Panicking because you don’t know what to do this weekend and you're short on cash? Don't worry—below, find all of your options for last-minute entertainment that won't cost more than $10, ranging from Big Ass Boom Box Festival to a Mall with MoM pop-up, and from the annual Seattle Hockey Holiday Party to the opening of a show with Seattle artists Klara Glosova and Mya Kerner at Linda Hodges Gallery. For even more options, check out our complete EverOut Things To Do calendar and our list of cheap & easy things to do in Seattle all year long.

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  1. Meaningful Movies: Chasing Coral
    With 2012's gorgeous Chasing Ice, director Jeff Orlowski captured the intense horror of watching our planet's glaciers disappear. Chasing Coral follows suit, trading the Arctic for jewel-blue oceans: Using macro, micro, and time-lapse images of coral reefs as they thrive and die, Orlowski has crafted another visually stunning film about humans' destruction of the planet. From Hawaii to the Bahamas to Australia, Orlowski and his crew (including underwater photographer Richard Vevers and camera technician and "coral nerd" Zackery Rago) convey the jaw-dropping enormity of our ecological crisis alongside the hallucinogenic beauty of the life that—for now, at least—clings to the reefs lucky enough to avoid bleaching. Watching Chasing Coral is a remarkable experience, one that teeters between overwhelming the viewer with the scope of earth's ruin and inspiring them to find ways to help. ERIK HENRIKSEN
    (University District, free)


  2. Chillography and Re-bar Present Dub Techno All Night
    Space out to dub creations by Alex Flores, Summit Dub, Dane Garfield Wilson, and Wate Management. 
    (Downtown, free)

  3. Dr. Quinn & the Medicine Woman, Maya Marie, Merchant Mariner
    Seattle fuzz-rock duo Dr. Quinn & the Medicine Woman will head up this U-District shindig with fellow locals Maya Marie and Merchant Mariner.
    (University District, $8)

  4. Eclectic Jazz
    The Gabe Suman Quintet, the Evan Deturk VGM Band, and the Kenji Wagner Quartet will make a space for disparate jazz realms to comingle. 
    (University District, $8)

  5. Flying Fish Cove, Quilts, Joe Waine
    Local indie poppers Flying Fish Cove will play their dreamy tracks with support sets by Quilts and Joe Waine.
    (Ballard, $10)

  6. HaĂźsed On a Friday: Abraham, Austin Robertson, noRecall
    DJs Abraham, Austin Robertson, and noRecall will head up this house and techno and party. 
    (Downtown, $5/$10)

  7. HYPHY - Bay Area Hip Hop Dance Party
    Oh boy—Neumos is doing a hyphy night? "Tell Me When to Go," sort of the mainstream-hit-that-was-the-death-knell of what is commonly thought of as the hyphy movement, did come out over a decade ago. It used to be 20 years before the generational nostalgia cash-in started, but seeing as we passed the event horizon of this black-hole-to-hell-itself some time ago, everything is strictly get-it-while-you-can. Now, I tend to think of hyphy less as a particular slice of time and set of songs than an evolving dimension of the Bay Area rap scene, one known for fierce innovation and trendsetting originality. Something tells me that this is going to be more of a Bay Area rap night rather than an exclusively stunna-shaded, cereal-mascot-tee'd-up hyphy night. Which is great, because the Yay has created one of the world's all-time greatest musical subcultures, from Short to HBK. (Play some fucking Turf Talk!) Just, please, no G-Eazy. Have some fuckin' respect. LARRY MIZELL JR.
    (Capitol Hill, $5)

  8. Jim Marcotte, Xolie Morra & The Strangekind, Jesse Gallaway
    Check out solo rocker Jim Marcotte's new music video and dance to sets from other local acts Xolie Morra & the Strangekind and Jesse Gallaway. 
    (West Seattle, $8)

  9. Leif Totusek 1-2-3
    Local jazz pros Leif Totusek, Larry Jones, and Phil Sparks will combine their powers.
    (Green Lake, free)

  10. Mister Master, Dogstrum, Prize Fighters
    Hark back to Seattle's grungy, flannel-clad roots with Washington's own Mister Master, Dogstrum, and Prize Fighters.
    (Downtown, $10)

  11. Palace Theater Gothic Non-Industrial Night
    If you love goth vibes but aren't in the mood for punky avant-garde electronics, allow DJ Rota to fill your evening with "gothic non-industrial" jams. DJ Stephen will also spin "spooky fun tunes."
    (Georgetown, free)

  12. Pop Secret: Jerry Wang, Ainslee, McClarron
    DJs Jerry Wang, Ainslee, and McClarron will come through for all you musically indecisive party people at this edition of Pop Secret. 
    (Capitol Hill, $10)

  13. Skularoid Presents: Redshift, Bad Luck, The Hard Rocks
    Get your fix of hard rock from local bands Redshift, Bad Luck, and the Hard Rocks. 
    (Shoreline, $8)

  14. Tyler Hamilton Trio, Micah Subar, Hannah Abrams
    Local folk-Americana acts Tyler Hamilton Trio, Micah Subar, and Hannah Abrams will share a bill. 
    (Ballard, $8)

  15. W Music: Alex Ashley
    Hear music from singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alex Ashley at this free show. 
    (Downtown, free)


    Special guest Rowan Ruthless will join other local drag performers at this party on a "cruise ship" that is actually a stationary bar.
    (White Center, free)


  17. Happy Nude Year!
    The performers at this New Year's-themed show won't actually be naked—they'll just get as close as the law allows. Go see host Heavy Scene Macaque and Noona, Rocket, Butylene O'Kipple, and One in the almost-buff.
    (Downtown, $7)


  18. Amanda Montell: Wordslut
    The host of the Dirty Word web series will read from her first book, subtitled A Feminist Guide to Taking Back the English Language. It's a linguistic critique of the way we talk about women and other non-men—"from insults, cursing, gossip, and catcalling to grammar and pronunciation patterns"—and a primer on changing language to increase equality and fight against marginalization.
    (Capitol Hill, free)


  19. Fremont First Friday
    Hike up and down the hills of Seattle's self-proclaimed weirdest neighborhood/center of the universe and immerse yourself in local art shows and installations, indoors and out (be sure to stop by the Troll, Lenin, and the Rocket). Food trucks will be stationed within easy reach. Venues include Canvas! Paint.Sip.Studio, ArtFX Gallery, evo Timesinfinity Gallery, West of Lenin, and Frame-Up Studios. Tonight, make your own art for $3 at the George & Dragon Pub.
    (Fremont, free)

  20. Tidal Artist Haven Grand Opening
    The new North Seattle art space Tidal Artist Haven will celebrate its grand opening with live painting, community art-making, and a raffle and silent auction.
    (North Seattle, free)



  21. Seventh Annual Big Ass Boom Box Festival
    Early January is the live-music doldrums, so this free mini-festival of local bands, now in its seventh year, is a welcome respite. The lineup—which includes U.S.E., La Fonda, Powerbleeder, Moon Darling, Racoma, Güero Brown, Alicia Amiri, Antonioni, Bad Saint, and others—is sure to please those seeking local rock and electronic music as usual.
    (Belltown, free)


  22. Hart James: Blue
    Informed by the work of the Northwest Mystic painters, James portrays nature in its relationship to individuals using oils and charcoal.
    (Downtown, free)
    Closing Saturday

  23. Ryan W. Kelly: Forest from the Trees
    Wander through a dreamy, illogical "ad hoc forest" fashioned from papier-mâchÊ, ceramic, and wood.
    (Pioneer Square, free)
    Opening Friday



  24. Hot Stuff 2020: Disco Nights
    In honor of the Donna Summer musical Summer, Tom Douglas's swanky Carlile Room will offer a host of glitzy disco-inspired food and drink specials, including cocktails like the "Le Freak" ("shaken like a bootie and served with a twist") and the "Shelly's Leg" (named after an early Seattle disco, which was also the city's first openly operated gay bar). Live vinyl DJs will set the mood with '70s tunes. Break out your sequins and metallics—"cool outfits" will get you a raffle ticket for a $250 gift certificate.
    (Downtown, free)


  25. About Time
    For this exhibition, more than 50 local artists have worked their magic on clock faces.
    (Capitol Hill, free)
    Closing Sunday

  26. Diverse Directions in Ceramics
    Discover a collection of ceramic art curated by Patti Warashina and Carol Gouthro, including works by Timea Tihanyi and Lois Harbaugh, for the gallery's 20th anniversary.
    (Columbia City, free)
    Closing Sunday

  27. Dress Codes: Ellen Lesperance and Diane Simpson
    Lesperance and Simpson use grid forms to interpret the values and significations of historical clothing. Lesperance paints the garments of nuclear disarmament activists, rendering "American Symbolcraft, the visual shorthand of knitting patterns" with gouache instead of stitches, while Simpson constructs three-dimensional sculptures based on gridded interpretations of "illustrations found in antique clothing catalogues, window dressing manuals, and histories of dress."
    (First Hill, free)
    Closing Sunday

  28. The Paths We Travel
    Columbia City Gallery member artists Carol Hershman, Kamla Kakaria, Eliaichi Kimaro, Leslie Nan Moon, and Olivia Zapata reveal what they've been working on.
    (Columbia City, free)
    Closing Sunday


  29. Holiday Express Train & Poinsettias Display
    The Volunteer Park Conservatory will partake in the holiday season with their annual holiday express train and display of bright-red Poinsettias.
    (Capitol Hill, free)



  30. Vanessa Dawn, Tambre Massman, Piper Sheperd, Laura Lyons
    Kick back with local brews and local comics Vanessa Dawn, Tambre Massman, Piper Sheperd, and Laura Lyons.
    (Hillman City, $5)


  31. Native Womxn’s Circle - Womxn’s March Seattle 2020, Planning
    Help make this year's Womxn's March on Seattle as inclusive as possible by joining fellow womxn and Native community members (and allies) for a morning of conversation, coffee, and snacks.
    (Chinatown-International District, free)

  32. New Year's Benefit Party for #OutNOW! Movement
    Help support Refuse Fascism Seattle in its mission to host rallies and events that condemn the Trump administration and celebrate equal rights at this fundraiser and impeachment celebration.
    (Capitol Hill, $10 donation)


  33. 3rd Annual Mamma Mia!
    Shimmy and shake to the biggest, sparkliest hits of the '70s, with a special feature of tracks from the ABBA discography, thanks to DJ Disco Vinnie.
    (Capitol Hill, $5)

  34. Blue Avenue, Lights Out!, Dysfunkshunal
    Tacoma alt-rock band Blue Avenue will headline with support sets from Lights Out! and Dysfunkshunal.
    (Downtown, $8)

  35. Dolly & The DJ: Lumber Yard’s 2nd Anniversary!
    Local drag queen Dolly Madison will help the White Center's lumber-themed LGBTQ+ bar celebrate two years around the sun with an extra special edition of her show Dolly & the DJ. 
    (White Center, free)

  36. Don't Move
    Locally bred Piano trio Don't Move will charm you with an evening of "non-standard standards." 
    (West Seattle, $8)

  37. Exapsos, The Blaire Rose
    Local rock duo Exapsos—composed of 19-year-old Leah Raissis and her 12-year-old brother Zane Raissis—will bring cute siblings vibes to the stage after an opening set from the Blaire Rose. 
    (Eastlake, $8/$10)

  38. Fawcett, Symons, and Fogg
    With John Fawcett on drums, Tim Simons on keys, and Stephen Fogg on the eight-string guitar, Fawcett, Symons, and Fogg will flex their jazz-funk chops. 
    (West Seattle, free)

  39. Fortress of the Bear, Neither Bears Nor Forest, Will Wakefield & The Congress Hotel
    Fortress of the Bear will play rock songs off their newest EP with opening support from their friends Neither Bears Nor Forest, and Will Wakefield & the Congress Hotel. 
    (Fremont, $8)

  40. Future Funktion IV
    Join DJs Drawbird, RNDM CHLD, and Sylvain as they correct the apparent lack of synthwave, future funk, and alternative dance music in Seattle. 
    (Pioneer Square, $10)

  41. Glass Beaches, Dream Logic, Noia
    Bluesy indie-folk outfit Glass Beaches will headline after psych-rockers Dream Logic and electro-rock duo Noia. 
    (Pioneer Square, $8/$10)

  42. Haute Sauce: Swervewon, Semaj, Kemyst, Lourawk
    DJs Swervewon, Semaj, Kemyst, and Lourawk will be your DJs at this edition of "Seattle's home for hip-hop and dance music." 
    (Capitol Hill, $10)

  43. Ladies Musical Club: Welcome to Scandinavia
    Spend an hour of your Saturday listening to music by Finnish composers Kuula and Kilpinen performed by soprano Tiina Ritalahti and pianist Joan Lundquist. 
    (First Hill, free)

  44. Live Music & Performance at Cafe Racer
    Groove to ambient-leaning electronic music from local artists Alpha Stream, Brad Anderson, Beatrix Sky, and Djime. 
    (University District, free)

    Space out to experimental electronic music from Aural Antithesis, Aurick Leere, bo01ean_franchise, NiGHTofAL, Orqid, Rahikka, and Shield at this installment of the Modular Nights dance party. 
    (Ballard, free)

  46. Nick Droz, Mike Votava & the Ding Dongs, Goose Hollow
    Nick Droz is a Seattle transplant from Austin, Texas, whose danceable folk songs draw from both Southern and Northwest influences. He'll be performing with Mike Votava & the Ding Dongs and Goose Hollow. 
    (Greenwood, $8)

  47. Peyote Ugly, Velvet Q, Dot Comet
    Space out to synth-psych trio Peyote Ugly's trippy jams after sets from Velvet Q and Dot Comet.
    (Capitol Hill, $8/$10)

  48. PRĹŞFunk: Rodriguez, Linden, Sangwoo
    Wind down your weekend with downtempo, lo-fi, deep-house, and lounge jams from DJs Rodriguez, Linden, and Sangwoo. 
    (Central District, free)

  49. Suitcase, Subways On the Sun, Another Perfect Crime
    Nineties-style alt-rock will run rampant tonight, courtesy of Suitcase, Subways On the Sun, and Another Perfect Crime. 
    (Columbia City, $10)

  50. UbuludU, Psnake, Hound Dog Taylor's Hand
    Always a solid bet for killer shows up north, Darrell’s Tavern is hosting what looks to be a night of heavy cerebral jams! Openers Psnake deliver noisy, rockin’ indie rock while Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand are enigmatic instrumentalists who often employ improvised madness to drift in and out of sonic chaos. BTW, HDTH is former Yardbirds guitar player Jimmy Page’s favorite local band. Headliners UbuludU serve up self-described “power fusion,” a fair assessment, as I hear something like a later-1990s-style instrumental band; they’re sorta metal and sorta prog with hopes of aural expansion!! MIKE NIPPER
    (Shoreline, $8)


  51. The Misadventures of Cap'n Arrr!
    This children's theater production is packed with the silly pirate adventures of Cap'n Arrr.
    (Mount Baker, $5)


  52. Lucas P. Kok: Taima the Seahawk
    Taima the seahawk watches over the Emerald City from his perch at the top of the Space Needle, swooping down occasionally to save creatures in need. When he discovers that he shares a name with Seattle's pro football team, he takes it upon himself to help them out of their losing streak. Join the author for a reading.
    (Edmonds, free)

  53. Tarryn Fisher: The Wives
    Bestselling author Fisher will read from her new thriller about a woman in a polygynous marriage who's never met her husband's other wives, until one day her curiosity gets the better of her and she discovers something disturbing about her man's other families.
    (Lake Forest Park, free)


  54. Mall with MoM
    Every first Saturday brings vintage and art shopping, live DJs, flash tattoos, and more cute activities to the Museum of Museums, starting this weekend. 
    (Capitol Hill, free)


  55. 3rd Annual Seattle Hockey Holiday Party
    This third annual event will bring Seattle hockey fans and Canadian transplants together with the promise of beer, poutine, raffles, and prizes for the best Seattle NHL costume. The Canucks vs. the Rangers will be playing on TV. 
    (Greenwood, free)


  56. Jacob Lawrence: Drawings and Prints
    Perhaps one of the greatest artists of 20th-century Seattle, Jacob Lawrence depicted Biblical and historic themes through the lens of hardship and resilience in African American communities with boldly covered, color-blocked narrative compositions. Get familiar with his striking, kinetic work.
    (Pioneer Square, free)
    Opening Saturday

  57. Jueqian Fang and Hongzhe Liang: Vanity Show: Perhaps...
    Jueqian Fang and Hongzhe Liang examine the social, personal, and cultural ramifications of the "dreaded experience of luxury handbag shopping for family and friends in China who crave for status items," focusing on the role of newly rich Chinese women, their effect on consumerism, and their lack of immunity from colonial and communist history. 
    (Mount Baker, free)
    Closing Saturday

  58. Klara Glosova, Mya Kerner
    This show brings us work by two Seattle-based artists. Klara Glosova is a Czech-born multidisciplinary artist who creates primarily through drawing and painting. Drawing inspiration from her history growing up in Eastern Europe, as well as her experiences as an artist and mother, Glosova’s work is bright, its figures draped in bold swatches of color. Mya Kerner—a multidisciplinary artist with a background in permaculture—works in mediums like paint and wire to create tranquil mountainscapes that seemingly exist outside of space and time. Her approach to her work is influenced by her Eastern European forester lineage, which aids in her exploration of place and memory. JASMYNE KEIMIG
    (Pioneer Square, free)
    Opening Saturday

  59. Ross Palmer Beecher: Quilts and Assemblages
    This Seattle-based mixed-media artist subverts iconography by creating assemblages that form flags, portraits, and quilts.
    (Pioneer Square, free)
    Opening Saturday



  60. Art of Alzheimer's
    The community gallery A/NT hangs art by those experiencing Alzheimer's.
    (Seattle Center, free)
    Opening Saturday



  61. Golden Globe Awards 2020 at Cc Attle's
    Watch the Golden Globes ceremonies on all 25 screens.
    (Capitol Hill, free)


  62. The Close Seconds, Craptastica, Will Rainier & the Pines
    Local bands the Close Seconds, Craptastica, and Will Rainier & the Pines will link up for a night of indie rock. 
    (Ballard, $10)

  63. Mr. Dinkles, Anagram, Castoff, Queen Chimera
    The teens of power-punk duo Mr. Dinkles will add a dose of good angsty energy to your Sunday afternoon after sets from Anagram, Castoff, and Queen Chimera. 
    (Belltown, $10)

  64. Rylie
    Seattle musician Rylie, mostly known up until now for being Chris DeGarmo's daughter, will debut tracks from her new pop record.
    (Capitol Hill, free)


  65. Kate Wisel, Lucy Tan
    Kate Wisel's first collection, Driving in Cars with Homeless Men: Stories, deals with women overcoming violence in "working-class Boston." It won the Pitt Drue Heinz Lit Prize from the University of Pittsburgh Press. She and Lucy Tan, author of the Shanghai-set What We Were Promised, will talk about their different publication processes.
    (Capitol Hill, free)

  66. Roger Fernandes: Native Storyteller
    Tribal historian and storyteller Roger Fernandes (S’Klallam) will host a reading for the whole family. 
    (Greenwood, free)