At Stranger Things To Do, we make it our mission to list every event happening in Seattle so all of your going-out options are in one place.

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With so much going on though, it can be hard to keep track of everything you want to go to. We're willing to bet you've had the experience at least once of remembering a cool event just after it's too late to actually go to it.

Sound familiar? Then you should become a Stranger Things To Do member!*

As a member, you can now save all the events you're interested in so you don't forget about them later. All you have to do is hit "Save Event" on any event page on our calendar (like Christopher Frizzelle's Give Up the Ghost reading series) to get started. Then, when you're ready to make a decision, everything you've saved will be waiting for you on your own private list. It’s free, easy, and the perfect way to make sure you never forget the good stuff again.

Some other perks of your free membership:

  • A weekly reminder of your upcoming events
  • Early access to discounted and one-of-a-kind events

    Our goal is to make having fun in Seattle as easy as possible. We hope you love it.

    *If you already have an account you use to comment on Slog or other Stranger articles, there's no need to sign up separately—you can use the same login info.