Every second Thursday, rain or shine, the streets of Capitol Hill are filled with tipsy art lovers checking out galleries and special events for Capitol Hill Art Walk. On our Capitol Hill Art Walk calendar, you'll find a bunch of great options for the November 14 edition. But, below, we've compiled our critics' picks—the new shows you shouldn't miss, like Francisco Macias: Ô flaneur or the group installation Listen. Follow the links for more details and images, and check out our complete visual art calendar for even more events, including the shows still on view from the Pioneer Square Art Walk.

About Time
This tattoo parlor/gallery/shop always has fun ideas for group shows. For this exhibition, more than 50 local artists have worked their magic on clock faces.
True Love Art Gallery & Tattoo

Arturo Artorez: La Vida Iluminada
As a security guard at the Seattle Art Museum, Arturo Artorez would often doodle on the employee timecards to pass the long hours. His sketching eventually transformed into miniature works of art in small notebooks, usually in ink, graphite or ballpoint pen. That was over 20 years ago. Now an accomplished artist, both in Seattle and in his hometown of Mexico City, Artorez is known for his depictions of violence, humanity, compassion, and protest. 
Steve Gilbert Studio

Claire Brandt: Boundaries
Brandt shows work about the body in this interactive drawing project, in which she traces volunteer models and layers the resulting drawings into an abstract image.
The Factory

Francisco Macias: Ô flaneur
A flâneur is someone who wanders aimlessly through the city, "detached from and yet keenly in tune with his surroundings," as this artist puts it. Macias's photographs offer impressions into the flâneur experience, picking out moments of human emotion and colorful juxtaposition.
Cloud Room

Goldsuit Open Studio
Stranger contributor Katie Kurtz has written: "The pop-art lushness of Genevieve St. Charles [aka Goldsuit] combines the sweaty ooziness of MAD magazine comic strips and the shellacked glossiness of 1950s-era fast-food advertising. Her to-scale La Croix cans with flavors like 'Homeless Bitcoin Millionaire' or 'Women Laughing Alone with Salad' is cultural commentary at its best: throwaway lines on a throwaway can of negligibly flavored bubbly water." Get a glimpse into the artist's studio at this Art Walk event as Riley Kennedy-Keys plays music.
Goldsuit Studio

John Brophy: Sages and Sirens
Perfectionist portraitist Brophy first plans his painting in a 3D rendering program, then uses this image as a model for an oil-on-panel piece, sometimes using paints he's made himself. He is, in fact, going for that uncanny-valley look, so don't be surprised if you feel an uneasy prickle at the back of your neck as you look on his depictions of Freddie Mercury, Abe Lincoln, and others. 
Roq la Rue

Julia Y Zodiac Calendar Series
Julia Y's zodiac-inspired painting series incorporates images of playful mammals, majestic reptiles, and mysterious birds. Gaze upon the 12 originals and pick up some calendars, postcards, and prints. 
Ghost Gallery

In this show curated by Monica Tie, artists Natasha Marin, Yoona Lee, Rohena Alam Khan, and Carolyn Hitt create work based on "stories unheard," emphasizing personal experiences that go ignored or unvalidated.

Nate Gowdy: American Superhero
Nate Gowdy, a Stranger contributor and a master at capturing telling glimpses of spontaneous human expressions, turns to studio portraiture in this exhibition about non-traditional American superheroes. Among those featured: drag queens Gaysha Starr and Aleksa Manila, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, Washington State Supreme Court Justice Mary Yu, and former Houston mayor Annise Parker. Gowdy's exhibition is inspired by the "Sikh Captain America," the performance artist Vishavjit Singh. 
Retail Therapy

The Power of Emotions
This exhibition takes 20 different emotions as prompts and traces their development over the 20th century through photography.
Goethe Pop-up

Samantha Muljat
Discover the evocative, stylized nature and landscape photographer of this PNW artist.

Scream for Queer Art!
This pop-up gallery will return to showcase an array of art and hand-crafted wares by queer artists and makers from the Seattle area.
Scream Seattle

Shanying Zeng
This scientist-by-day converts her passion for sustainability into art by using natural materials—flowers and plants—to create utterly charming collages.
The Lounge by AT&T