Find the coveted king bolete mushroom (also known as the "penny bun," "cep," or "porcini") on the menu at James Beard Award-winning chef Edouardo Jordan's Ravenna restaurant Salare while mushroom season is still here. Salare via Instagram
Today, October 15, is National Mushroom Day, and it's the perfect time to appreciate the Pacific Northwest's bounty of bewitchingly peculiar fungi. Whether you're an intrepid amateur forager who wants to brave the woods for maitakes and chanterelles, or you prefer to leave the hunting to expert mycologists, celebrate the season with our list of this fall's mushroom food specials and mushroom-related events in Seattle, including the 56th Annual Wild Mushroom Show. For more ideas, check out Katie Herzog's primer on chanterelle foraging, our list of food and drink specials to try in October, and our full food and drink calendar.

If you thought mushrooms only worked in savory preparations, Conversation's pastry chef Kate Sigel is here to prove you wrong with a dessert featuring chocolate, cognac, walnut, pear, molasses, and petite candied mushrooms.

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The Heathman Hotel's restaurant focuses on traditional hearth oven cooking techniques like smoking and slow-roasting, and its luxurious hand-cut tagliatelle featuring smoked mushrooms, Parmesan, and a rich duck egg is no exception.

The downtown restaurant run by the laudable nonprofit FareStart has a monthly "Maslow's Meal" special created by a local chef in collaboration with the help of FareStart apprentices. For October, chef Kim Cosway of Heartwood Provisions created a mushroom bolognese with campanelle, king trumpet and cremini mushrooms, Grana Padano, and toasty brown butter breadcrumbs.

Prized for its meaty texture, the king bolete mushroom (also known as the "penny bun," "cep," or "porcini") is one of the most coveted wild mushrooms. You can find it on the menu at Edouardo Jordan's James Beard Award-winning restaurant Salare in dishes like a duck empanada with mushroom jus until the end of the season. They're also serving a risotto dish with lobster mushrooms, mascarpone, heirloom tomato, and fennel pollen.

The bright, airy Ballard space is sneaking wild mushrooms into multiple menu items, including lobster mushrooms in a green goddess spinach dip with snap peas and guajillo salt tortilla chips and maitake mushrooms in an entree with wood-fired sirloin steak.

Get lost in a bowl of creamy, dreamy risotto with matsutake mushrooms (a highly sought-after variety) and rosemary.
Capitol Hill

Beginners Mushroom Blitz
This "fast-paced introduction to the fungal kingdom" will give you the fundamentals of foraging, including good varieties for beginners, how to avoid poisoning, where to find mushrooms, and more.

Hunter Moon Dinner at London Plane
Just after the full moon, London Plane's head chef Zarah Duncanson will prepare a feast fit for Artemis, goddess of the hunt, with wild game from Nicky USA and foraged Pacific Northwest mushrooms.
Pioneer Square

Mushroom Wandering
Stroll through Seward Park with naturalist Flip O’Reilly, who will point out specimens and divulge fungi wisdom.
Rainier Valley

Whidbey Wild Mushroom Tour
Learn about the "fungus among us" on this guided tour on Whidbey Island (and hopefully glean some wild mushrooms to take home and enjoy).
Whidbey Island

A Fall Foraged Dinner at Lark with Langdon Cook
Aspiring mycologists and other lovers of mushrooms would do well to check out this edifying dinner with Langdon Cook, a food writer and noted foraging expert. He’ll demystify the region’s “most prolific” wild fungi of the season, all while you tuck into a four-course feast prepared by James Beard Award–winning chef John Sundstrom of Lark and accompanied by wine pairings. You’ll leave feeling full, blissful, and inspired to scrounge seasonal delicacies from the land yourself.
Capitol Hill

Wild Mushroom Show
Glimpse over 150 species of fungi on display for your viewing pleasure. Plus, enjoy cooking demos, mushroom tastings, kids' activities, presentations and tours, hands-on mushroom kit making, and more.

SCMS Annual Mushroom Show
Feast your eyes on a display of wild mushrooms collected by Snohomish County Mycological Society, and bring samples of your own finds. There will also be mushroom growing kits, a free mushroom identification class, books, videos, and a raffle.

Edible Mushrooms of the PNW
Author and mycology expert Daniel Winkler will school attendees in how to safely identify delicious seasonal fungi varieties, such as morels and oysters.
Lake City

The Great PSMS 56th Annual Wild Mushroom Show
Tote along some 'shrooms from your garden or travels and have them identified at the Puget Sound Mycological Society event billing itself as "one of the largest and most complete exhibits of mushrooms in the United States," which will display and identify over 200 varieties of wild fungi and classify them as edible, poisonous, or valueless as food. Plus, check out a slideshow lecture, a "feel and smell" demo, a mushroom tasting prepared by top Seattle chefs, a photography display, and more.
North Seattle

Family Nature Class: Mushroom Mania
It's never too early to introduce children to the wonders of mushrooms—do so amidst beautiful foliage in the Washington Park Arboretum.
Madison Park

Mushroom Mania: The Secret Life of Fungi
You're invited to "get your geek on" with mycology enthusiasts, enjoy homemade cookies, and partake in "hands-on, mushroomy investigations" at this informal introductory workshop.
Bainbridge Island

'Fantastic Fungi' Seattle Premiere
At its worst, Fantastic Fungi gets too woo-woo wacky for its own good (when the film’s discussion turns to magic mushrooms, the visuals turn into what is, as far as I can tell, a psychedelic screensaver from Windows 95), but at its best, the doc pairs fantastic time-lapse imagery with a good dose of actual, mind-blowing science. Affable, passionate mushroom researcher Paul Stamets is joined by talking heads Michael Pollan, Andrew Weil, and narrator Brie Larson to examine everything from massive fungal networks that carry signals between disparate, distant plants to the psychological benefits of psilocybin. It’s an uneven trip, but a good one. ERIK HENRIKSEN
First Hill

Mushroom Mania
Traipse through the woods looking for mushrooms on a hike led by foraging experts from the Kitsap Peninsula Mycological Society, with options for both families and adults.
Bainbridge Island