout and Seattle's Foul Blooded.
(West Seattle, $8)

49. An Evening of Jazz and Poetry
Seattle jazz vocalist Bridgitte Mathiasen and a Seattle poet by the name of Patrick will come together for a melding of the arts. 
(Capitol Hill, free)

50. Foxhole Norman, Hey Chels, Bobby's Oar
Local rock quartet Foxhole Norman will play tracks from their latest 7-inch and will headline this show along with support sets from Hey Chels and Bobby's Oar.
(University District, $7)

51. Hoshin, Crystal & Quiet, Lunagod
Seattle neo-soul outfit Hoshin will headline with support from Crystal & Quiet (aka Gabriel Much) and "deep space twerk" artist Luna God.
(Capitol Hill, $10)

52. Mantis, Dusty Cubby, Me Pistola, Dead Harbors
Portland rock group Mantis will be joined for a night out in Eastlake by Dusty Cubby, Me Pistola, and Dead Harbors.
(Eastlake, $5/$8)

53. Medical Rx Night: Italo Disco, Synthwave, Leftfield Dance
Records/Transfusions boss Dr. Troy, DJ Sh1-tr (Jason Taylor), and their obsessive clique of DJs have been reanimating the debaucherous spirit of Italo disco, minimal wave, and other retro-futurist electronic styles at the gay bar Pony. (All sexual orientations are welcome, however.) The first week of the year is always one of the grimmest on the calendar, but Medical Rx can remedy your winter malaise with its DJs’ deep expertise in the field of off-center dance music that’s stood the test of time in underground clubs. DAVE SEGAL
(Capitol Hill, free)

54. PSG Gallery Art Opening: Small Works and New Acquisitions
See artwork by resident and guest artists in the Puget Sound Group of Northwest Artists Gallery.
(Wallingford, free)

55. RightTernes: New Year's Revolutions
Spend the first Saturday of the year dancing to an all-vinyl set courtesy of RightTernes (aka Megan Ternes). 
(Capitol Hill, free)


56. Stripped Blacklight Underwear Party with DJ Dana Dub
Check your trousers at the door and get down to dance tracks by DJ Dana Dub in your neon skivvies.
(Capitol Hill, $6/$8)


57. Orange Flower Water
Come Up Productions will stage Craig Wright's play about two lovers who leave their spouses to be with one another, but find that reality is less romantic than their dreams. Aaron Ussery directs.
(Redmond, free)

58. Street Fight Radio
The Columbus, Ohio-based larger-than-life political comedy podcast hosted by Brett Payne and Bryan Quinby will stop in Seattle for a live taping.
(Beacon Hill, $10)


59. Louie Pérez: Good Morning, Aztlán
Louie Pérez—a poet, artist, and the frontman of Latin rock band Los Lobos—will make a special appearance to share his previously unpublished poems, short stories, paintings, sketches, and other work as seen in his book Good Morning, Aztlán
(Capitol Hill, free)

60. Peter Manos: A Girl Named Cricket
Local author Peter Manos will read from A Girl Named Cricket, his latest book about a teenage alien who is tricked into leaving her dying planet to enroll in a California high school. 
(Montlake, free)



61. Sunday Jam
Try your hand at improv with the help of Seattle teams.
(Greenwood, pay what you can)


62. Celestial Navigation & Mental Tronde de Jambe
Celestial Navigation will play new material and old favorites. 
(Pioneer Square, $5/$7)

63. Crow Magnet, Guests
Bellingham rock group Crow Magnet will journey south for a show in Ballard with Seattle's Double Country, who will play twangy covers and originals. 
(Ballard, $8)

64. Mix Tape and 20/20 A Cappella
Discover Seattle voices at this new quarterly a cappella series with Seattle groups Mix Tape and 20/20.
(Capitol Hill, free)

65. Rolando’s 21st Birthday Bash!
Seattle drummer Rolando Robles will "complete his journey to adulthood" with two rock sets after Deathless State kicks things off with surf punk and Cathy Sorbo’s Songs Of Filth follows with solo stuff.
(Shoreline, $5)


66. Author's Guild Meeting
Literary agents Clelia Gore and Elizabeth Wales will share their insights into trends and opportunities in publishing at this Author's Guild meeting. Whether you want to get your work out there or you're interested in working in publishing, you'll surely take away some wisdom.
(Capitol Hill, free)

67. Bella LaVey: Fetish Girl
In Fetish Girl, Bella LaVey shares how her experiences as a dominatrix and erotic wrestler helped her on her journey to sexual liberation. Hear her read live.
(Rainier Valley, free)


68. Kitsap Aware Forum Series. Pesticides and the Environment. Do We Really Want to End It All?
If you're environmentally conscious, you already know that pesticides and herbicides are harmful to the planet. Here's your chance to learn about the chemicals' history, their short- and long-term effects, and how to fight back against large-scale applications of glyphosate in the Puget Sound area.
(Rainier Valley, free)


69. January Macabre Market
Shop for cool and weird stuff from Oasis Ornamentals, Ryan Jack Allred Art, Icon Alchemy, Iron & Thornes, Kinky Bricks, Co-op of Creation, Full Moon Flea Market, and other vendors. 
(Capitol Hill, $1)


70. Detox Retox Repeat Yoga
Take an hour-long all-levels yoga class with resident instructor Morgan O’Friel, then stay on to drink a cocktail. 
(Downtown, $10)

71. Lululemon x CorePower Yoga Sunday Morning Classes
Start your Sunday with a free flow yoga class with a trained instructor. 
(University District, free)


72. Devin Allen: Spaces of the Un-Entitled
Gordon Parks Foundation Fellow Devin Allen used a Leica M240 and a wide angle lens for the photographs featured in his new show, Spaces of the Unentitled, in which he documents the rapidly changing city of Baltimore.
(Bellevue, free)
Opening Sunday