Panicking because you don’t know what to do this weekend and you're short on cash? Don't worry—below, find all of your options for last-minute entertainment that won't cost more than $10, ranging from a chance to pocket a piece of the Alaskan Way Viaduct to the specialty food show Gobble Up Seattle, and from a reading with Ben Lerner to the annual Sheraton Gingerbread Village. For even more options, check out our complete EverOut Things To Do calendar and our list of cheap & easy things to do in Seattle all year long.

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  1. The Fremont Troll Farm
    Local and touring comics will make jokes in the Fremont arcade bar Add-a-Ball.
    (Fremont, free/$3)


  2. Friday Night Films
    The winner of seven Césars, Martin Provost's 2008 film Séraphine explores the life and art of Séraphine Louis, a housekeeper who was discovered by German art critic Wilhelm Uhde on the eve of World War I. Enjoy wine, cheese, and a post-film discussion at this free screening.
    (Mercer Island, free)


  3. Author Talk: Fried Rice by Danielle Centoni
    I have never found fried rice quite as good as the joint in the food court where I worked as a teenager, handing out samples of General Tso’s chicken and selling platefuls of greasy Americanized Chinese food while the family who worked there made their own separate meals in the back. But they always ate the fried rice. It’s a cross-cultural comfort food, and Portland-based James Beard Award–winning food writer and editor Danielle Centoni has compiled a whole cookbook of recipes of different types of it (Fried Rice: 50 Ways to Stir Up the World's Favorite Grain). She draws inspiration from around the globe and ventures beyond the obvious Chinese and Indonesian flavors into some that are expected (Thai fried coconut rice with pork satay and spinach) and not so expected (vagharelo bhaat—Gujarati fried rice—with chicken and cilantro yogurt from India), though recipes for mainstays are included, too. On this date, Centoni will appear for a talk, signing, and tasting of a fried rice recipe from the book. LEILANI POLK
    (Fremont, free)


  4. Gay Bingo
    Join Barry for a night of gay bingo and come away with prizes. 
    (White Center, free)


  5. 100% That Queen - A Dance Party of Lizzo and Other Queens!
    Local drag performers will join you for a dance party paying tribute to Lizzo and her divine contemporaries.
    (Capitol Hill, $5)

  6. Gabija & the Blue Gleams, Sous Chef
    Local jazz and R&B outfit Gabija & the Blue Gleams will headline with support from experimental outfit Sous Chef. 
    (Columbia City, $10)

  7. The Jins, Jayomi, Black Ends, Bad Optics
    Pop-grunge band the Jins will be joined by Black Ends and Bad Optics.  
    (Pioneer Square, $7/$10)

  8. Junto, LVGER, Weekend Kids, Here's Your Warning
    Portland punk-rockers Here's Your Warning will head up this Tukwila thrash fest with LVGER and Weekend Kids.
    (Tukwila, $10)

  9. Lady Gaga Nite - Total Request Live! with Poker Face & Bleeding Tree
    Belt your favorite Gaga hits with cover bands Poker Face and Bleeding Tree. 
    (Downtown, $10)

  10. Lucee, Happy Medium, Tambo, 3rd and Crossing, Affordable Addiction
    Get your fill of bluesy pop and indie-rock with Lucee, Happy Medium, Tambo, 3rd and Crossing, and Affordable Addiction. 
    (University District, $5)

  11. Mister Master, Sovereign Citizen & The Non Prophets, Johndus Beckman
    Hark back to Seattle's grungy flannel-clad roots with Washington's own Mister Master, Sovereign Citizen & The Non Prophets, and Johndus Beckman.
    (West Seattle, $7)

  12. Psy-topia Presents: Attias & Friends
    Trance DJs Attias, Erik Braziunas, and Tomas will head up this Psy-topia dance party.
    (Ballard, $5/$10)

  13. Shady Bottom
    Shady Bottom throws back to the '60s and '70s with soulful funk covers and originals. The sextet will play their grooves live.
    (Downtown, free)

  14. Sing Low, Indigo
    Heidi Matthews (Spinning Whips) will perform with her other project, Sing Low Indigo, for an evening that's "equal parts jazz, Americana, indie-pop, and lounge."
    (Downtown, free)

  15. Twerk! Hip Hop Dance Party with DJ Paco!
    Still Ill DJ Paco will whip up twerk-tastic jams from this year and yesteryear. 
    (Belltown, free)

  16. Velvet Jupiter, Crazy Eyes, GFL, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2
    Seattle hard-rock band Velvet Jupiter will throw down with support from Crazy Eyes, GFL, and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2. 
    (Greenwood, $8)

  17. W Music: Chris King & The Gutterballs
    Californian Chris King and his band the Gutterballs imbue their indie-rock brand with some smokey soul from the Central Coast and a high-energy vintage sensibility.
    (Downtown, free)

  18. Yes Masters, The Subjunctives, The Drolls, Jet Lag
    Seattle pop-punk trio the Yes Masters, fronted by Kurt Bloch of the Young Fresh Fellows and Filthy Friends, will be joined by the Subjunctives, the Drolls, and Jet Lag. 
    (Shoreline, $8)


  19. Dolly & the DJ
    Dolly Madison will host a night of drag, drinks, and dancing.
    (Georgetown, free)

  20. Magic Queendom
    See Disney done dirty by Strawberry Shartcake, One (the current Miss Bacon Strip), and Mermosa as they cavort through the Magic Queendom, leaving devastation in their wake.
    (Downtown, $7/$10)

  21. Path with Art: Fall Showcase
    At this one-night show, hear readings and enjoy musical and theatrical performances by students of Path with Art, which helps people experiencing homelessness and addiction express themselves creatively.
    (Downtown, free)


  22. Elaine Sciolino: The Seine
    Sciolino, former Paris bureau chief for the New York Times and author of The Only Street in Paris, will share more glimpses of Gallic history from her new book, which uses the river Seine as a focal point to talk about such figures as "Roman conquerors, Viking invaders, World War II soldiers, and [...] Joan of Arc and of Napoleon Bonaparte."
    (Downtown, $10)

  23. Heather Havrilesky: Embracing the Imperfections of the Everyday
    Heather Havrilesky, the self-improvement expert behind the acclaimed Ask Polly advice column, will share insight from her new book about embracing our imperfections.
    (First Hill, $5)

  24. Shea Ernshaw and Adrienne Young
    Shea Ernshaw's new tale of forbidden romance is set in a magical snowy forest, where the appearance of a mysterious boy awakens a centuries-old curse. The author will be joined in conversation with Adrienne Young. 
    (Ravenna, free)


  25. Jordan Morris and Cristian Roldan
    Meet Seattle Sounders players (and MLS Cup 2019 champions!) Jordan Morris and Cristian Roldan and buy them (or, better yet, yourself) a $7 pupusas and a drink special. 
    (Pioneer Square, free)


  26. 'Beholder' Issue 2 Release Party
    Welcome a new issue of this comix/lit/art zine devoted to marginalized artists and writers. Hear music by Dion Warrick and Brit plus DJ Hanssen.
    (Capitol Hill, free)

  27. MFON: Women Photographers of the African Diaspora
    In partnership with the Frye, the Photographic Center Northwest, and independent curators Berette Macaulay, Delphine Fawundu, and Laylah Barrayn—under the auspices of the MFON Collective, Barrayn and Fawundu's journal and movement named after the Nigerian American photographer Mmekutmfon "Mfon" Essien—Jacob Lawrence Gallery highlights photography by black women around the world.
    (University District, free)
    Closing Friday

  28. Public Opening: In Plain Sight
    Drink, listen to music, archive your stories, and be merry at the opening of In Plain Sight.
    (University District, free)



  29. Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook
    Another installment in the Junie B. Jones children's series by Barbara Park gets a stage adaptation. Your kids can root for Junie as she mourns the loss of her new mittens and considers whether she should be allowed to keep someone else's cool pen as a consolation. Plus, there's a love interest!
    (Redmond, $10)

  30. Sonnets for an Old Century
    This concert reading written by José Rivera and directed by Sheila Daniels (which "captures the subtle, often overlooked treasures of everyday life") will include faculty, alumni and current students of the Cornish theater department.
    (Downtown, free)


  31. Ballard Senior Center Holiday Bazaar
    Shop for handcrafted goods and fill up on baked goods from Chef Lori’s Café. 
    (Ballard, free)


  32. Ceci N'est Pas une Pipe d'un Homme
    The Center on Contemporary Art presents glass art by femme-identified artists. It's a celebration both of queers and women in the arts and of the legalization of weed, both things of which Seattle should be proud.
    (Pioneer Square, free)
    Closing Saturday

  33. Eva Isaksen: Urd/New Collages
    Former Stranger critics Jen Graves and Nathaniel Deines called Isaksen "one of those rare, non-schlocky collage artists." Here, she uses materials reminiscent of her Norwegian childhood, like cut-ups of the "vintage Norwegian women's magazine URD."
    (Pioneer Square, free)
    Closing Saturday

  34. Fay Jones: Las Golondrinas
    Seattle-based artist Fay Jones—whose work you may recognize from the Westlake Station—speaks in symbols and signs. The characters and figures of her paintings seem to come out of a lovely but strange dream: bunnies floating in the sky, sentient clouds, giant shadows of palettes hovering just above the horizon. In her latest exhibition, Las Golondrinas, Jones is presenting new large-scale works on paper that depict landscapes based on things she observed looking out her bedroom window. Dedicated to the memory of her late husband, artist Robert C. Jones, who passed away in January 2019, Jones explores grief, hope, loss, and joy. JASMYNE KEIMIG
    (Downtown, free)
    Closing Saturday

  35. Leonard Suryajaya: Is It Time Yet
    Queer immigrant artist Leonard Suryajaya and a group of Cornish students "enact gestures of resistance before the camera" in this response to American turmoil post-2016 and to Suryajaya's own experience emigrating from Indonesia.
    (Pioneer Square, free)
    Closing Saturday

  36. SPACEFILLER: Fantasy Parameter Spaces
    Walking into SPACEFILLER's new show is like stepping into another universe. The artists behind the project—Alexander Nagy and Alexander Miller—went to great pains to block all outside light from coming inside the gallery, papering over the floor-to-ceiling windows, plunging the white cube into blackness. The duo's moniker SPACEFILLER is a reference to both their role as artists (one who fills space) and the mathematical model Conway's Game of Life (a "spacefiller" is a pattern that wants to spread out indefinitely). "We're very into wonder and awe," Nagy told me. He said their vision for this exhibition, Fantasy Parameter Spaces, was "when you step through that door, you are stepping into this computational universe we're exploring and letting people explore." Visitors have the opportunity to do things like grow and quash life with the press of a button, use a glowing LED cube controller to explore different graphic and sonic environments, and play with a 3-D simulation of slime mold. And before you ask—yes, this is deliriously fun to go to if you're stoned. JASMYNE KEIMIG
    (Chinatown-International District, free)
    Closing Saturday

  37. Symbiosis: The Model Exhibit
    For Seattle Architecture Foundation's 22nd annual model exhibition, designers have created model structures that exemplify "mutually beneficial relationships—the positive products and constructive outcomes of interdependence."
    (Downtown, free)
    Closing Saturday



  38. Alaska Way Viaduct Demolition Event
    Pick up your very own fragment of the Alaskan Way Viaduct to cherish forever before demolition is officially kaput.
    (Downtown, free)

  39. Poo~Pourri Giant Poo Tour
    A pop-up centered around a giant inflatable poop emoji is puzzling enough on its own, but what if we told you its purpose was to house your toxic thought patterns so that you can leave said inflatable poop emoji feeling mentally and emotionally sound? After you've read that sentence a few times, head to Poo~Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray's three-day event to release your mind crap and shop for free samples from the purveyors of odor eliminators.
    (Pioneer Square, free)


  40. Boy Bands Vs Diva's Vs Your Mom. It's Hot In Here Edition
    DJ Indica Jones will spin your favorites by boy bands and divas alike.
    (South Lake Union, free)


  41. Native Art Market
    Buy authentic Native gifts—clothing, drums, art prints, and more—from a group of diverse local artists in beautiful Discovery Park.
    (Magnolia, free)



  42. NW Peaks Stand-Up Comedy Show
    Show some love for Northwest comics Toni West, Helen Wildy, Jonathan Logerstedt, and Joseph Grienauer.

    (Hillman City, $5/$10)

  43. Swipe Right
    As you might guess, this improv show is all about searching for love and lust in the digital age.
    (Fremont, $10)


  44. Midgard Expedition Modern Day Viking Voyage
    Meet a crew of seafarers before they embark on a "modern-day Viking voyage" to spread the message of environmental stewardship in a handcrafted longboat made from sustainably harvested timber. There will be a presentation from Bjørn Heyerdahl, the expedition leader and grandson of Grandson of Thor Heyerdahl, and lots of beer.
    (Ballard, free)


  45. Nepal Festival
    Enjoy an afternoon of Nepalese music and dance performances for free.
    (Capitol Hill, free)


  46. Baby Goats & Pints
    Frolic with 10 baby Nigerian Dwarf kids from the Skagit farm Rainy Sunday Ranch, nosh on vegan and traditional tamales from Los Tamaahles, and throw back a few pints from Scuttlebutt Brewery.
    (Everett, free)

  47. Ballard Farewell Party
    Before NW Peaks moves their operation to South Seattle, bid their Ballard digs adieu with music, games, and lots of cask ales. 
    (Ballard, free)

  48. Coltiva One-Year Anniversary Celebration
    The Italian pizzeria Coltiva: Pizzeria e Barra will celebrate a year of business with complimentary snacks like burrata bruschetta, prosciutto-wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese, and bite-sized homemade meatballs, and one free drink for each attendee. Guests will also get a sneak peek at the restaurant's upcoming winter menu.
    (Queen Anne, free)

  49. Gobble Up Seattle 2019
    Just in time for Thanksgiving (and the subsequent holidays), Urban Craft Uprising will host this specialty food show for the third year in a row, promising over 100 local vendors slinging everything from cooking equipment to homemade jam.
    (Sand Point, free)


  50. Name That Tune! Songs of the Cinema Edition
    Face off against your fellow music nerds to win prizes in this game-show style competition hosted by beloved local queen Betty Wetter.
    (Ballard, free)


  51. Astronauts & Aliens: A Themed Live Music Event
    Seattle psych-rockers Moon Darling will dole out '70s-inspired bluesy riffs with additional local support from Heather Edgley and Hotels at this post-Halloween costume party. Dress as a space traveler from Earth or another planet of your choosing. 
    (Ballard, $10)

  52. The Cats of Cadiz
    Jeff Kelly of the '80s-formed psychedelic-rock band the Green Pajamas will debut his new project.
    (Greenwood, free)

  53. Dice, Bone Spurs, Moroccan Dog, Beautiful Freaks, Jackie
    Pep up with a night of vibrant rock with local bands Dice, Bone Spurs, Moroccan Dog, Beautiful Freaks, and Jackie. 
    (University District, free)

  54. DJ Sheila Weeee & Dead Air, Will Rainier & the Pines, Ouija Boob
    DJs Sheila Weeeee and Dead Air will spin in between sets from local five-piece Will Rainier and the Pines and "witchy middle-aged queer electro-pop" duo Ouija Boob. 
    (West Seattle, $7)

  55. Eclectricks
    Eclectricks promise to deliver "funky grooves, reggae riddims, bluegrass twang, rockin' drops, and everything in between." 
    (Beacon Hill, free)

  56. The Fat Kids, Mojo Riot, Darci Carlson
    Local band the Fat Kids claim to make "an incredibly authentic 1960s doo-wop and Motown sound" with "elements of hip-hop and gangster rap." They will be joined by Mojo Riot and Darci Carlson.
    (Ballard, $8)

  57. Joe T. Cook Blues Band CD Release Party
    Minneapolis blues artist and "harmonica wizard" Joe T. Cook will blend old-school Chicago blues and West Coast swing. 
    (West Seattle, free)

  58. Kareem Kandi Band
    Local tenor saxophone legend Kareem Kandi brings a blend of jazz, blues, classical, and funk to the stage.
    (Downtown, free)

  59. Loudmotor, Shagnasty
    Loudmotor will haul their gear from the garage to Eastlake for a night out with '70s-inspired rockers Shagnasty. 
    (Eastlake, $8/$10)

  60. My Future Self, Fat Starfish, Ali Diane
    Experimental alt-country outfit My Future Self will be joined by local soul/funk cover band Fat Starfish and pop singer-songwriter Ali Diane.
    (Greenwood, $8)

  61. Party Like Post - A Post Malone Dance Party!
    Get down like Post Malone, a man who makes hip-hop for people who love pop music and hate hip-hop, at this DJ dance party. 
    (Capitol Hill, $5)

  62. Seattle Sub Sessions: Chief Kaya
    See what the Tennessee dubstep scene has to offer by joining Chief Kaya for her Seattle debut. She'll be joined by Portland's Kellan.
    (Downtown, $7/$10)

  63. Spellbound: Thankskilling 2
    A "gothluck-style deathrock experience" awaits you at this special Thanksgiving edition of the punk/industrial dance party Spellbound with DJ Voodoo. Bring your favorite dish and dress in your favorite goth garments.
    (Downtown, free)

  64. W DJ: DJ Able
    DJ Able has been spinning hip-hop since 1994. Join him for a free set at this installment of W Seattle's DJ series. 
    (Downtown, free)


  65. Pray for Snow: 3 Snow Movies & DJ w/ 10 Barrel Brewing
    Check out three snowboarding films ("Romance," "Hold My Beer," and "Watch This"), win raffles, drink ales from 10 Barrel, and get excited to shred to some gnar this season.
    (Wedgwood, free)


  66. The Terrible and the Sublime
    This one-act work-in-progress follows Kevin (who has retreated to the Mount Rainier wilderness in his single-wide mobile home) and Jerry (a city boy who wants his friend to rejoin civilization). Over the course of their visit, the two old guys rehash the history of their friendship. 
    (Greenwood, pay what you can)


  67. Ben Lerner: The Topeka School
    Ben Lerner again walks the outer edges of prose form and perspective in his third novel, The Topeka School, a book "about family and art and memory and meaning, how it's made and unmade." The obsession humming under the well-wrought, perfectly paced, at times riveting scenes about family and art and memory, etc. is the troubling rise in power of the man-child, the Large Adult Son, and his penchant for violence and tyranny. Adam is a precocious, Ivy-bound, master debater who excels at extemporaneous speaking. His parents, Jane and Jonathan, are clinical psychologists at the "Foundation," a revolutionary school/clinic/psychiatric training facility that focuses on adolescent mental health. Despite rampant sexism in the field of psychoanalysis, Jane's work in the discipline and her general-audience feminist books about family dynamics have earned her fame. The other main character is Darren, a proto-MAGA hat. Lerner tells the story from the perspectives of all of those characters while also acknowledging through certain literary flourishes that each of those perspectives is really just him. RICH SMITH
    (Capitol Hill, free)

  68. Elizabeth Bradfield and John James
    Local poets Elizbeth Bradfield and John James will come together for a reading. 
    (Wallingford, free)

  69. Holiday Bookfest
    Two dozen Pacific Northwest authors (Kathleen Alcala, Erica Bauermeister, JL Brown, Lynn Brunelle, and Deb Caletti, just to name a few) will chat with readers, read excerpts, and sign copies of their books.
    (Phinney, free)

  70. Karen Eisenbrey: Barbara and the Rage Brigade
    Eisenbrey will read from the sequel to The Gospel of Saint Rage, a middle-grade novel.
    (Edmonds, free)

  71. Nisi Shawl and K. Tempest Bradford: Writing the Other
    Local sci-fi icon Nisi Shawl (best-known for the brilliant Everfair) will talk about diverse representation in fiction alongside fellow speculative fiction writer K. Tempest Bradford.
    (University District, free)

  72. Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor: Dancing Between Bamboo Poles
    Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor's new book of poetry grapples with the tension between history and personal experience. Tonight, she'll read selections with musical accompaniment from violinist Swil Kanim.  
    (Ravenna, free)


  73. Donald Byrd: A Life In Dance
    Tony-nominated, Bessie-winning choreographer Donald Byrd will talk about what inspires him creatively with Sylvia Waters of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and Peter Boal of the Pacific Northwest Ballet. In conjunction with the current exhibition The America That Is To Be.
    (First Hill, free)

  74. In Plain Sight: Artists in Conversation
    Artists Andrea Bowers, Tom Burr, Beatriz Cortez, and Nicole Miller—all of whom have work featured in the Henry's new group show In Plain Sight, will talk about shedding light on obscured community spaces and covert systems of labor.
    (University District, $10)

  75. Kim Selling's Saturn Return Birthday Show
    Stranger Music Calendar Editor Kim Selling will celebrate her 30th birthday (an occasion made extra special by the fact that planet Earth will cycle back to the place it was when she was born) with help from local artists Adria Garcia, Albie Brant, Aidan Fitzgerald, Brooke Selling, Stranger Digital Editor Chase Burns, and many others. There will also be tarot readings with Kiki Robinson. 
    (Beacon Hill, free)

  76. Local Comic Shop Day & 3rd Birthday Celebration
    Eat cake and geek out over rare prints and portfolios from comic artists from the '70s and '80s.
    (Ballard, free)

  77. PCNW Rummage Sale
    Calling all light-chasers: Pick up some books, darkroom and digital equipment, and more from the photographic center and independent vendors.
    (Capitol Hill, free)



  78. Native Plant Sale
    Get lost in a sea of locally-sourced native plants for sale, and get expert advice on selection, planting, and care.
    (Rainier Valley, free)


  79. Creative Justice: Up from the Table
    Artists and organizers working with Creative Justice—an "arts-based alternative to incarceration for young people in King County"—show new work.
    (Capitol Hill, free)
    Closing Sunday

  80. In Plain Sight
    This group show is stacked. Featuring some of the best and most interesting artists currently working nationally and internationally, In Plain Sight “addresses narratives, communities, and histories that are typically hidden or invisible in our public space (both conceptually and literally defined).” The work in this exhibition isn’t confined to one particular gallery but is spread throughout the entire museum. Particularly of note is Iraqi painter Hayv Kahraman and her work surrounding memory, gender, and diaspora; Kiwi visual artist Fiona Connor, who deals in the overlooked infrastructure we are surrounded by; and the vibrant mixed-media pieces from Jamaican artist Ebony G. Patterson.JASMYNE KEIMIG
    (University District, $10)
    Opening Saturday


  81. Julefest
    See how Nordic countries ring in the Yuletide by tasting Scandinavian treats, seeing performances from local Nordic groups, and shopping for house-made wares.
    (Ballard, $8)

  82. Sheraton Grand Seattle Gingerbread Village
    For the 27th year in a row, diabetes research center JDRF Northwest has invited local architecture firms to use their skills for a holiday tradition: crafting an elaborate gingerbread village that uses 1,850 pounds of gingerbread, 150,000 pieces of candy, 350 pounds of fondant, and 15 gallons of egg whites, according to press materials. This year's theme is #ElfLife, featuring pixies, gnomes, and pucks from across genres.
    (Downtown, free)



  83. Inside Story: Adventures in Storytelling
    Share a secret and watch improvisers act it out. In between these acts, storytellers will regale you with true-to-life experiences inspired by their "topic bowl" selection. "It's The Moth meets Whose Line Is It Anyway," say the organizers.
    (Downtown, $10)


  84. Buckets of Rain, Chance to Steal, Everspring
    Seattle's Buckets of Rain "make [their] own little stew" out of their favorite artists Allman Brothers, SRV, Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews, and Pearl Jam. They'll headline with support from local punks Chance to Steal and stoner rockers Everspring.
    (Ballard, $10)

  85. Contra, Badhound, Mojo Riot
    Three local groove bands will take their sweet time cranking out guitar solos. 
    (Pioneer Square, $5)

  86. Sophie Reynolds & Dylan Hathaway
    Singer-songwriter Sophie Reynolds will serenade you with acoustic ballads with support from Dylan Hathaway.
    (Belltown, $7)


  87. Esther Helfgott: It's About Time Writer's Craft Anthology
    Billing itself as "Seattle's longest-running rose and poetry reading series open to anyone in the community," It's About Time will celebrate its new collection So, Dear Writer: An It’s About Time Writer’s Reading Series Anthology with readings from Bethany Reid, John McFarland, Susan Rich, and Esther Altshul Helfgott.
    (Capitol Hill, free)

  88. Janiva Magness: Weeds Like Us
    As someone who lost both her parents to suicide as a child and spent her formative years in foster care, Janiva Magness has spent much of her life fighting emotional battles and seeking triumph. Hear her read from her new memoir, Weeds Like Us. 
    (Lake Forest Park, free)


  89. Julia Wald: Teatotaler / Jordan Christianson: Tea Dance
    Illustrator Julia Wald uses India ink to explore the cultural significance and history of tea-drinking. Local artist Jordan Christianson shows trasferware patterns using both traditional and contemporary decals that hark back to a time when being queer was considered a crime.
    (Capitol Hill, free)
    Closing Sunday