Pick up new art books, zines, buttons, and little strips of beautiful screen-printed ephemera from 240 internationally/nationally/locally-renowned comics creators at this weekend's Short Run Comix & Arts Festival. ALEX STONEHILL

Panicking because you don’t know what to do this weekend and you're short on cash? Don't worry—below, find all of your options for last-minute entertainment that won't cost more than $10, ranging from the Emerald City Soul Club 14th Annual Rare Soul Weekender to Chaotic Noise's No Talent Shit Show, and from Neumos vs. Trump - An Anti Trump Dance Party! to the K’URB Street Food Market Pop-Up. For even more options, check out our complete EverOut Things To Do calendar, our list of cheap & easy things to do in Seattle all year long, or our list of this month's top gallery openings in Pioneer Square (which are free to check out!).

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  1. Have a Slice - Improv Comedy Hosted by IMNDC
    One lucky audience member will not only get a free slice of pizza, but also see their life transformed into improv comedy onstage. It's a "slice of life," get it?
    (Belltown, $8)


  2. Mario Kart Tournament & Sierra Nevada Beer Tasting
    Add a grown-up element (drinking Sierra Nevada beer) to your favorite adolescent activity (playing Mario Kart) at this tournament.
    (Downtown, $5)

  3. Bootie Seattle: Beyoncé vs. Everyone
    Seattle's only all-mashup dance party will bow down to Beyoncé.
    (Downtown, $10)

    Get Tickets Now For A Virtual Bicycle Film Festival, Northwest Edition: October 23-25!
    Bicycle Film Festival NW celebrates bicycles through art, film & music w/ 3 programs of short films!
    Tickets are on sale now for The Stranger’s 1st Annual SLAY Film Festival!
    Ghosts, zombies, slashers, witches, Eldritch beasts, gore-- SLAY has something for every horror fan!
    Earshot Jazz Festival | Oct 16 – Nov 8
    This week: Amy Denio, Tarik Abouzied, Johnaye Kendrick, Tarbaby, John Hollenbeck, and Eugenie Jones

  4. Byrnin' it Down with Santa Poco and Bakersfield Mafia
    Put some honk in your tonk with local country groups the Santa Poco boys and Bakersfield Mafia.
    (Ballard, $10)


  5. Bürien, Late Night Shiner, Brain Cell Genocide
    Hardcore Northwest quartet Bürien will share a bill with fellow thrashers Late Night Shiner and Brain Cell Genocide.
    (Georgetown, $8)

  6. Divide And Dissolve, Bitter Lake, Rhyolite, Plexi, Johnny Ointment
    Australian duo Divide and Dissolve—whose righteous mission is to "empower Black and Indigenous people the world over and dismantle white supremacy"—will make a routine stop in Seattle for a night of heavy drums, guitar, and sax. They'll be joined by local groups Bitter Lake, Rhyolite, Plexi, and Johnny Ointment.
    (Eastlake, $8/$10)

  7. Fireside Evenings: Katrina Kope | DJ Erin Stereo
    Fusion master Katrina Kope will perform tracks of electronica, funk, reggae, jazz, and R&B origins at this intimate live set with support from DJ Erin Stereo.
    (First Hill, free)

  8. Fox Medicine, Crud Guns, Blightmaker
    This "unofficial" album release party for Portland "bubblegum doom" duo Fox Medicine will feature additional sets from Seattle metal bands Crud Guns and Blightmaker.
    (Tukwila, $8)

  9. Foxy Apollo, Huey and the Inflowentials, Smack Talk
    High-humor Seattle group Foxy Apollo make "funky punky blues." They'll bring their A-game to this live album recording after sets from Huey and the Inflowentials and Smack Talk.
    (Capitol Hill, $8/$10)

  10. Happy Times Sad Times, Thrown-Out Bones, Temple Canyon
    Join Seattle's Happy Times Sad Times for a night of "trashy indie rock in the vein of Audacity or Ty Segall" (per the band). They'll share a bill with Thrown-Out Bones and Temple Canyon.
    (Beacon Hill, $10)

  11. Johnny Astro
    Johnny Astro will play "surf, lounge, and spy-movie music" until late.
    (Downtown, free)

  12. Josephine Chopper, Thou Shall Kill, Full Life Crisis
    Hard-edged rock group Josephine Chopper pulls inspiration from Japanese psych-rock and motorcycle culture. They'll headline with support from Thou Shall Kill and Full Life Crisis.
    (Greenwood, $7)

  13. Jupe Jupe, Dust Moth, The National Honor Society
    Seattle's Jupe Jupe will head up a night of synth-laden new wave with support from Dust Moth and the National Honor Society.
    (Ballard, $10)

  14. Neumos vs. Trump - An Anti Trump Dance Party!
    Take all the rightful anger you feel toward the Cheeto-in-Chief and unleash it on the dance floor at this fundraiser for Planned Parenthood and the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES).
    (Capitol Hill, $5+)

  15. NËSTRÄ, Sh8peshifter
    NËSTRÄ, who was one of 40 artists who worked with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for the Residency, is also an alum of the Sound Off! competition and an up-and-coming voice in Seattle R&B. Join the young artist for an all-ages night out with Oakland's Sh8peshifter.
    (Fremont, $10)

  16. Rough Closeup, Barton Carroll, Miguel Escobar
    Seattle hard rockers Rough Closeup will headline with support from Barton Carroll (a former touring member of Crooked Fingers) and folk-rocker Miguel Escobar.
    (West Seattle, $8)

  17. Singing Rosenbergs, Juicy Thompson & The Snuggle Regime, The Crunchberries
    Seattle's Singing Rosenbergs describe themselves as "Black Flag meets Devo." Join them for a night on the town with Juicy Thompson & the Snuggle Regime and the Crunchberries.
    (Shoreline, $8)

  18. Sundae + Mr. Goessl
    Agile-voiced Sundae and swinging guitarist Mr. Goessl make the musical equivalent of shiny-wrapper candy scattered on a coffee table: light, sweet, glittery, and dangerously inviting to sample before dinner.
    (Downtown, free)

  19. W Music: Kellie Rose
    Seattle indie-pop songwriter Kellie Rose will play a free show.
    (Downtown, free)

  20. West My Friend, Jed Crisologo & the Sun Killers, Redcedar
    Vancouver-based symphonic folk-pop band West My Friend will journey down the coast for a free and all-ages live show with Jed Crisologo & the Sun Killers and Redcedar.
    (Wallingford, free)


  21. Adrienne Brodeur: Wild Game
    Brodeur writes about her very complicated adolescence in this memoir, subtitled My Mother, Her Lover, and Me. At 14, she became her mother's confidante during the latter's affair with her husband's best friend. Entertainment predicts that this tale of terrible parenting, its impacts, and the possibility of reconciliation may be the "next big memoir." Brodeur will read with Danya Kukafka.
    (Capitol Hill, free)

  22. Dan Hooper: Our Universe’s First Seconds
    Learn what happened just a few seconds after the Big Bang at this talk by Dan Hooper, head of the Theoretical Astrophysics Group at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, professor of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of Chicago, and author of the new book At the Edge of Time.
    (First Hill, $5)

  23. Ivanna Baranova: 'Confirmation Bias' Book Launch
    Ivanna Baranova will celebrate her debut poetry collection, Confirmation Bias—which traverses such themes as feminine conditioning, racialization, Slavic and Latinx diaspora, experimental therapy, and nausea under capitalist hegemony, per press materials—alongside celebrated locals Sarah Galvin, Sonya Vatomsky, Robert Lashley, and Richard Chiem.
    (Capitol Hill, free)

  24. Jeff Alessandrelli, Kary Wayson, Shelby Handler, Woogee Bae
    Enjoy an evening of poetry with Portland's Jeff Alessandrelli and Seattle's Kary Wayson, Shelby Handler, and Woogee Bae.
    (Wallingford, free)

  25. Raw Storytelling for Women
    Women are invited to share stories based on the theme of "belonging." As these things go, you can also just show up to listen.
    (Wallingford, donation)

  26. Write Our Democracy: Writers Respond
    This refreshing series celebrating free speech invites writers and artists to construct, erase, and re-write our country's documentation that enables systems of oppression. Featured guests include Dujie Tahat, Catalina Cantú, Raúl Sánchez, Lena Khalaf Tuffaha, and Kristiana Kahakauwila.
    (Capitol Hill, free)


  27. Art Up PhinneyWood
    Walk around charming Greenwood/Phinney (just north of the zoo) and take in art from dozens of venues, from galleries to restaurants to bookshops, including Couth Buzzard Books, Greenwood Space Travel Company, and the Phinney Center Gallery.
    (Greenwood/Phinney, free)

  28. Belltown Art Walk
    On second Fridays, wander around Belltown and check out the local art scene amidst the waves of drinkers and clubbers.
    (Belltown, free)

  29. Reggie Mosby Jr. Presents: The Golden Age Hip-Hop Art Expo
    Check out a hip-hop art show and enjoy food, drinks, and music.
    (Central District, free)



  30. Medicine Ball: Playwrights v. Poets 2019: The Climate Change Edition
    In partnership with Climate Change Theatre Action, playwrights and poets will duke it out in what press materials tout as the "literary battle royale of the century," using inspiration from visual art related to climate change. The winner will be democratically determined by you, the audience.
    (North Seattle and Capitol Hill, Pay what you can)


  31. April Surgent: In the Space Separating
    It’s that time of year where the warm sun of summer gives way to the crisp chill of fall—at least in a world before climate change walloped our ideas of what weather is like during each season. But I think the work of glass artist April Surgent is apt for this time of year—misty and contemplative, the engraved glass panels composed of landscapes of the Pacific Northwest’s majestic beauty. Craggy mountain ranges, low skies, the way that fog rolls through the quiet of an evergreen forest. Surgent’s work captures the way I always like to think of this area I call home: eternal, all-knowing, and bigger than I could ever conceive. JASMYNE KEIMIG
    (Downtown, free)
    Closing Saturday

  32. Beyond the Curve
    See ceramic sculptures by Jennifer Fujimoto, Chris Letcher, Jessica Cheng, Yating Qui, and Kristin Schimik.
    (Sodo, free)
    Closing Saturday

  33. Introductions
    This will be J. Rinehart Gallery’s first exhibition inside of its new physical space. Nestled along Third Avenue South, it will be set up like an “inviting living room” to create an environment “where anyone can feel comfortable visiting the gallery and not feel intimidated by the experiences of purchasing fine art.” Introductions will feature works by artists from the gallery's impressive roster: Lakshmi Muirhead, Shaun Kardinal, Daisy Patton, Kelda Martensen, Kim Van Someren, Jennifer Zwick, Meggan Joy, Jazz Brown, Melana Bontrager, Tara Flores, Guy Merrill, Joseph Steininger, and last, but never least, Clyde Petersen. JASMYNE KEIMIG
    (Pioneer Square, free)
    Closing Saturday

  34. Irreducible Forms
    Second-year MFA students will reclaim complex ideas—which are so often "flattened into clichés and clickbait" on social media—by showing nuanced multimedia work "resistant to simplistic capture."
    (University District, free)
    Closing Saturday

  35. John Kiley and Dante Marioni: Incalmo
    “Incalmo” is a glassblowing technique wherein two or more pieces of glass are fused together to become one. And in this Traver Gallery show, two of the best glass artists on the scene—John Kiley and Dante Marioni—collaborated on a project that combines Kiley’s eye for color with Marioni’s way with patterns. The 24 sculptures that compose the show are spherical in form, just on the verge of rolling right off the stand. Kiley and Marioni are not only close friends but were also both mentored by Maestro Lino Tagliapietra—and their complex and beautiful work simply must be seen! JASMYNE KEIMIG
    (Downtown, free)
    Closing Saturday

  36. Josie Morway: Acquired Tastes
    Josie Morway's fantastical, highly detailed nature paintings, emphasizing the "beauty and brutality of nature," will grace this lavish and eccentric Roq La Rue Gallery.
    (Capitol Hill, free)
    Closing Saturday

  37. Michael Schunke: High-Tech
    Witness the products of Schunke's consummate skill in fashioning beautiful, delicate goblets.
    (Pioneer Square, free)
    Closing Saturday

  38. Re-Figuring: New Clay Work by Lana Sundberg and Juliana Wisdom
    See contemporary ceramics work by these two artists.
    (Shoreline, free)
    Closing Saturday

  39. Seattle Music: Past & Present
    Seattle's music scene is captured in snapshots by Kelly O, a prolific documenter of local nightlife, and Diana Adams, gallery owner and artist.
    (Capitol Hill, free)
    Closing Saturday



  40. Emerald City Soul Club 14th Annual Rare Soul Weekender
    A residency that’s been active for 14 years is an impressive feat of longevity in a town that can be pretty fickle. So it’s fitting that the anniversary celebration of Emerald City Soul Club—both a monthly event that gets hips shakin’ and asses quakin’, and the DJs who spin those righteously soulful sounds—stretches over several days. The festivities kick off with a meet and greet featuring weekender guest DJs and selectors at the Triple Door. Next, two nights (Friday and Saturday) of main events, Soul Nite #1 and #2, at the usual digs, Lo-Fi; expect rare R&B, soul, Latin, funk, crossover, and modern 45s played by top collectors/DJs from the US and Europe. ECSC DJ and Stranger staffer Mike Nipper gave me a sneak preview of songs that’ll likely be played sometime this weekend: Curtis Lee, “Is She in Your Town”; Joanie Sommers, “Don’t Pity Me”; Bernadette Bascom, “I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love”; Arnold Blair, “Trying to Get Next to You”; and the Incredibles, "Miss Treatment.” There’s also a Saturday daytime Big Dig Record Swap at Vermillion, and on Sunday, the All-Dayer Soul Survivor Party (actually, 4 p.m. to close) at Screwdriver. In sum, plenty of opportunities to gtf down. LEILANI POLK
    (Various locations, $10)


  41. Best of the Northwest Art & Fine Craft Show
    See and shop work by over 100 local artists and artisans at the 31st edition of this annual market, which will also have food trucks.
    (Sand Point, $10)


  42. The Book as Art: The Page and Beyond
    MalPina Chan brings book artists to the Columbia City Gallery, with more than 30 book art pieces.
    (Columbia City, free)
    Closing Sunday

  43. Red List: Moths & Butterflies
    The Xerces Society conservation nonprofit keeps a list of endangered butterflies and moths on the continent of North America. Browse it, and you can encounter such wondrous species names as the "scarce streaky-skipper" and the "regal fritillary." This exhibition, featuring collagist Lisa Myers Bulmash and dozens of other artists, aims to wake you up to the growing plight of our loveliest pollinator insects. Some proceeds from art sales will benefit Xerces.
    (Capitol Hill, free)
    Closing Sunday



  44. Auburn Veterans Day Parade
    This 54th annual parade and observance in Auburn—named Washington's Regional Site for celebrating the holiday by the Veterans Day National Committee and the US Department of Veterans Affairs—features high school marching bands, military vehicles, honor guards, and other such fanfare.
    (Auburn, free)

  45. World Toilet Day
    It sounds like a gag, but the mission of World Toilet Day is no joke—it's an observance recognized by the United Nations as a day to tackle the global sanitation crisis. In Woodinville, you can take part in all-ages environment-focused art projects, science experiments, and tours of a wastewater treatment plant.
    (Woodinville, free)


  46. Hmong New Year Celebration
    Celebrate the Hmong cultural traditions of China, Laos, and Thailand with a New Year celebration replete with a ball-tossing ritual, flower cloth sessions, live performances, and food.
    (Seattle Center, free)


  47. The Gathering Table with Aran Goyoaga
    Celebrate the release of Aran Goyoaga's new cookbook, Cannelle et Vanille (full of gluten-free recipes for "family-friendly modern meals prepared without fuss"), with an author meet-and-greet, a book signing, and a tasting of bites and sips from the book.
    (Capitol Hill, free)

  48. White Center Lager Fest
    Succumb to lager madness with versions on tap from a variety of local breweries, including Aslan, Holy Mountain, Jellyfish, Stoup, Cloudburst, and Future Primitive.
    (White Center, no cover)


  49. Clean Lines, Die Nasty, Tuff Talk
    Fuel the eternal flame of your Seattle pop-punk obsession with Clean Lines, Die Nasty, and Tuff Talk.
    (Shoreline, $10)

  50. David's Van, Pom Pom, Mr. Dinkles, The New Advocates
    Local rockers David's Van, Pom Pom, Mr. Dinkles, and the New Advocates will join together for a night out in Tukwila.
    (Tukwila, $10)

  51. Festival of Friends Events Presents : Discography, Vol 1.
    The first installment of Festival of Friends' Bandmixers > Discography series will feature five classic tracks from the following albums: The Pretenders' Learning to Crawl, Pearl Jam's debut, Ten, and the Foo Fighters' self-titled debut, Never Mind the Bollocks: Here's the Sex Pistols.
    (West Seattle, $8)

  52. Grinding Eyes, Dirty Sidewalks
    Space out to psychedelic drone-rock and ambient garage-punk with locals Grinding Eyes and Dirty Sidewalks.
    (Eastlake, $8/$10)

  53. Haute Sauce: Miguel Rockwell, Lourawk, Charma, Zill
    Miguel Rockwell, Lourawk, Charma, and Zilla will be your DJs at this edition of "Seattle's home for hip-hop and dance music."
    (Capitol Hill, $10)

  54. The Moonspinners
    The Moonspinners play rock, soul, "French and Italian pop," and '70s-inspired jazz-punk.
    (Downtown, free)

  55. REV UP! with the Pornadoes!
    If you like genre fusion, get yourself to a "swingasurfajazzabilly" show with Seattle's the Pornadoes.
    (West Seattle, $10)

  56. Short Run After-Party
    DJ Scorpio Tail will spin tunes, Melissa Kagarer will fashion a photo booth, and you will dance in a contest to win a shiny trophy at this post-Short Run party.
    (Seattle Center, $5)

  57. Sorrento Nights with Nicole Walters
    With her gospel choir roots, Nicole Walters brings soul and energy to her solo jazz stylings. Join her for a cozy live set in the Sorrento lounge.
    (First Hill, free)

  58. Storytelling with Roger Fernandes
    Celebrate Native American Heritage Month with Roger Fernandes (S’klallam), who will share stories that incorporate song and dance.
    (Renton, $5)

  59. Tiny Hands, Squirrel of Shame, Random Rockers, Moose Almighty
    Seattle ska band Tiny Hands will headline, with support sets by Squirrel of Shame, Random Rockers, and Moose Almighty.
    (Greenwood, $8)


  60. Chaotic Noise Presents 'The No Talent Shit Show'
    Chaotic Noise will host this night where you're invited to spin the "wheel of talents" and attempt to do whatever you land on—juggling, stand-up, magic, or something else.
    (Belltown, $10)

  61. Family Performance: Queer Kid Stuff
    Lindsay Amer will host a live edition of Queer Kid Stuff, their original LGBTQ+ educational web series for ages three and up, with help from their friend Teddy the teddy bear.
    (Seattle Center, free)

  62. JUST Words Spoken Vol #3: Nic Masangkay, Myeah Gibson & More
    Spoken word poets Nic Masangkay, Myeah Gibson, and others will share their emotionally vulnerable work.
    (Atlantic, donation)


  63. Caroline Wright: How To Talk To Kids About Death
    When she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, author Caroline Wright naturally had to devise how to talk to her young sons about death. Now, having lived a year past her prognosis and written a children's book geared toward little ones with a sick parent, she'll appear in Seattle to share her insights in person.
    (First Hill, $5)

  64. Conversation Hearts: An Inclusive Love Fest for Romance Readers and Writers
    Readers and writers of bodice-ripping fiction—particularly those interested in better incorporating POC and LGBTQ+ voices into the genre—can sit in on a conversation with local authors Rebekah Weatherspoon and Jasmine Silvera (plus others), purchase new reads provided by Tacoma's King's Books, and make friends with like-minded folk.
    (Downtown, free)

  65. Melanie Falick and Local Artists: Making a Life
    Melanie Falick interviewed artists and creators around the world about why they choose to work with their hands and compiled her findings into a book. Join her and a few contributors (artists Ellen Dissanayake, Tif Fussell, and Nikki McClure) for a discussion.
    (University District, free)

  66. Michelle Kim: Running Through Sprinklers
    Kim will read from her new middle-grade novel set in Surrey, BC, Seoul, and Seattle.
    (Montlake, free)

  67. Trebor Healey and Alvin Orloff
    Lambda Literary Award-winning writer Trebor Healey's newest short fiction collection follows characters who "confront the profound displacement of modern life." He'll read selections alongside Alvin Orloff, who recounts his San Francisco club-kid days during the HIV/AIDS crisis in DISASTERAMA: Adventures in the Queer Underground 1977-1997.
    (Capitol Hill, free)


  68. Finnish Christmas Market
    Get a taste of Finland at this annual Joulumarkkinat featuring crafts, gifts, music and dancing, and traditional treats (like pea soup, sandwiches, and pulla sweet bread). The coffee will be free!
    (Queen Anne, free)

  69. Holiday Open House Extravaganza
    Be among the first to pick up decor and gifts for the holidays, and allow yourself some very early seasonal treats (like eggnog) while you shop from the Weihnachtsmarkt.
    (Downtown, free)

  70. One-Day Better Book Sale
    Find gifts for your bookwormy loved ones starting at just three bucks.
    (North Seattle, free)

  71. Short Run Comix & Arts Festival
    In 2018, Stranger lit critic Rich Smith wrote of Short Run: "You’re going. You’re bringing at LEAST $50 cash. You’re picking up new art books, zines, buttons, and little strips of beautiful screen-printed ephemera from internationally/nationally/locally-renowned comics creators." This year's 240 artists will include Jasjyot Singh Hans, Glynnis Fawkes, Marc Bell, Malaka Gharib, and Jul Gordon. (Mexican artist Abraham Diaz will unfortunately not be present, having been denied a visa.) There will also be a screening of a collection of the late, lamented Bruce Bickford's animation, courtesy of Clyde Petersen and friends. The organizers also encourage you to "arrive early to scoop up 1 of 50 coveted swag bags and have a $2 coffee at our Bake Sale!" Head to the afterparty at the Vera Project once you're done shopping.
    (Seattle Center, free)


  72. Seattle University Redhawks vs. San Jose State Spartans
    The Seattle University Redhawks men's soccer team will play the San Jose State Spartans.
    (Capitol Hill, $10)


  73. 'Dress Codes' Gallery Tour
    Artist Ellen Lesperance and curator Amanda Donnan will lead a free, informal tour of the current Frye exhibit Dress Codes.
    (First Hill, free)

  74. Ballard Art Walk
    For more than 20 years, the Ballard Art Walk has encouraged community members to discover work of local makers in the area while enjoying food, music, and more. Venues include the Ballyhoo Curiosity Shop, Secret Garden Books, and other pleasant spots.
    (Ballard, free)

  75. Georgetown Art Attack
    Once a month, the art scene of the tiny airport hamlet of Georgetown ATTACKS all passersby. In more literal terms, it's the day of art openings and street wonderment. If the westerly locations are too far, there's a free Art Ride!
    (Georgetown, free)

  76. Hiawatha Artist Lofts Open Studios
    Check out an art show on the ground floor and pop into artists' studios to get a more intimate look at what they're working on.
    (Central District, free)



  77. 34th Annual Newport Ski Swap
    Winter sports season is fast approaching, so now's a good time to swap gear you don't want for gear you do want. Here you can find over 10,000 new and used snow sports items.
    (Bellevue, free-$10)

  78. Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird
    Shop for goods from over 85 indie artisans to sate all your kitschy needs and desires.
    (Monroe, free)

  79. Latvian Center Christmas Bazaar
    While you shop for handmade crafts and jewelry by local Latvian artists, try cakes, piragi (dumplings), and Christmas cookies, and take in a traditional dance performance at this annual Baltic holiday bazaar.
    (North Seattle, free)


  80. The Bug Show
    Take a gander at preserved bug bodies that first emerged on our planet over four million years ago.
    (Sodo, free)
    Opening Saturday



  81. Secretary Norman Mineta
    Secretary Norman Mineta—who served as the sole Democratic Cabinet Secretary in the Bush administration— shares the details of his modest upbringing; his family’s removal to a WWII mass-incarceration camp; and the instrumental role he played in enacting the Civil Liberties Act of 1988 as a congressman. This special Labor Day documentary screening will be followed by a discussion with Mineta himself.
    (University District, free)


  82. K’URB Street Food Market Pop-Up
    Enjoy a curbside feast with "hyperlocal, globally inspired" cuisine from local vendors like T'Juana Tacos, Piroshky Piroshky, BeanFish Taiyaki, Kismet Turkish Cafe and Bakery, and more.
    (Fremont, no cover)


  83. Elspeth Tremblay, Paige Allbritton, Kristen Marlo
    Australian-born, Philly-based singer-songwriter Elspeth Tremblay will bring her folk-pop sounds to Seattle with support from Paige Allbritton and Kristen Marlo.
    (Pioneer Square, $10)

  84. Levi Fuller and the Library, Pufferfish, Tekla Waterfield
    Sway to slightly sad acoustic folk music with Levi Fuller and the Library, plus additional sets from Americana acts Pufferfish and Tekla Waterfield.
    (Ballard, $10)


  85. Curt Colbert: All Along the Watchtower
    Curt Colbert is back with another mystery novel about hard-boiled private investigator Matt Rossiter, a Vietnam War vet tasked with solving a rather personal case: Someone is killing the members of his former platoon, beginning with the body of his wartime sergeant found on Jimi Hendrix's grave.
    (Lake Forest Park, free)

  86. Deliverance: An Evening with Danielle de Picciotto & Zak Sally
    Artist and musician Danielle de Picciotto will perform her latest spoken-word album Deliverance live. She'll also have a conversation with Berlin-based comic artist Ulli Lust.
    (Capitol Hill, free)

  87. Dressed to Protest: Amanda Donnan, Ellen Lesperance, Davora M. Lindner
    This panel discussion in conjunction with Dress Codes: Ellen Lesperance and Diane Simpson will explore identity and ideology through apparel, focusing on the ways in which clothing can function as a symbolic form of resistance for marginalized communities.
    (First Hill, free)

  88. The Fog Ladies
    Billed in press materials as a "cozy murder mystery," local author Susan McCormick's The Fog Ladies follows a group of peppy older women (and one very tired medical intern) who live together in a fancy San Francisco apartment building "where old ladies start to die." Join the author for a reading.
    (Rainier Valley, free)

  89. Malaka Gharib: I Was Their American Dream
    Malaka Gharib's graphic memoir about growing up in America in a Filipino Egyptian family has been charming the hell out of critics with its portrait of a girl dealing with crushes, code-switching, and culture.
    (Capitol Hill, free)

  90. Nguoi Viet Tay Bac (Northwest Vietnamese News) Presents Julie Pham
    Dr. Julie Pham will discuss her book Their War: The Perspectives of the South Vietnamese Military in the Words of Veteran-Émigrés. Backing her up will be musical performer Melanie Nga My.
    (Central District, free)

  91. T Edward Bak
    Comic artist T Edward Bak will talk about his cartoon-making process and share work from his new collection of illustrated essay comics, Not a Place to Visit.
    (Downtown, free)


  92. MLS Cup Watch Parties
    For the third time in four seasons, the Seattle Sounders will take on Toronto FC in the MLS Cup, the post-season championship game of Major League Soccer. If you can't make it to CenturyLink Field to catch the action, watch the game at one of the many local bars and restaurants that will host viewing parties.
    (Various locations)