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Our arts critics have already recommended 58 great things to do this week and our music critics have picked the 50 best music shows, but there are still hundreds more events happening. To prevent some of the quirkier and more extraordinary ones from slipping through the cracks, we've compiled them here—from Syttende Mai to Bike Everywhere Day, and from Everfree Northwest to Mushroom MAYnia. For even more options this week, check out our complete Things To Do calendar.

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  1. Meaningful Movies: Backfired
    Between the years 2009 and 2015, Volkswagen marketed a line of cars with low carbon emissions, but it turns out the cars were actually just equipped with a device that covered up the normal, not-low emissions. Learn about the big scandal at this Meaningful Movies screening. 


  2. Harry Potter Trivia
    Only true Harry Potter fans will know the answers to these trivia questions. Fuel your memory with Rooftop Brewing's Butter Beer and do your best to win prizes.


  3. Jo Lendle: All the Land
    German author Jo Lendle—the head of Munich publishing company Carl Hanser Verlag—will talk about and sign copies of his latest book All the Land, a biography of the polar researcher and meteorologist Alfred Wegener.

  4. Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha: Tonguebreaker
    Queer poet and writer Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, who earned the Lambda Literary Award in 2011 for Love Cake, continues to explore "working-class queer brown femme survivorhood and desire" in her fourth collection of poetry, Tonguebreaker.



  5. Stanza: Fire
    Poets write and artists respond in a dialogue on the theme of "fire." The results will be published in a book that you can (and should) buy. The writers are Laura Lucas, Amber Bird, Doug Nufer, Talia Lily Ringer, Zoe Sandalwood, and Kim Truedson; the artists are Push/Pull stalwarts and friends Julia Wald, David Lasky, Vladimir Verano, Steven Reddy, Valerie Niemeyer, Panic Volushka, Erin Dailey, Aaron Morgan, and Stacy LeFevre. 
    Closing Wednesday



  6. Menopause: The Musical
    Four women staring down menopause break into song (and hot flashes) at a lingerie sale in this parodic musical.



  7. Washington Asparagus Week
    Washington is the top state for asparagus production in the nation. Honor the savory green spears of spring with specials at restaurants across Seattle and a special cooking class at Hot Stove Society on Wednesday.


  8. Reed Olson: Postcards
    Artist Reed Olsen will show work that deals with "wide open spaces, climate grief, and feels."
    Closing Saturday



  9. Seattle Police Department's Fabulous Forums
    The Seattle Police Department will explain its cultural history, its hate crimes education, and how it's working on improving the relationship between its officers and the people of Seattle.


  10. Engauge Experimental Film Festival Presents: TAKE IT DOWN!
    See five short films by North Carolina-based media artists Bill Brown and Sabine Gruffat that use celluloid film to explore life in the American South.


  11. Adult Spelling Bee
    How many niche beer terms do you know, and can you spell them out in front of an audience? Find out at this adult Beer Week spelling bee. (We almost wrote "spelling beer." Spelling is hard!) You'll win cool prizes if you do a good job. 

  12. Hump Day with Crackle the Camel
    This Seattle Beer Week event will give a whole new meaning to Hump Day—while you sip Chainline Brewing's Hump Day IPA, you'll get to meet a real-life camel whose name is Cackle. 


  13. Danny's Visual Album Shoot + PARTY
    Want to be an extra in a dark underground dance party sequence? Dress to the theme "Artpunk Club Kidz" and head to this shoot for a new Danny Denial visual album/short film.


  14. Circus Party in the Park
    Enjoy a day of games, circus activities, music, and food in the Georgetown Playfield.


  15. Adam Savage: Every Tool’s a Hammer
    Get creative inspiration from Adam Savage, known to you as one the science daredevils of Discovery Channel's Mythbusters. Drawing from his new book, Every Tool's a Hammer, he'll talk about how to get ideas and follow through with them.

  16. Art History Lecture Series
    Jeffrey Simmons will give a talk titled "Unconventional Techniques in Contemporary Abstract Painting."

  17. Assembly Literary Open Mic
    Bring your poetry, prose, and works-in-progress and be open to feedback at this monthly open mic.

  18. Ben Thompson: Epic Fails—The Age of Exploration
    Have you ever gotten yourself lost on a hike and happened upon a great-looking vista or a waterfall you didn't know existed? In the fourth installment of Seattle author Ben Thompson's Epic Fails series, he chronicles wrong turns taken by "an international cast of trailblazers" that led to important discoveries. 

  19. Mary Gray and Siddharth Suri: Ghost Work—Silicon Valley’s New Global Underclass
    Websites don't materialize out of thin air or sustain themselves without work—it's proofreaders, web designers, and "content watchdogs" who keep the internet relatively functional and accessible. In Mary Gray and Siddharth Suri's Ghost Work: How to Stop Silicon Valley from Building a New Global Underclass, the authors assert that, despite the necessary services they provide, companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and other tech behemoths undervalue this "invisible human labor force" by grossly underpaying them and denying them health benefits. Tonight, they'll look on the bright side by exploring ways for these workers to potentially thrive. 

  20. WordsWest Literary Series: Erica Bauermeister and Alan Chong Lau
    Novelist Erica Bauermeister and poet/visual artist Alan Chong Lau will share work on the theme "Awakening the Senses."


  21. Conception Contemporary Art Show
    Shop for 2D and 3D artwork from over 30 local artists while you snack on appetizers and enjoy live music.



  22. As You Like It
    This Shakespeare comedy has cross-dressing, a lion, shepherds, love triangles, improbable repentance, and a clown, all in the forest of Arden. Kelly Kitchens will direct.

  23. MFA Dance Concert
    Six UW MFA dance candidates—Lucie Baker, Alexandra Bradshaw-Yerby, Sarah Chiesa, Brian Evans, Brian Lawson, and Adele Nickel—will present new works, performed by UW dancers.

  24. Million Dollar Quartet
    Hear music by Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins in this dramatization of the legendary recording session of 1956.



  25. After Hours: Plankton Blooms!
    Did you know that seasons change under the sea? Grab a drink and hear all about how spring affects the microscopic inhabitants of the Puget Sound at this after-hours affair.

  26. Brown v Board Turns 65: Seattle's School Segregation Story
    In the early 1950s, the US Supreme Court ruled that racial segregation in schools was unconstitutional. On the 65th anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education, Integrated Schools will lead a panel discussion about the history of segregation in Seattle.

  27. Celebrate Africa Day!
    Discover and celebrate the richness of African cultures by hearing stories from community members and Gates Foundation staff, tasting traditional food, and dancing to Afro-beat music.


  28. Street A Pop-Up
    This street food-themed pop-up from chef Garrett Doherty of Lionhead and chef Domingo of East Trading Co. will focus on Filipino street food (both traditional and with a twist), including kwek kwek, longanisa wontons, and kare kare bao.

  29. That Dumpling Dough Pop Up
    Feast on a six-course meal of tender, juicy Filipino-inspired dumplings courtesy of cooks Aileen Calalo and Donna Denina.


  30. Trivia with Cats: Throwback Thursday
    Find out if cats help trigger your knowledge of 2000s pop culture at this feline trivia night. Your ticket includes "nostalgic" goodies from the early aughts, an hour of trivia in the cat room, and an extra 30 minutes of quality cat time.


  31. Metal Industry Night with Lost Eyedentity, Voodoo Stone, DJ Star
    Thrash to local metal bands Lost Eyedentity and Voodoo Stone and earn some cash for your metal CDs, shirts, and memorabilia.


  32. Mother's Tongue: Un Show En No Inglés
    No English at all at this queer performance night hosted by local drag performers One and Butylene O'Kipple.


  33. ARCADE Salon Series: Design, Power and Our Virtual Selves
    Local architecture and design magazine ARCADE will host a conversation with some of its contributors (feature editor Leah St. Lawrence, designer Sean Wolcott, and researcher Dr. Theresa Horstman) about "the overlap between the built environment, online space, identity, and power."

  34. Coming Out Communist
    How do you tell your loved ones who aren't communists that you now reject the state and value the common ownership of the means of production? That'll be at the heart of this conversation with Red May and John Boylan.

  35. David Mizejewski: Attracting Birds, Butterflies, and Other Backyard Wildlife
    National Wildlife Federation naturalist and TV host David Mizejewski will give you tips on how to communicate to birds, butterflies, bees, and other wildlife that your backyard is their perfect habitat.

  36. Justin Jesty: Art and Engagement in Early Postwar Japan
    University of Washington professor Justin Jest will discuss his new book Art and Engagement in Early Postwar Japan, which makes an argument for the "agency of art" in Japan after 1945, focusing on a group of "social realists" on the radical left, a liberal arts education movement, and a regional avant-garde group.

  37. The Lives of Bees
    Cornell University professor and pollination expert Thomas D. Seeley will talk about the lives of wild honey bees and sign copies of his latest book, The Lives of Bees: The Untold Story of the Honey Bee in the Wild.

  38. Liz Carlisle and Bob Quinn: Reviving Ancient Wheat, Rural Jobs, and Healthy Food
    Through practices like cover-cropping and crop rotation, Bob Quinn discovered that he could produce successful yields without pesticides. He'll be joined by co-author Liz Carlisle for a Town Hall discussion of their book Grain by Grain.

  39. Science Matters: Looking in Unusual Places
    Genetic researchers Aimee Dudley and Michael Metzger will delve into how unconventional model organisms (like clams, yeast, and Tasmanian devils) have the power to fuel new solutions to human disease, from cancer to diabetes.  

  40. Steph Castor: Bedroom Music
    Queer poet and artist Steph Castor will visit from Kansas to read from her new book of poetry, Bedroom Music. 


  41. Game of Thrones Night Ticket Special
    If you fall in the center of the Venn diagram representing professional baseball and Game of Thrones fandoms, you're in luck. At the Seattle Mariners vs. Minnesota Twins game, you'll receive a limited-edition Mitch Haniger/GOT bobblehead when you purchase through this ticket special.



  42. The Security Project
    The Security Project is the music of Peter Gabriel and beyond, "re-envisioned."


  43. 42 Things You Need to Know About My Dad
    In a companion piece to their February play Ways In Which We’ve Failed to Manage Our Anxiety, Claire and Roland take some time to freak out about dads.



  44. Robert Pidde: Live Comedy Recording with Claire Webber
    Three-time Seattle’s Comedy on Trial winner Robert Pidde will record his first comedy album with fellow local jokester Claire Webber.


  45. The Call
    A white couple decides to adopt a child from Africa, which leads to unexpected repercussions, in this play by Tanya Barfield. Annie Lareau will direct.


  46. Fruiting Bodies & Efflorescence
    Artists of the collective and community take off on some of their favorite themes: mushrooms, flowers, and other natural forms.
    Opening Thursday



  47. This is Uuss // Matt Hatfield: Only the Best Vol.1
    NBC's family drama This Is Us meets Jordan Peele's most recent horror movie Us in the decidedly peculiar sketch show This is Uuss. After that, Matt Hatfield will share his "favorite, personal best, and the absolute weirdest" sketches that he's written over the past eight years.


  48. Claiming Space
    Landscape architect Diane Jones Allen, transportation equity planner Naomi Doerner, and community organizer Yordanos Teferi will gather for an "intersectional conversation" with a reception catered by That Brown Girl Cooks.

  49. Grand Opening Party
    Georgetown's Palace Theatre & Art Bar isn't exactly new, but they'll celebrate their opening anyway with party tunes from DJ Tony Burns and live performances from regulars Sylvia O'Stayformore, Honey Bucket, Old Witch, and others.


  50. Syttende Mai
    To mark the signing of the Norwegian Constitution at Eidsvoll on May 17, 1814, Norway celebrates Syttende Mai with parades and festivities all over the world. While the biggest procession takes place in the city of Bergen, Seattle's most Nordic neighborhood, Ballard, also hosts a consistently large turnout of spectators as marching bands and drill teams galavant down the street waving Norwegian flags. After the parade, head to the Nordic Museum to enjoy a traditional luncheon and extended gallery hours. At night, they'll also have special Nordic cocktails, a fashion show, and live musical performances.


  51. West Seattle Spring Wine Walk
    Amble around West Seattle and savor 10 tastes of wine from 15 different wineries.


  52. Abbacadabra
    Put on your dancing clogs and head to Snoqualmie for a night dedicated to Swedish pop royalty ABBA with tribute band Abbacadabra.

  53. Ain't Nothin' Without A Woman!
    This installment of TheatreTBD's monthly cabaret show will celebrate music created by women, performed by women-identifying musicians Kelly Ufford, Alyssa Hope Maas, Alex Davis-Brazill, Stephanie Bull, and Justine Stillwell. 

  54. Bloom: Indigenous People's Dance Party
    Join the Northwest-based open call exhibition yəhaw̓ in celebrating Indigenous peoples and cultures by dancing to cumbia, Latin pop, and reggae spun by live DJs.

  55. Classic Albums Live Presents: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
    Cover-show purists can revel in a "note-for-note, cut-for-cut" performance of the Beatles' trippy, classic 1967 album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

  56. Classic Hiphop Night
    DJ Dave Paul will refresh your memory of the golden era of hiphop with a night of hits from 1979-'99.

  57. Ladies of Rap - All Female Hip Hop Dance Party
    DJ Emecks and DJ U.NO.HU will be spinning all your favorite Lauryn Hill, Cardi B, Missy Elliott, and Nicki Minaj tracks alongside a whole list of the best female hiphop artists in the scene today.

  58. Lil Debbie, Hooligoons, Tapes-One2, Gifted Youngstaz
    Rapper and fashion designer Lil Debbie (of the now-defunct White Girl Mob) will headline solo with opening support from Hooligoons, Tapes-One2, and Gifted Youngstaz. 

  59. Rock Out ALS
    Northwest bands Wyatt Olney & the Wreckage, Jericho Hill, Lust Punch, and Celia will share a bill to raise awareness of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and raise funds for research.


  60. Afrodisiac Erotic Poetry Show presents The 4th Annual Erotic Poetry Slam
    Deal out your best hot poetry for a chance to win $200, or just bring your best game to the open mic.

  61. Another Very Special Evening with Tom & Curley
    "Popular Northwest media personality" John Curley and "veteran pop-culture enthusiast" Tom Tangney will host keep you informed on what's going on in our region and around the world at this KIRO Radio live taping.

  62. Mysteries of the Mind
    Witness the mind-reading powers of Eran Raven live on stage.

  63. StoryBook't: A Fairy Tale Inspired Drag Show
    Arrhythmio, Mercury Divine, and special guest Sugar Darling will pay drag homage to frog princes, red riding hoods, and other denizens of fairy-taledom.


  64. Guy Gavriel Kay: A Brightness Long Ago
    Hear Guy Gavriel Kay read from his new novel A Brightness Long Ago, about the brilliant son of a tailor who takes a job at the court of a powerful count. 


  65. Bike Everywhere Day
    Every year, hordes of cyclists—past events have seen upwards of 20,000—pedal to various "celebration stations" across the Puget Sound.


  66. The Inaugural Karma Supra Body Art Show
    Watch people turn into canvases and encounter tattoo, henna, body-painting, and make-up artists, plus skincare and wellness professionals, as DJs do their thing.

  67. Intrinsic: Student Designer Fashion Show
    Seattle Pacific University's MODE Fashion Group will present new designs informed by Seattle history and the input of local fashion businesses.

  68. Panel: Arts & Action To Better Our Community
    How can art impact communities? ArtsFund will share findings from their first King County-based Social Impact of the Arts study with a panel of local community leaders. 



  69. Kristin Key
    Self-described "preacher's kid" Key (ohh, you know they always turn out naughty) was one of the youngest contestants ever on Last Comic Standing. Now she combines music and comedy in Los Angeles clubs. Catch her as she visits up north.


  70. Viking Fest Poulsbo
    This 51st annual celebration invites you to wield your helmet and shield for a weekend of carnival-style Syttende Mai festivities. 


  71. Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam Volume 16
    Puppetry's already pretty strange—it involves a certain amount of suspension of disbelief to invest emotions into a bundle of cloth on strings. Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam apparently kicks the weirdness up and rides it into Bizarro Land.



  72. A Streetcar Named Desire
    In what will surely be an emotional turn, the classic American play A Streetcar Named Desire has been transformed into an opera replete with a jazz-inspired score by André Previn to outline the dark and tawdry scenes of New Orleans during that time.

  73. Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street
    Reboot Productions with director Julia Griffin will present Stephen Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd, a musical offering murder, cannibalism, and barbershops—plus songs that are creepy, catchy, quick, and witty.



  74. Rainier Independent Film Festival
    For the 13th year, this film festival will showcase independent filmmakers from Washington and beyond in various locations around Rainier Valley.


  75. Everfree Northwest
    This annual My Little Pony extravaganza for young and old fans alike features a live music concert ("Ponystock"), game rooms, a cosplay contest, karaoke, art for sale, a "fancy-pants dance," and more plastic equine merriment.


  76. Northwest Balboa Festival 2019
    Never heard of Balboa dance? It's a type of swing that's been around since the 1920s and it looks hella perky and fun. Learn it!


  77. 27 Short Plays About Being Murdered in a Hotel by ABBA: a Play, by William Razavi
    The Lesser-Known Players present William Razavi's 27 Short Plays About Being Murdered in a Hotel by ABBA: a Play. The organizers explain: "Detectives Asta and Greta struggle to make sense of a series of crimes in which the evidence points to a bizarre and illogical conclusion, as a zany cast of characters, including a mad scientist, a motivational speaker, an itinerant citrus salesman, an illusionist, two British blue-bloods and a young samurai warrior meet their fates —or not?—at the same hotel—or not?—in an alchemy of the absurd that combines philosophy, literature, cinematic references, weaponry, and music into a whole new level of thought-provoking fun."

  78. The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
    This award-winning 1978 musical is based on the real-life Chicken Ranch in La Grange, Texas. It pits a brothel owner against an ambitious, moral-crusader journalist.

  79. The Drowsy Chaperone
    The Tony Award-winning jazz-age musical The Drowsy Chaperone will get another round of stage time from the Shoreline Community College Theater.

  80. A Gathering of Nuts in May
    Take a chance on this series of zany plays. 



  81. DEEP FRIED SKETCH // Kate Gallo: Guinea Pig Fashion Show // Drop the Root Beer and Run
    With Deep Fried Sketch, comics have one week to write and rehearse a 10-minute original comedy. Witness the fruits of their labor, then stay on for more laughs from Guinea Pig Fashion Show (Kate Gallo) and Drop the Root Beer and Run. 

  82. StandUp NBC Audition
    NBC will continue its nationwide search for diverse comedians at this Seattle showcase, whose previous winners include the likes of Hannibal Buress, Eric Andre, Ian Edwards, and Michelle Buteau. 


  83. Celebrating our Cultures
    Take in a full day of music and dance performances representing a diverse array of cultures, featuring the Chief Seattle Club Drum Circle, Northwest Tap Connection, Celtic Arts NW, Dancing Kmhu Divas, and others. 

  84. Exploring the Hidden Histories of Georgetown
    Atlas Obscura will lead you on a tour of gritty, industrial Georgetown, traversing the oldest bar in Seattle to the famous giant Hat n' Boots.

  85. Fur Ball Auction & Dinner
    The cat and dog shelter Homeward Pet promises a cocktail party with all the ingredients for a fun night of fundraising, including food and wine, auctions, and raffles.


  86. Auburn's Petpalooza 2019
    Whether you want to do something fun with your pet or you're thinking about adoption, this event has plenty in store for animal lovers. Start out with a Dog Trot 3K and 5K Fun Run with your furry family member, then go ride a pony, cheer on pig races, and meet pets looking for homes.

  87. Blue Poppy Day: A Festival of Art and Nature
    Walk through a Himalayan Blue Poppy meadow, shop at an art market, and enjoy live music performances.

  88. Bothell Block Party & Brewfest
    Partake in fare from local food trucks, sip beer from local breweries, and listen to music from Seattle bands.


  89. The Phantom of the Opera with live soundtrack by The Invincible Czars
    Austin indie-rock band the Invincible Czars will provide a live soundtrack to Rupert Julian's 1925 version of the gothic horror classic The Phantom of the Opera. We hope they don't shy away from the organ.

  90. Seattle Latino Film Festival Presents 'Jesus of Nazareth'
    Meet director Rafa Lara at the Seattle premiere of the Mexican director's recent film Jesus of Nazareth, which tells the story of the alleged son of God.


  91. Broken Bar Day
    Sometimes Theo Chocolate bars get smashed to smithereens, but you can pick up the pieces at this event, where shattered shards will be on sale for $10 a pound. The first 10 purchases will also receive a ticket for the new Theo factory tour.

  92. New Cider Making Class
    Learn how to concoct your own fermented apple drinks while enjoying snacks and sips, and go home with a growler of your very own custom cider.

  93. Railway History Center Wine Train
    Ride on a historic train through beautiful Snoqualmie Valley, and stop along the way to taste local wine and food. You'll also get access to the Northwest Railway Museum's exhibits.

  94. Through the Years: A Time Travel Tasting Menu
    Travel through the ages with this 20-course tasting menu, which will impart "important food stories and history" through food.


  95. 90's Hiphop Tribute Show: Rendition Edition
    Bust out those smooth moves on the dance floor as local artists pay tribute to their favorite '90s hiphop and R&B acts. 

  96. The ExtravaGrammys: 60 Years of Grammy Gold
    Spirit of the Sound Choir and guest soloists will sing Grammy Award-winning music from across the decades at their eighth annual concert and auction.

  97. Guest Artist Concert: JACK Quartet - Human Subjects
    Babes of the contemporary classical music scene JACK Quartet will take the university world by storm in the most genteel way possible with their "Human Subjects" program. They'll don portable EEGs (electroencephalograms, which record electrical patterns in your brain) and wearable muscle neuron sensors to explore the complexity of integrations between brain and body signals during the exercise of creative performance.

  98. Mastering The Hustle: The Business
    A group of local music industry professionals will discuss how the city's expansion is affecting artists' ability to thrive in the Seattle scene. 

  99. MTV UNPLUGGED! Outshined, Washed In Black, Nevermind
    Outshined will resurrect your favorite Soundgarden and Temple Of the Dog jams after sets from Pearl Jam tribute Washed in Black and Nirvana tribute Nevermind. It's a Seattle grunge extravaganza. 

  100. Original Music Inspired by Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass
    On the 200th anniversary of Walt Whitman's seminal poetry collection Leaves of Grass, local musicians and poet superstars Claudia Castro Luna, Amanda Winterhalter, Sierra Golden, Joy Mills, Julia Massey, Carrie Wicks, Aaron Starkey, and Sean Morse will read and play Whitman-inspired music.

  101. The Righteous Mothers
    Funny ladies who love serving up folk-rock interpretations of everyday joys and issues come together in the Righteous Mothers.


  102. 2019 Seattle Mom Prom
    Moms can re-experience prom by dancing, drinking, and eating dessert in support of Perinatal Support Washington.

  103. Pink Prom
    Prom season is no longer reserved for teens. Here's a chance to dance the night away, watch movies, get a tarot reading, see drag performances, and sip punch.


  104. Getting Wild in Washington 3: A Burlesque Celebration of Our State’s Animals and the Outdoors
    Get your wildlife education and burlesque entertainment needs met in one place at this outdoor-themed show. 

  105. Rain Pryor: Fried Chicken & Latkes
    See the daughter of Richard Pryor in a one-woman show, directed by Eve Brandstein, about being black and Jewish.

  106. Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat: The Drag Battle
    WEIRD queens Londyn Bradshaw and Cookie Couture will pit two iconic video games against each other through the art of drag.


  107. Monika Wieland Shields: Endangered Orcas
    If you've tuned into regional wildlife news over the past 14 years, you know that the Puget Sound's Southern Resident Orcas are in trouble due to a dramatic decline of their main food source, Chinook salmon—in fact, they're on the brink of extinction. Is there hope for their future? Monika Wieland Shields will talk about it.

  108. Samuel Stein: Capital City
    In a rapidly gentrifying city like Seattle, the issues raised in Samuel Stein's book Capital City: Gentrification and the Real Estate State should sound familiar. Join the author as he talks about the dilemma of "how capitalism [is] saving capitalism from capitalism" at this Red May reading. 


  109. Armed Forces Day
    Learn about military history in Washington State with Joint Base Lewis-McChord. This event includes performances from the Tacoma Scots Band, Army vs. Navy rugby matches, a reenactors battle, and more.

  110. Dog Trot in Auburn
    Get to trottin' with your athletic canine in a 3K or 5K fun run to kick off Auburn's Petpalooza

  111. GLOW! Rainier Roller Girls Bout - May 18
    The Rainier Roller Girls will skate in a GLOW (not "Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling" but "Glorious Ladies on Wheels")-themed bout against Tacoma's Dockyard Derby Dames. Be sure to stick around during halftime to cheer on your favorite roller girl in an arm-wrestling match.

  112. Mighty-O Tour de Donut 2019
    The local fried dough chain and Bike Benefits are joining forces for a self-guided bike tour fueled by delicious doughnuts. Starting in Ballard (where donuts and coffee will be served), participants will ride to each Mighty-O location for special treats.

  113. Puppy Yoga
    Bravepup Rescue will bring adorable rescue pups into your yoga class.

  114. Seattle 5K Happy Hour Run
    This 5K promises significantly more beer, wine, and margaritas than your typical fun run. 


  115. 20th Anniversary Party
    Help the Columbia City Gallery celebrate 20 years of bringing art to the South Seattle community and admire the art in their anniversary exhibition.

  116. The Art Store
    The organizers describe this event as a "pop-up exchange experience." Bring in a work of visual art—be it a painting, print, sketch, poster, or something of that nature—to trade for something else.

  117. Heisenberg
    For you (relatively) early risers, Meany Center for the Performing Arts will host an outdoor "audio augmented reality (AR) experience"/silent disco about the cosmos, physics, and empathy, designed by Janani Balasubramanian. Play the game with many other participants.

  118. Saying Good-bye to the Alice
    The Georgetown art gallery the Alice is packing up after four years of producing fascinating and diverse shows. Drink a toast with the curatorial team.

  119. Steve Kado: Yet I, a Corpse, Drive
    Writer, musician, and artist Kado has been featured at LA's Museum of Contemporary Art, Tate Britain, and more. Check out his web design images. 
    Opening Saturday



  120. Classic Workboat Show
    Step aboard both classic (aka retired) and working tugboats, fishing boats, and emergency response vessels and meet the captains and crews at the Northwest Seaport's Classic Workboat Show.

  121. Imagine That! Spring Writing Conference
    Aspiring children's book authors can attend panels, participate in breakout group sessions, and take master classes at this two-day conference with the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators Western Washington.


  122. Minefaire
    Minecraft players can get their kicks by meeting YouTube gaming celebs, competing in tournaments and costume contests, witnessing live stage shows, and more at this geeky extravaganza dedicated to the extremely popular sandbox video game.

  123. Wanderlust Festival
    This two-day festival is all about wellness, both mental and physical, featuring everything from yoga sessions to breathwork hula hoop fitness to myth-busting talks to silent discos.


  124. An Evening of One-Act Ballets
    The International Ballet Theatre will dance original one-acts and excerpts from well-known ballets, such as the "Grand Pas" from Paquita and "Aurora's Wedding" from Sleeping Beauty.



  125. Brett Druck Brewery Comedy Tour
    Stand-up comic Druck will tell jokes at Northwest breweries on this beer-centric tour.


  126. 2019 Mushroom MAYnia
    Fungi fanatics can learn about non-poisonous mushroom cultivation, compare hunting and harvesting methods, go on nature walks, attend lectures, eat truffle popcorn, and make fungi crafts with the Puget Sound Mycological Society.

  127. Touch-A-Truck 2019
    Kiddos can explore over 20 working trucks of all kinds from the City of Seattle, Kenworth, and Amazon.


  128. Game of Thrones Finale Watch Parties
    Watch the final eipsode (read: the final episode ever) of HBO's Game of Thrones in the good company of other fans over drink specials and snacks at places like Backyard.

  129. Moms and Malcolm
    On what would be the 94th birthday of civil rights icon Malcolm X, catch a Purple Reels Pop-Up Cinema screening of the 1994 PBS documentary Malcolm X: Make it Plain. Afterward, stay on for a discussion titled "The Black Messiah, The Black Widow, and The Expectation of Mothers." What's more, there will also be a pound cake bake-off.


  130. Bunnies and Beer
    Radically alleviate your Sunday blues by drinking beer and holding a bun-bun. 

  131. Coffee, Beer, & Donuts
    If you love coffee, beer, and doughnuts, Reuben's Brews has your back in a big way—they'll be serving up beers brewed with coffee and served with vegan treats from Mighty-O Donuts.


  132. Seattle JazzED Jamboree!
    JazzED students will celebrate all they've learned this year with a jamboree of ensemble performances, pairing up with some of Seattle's hardest-working musicians, including Clarence Acox, Wayne Horvitz, Darin Faul, Cora Jackson, and many more.


  133. Bolshoi Ballet: Carmen Suite/Petrushka
    Watch the Bolshoi Ballet perform the ballets Carmen and Stravinsky's Petrushka in a broadcast recording from that same day halfway around the world. 

  134. Rise and Dine! Drag Puppet Brunch!
    Eat waffles on sticks, drink "Bloody Markys," and laugh at "Seattle's only singing drag puppet," plus watch Ruby, Sylvia O'Stayformore, and Larry Knapp on the piano.

  135. Trivia Puppet Company Presents: Maggio Segreti Encore
    Trivia Puppet Company will tell spring-themed stories and screen the first film from Trivia Puppet Pictures, titled "I don't think that was carrot juice!"


  136. Climate Justice: Hope, Courage, and Moral-Spiritual Power in the Age of Climate Change
    Climate change is a threat to all, but especially to low-income and impoverished communities. Through the lens of "eco-feminist theologies," Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary professor Dr. Cynthia Moe-Lobeda will speak to issues of climate justice and how she thinks we can advocate for underserved communities. 

  137. National Geographic Live — Day to Night
    In the latest multimedia show led by a NatGeo photographer, Stephen Wilkes will show how photos can change public perceptions. He has experience in the matter: According to publicity materials, his long-term study of Ellis Island's south side led to a restoration of its historical medical buildings, while his snapshots of the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy called attention to climate change. He'll give you insight into his latest series, Day to Night, in which he composites images taken from a stationary camera over 30 hours.

  138. Redistricting and Census: Action Planning for One Person, One Vote
    In this workshop, Alison McCaffree will address timely topics related to census and redistricting advocacy, including the following: Who decides district lines? What does technology have to do with redistricting? How can we influence the process in Washington State?

  139. Sacred Stone, Sacred Water: Women Writers and Artists Encounter Ireland
    Carolyn Brigit Flynn, June BlueSpruce, Sarojani Rohan, Jessica Webb, Linda Serrato, and Jean Mahoney will share Eire-philic work from this anthology.


  140. Bendy & Boujee Yoga
    This self-proclaimed bourgeois yoga class led by Morgan Zion O’Friel promises stretching and a complimentary cocktail.

  141. Rat City Roller Derby Summer Slam
    Bid farewell to the current home of Rat City and the Derby Brats, wish them luck on their search for a new space, and enjoy a full day of junior derby bouts.


  142. Ice Cream & Collage Pop Up
    Ice cream and art: a lovely pairing. Learn collage art and enjoy Milk & Leaf tasty treats.