Our arts critics have already recommended 53 great things to do this week and our music critics have picked the 40 best music shows, but there are still hundreds more events happening. To prevent some of the quirkier and more extraordinary ones from slipping through the cracks, we've compiled them here—from Bedroom Botany: What Plants Can Teach Us About Sex, Gender, Parenting and Love to the Deaf Spotlight Short Play Festival, and from TRL Total Request Live Night with *NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick to Love Fest Gay Bingo. For even more options this week, check out our complete Things To Do calendar.

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Events may be subject to change due to snow. Do consider double-checking event websites before leaving the house



Greek Dancing, Music and Meze
It's the season of Carnival (or "Apokries"), a Greek festival that, like Mardi Gras, begins 10 weeks before Greek Orthodox Easter and culminates on the weekend before the first day of Lent. If you can't make it to Naoussa, celebrate in Seattle with meze platters, live traditional dance performances, and live music.

Westminster Dog Show 2-Day Extravaganza
At a live screening of the Westminster Dog Show, watch prize pups glide across a manicured course while you sip dog-themed drinks like "Pink Poodles" and "Salty Dogs." Come early to fill out a bracket.


Seattle Ska Extravaganza
Get all your local ska in one place at this reggae-fusion show with the Seattleites, the Skablins, and Natalie Wouldn't.


David Moskowitz: Caribou Rainforest
Caribou—aka reindeer—are one of the most endangered species in the Continental United States, according to the organizers of this event. Here to tell you about the human choices that can impact the antlered creatures' existence is wildlife tracker and photographer Davis Moskowitz, who's spent years photographing woodland caribou. 

Laura Dan: Crown Jewel Wilderness
Susan Danner's Crown Jewel Wilderness recounts the fight to conserve what is now the North Cascades National Park in post-WWII America.

Ralina L. Joseph: Postracial Resistance
Joseph's book explores media representations of black women like Oprah Winfrey, Shonda Rimes, and Michelle Obama and the effect of these perceptions on women of color. Join her for a reading.

The Zeitgeist and Me with Jeanne Heuving
Jeanne Heuving resurrects the term "zeitgeist," which was once used to describe the direction of experimental and avant-garde art, but which the author claims has fallen into misuse. She'll talk more about what she means at this presentation. 


Your dog can be your valentine at this party for canine enthusiasts and their furry family members. This event promises treats, a photo booth, dog product giveaways, a dog-treat cooking demo with Chef Kiki of Kiki’s Canine Kitchen, and more.



Annual Open House and Bill Strong Awards 2019
Learn about the Seattle Architecture Foundation's activities and programs, particularly if you're interested in volunteering—the main idea of this event is to celebrate the passionate people who keep the SAF running. There will also be food, activities, and the granting of the Annual Bill Strong Award for Volunteer Excellence.


Documentary Film Series: Free Angela and All Political Prisoners
Civil rights icon and author Angela Davis discusses her involvement in the Black Panther Party, as well as "the actions that branded her as a terrorist and simultaneously spurred a worldwide political movement for her freedom," in this documentary.


Seattle Science Slam #16
Maxwell Armenta will talk about improving existing wastewater treatment plants with aerobic granular sludge; Elma Dedic will talk about electrohydrodynamic microrobots; and Katherine Pratt will talk about the power of neural signals. Ready your applause for these University of Washington researchers—the presenter who gets the loudest claps wins the slam. 


Country Humpday with Rooster Crow and Lost City Remedy
Pep up the remainder of your week at this alt-country hoedown with Rooster Crow and Lost City Remedy.

Monster Planet 9.WDE ~ Worst Date Ever
Join SYNPROV CORP, a Seattle-based collective of producers, musicians, sound designers, visual artists, and "B-movie enthusiasts," as they perform an improvised ambient/experimental/drone soundtrack to a mix of B movies provided by Scarecrow Video. In honor of Valentine's Day, the theme this time is "Worst Date Ever."


Emmaline's Swamp Magic Valentine's Day Eve Extravaganza and Ensorcellment
"Swamp circus star" Emmaline will lead a "lighthearted discussion on love" and help you find it by casting ensorcellments (enchantment spells).

Intiman Theatre's Show the Love 2019 Kick-off Party
Learn what's in store for Intiman Theatre's mainstage production for 2019: Christopher Chen's Caught, directed by Desdemona Chiang.

Opera on Tap
If you're single, or just bitter, take in some live opera drawn from dark love stories. 

SuperMega Live
In Matt Watson and Ryan Magee weekly podcast SuperMega, the duo performs sketch comedy, music, games, and "whatever else weird garbage comes out of their heads." See them in the flesh at this live taping. 


Joymakers Workshop with Author Ingrid Fetell Lee
TED Talk sensation Ingrid Fetell Lee will talk about how to "cultivate joy and wellbeing through changes in our physical environment" through hands-on exercises from her book, Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness.

Karen Trieger: My Soul is Filled with Joy
Karen Trieger's biography tells the story of her father-in-law, Sam Goldberg, a Jew who escaped the Treblinka concentration camp in 1943 to reunite with his wife, Esther, in an abandoned barn in the forest. 

Partners in Civic Innovation: The Liberty Bank Building Project
The Liberty Bank Building is home to a network of nonprofits that serve the African American community in the Central District—a feat of resilience in an area continually facing racist disinvestment and redlining. At this panel discussion, hear from representatives of Africatown, Byrd Barr Place, Capitol Hill Housing, and the original Liberty Bank as they share their inspiration for the project in partnership with the Black Community Impact Alliance. You can also try samples from That Brown Girl Cooks and check out previews of the art that will be featured in the new Liberty Bank Building.

The Stigma We Carry
This panel with What's Next Washington will focus on social stigmas surrounding mental health issues and post-incarceration by way of Ellen Forney's book Marbles. 

Till Tonight
Are you a scribbler/typer in need of some companionship as you wrestle with Seattle's next great literary masterpiece? Huddle with other writers of any genre and get some work done at Till's monthly meetup/exchange/writing session.



Fire Season
A 12-year-old boy in a working-class community overdoses on OxyContin, and everyone in his life tries to pick up the pieces. The playwright is Aurin Squire, the first winner of the theater's Emerald Prize. Directed by Kelly Kitchens.



First Date w/ Graham Downing
Jet City Emeritus improviser Graham Downing will go on a genuine Valentine's Day date with a brave (and lucky) soul, and a team of improvisers will respond.


For the Love of Swedish Cinema! with Professor Amanda Doxtater
Grab a drink and join UW Scandinavian Studies faculty for a retrospective of Swedish cinema's love stories from the silent era to the present.

French Truly Salon: The Women on the 6th Floor
What allowed the institution of arranged marriage to dissolve in 19th-century Europe, and how did this change impact children and divorce? In honor of Valentine's Day, see a film about the evolution of marriage from the Middle Ages to the present, and stay on for a discussion. 


Drinking, Cursing, and Cooking: Valentine's Day
Expletives are highly encouraged at this colorful cooking class, which will feature a demonstration from chef Ashley Ewing and instructor Annie Elmore. After a "hungry heart cocktails and appetizer" reception, guests will be treated to a demonstration of a "Love Potion" cocktail and a dinner with salt and pepper duck tongue salad, scallops with fennel, classic carbonara, and smoked duck breast, all the while sipping cocktails and enjoying the results. Finally, the night will end with a bubbly aperol spritz float.


BigWheel Bingo!
This bingo night wins the appeal of televised game show enthusiasts simply because it involves a giant wheel. Win prizes for your lucky letter/number combinations and enjoy the company of your host, Samuel L JackYouSon, and a surprise wheel spinner. 


Emo Night LA: Emo Nite Seattle
Bring back the early-mid 2000's with your deep passion for gauged ears, flat-ironed hair, and Pete Wentz's smirk. Emo Nite, presented by Emo Night LA, is the new sensation of reliving your MySpace glory in the form of a high-energy, passionately emo DJ night.

Gucci Goth Night Valentine's Day
Channel your goth glam side at this V-Day dance party with jams from Coffin Birth and Rat Trap.

Sige Records: "Experimental Love"
Artists with SIGE Records will experiment and improvise with drone sounds, abstracted songs, and "electroacoustic composition."

That Irish Guy
Whether or not you have a mop of red hair atop your head, this show with That Irish Guy should provide some fiery Valentine's Day fun.


Butylene's TongueDrop/DeathPop [KW 5 YR]
As part of Kremwerk's fifth anniversary weekend, join drag and burlesque artists like Butylene O'Kipple, Britt Brutality, Castor Pollux, Indika Haze, Juan Keyai, and Willy Nilly for a night of performances and dancing. 

Magnifique Burlesque Cabaret: The Valentine's Day Show
For some "sexy, intriguing, jaw-dropping" entertainment, take your date to see the Magnifique Burlesque Cabaret's Valentine's Day variety show. 


Betsy Bell: Open Borders
Betsy Bell recalls the year 1983, when the anti-war movement she belonged to, Target Seattle, was preparing for a trip to Tashkent, Seattle's Sister City in Uzbekistan. She and her fellow members carried with them thousands of copies of peace treaties, and discovered first-hand the risks of traveling as an American to the USSR.

Critical Issues in Contemporary Art Practice: Dyani White Hawk, Keith BraveHeart, Micheal Two Bulls
Hear from Native artists Dyani White Hawk, Keith BraveHeart, and Micheal Two Bulls as they discuss their work in the context of contemporary trends and issues in the art world. 

Duncan Ryūken Williams: American Sutra
In American Sutra: A Story of Faith and Freedom in the Second World War, Duncan Ryūken Williams reveals how Japanese American Buddhists launched "one of the most inspiring defenses of religious freedom in our nation's history," even in the midst of Japanese American incarceration in the United States. Hear the author read.

Oh, For the Love Of—
Storytellers will entertain you with tales of what makes them "stupid happy." Produced by Maddy Noonan.


After Hours at the Aquarium: No-Pressure Valentine's Day
How familiar are you with the cloning practices of sea anemones? What about the mating rituals of octopuses or sea stars? At this "no-pressure" Valentine's Day affair, you and your date (or you and your friends) will be presented with boozy beverages, a live DJ, and all the information you've ever wanted to know about the courtship behaviors of local marine residents.


The Intimate Values of Inside Space
Artist and realtor Alexander Keyes will combine a real estate open house with an art pop-up in a show about "the poetics of space," as defined by philosopher Gaston Bachelard. It will be an exploration by Serrah Russell, Sara Long, Robin Arnitz, Philippe Hyojung Kim, Natasha Marin, Ling Chun, Lauren Dake, Kelly Bjork, Jennifer Zwick, Alexander Keyes, and Alex Harris of "how their own domestic space—both current and those residing in memory—have imprinted upon their character and psyche."

Priscilla Yu with Cat Claw
Admire new art by Priscilla Yu and dance to music by DJ Cat Claw. The bar promises champagne and cupcakes, so if you're feeling lonely and hungry on V-Day, here's a great place to go.

Valentines Passport to Love Art Walk
Stroll through West Seattle taking in art, food, and wine with your loved one(s). Be sure to grab a "passport to love" to collect enough heart stamps at participating businesses to win a prize.



Special Flamenco Night for Valentine's
Enjoy a lush Spanish-style Valentine's Day with flamenco dance by Rafael Vargas and Esther Marion, quejio (flamenco lament) music and fast rhythms by Luis de la Tota and Estefania La Ishi, direct from Spain. Your ticket includes a three-course Mediterranean meal and bubbly.



5th Annual Black & Brew: Imperial Stout Celebration
Each year, Watershed Pub & Kitchen taps 15 of the "most delicious, decadent, and eclectic imperial stouts" they can get their hands on at once. This year, they promise to take guests to the "maltiest, darkest reaches of the craft beer universe," paired with suitably hearty comfort food.


A Certain Type of Brilliance
Rejoice in femme magic—the "ability to pull amazing things out of thin air, to create on a dime, to use our vulnerability and creativity as our greatest assets in resistance to oppression"—with a show that will be created by rotating casts just 24 hours before stage time in response to a prompt. Can they do it? Of course they can! They're femmes.

Deaf Spotlight Short Play Festival
Deaf writers, actors, and directors from across the country (Jules Dameron, Monique Holt, and Ryan Schlecht) will present 10-minute features that "illuminate the artistry of the Deaf community and American Sign Language." Stay on for a discussion with the artists. 

Death of a Salesman
Arthur Miller's classic 1949 play follows Willy Loman as he tries to reconcile his past with the perception of the present. As he unravels, his family and friends navigate their own relationships with Willy, each other, and the "American Dream." Enjoy this production from Short Order Theatre Company. 

Ludus Performing Arts: Once on This Island
The Olivier Award-winning musical Once on This Island (from the Tony Award-winning songwriting team Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty) is a Caribbean adaptation of The Little Mermaid, in which a peasant girl named Ti Moune rescues and falls in love with a wealthy boy, Daniel, from the other side of the island.

M. Butterfly
Not the Puccini opera Madame Butterfly but the fascinating David Henry Hwang play about exoticism and fetishization, in which a French diplomat becomes infatuated with a Chinese opera star, not realizing (or unable to admit to himself) that women are not allowed on the Beijing stage and the object of his fantasy is actually a man.

Raisins in a Glass of Milk
Live Girls! Theater will join forces with the creators of Raisins in a Glass of Milk—a one-act play by former Cornish students Lexi Chipman and Maya Burton about what it's like to be an actor of color in a white-dominated discipline—to create an all-new play. The production will feature new stories that "[put] the fight for inclusion and representation centerstage."


Seattle Coronation: The Greatest D
The Imperial Sovereign Court of the Olympic and Rainier Empire, a royal queer charitable organization, invites you to party over multiple days at their 48th annual coronation festival.



The "Responsible" "Adults": Bye Bye Stags!
Local comedy troupe the "Responsible" "Adults" make "simple, stupid, and hilarious" sketches. Laugh with and at them at this goodbye show for one of their members (who is moving to Los Angeles). 

Ryan and Jason Present “Space Capitalism”
In this sketch comedy performance that sounds both existential and silly, Ryan and Jason will play two dudes on a journey of self-exploration in a capitalist colony in outer space. 


Gimme Shelter 11: The Dusty 45s, Shawn Smith, Little Spirits, Danny Newcomb, Abbigale Smith
Billy Joe Huels and the Dusty 45s, Shawn Smith, Littlespirits, Danny Newcomb, and Abbigale Smith will play music to raise money for the Downtown Emergency Service Center, who provide resources and shelter to homeless people in Seattle. 

TRL Total Request Live Night with *NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick
Relive the most intense boy band crushes of your youth with a night of Top 40 pop thanks to *NSYNC member Chris Kirkpatrick, Seattle’s only tribute boyband #ALL4DORAS, and DJs Pryme and Lo.

Wicked Garden, Nevermind, The JV
If you've always wanted to attend a Stone Temple Pilots concert but you missed the '90s, here's your chance to revel in melodic bass lines, feather boas, and the ghost of Scott Weiland with tribute band Wicked Gardens. Show up on time for Nirvana covers from Nevermind and local rockers the JV.


B-Sides: Staged Readings of 5 Short LGBTQ Plays
Fantastic.Z's seventh annual New Works Festival will present staged readings of five short works by queer playwrights, including Joe Breen's "Or Forever Hold Your Peace," J. Stephen Brantley's "Shiny Pair of Complications," Suzanne Bailie's "Mysterious Wonderland," Greg Lam's "Interventions," and John Bavoso's "Plus One."

Performance and a Party
Get energized by seeing Hannah Wendel and Elia Mrak's "accessible and inviting" dance routine, then join them for a DJ dance party after the show.

Super Amazing Magic Fun Time
This evening of magic and comedy by Aaron Wheeler promises "a world of laughter and amazement."

Drag stars face off in tributes to pop divas—this month, Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande, as lip-synched by Dion Dior Black, Fraya Love, Angel D'Monica Leone, and Sativa Queen. Strawberry Shartcake hosts.


Dave Ellingson: Paddle Pilgrim
Dave Ellingson chronicles his month-long paddle adventure on Norway's Sogne and Hardanger fjords, near where his family lived before they emigrated to America in the 1850s. Hear the author share highlights from his travels. 

Richard Wiley: Tacoma Stories
Tacoma-born author Richard Wiley, who won a PEN/Faulkner Award for his 1986 novel Soldiers in Hiding, will return to Seattle to read from Tacoma Stories, his new short fiction book about his hometown. 


Bedroom Botany: What Plants Can Teach Us About Sex, Gender, Parenting and Love
When it comes to sex, gender, and parenting, plants are way more evolved than humans and most other animals. Learn about double fertilization, parasite offspring, hermaphroditic flowers, and cleistogamy (the process of self-fertilization in flowers) with University of Washington Plant Molecular Biologist Orlando de Lange.



The Improv Festival of Applied and Rejected Theater (IFART)
Performers not selected for SFIT (the Seattle Festival of Improv Theatre) are welcome at IFART, and every year, they're a talented and interesting bunch.


Everett Film Festival
When it was created in 1997, the Everett Women’s Film Festival was dedicated to "highlighting the strength, humor, and creativity of women through provocative and entertaining films." Over the years, the festival has expanded its vision by presenting films not only made by women, but also those that shed light on the lives of women from various cultures, times, and experiences.


Seattle New Music Showcase
Discover new local artists at this two-day music showcase. Friday brings sets from acts like rock quartet Haymaker and "early pop" garage rockers the Regrets, with acts like doom metal band Jake's Meadow and rock trio Oil Can on Saturday.



The Passage
The first in this year's program of new musicals developed under the auspices of Village Theatre, David Darrow's The Passage is about a family venturing into a monster-filled basement to save the paterfamilias. Directed by Brandon Ivie.



ReFashion Ts
Turn your extraneous t-shirts into something more glamorous, creative, or useful, like a shoulder bag.


'90s Bar Crawl
Throw a scrunchy around your high pony and booze it up with fellow connoisseurs of '90s culture.


FĂ©ria de Amor with Oleaje Flamenco
Join Seattle-based music and dance troupe Oleaje Flamenco and special guests for a romantic and lively show. 

Okilly Dokilly, Playboy Manbaby, KLAW, Darkness Stole the Sky
Believably billing themselves as "the world's only Nedal band," Phoenix, Arizona's Okilly Dokilly will blend "comedy and brutality" with guitars, snyth machines, and "direct Ned quotes" (we're not entirely sure what that means) on their Reneducation Tour. They'll be joined by Phoenix-based pop-punks Playboy Manbaby and Northwest metal bands Klaw and Darkness Stole the Sky.

Platinum Spandex, Problem Child
Make your hair nice and pointy and rock out to AC/DC tribute bands Platinum Spandex and Problem Child.

Prom Date Mixtape Valentine's Ball
Let '80s new wave and synth-pop tribute group Prom Date Mixtape take you back a few decades for their very special Valentine's Day edition show.

Raver Harder! with Strider
The organizers of this dance party invite you to "drink harder, rave harder" with DJs Strider, Pool Water, Graz, Cosmo, Slow Shudder, Bloodcode, and Boaconstructor. 


Love Fest Gay Bingo
Keep the spirit of Valentine's Day going by entering a costume contest to win the title and crown of Love Fest's Cupid, singing romantic ballads in karaoke, and sipping a glass of "Love Potion 69" at the bar. Aleksa Manila will host and DJ Disco Vinnie will spin live. And there will be bingo, of course.


In a fashionable apartment in 1960s Paris, young modernist artist Blaise d'Ambrier struggles to pay the rent. To help make ends meet, his mistress, Genevieve, persuades him to marry the troubled daughter of her other lover, a wealthy banker, who wants his noble family name. This performance is in Russian with an English translator. 

Flights of Fantasy
Witness belly dancing, burlesque, drag, flow arts, ballroom dancing, and more set to fantasy classics like Princess Bride, Never Ending Story, Legend, Labyrinth, Lord of the Rings, and The Dark Crystal.

Shady Ladies 2: Drag Queens of Comedy
Celebrate five years of weird and wonderful drag at Kremwerk and toast to 500 more with local stars Betty Wetter, Cookie Couture, Dolce Vida, Irene Dubois, Karmen Korbel, and LaSaveona Hunt.


Mary Cronk Farrell: Standing Up Against Hate
Hear stories of African American women who played a crucial role in the armed forces by enlisting in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps in World War II. 

Paul Souders: Arctic Solitaire
National Geographic photographer and Seattleite Paul Souders writes about his quest to photograph polar bears in the arctic in Arctic Solitaire, which features over 35 close-up photos of Hudson Bay polar bears.


Sidewalk Sale
Shop "dope art, books, oddities, wigs, gawd knows what else," plus art supplies from the past 14 years at Studio Current's sidewalk sale. 


Wild Coast Festival
If you like the idea of catching your own fish, shucking your own oysters, and preparing chowder with clams you dug yourself, this is your chance to see all sorts of Puget Sound-focused demos. You can also sample clam chowder and shop from local outdoorsy pop-ups.


The Social Queer’s Womxn’s Galantine Dance Party!
If you don't know what to wear to this womxn-centric Galentine's Day dance party, the organizers have some ideas: Wear red if you're in a relationship and are looking to meet additional lovers; wear white if you're monogamous and looking to make out with your partner in public; wear black if you're single and ready to mingle; or wear pink if you're an ally who's tagging along with your womxn friends. All proceeds will benefit Planned Parenthood.


Tom Gormally: Sculptures
Gormally's slightly sinister wooden sculptures are meant as a reflection of the news over the past two years, with allegories such as "fox in the henhouse."
Opening Saturday



Octopus Week
Show some love for the one and only eight-limbed, big-brained mollusk at this week-long octopus fest complete with special feeding demos, hands-on kids' activities, and educational talks.



Exhibition on Screen: Young Picasso
How did Picasso become the artist he was when he died in 1973? This film traces the artist's early life and influences. 


Cowboy Ramen
The Maple Leaf-based barbecue joint Barbecue Smith will serve up steaming bowls of ramen with their signature "Texas-inspired" twist.


The Boozy Brunch and Variety Show
Sip your Sunday-morning mimosas in the good company of La Petite Mort and Violet Tendencies at this sexy-dark burlesque and variety show with other local talents Nox Falls, Effie DuBois, and Anna Clara Buoyant.

Gothic Barbie Drag Haus: Stay Pretty
Gothic Barbie Drag will pay tribute to the "old-fashioned horror movies of yesteryear, with a pinch of pastel." Gather your coven for some glamorous pagan rituals. 

The Griot
The Griot show is based on West African storytelling tradition and melds music and words in cultural expression.

Lawrence Brownlee & Eric Owens In Recital
Lawrence Brownlee and Eric Owens are both considered to be modern marvels and superstars in the opera scene and will join together here for a rousing evening of operatic arias and American spirituals.

Waffle Stick Drag Brunch
Join "singing drag queen puppet" Miss Ruby, bingo queen Sylvia O'Stayformore, and Larry Knapp as they sing their way into your morning brunch (which will be composed of waffle sticks, mimosas, and bellinis).