Each of these specially crafted pizza slices will be just $2 this week! Jack Ryan
In case you haven't heard, this week is The Stranger’s Pizza Week: From November 11–16, you'll be able to get one-of-a-kind pizza slices created exclusively for this week at restaurants across the city, for just $2 a pop! All of the details are available on our Pizza Week calendar, but, to make it even easier for you to eat as many of these delicious creations as possible, we've also compiled them all below, sorted by neighborhood (there's even a map at the bottom). Read on to see all the details, including where you can get gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options, and follow the links to see photos and save your favorites to your personal list. Plus, don't forget to RSVP to the Facebook page for event updates! So go forth and chow down—and don't forget these Pizza Week pro tips:

• Drink (and eat) up. Yes, pizza is what makes Pizza Week… Pizza Week. But you’ll be doing Pizza Week wrong if you don’t take advantage of the other stuff that Pizza Week’s choice locations have to offer, from beer to sides to salads!
• Don't forget to tip! Pizza Week doesn’t just happen—it’s the result of months of hard work from chefs, wait staff, bartenders, and more who work crazy long hours to make sure the week is as fun (and delicious) as it can be! Show ‘em some love!
• Be social. Check out #seattlepizzaweek and The Stranger’s Facebook and Instagram pages for updates and reviews of the best Pizza Week offerings!

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Humble Pie's "The NW Fall Experience!"

WHAT IT IS: Oven-roasted organic squash base loaded with locally foraged mushrooms, caramelized onion, goat cheese, and fresh sage
WHAT THEY SAY: Humble Pie is inspired by local, organic, and seasonal ingredients. All of our fresh vegetables are organic, and many of our mushrooms are foraged by our very own pizzaiolos.
THE FINE PRINT: Dine-in only. Limit two slices per person.
ADDRESS: 525 Rainier Ave S (Atlantic)
BUSINESS HOURS: Tue-Fri, 11 am-9 pm; Sat, 12 pm-9 pm


Belltown Pizza's "You Had Me at Chanterelle"

WHAT IT IS: Cream base, chanterelles, burrata, and fried rosemary
WHAT THEY SAY: We were foraging and smoking weed... Magic was happening in the forest that morning, and the rest is a little foggy.
THE FINE PRINT: Dine-in only. Limit two slices per person.
ADDRESS: 2422 1st Ave (Belltown)
BUSINESS HOURS: Daily, 11:30 am-2 am


Andare Kitchen & Bar's "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"

WHAT IT IS: Our specialty pizza starts with our housemade dough and a base of tomato sauce and is topped with fresh mozzarella, thyme, and Andare Kitchen & Bar's signature meatballs: the perfect blend of veal, Italian sausages, and Uli sausages.
WHAT THEY SAY: We intentionally kept this pie simple, letting the fresh ingredients and mouthwatering combination of flavors shine. We cannot wait for you to try our new personalized pizza pie, which is served within moments of leaving Andare Kitchen & Bar's custom-built wood-fired oven!
THE FINE PRINT: Limit two slices per person. Minors allowed in kitchen only. Takeout via MealPal pickup available.
ADDRESS: 808 Howell St, on the lobby level of Hyatt Regency Seattle (Downtown)
BUSINESS HOURS: Daily, 11 am-8:30 pm

Little Maria's "The Margie"
WHAT IT IS: Basil, tomatoes, garlic
WHAT THEY SAY: Sometimes, you just want to keep it simple. The Margie accomplishes that and so much more with a surprising amount of flavor from the basil and garlic. Throw a little Tapatio, Sriracha, and/or red pepper flakes on there (we always have some on hand) and you're golden.
THE FINE PRINT: Gluten-free option available.
ADDRESS: 1809 Minor Ave (Cascade)
BUSINESS HOURS: Daily, 11 am-midnight


Johnny Mo's "Pizza a la Vodka"
WHAT IT IS: Mozzarella, dollops of homemade tomato cream vodka sauce, mushrooms, peas, and prosciutto, topped with fresh basil
WHAT THEY SAY: The Pizza a la Vodka was inspired by the award-winning Goodfellas Pizzeria in Staten Island where the owners of Johnny Mo's, John Genna and Moritz Loew, went to pizza chef school to refine their pizza craft and pursue their passion for delivering the best quality pizza. It is a unique pizza bursting with flavors that will make your mouth water.
THE FINE PRINT: Limit two slices per person.
ADDRESS: 3272 Fuhrman Ave E, Ste 100 (Eastlake)
BUSINESS HOURS: Daily, 11 am-10 pm


Ballroom's "Italian Heater"

WHAT IT IS: Spicy sausage, hot capicola, Italian salami, roasted red pepper, and fresh basil.
WHAT THEY SAY: We make hand-tossed, East Coast-style pizza. Our pizzas are 28". We sell hot slices until 2 a.m. daily.
THE FINE PRINT: No minors. Dine-in only. Limit one slice per person.
ADDRESS: 456 N 36th St (Fremont)
BUSINESS HOURS: Daily, 3 pm-9 pm


Watershed Pub & Kitchen's "Macademik"
WHAT IT IS: Cheese sauce base with mozzarella cheese, macaroni noodles, bacon, caramelized onions, Beecher's Flagship cheese, and breadcrumbs
WHAT THEY SAY: Known for great pizza and delicious mac & cheese, we combined them for our Macademik Pizza! Our fresh, house-made pizza crust is topped with our own cheese sauce, mac noodles, sprinkles of thick-cut Cloverdale bacon pieces and caramelized onions, then finished with Beecher's Flagship cheese and bread crumbs that melt, becoming creamy and delicious, as the pizza bakes.
THE FINE PRINT: Dine-in only. Limit one slice per person.
ADDRESS: 10104 3rd Ave NE (Northgate)
BUSINESS HOURS: Mon-Thurs, 11 am-11 pm; Fri, 11 am-midnight; Sat, 10 am-midnight


Ozzie's "Bacon Margherita on a Cauliflower Cloud Crust"
WHAT IT IS: We start with our delicious cauliflower crust, top it with our housemade garlic sauce, then pile it high with mozzarella cheese, chopped tomato, bacon, and basil! A MUST try!
WHAT THEY SAY: It's decadent and gluten-free! Making it kinda healthy and sinful, all at the same time! You can always hold the bacon to make it vegetarian.
THE FINE PRINT: Dine-in only. Gluten-free option available.
ADDRESS: 105 W Mercer St (Lower Queen Anne)
BUSINESS HOURS: Daily, 11 am-8 pm


Nine Pies Pizzeria's "Fall Finocchiona Salami Slice"
WHAT IT IS: Tomato sauce, mozzarella, spicy Finocchiona, banana peppers, and red onion
WHAT THEY SAY: We run our Fall Finocchiona Special every year. It's a hardy slice that satisfies the fall carb craving with a hint of spice.
THE FINE PRINT: Limit one slice per person.
ADDRESS: 3861 1st Ave S (SoDo)
BUSINESS HOURS: Daily, 11 am-6 pm


South Town Pie's "The Pastrami"
WHAT IT IS: Gruyere cheese fondue, our house mozzarella cheese blend, caramelized onion, dill pickle, and pastrami with an "Everything"-seasoned crust 
WHAT THEY SAY: "The inspiration for this pizza is completely out of a stoner craving, listening to some bomb classics on the hi-fi one January evening." - Chef Sam Crannell
THE FINE PRINT: Dine-in only. Limit two slices per person.
ADDRESS: 8611 14th Ave S (South Park)
BUSINESS HOURS: Daily, 11 am-8 pm


Southside Pizza's "Der Flammkuchen!"
WHAT IT IS: Bacon, caramelized onions, and sour cream
WHAT THEY SAY: The traditional German Flammkuchen, or "flaming cake," originates in the south of Germany and Alsatian region of France. The toppings are a classic presentation, and a delicious one at that!
ADDRESS: 9809 16th Ave SW (White Center)
BUSINESS HOURS: Mon-Fri, 4 pm-9 pm; Sat noon-9 pm