Following a public health recommendation from King County, you've probably noticed that several upcoming events scheduled for this weekend have been canceled or postponed. But if you're feeling fit as a fiddle and you have a fanny pack full of hand sanitizer, don't worry—there's still plenty to do outside the confines of your home. Below, find all of your options for last-minute entertainment that won't cost more than $10, ranging from the Irish Heritage Club's annual Irish Soda Bread Contest to a conversation with Joy of Cooking revisionists John Becker and Megan Scott, and from a comedy show with Bobby Higley to Vote with Vera. For even more options, check out our complete EverOut Things To Do calendar and our list of cheap & easy things to do in Seattle all year long.

PSA: As you're making plans to go out in Seattle, remember that it's important to always wash your hands and stay home if you're sick. In light of the coronavirus, King County Public Health is recommending that people at higher risk of severe illness should stay home and away from large groups of people as much as possible. Several events in Seattle have been canceled already, so it's a good idea to double-check event websites for cancellations or postponements before leaving the house.

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  1. Spring Break Daytona Party Featuring Shipwreck Rum
    Shipwreck Rum owner Zach Brinley will transport you to spring break on the Atlantic coast with boozy slushies (in red solo cups, of course), beachy decor, and more of the like.
    (Ballard, no cover)


  2. 13 Rabbit, Frames In Motion
    Join soulful alternative blues-rock band 13 Rabbit for a night out with opening sets from harmony-rich indie-rockers Frames in Motion.
    (West Seattle, $8)

  3. Change, Berthol City, Scowl, Punitive Damage, Trapped By Lies, Chopping Block
    Brain Stem Productions presents a night of music with West Coast and Canadian punks Change, Berthol City, Scowl, Punitive Damage, Trapped By Lies, and Chopping Block. 
    (Downtown, $10)

  4. Evening Jazz with Leif Totusek 1-2-3
    Local jazz pros Leif Totusek, Larry Jones, and Phil Sparks will combine their powers.
    (Green Lake, free)

  5. Furniture Girls, The Mercy Ray, Craptastica
    All local womxn-fronted alt electro-rock band Furniture Girls will be joined by the Mercy Ray and Craptastica. 
    (Tukwila, $8)

  6. Paragon Live Presents Mariah Belgrod
    Local pop artist Mariah Belgrod will play live. 
    (Queen Anne, free)

  7. Procedure, Rip Room, Steel Tigers of Death
    San Francisco punks Rip Room will rip through Eastlake with the arty riffs off their first full-length record. They'll be joined by Procedure and Steel Tigers of Death. 
    (Eastlake, $8-$10)

  8. Santa Poco, Bakersfield Mafia, Luke Abbott
    Get your honky-tonk fix from country-rock groups Santa Poco, Bakersfield Mafia, and Luke Abbott. 
    (Ballard, $8)

  9. Vote with Vera ft. Dude York, Lisa Prank, Jo Passed, and More!
    Get pumped for the primaries with the Washington Bus and peppy local alt-rock bands Dude York, Lisa Prank, and jo passed. 
    (Seattle Center, $5/$10)


  10. Operadisiac‎ Presents: The Special Three-Hour Variety Hour Special!
    Contemporary opera calls ornate theaters, polite audience decorum, and pricey tickets to mind, but its early days saw much rowdier environs. This burlesque show will hark back to the art form's origins with a program of "arias, art songs, and popular songs" sung in operatic style and interspersed with accordion solos and "variety schtick."
    (University District, donation)

  11. Scouts Honor
    Forget the Scout's Oath you memorized as a kid and replace it with this one from the organizers: "On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to Heavy and my drag mom; to help other drags at all times; to keep myself physically stunning, mentally woke, and gay as hell." This "boy/girl/theyscout"-themed drag show will pit performers against each other for a night of drag duels bearing a coveted merit badge.
    (Downtown, $7/$10)


  12. Alys Eve Weinbaum: The Afterlife of Reproductive Slavery
    Alys Eve Weinbaum takes a page out of the book of black feminist thinkers of the '70s by drawing a parallel between women's reproductive exploitation in the days of slavery and the current state of "biocapitalism" in America. Hear more as she reads from her book The Afterlife of Reproductive Slavery.
    (Capitol Hill, free)

  13. JP Gritton: Wyoming
    A man who's down on his luck agrees to drive 50 pounds of his brother's high-grade marijuana from Colorado to Houston in exchange for a whole lot of cash. Hear JP Gritton read from his new novel, Wyoming, "a portrait of a hapless aspirant at odds with himself and everyone around him."
    (Ravenna, free)

  14. Kimberly Dark: Fat, Pretty, and Soon to be Old
    Hear Kimberly Dark read from her new collection of personal essays that explores how body image and privilege function in everyday life.
    (Capitol Hill, free)


  15. Ales for Aussies
    Help raise money for the people and animals still recovering from the Australian bushfires by drinking beer, grabbing dinner (by donation), and entering raffles. Kids can make koala bear crafts.
    (Magnolia, donation)

  16. International Women’s Day: Women’s Bodies Are a Battlefield
    Local activists Faith Baever, Mahilet Mesfin, and Gina Petry will join together for a panel discussion on women's rights and other global issues. The Mahogany Project will also give a live performance.
    (Columbia City, free)


  17. Sequim Sunshine Festival
    Look forward to warmer days with a weekend celebrating "light, fun, art, physical activity, and positive energy for all ages," in Sequim, which enjoys a mere 16 inches of rainfall per year. This year's lineup of events includes a group bicycle ride, a scavenger hunt, a beach party featuring Black Diamond Junction, an illuminated drone show, and much more.
    (Sequim, free)


  18. All the Things
    Roq la Rue is always worth a stop if you're craving something fanciful, surreal, magical, witty, and kitschy. See very disparate work by Ben Ashton, Hydeon, Colin Chillag, Camille Rose Garcia, Tasha Kusama, El Gato Chimney, Kai Carpenter, Adam Alaniz, and Amy Guidry.
    (Capitol Hill, free)
    Closing Saturday

  19. Heartbreak Science Fair
    Cheer up your wintry heart with pieces by interactive assemblage artist Dominique Nick, scientist and visual projection artist Simon Winder, performance artist Krista Lee Wolfe (who also curated), and many others interested in the crossroads of science and art.
    (Capitol Hill, free)
    Closing Saturday



  20. Natalia Czajkiewicz: The Memory Polices You
    This "flouting soul" uses text and embroidery to contemplate emotional life in our current "dystopian society."
    (Capitol Hill, free)
    Closing Sunday



  21. Saturday Sabotage Presents Bobby Higley
    Growing up in a Mormon family in Utah and Idaho, thin white androgyne Bobby Higley must have stuck out like '70s-era David Bowie at a hardcore-punk gig. She has turned the pain of being bullied in school and misunderstood at home into one of the raunchiest and funniest acts on Seattle's comedy stages. "I describe myself as Seattle's premier sad, gay, ex-Mormon comic," Higley says. "I have a couple of really cutesy jokes that are actually police-brutality jokes at the end. And you don't realize until we get there. Then once you do, you're like, 'Oh, god.' I've always described my approach as 'razzle-dazzle gut punch.'" DAVE SEGAL
    (Capitol Hill, $5 suggested donation)


  22. All-Star Purim
    Since the only rule of Purim is that there are no rules, this family celebration is sports-themed. Come dressed as your favorite athlete or piece of equipment and hear the story of Esther in a "carnival atmosphere."
    (North Seattle, free)

  23. Anko Cat Cafe with Sunny Sky’s Animal Rescue!
    Cuddle with adoptable kitties from Sunny Sky's Animal Rescue and sip complimentary hot drinks. 
    (Burien, free)

  24. Native Plants ID Workshop: Native Trees
    Learn the names of prominent low-land trees with Seattle Parks & Recreation naturalist Jacob de Guzman.
    (West Seattle, free)


  25. Producers Symposium: Hot Takes from Hot Sets
    Three women producers fresh off the sets of their new projects will link up for a panel. Hear from Nicole Pouchet Skuba (Strowlers), Susan LaSalle (The Paper Tigers), and Sarah Crowe (Potato Dreams of America).
    (Central District, $5)


  26. Irish Soda Bread Contest 2020
    Judges will award prizes for the best traditional Irish bread leavened by baking soda and buttermilk, with categories for "brown," "white," and "glorified." While they evaluate entries, enjoy Irish music and dancing.
    (Queen Anne, free)


  27. Signing by Comic Writer/Artist Mirka Andolfo
    Italian writer and comic artist Mirka Andolfo will visit Seattle to sign copies of her new Image Comics series, Mercy. 
    (Downtown, free)


  28. Biddadat, Hoshin, Motus
    Neo-funk outfit Biddadat will play their catchy tunes for you after opening sets from local R&B bands Hoshin and Motus. 
    (Ballard, $10)

  29. BLOOM ft. Succubass
    Escape into the "cerebral sonic experience" of Bloom with special guest DJ Succubass and resident Gag Reflex. 
    (Downtown, $8)

  30. Brianna Skye, Julia Francis, Kelsey Sprague, Aline & Wes
    Party with indie rockers Brianna Skye and the Dark Clouds, Julia Francis, Kelsey Sprague, and Aline & Wes in your best fantasy-world costume. 
    (West Seattle, $8)

  31. Chris LeVaughn
    Join singer-songwriter Chris LeVaughn and his sultry voice in Beacon Hill.
    (Beacon Hill, free)

  32. Future Spa, Axel, Ellis
    Dance to fuzzy garage rock from Boston's Future Spa—who got their name from a poster of a pinball machine—and enjoy additional sets from jazz- and soul-inspired pop artist Axel and singer-songwriter Ellis. 
    (Capitol Hill, $5)

  33. Gestalt, Sunroofs, Dravus, Queen Chimera and Smaller in Person
    Sway to sweet melodic indie-rock from local bands Gestalt, Dravus, Queen Chimera, and Smaller in Person. 
    (University District, $5-$10)

  34. Kearney Barton: Architect Of The Northwest Sound Release Party
    Join Kearney Barton for the release of a compilation of songs from various local bands who recorded in his studio during the '60s and '70s. DJ Greg Vandy will be spinning the album, titled Architect of the Northwest Sound, and copies of the CD and double vinyl LP will be for sale. 
    (Seattle Center, free)

  35. Paragon Live Presents Kris Angelis
    Join singer-songwriter Kris Angelis for an intimate live performance. 
    (Queen Anne, free)

  36. The Pratt & Parr Show
    Multi-instrumentalist duo Dale James Pratt and Kevin Parr will play downhome-style tunes.
    (Fremont, free)

  37. PRĹŞFunk with Peter Evans, Aivilo, Porth
    Chill out to "rarely played-out cuts and laid-back tunes" ranging from downtempo beats to triphop.
    (Central District, $5)

  38. Red House Band and the Joe Cook Blues Band
    Boogie to soul and R&B with Red House Band, plus more from the Joe Cook Blues Band.
    (Shoreline, $10)

  39. Sorcia, Grim Earth, Mother Root, STAHV
    These grim times pair well with the doomy sludge metal from locals Sorcia, Grim Earth, Mother Root, and STAHV. Join them for some thrashing. 
    (Georgetown, $8)

  40. SQ Darty with DJ Vanderbeck!
    Slip into a silken '70s getup for this groovy Social Queer daytime vinyl dance party with DJ Vanderbeck.
    (Capitol Hill, $10)

  41. Stargazy Pie, Blue Avenue, Dysfunkshunal
    Tacoma rock band Stargazy Pie will head up this show in Tukwila, joined by Blue Avenue and Dysfunkshunal. 
    (Tukwila, $8)

  42. Tomo Nakayama, Elisha, I Love You Avalanche
    Tomo Nakayama makes, if anything, deeper sense to me 16 years after I discovered him in the wake of 9/11. His music was calming folks—although I understand that isn’t his primary intention—in the shadow of 9/11, Election Day, or whatever confines us within the famous Hoodie of Dread. He’s still sensible, still tuneful, understated, urging us to look at the sky, the moon, nature, and commonplace things, commonplace feelings, even. A good friend of mine got Siri to say, “You should be satisfied with what you have,” and has no idea how he got Siri to say that. Tomo knows of what he sings, telling us to at least consider satisfaction with what we have. And then build from there. TODD HAMM
    (Capitol Hill, donation)


  43. Oliver Amatist
    Oliver Amatist will read from his new narrative poem, Dead Flowers, which interprets the true story of a homeless and disabled teen who recalls memories of a terminally ill childhood friend as he seeks shelter across the Northwest. 
    (Edmonds, free)


  44. Dragons vs Roughnecks Watch Party
    Watch on TV as Seattle XFL team the Seattle Dragons play the Houston Roughnecks over in Texas. They'll be pouring the Dragons' "official" Half Lion beer, plus Precious Vodka cocktail specials. 
    (Pioneer Square, no cover)

  45. UFC 248 Watch Party
    Watch the entire UFC 248 card, including preliminary matches, at the Irish pub. 
    (Downtown, $10)


  46. Free First Saturday: Welcome Back Sammy!
    Take your family to explore the newly opened museum and enjoy art-making activities and more fun, including appearances by the Sammy the Camel mascot.
    (Capitol Hill, free)



  47. Fiber Fest Weekend
    Celebrate the opening of the exhibition Fiber 2020 with talks on topics like Native textile art and spirituality, discussions, workshops, and even a screening of a documentary, Yarn, about wool graffiti and other innovations with the material. Plus, you'll be able to shop at a pop-up market.
    (Bainbridge Island, free)


  48. Seattle Miniature Show 2020
    If you want to feel like a friendly giant traipsing about a village of beautiful houses (or if you're searching for some new additions for your dollhouse), the Seattle Miniature Show is the place to be.
    (Sea-Tac, $7)


  49. Reflect First Saturdays: March
    Flail your body around to cosmic tunes with resident dance music DJs Sloth, DYR, and Citrus Age.
    (Capitol Hill, free)



  50. Board Games & Beer
    Bring your favorite games from home and knock back a few beers (or wine or cider, if you prefer). One of the brewers will be running a D&D game, too. 
    (Lake City, free)

  51. John Becker and Megan Scott: Joy of Cooking
    Julia Child once called the Joy of Cooking “a fundamental resource for any American cook.” Originally self-published by St. Louis homemaker Irma Rombauer in 1931, and in print continuously since its original commercial publishing in 1936, Joy of Cooking is one of the most popular cookbooks to come out of the United States, and has been republished more times than any other, with more than 18 million copies sold. Rombauer’s great-grandson John Becker and his wife, Megan Scott, are the first of the family to be solely responsible for testing, revising, and updating the book since 1975, and their revised edition dropped in November 2019. They added 600 new recipes to the 4,000 it already included, bumping it up to an astounding 1,200 pages. They updated every section to reflect modern ingredients and techniques currently available to home cooks. Becker and Scott join Anna Brones (the local author/artist responsible for creating the paper cuts at the beginning of each chapter) in conversation at this special event held in support of Joy's latest revision. LEILANI POLK
    (Fremont, free)

  52. Women Makers Raising the Bar
    For International Women's Day, try samples from women-owned businesses like vegan fermentation company Firefly Kitchens, honey-sweetened nut butter makers Ground Up PDX, and more while supplies last. 
    (Roosevelt, free)


  53. Drag in the Box Release Party
    Celebrate the debut of a brand-new card game about drag, which creator Salvatore Lani has been perfecting for the past five years.
    (Georgetown, free)


  54. Campbient Sound Art Salon Performance and Record Release
    Settle in for a few hours of experimental sound art created during an improvisational 44-hour sound art residency program. The artists will play a recording of the first volume of the Campbient project, followed by a live performance. 
    (Belltown, free)

  55. Ladies Musical Club Concert
    Hear a performance of oboe, cello, piano, and vocals from the Seattle Ladies Musical Club's Lin Chen, Katie Beisel Hollenbach, Erika Pierson, and Karin McCullough. 
    (West Seattle, free)

  56. Salsa Night with Eléré Latin Jazz!
    Horn-heavy Latin jazz band Eléré will bring their salsa, mambo, and Afro Cuban jazz stylings to Shoreline. 
    (Shoreline, $10)

  57. Unilalia Live! 006 ft. Carter Wilson, Astral Trap, Bighomie$lim + More
    The venue-floating hip-hop and R&B showcase Unilalia Live will host Virginia MC Bighomie$lim, Seattle's Astral Tap, Sacramento's Face Stafa, and other up-and-coming artists from near and far. 
    (Rainier Valley, $5)


  58. Gay Purim Party
    The lumberjack-themed gay bar will host a Purim dance party in its Loading Dock space. Groove the night away in honor of Queen Esther and order up some fresh hamantaschen from the bar.
    (White Center, no cover)