If you didn't get a chance to see Michelle Obama in person when she stopped in Tacoma on her book tour last year, you're in luck: This Wednesday marks the Netflix premiere Becoming, an "intimate documentary" wherein the former First Lady shares stories of her role in the White House, her experience with motherhood, and her life in general. Netflix

By now, you might have a queue of recurring virtual events whose hosts earn your attention (and donations) every week, which is awesome. But if you're looking for something new, we've rounded up the latest, most exciting stuff popping up on the internet this week on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms—from Welcome to Night Vale: The Faceless Old Woman to the Translations Film Festival, and from the Drunken Laboratory to a KEXP concert with Christine and the Queens. Find even more events on our complete streaming events calendar, and check back on Friday for a roundup of the best local virtual events this weekend (including HUMP!).

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Live Music Project presents Root to Rise: Cello Music, Arborists, and a Spot of Yoga
To celebrate its sixth birthday, the Live Music Project will put on a "podcast-style" chat with arborists Katherine Taylor and Katie Hogan, a solo cello performance by Kymani Thomas, a few moments of at-home yoga, and "the most adorable cupcake toast this side of the Cascades."


Collide-O-Scope: Feel The Fourth!
While it might not contain any Star Wars videos (or any footage of Angela Lansbury, as the poster suggests), this version of the trippy video compilation series will definitely be fit for distant galaxies. 

Star Wars Day on Disney+
The history of Star Wars Day—May (the) 4th (be with you)—is interesting in that there's not really any history at all; It's a dumb pun that some fans turned into a self-perpetuating marketing celebration back in the "dark times" where liking Star Wars was unpopular (Ed. note: Those times never really existed, Star Wars has always been a billions-generating global media franchise). When Disney purchased Lucasfilm in 2012, people figured the company would finally graduate this fan celebration to the corporate big time, but it never really happened... until now. Disney+ has overhauled its entire look for the day, and is not only making The Rise of Skywalker available to stream, it's premiering a new behind-the-scenes documentary on their breakout hit The Baby Yoda Show The Mandalorian, and streaming the series finale of The Clone Wars. That last bit is the crown jewel here: Even if the final part of this four-episode arc ending the seven-season animated epic doesn't quite stick the landing, the first three parts are so good that if it were edited into an actual movie (please do this, Lucasfilm) they would immediately become not just the best prequel film in the saga, but probably a top-tier Star Wars entry overall. Ahsoka Lives! BOBBY ROBERTS

Join the party at Speakeasy!— the talkshow where you make cocktails and draw!
Every other Thursday, make a cocktail, chat, and draw with Police Reports Illustrated’s Callan Berry!
Fukdtup Variety Show: Digitally Fukdt! Brassy, sick fun!
Join us for an explosion of salacious, spooky, sappy, sublime, and sinister performances! Hosted by Miss Texas & Strawberry Shartcake!
Seattle's most scenic happy hour is on Blake Island
Enjoy local beer, wine, and specialty cocktails outside. Available Wed-Sun, 3:30 pm - Close

ZOE | JUNIPER: eleven.
Commissioned by Velocity as part of the 2012 Strictly Summer program, local dancers Zoe Scofield and Juniper Shuey's eleven. will be rebroadcast with live commentary from the co-creators. 


Frank Wilderson with Anastacia-Reneé: Afro-Pessimism And Modern Slavery
Former Seattle Civic Poet Anastacia-Reneé will talk with author Frank B. Wilderson III about Afro-pessimism: an intellectual movement that "theorizes blackness through the lens of perpetual slavery." Press materials state, "Rather than interpreting slavery through a Marxist framework of class oppression, [Wilderson] asserts that the social construct of slavery—as seen through pervasive, anti-black subjugation and violence—is hardly a relic of the past, but an almost necessary force in modern civilization."

Jami Attenberg
Every Monday evening for five weeks, fiction writer Jami Attenberg (The Middlesteins) will host one-on-one Zoom chats on creativity and productivity (two things you may very well be struggling with during quarantine). Listen in on her conversations with Kristen Arnett, Alexander Chee, Lauren Groff, Sam Irby, and Laila Lalami, and come away with pearls of wisdom. 

Lulu Miller: Why Fish Don’t Exist
NPR's Lulu Miller revisits the legacy of David Starr Jordan, the taxidermist credited with discovering a fifth of the fish known to humanity, in her book Why Fish Don't Exist: A Story of Loss, Love, and the Hidden Order of Life. Hear her talk about how Jordan "transformed her understanding of history, morality, and the world beneath her feet" in this virtual Town Hall talk. 


A Moment with the Met
Vogue will reminisce on Met Galas past with an exclusive livestream on YouTube, featuring an address by Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour, a live performance by Florence and the Machine, and a DJ set by Louis Vuitton's Virgil Abloh. Put on your finest gown and tune in.



Tilth Alliance's Edible Plant Sale
Tilth Alliance is moving its annual edible plant sale online to serve your quarantined spring gardening needs. You'll be able to browse selections and order them for pickup at Rainier Beach Urban Farm & Wetlands.



'Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind' HBO Premiere
This HBO documentary tonight seeks to take a different tack in recounting the life of actor Natalie Wood. Most of her biographies tend to prominently fixate on her premature death, and the mystery surrounding it. Hell, even this blurb can't make it to its halfway point without bringing it up. But this doc, directed by Laurent Bouzereau (Five Came Back) and focused through the eyes of her daughter, Natasha Gregson Wagner, is all about really looking at the very full, eventful, and transformative life she lived for 43 years, featuring footage from home movies, words from her private letters and diaries, and interviews with some of her closest friends, providing the chance to celebrate the star for no other reason than to appreciate how brightly she shined. BOBBY ROBERTS


Virtual Cake with Anne Allgood
Before the pandemic, Rich Smith wrote, "Strolling through the Smithsonian Museum one afternoon, I stumbled upon a full replica of Julia Child's kitchen. I walked in because I had recently finished watching some classic episodes of The French Chef (which is currently streaming on Amazon Prime, by the way), including her infamous lobster show. 'You have to cut him right here,' Child says as she sticks her knife into the lobster's neck, 'where all of his brains and hearts and feelings are.' Genius. Anyway, in the Smithsonian exhibit, I saw a picture of Child bent over a counter in a small French kitchen. On the placard next to the photo was a quote from the famously tall chef: 'When I get my own kitchen, I'm going to build the counters up to my waist. I'm through with this French pygmy bullshit!' If you haven't figured it out yet, Child is one of the greatest and funniest people ever to wield an eight-inch knife. In this light opera, a shade of the chef will crack you up while also making a giant chocolate cake, which I am told will be made with Theo Chocolate." Julia Child's niece Julia Child Prud'homme has been starring in the show at the Rendezvous, but tonight, she'll chat live with co-producers Mark Anders and Anne Allgood alongside the release of a new streamed video of Allgood baking Julia Child's signature Chocolate Gateau Cake. For extra credit, pick up the ingredients to bake your own version at home.


The Drunken Laboratory
If you're going to get tipsy and then start doing science experiments, why not do it from the safety and comfort of your own home while watching the mad lab rats from The Drunken Laboratory, who will be fulfilling many a kid's childhood dream and teaching everyone how to make quicksand with just starch and water. Now you can really put your G.I. Joe's and Star Wars toys through hell as scientifically accurately as possible! BOBBY ROBERTS


Christine and the Queens
French electro-rock royalty Christine and the Queens (aka Héloïse Adelaïde Letissier) will grace KEXP with her crystalline-sung, crispy-synthy tunes. 

Cinco de Mayo Encanto Streaming Concert Live!
This Cinco de Mayo Encanto Arts concert, narrated in English and Spanish by Enrique Cerna and Paco Diaz, will raise money for local artists affected by COVID. 


Welcome to Night Vale: The Faceless Old Woman
The authors of the podcasts and tie-in books Welcome to Night Vale (Fink and Cranor), Alice Isn't Dead (Fink), and Within the Wires (Cranor) will present a new spooky novel based on an unforgettable Night Vale character.



GiveBIG Washington
It's that time of year when local independent organizations—from theaters to schools to museums—ask for support from community members through the massive fundraising campaign GiveBIG. This year, GiveBIG is expanding its usual 24-hour event into a two-day event to show extra love during the COVID-19 crisis. If you need guidance, we've rounded up some noteworthy participating nonprofits here.



A Conversation with On the Boards Artistic Director Rachel Cook
Join On the Boards' Artistic Director Rachel Cook for a virtual chat on Salvage Rituals, the 18/19 Artists-in-Residence project by Tim Smith-Stewart and Jeffrey Azevedo that serves as the first iteration of an ongoing community practice and dance party. 

Variety Streaming Room with Martin Freeman & Paul Andrew Williams
Actor Martin Freeman and director Paul Andrew Williams of the newly launched BritBox crime drama series A Confession will join Variety for an exclusive screening of the first episode, followed by a Q&A. Soumya Sriraman, president and CEO of BritBox, will also join the party. 

Virtual Civic Cocktail With Raquel Bono and Gary Locke
Raquel Bono (the Director of Washington State's COVID-19 Health System Response Management) and Gary Locke (the former Governor of Washington, Ambassador to China, and U.S. Secretary of Commerce) will talk COVID, the Census, and the impact of both on Washington State in this virtual Civic Cocktail.

Virtual Silent Reading Party
The first worldwide silent-reading party was such a huge success that we're making it weekly. Every Wednesday at 6 pm we're going to throw these parties, at least until stay-at-home is over. Attendees at the first Zoom silent-reading party included famous actors, writers, composers, artists, families, teenagers doing their homework, people staring into space listening to the music because it was just so beautiful, cats, and even one household on Orcas Island that was eating dinner and decided to broadcast the reading party as their background music. (What a brilliant idea!) It wasn't just a great party to be at. Behind the scenes, this was a roaring success as well. The Stranger brought in revenue from the reading party for the first time ever, our musician Paul Matthew Moore made ten times more on Venmo tips than he's ever made in the tip jar at the Sorrento (thank you for your generosity—he deserves it!), and hundreds of people at the party have written us emails, clamoring for more. CHRISTOPHER FRIZZELLE


'Becoming' Netflix Premiere
About a year ago, American treasure and cultural icon Michelle Obama came to the Tacoma Dome as part of her national tour promoting her book Becoming. She covered key events in her life from career to motherhood, and discussed the lessons learned from becoming the first Black woman to serve as First Lady of the United States. This documentary, premiering on Netflix today (from the Obamas' production company Higher Ground, following up their acclaimed American Factory) is "an intimate documentary" for those who were able to attend last year's show, and for us broke folk who weren't able to drive to Tacoma. Not sure how “intimate” this “conversation” can get, but I also don’t doubt Michelle’s ability to surpass all expectations. JENNI MOORE



Translations: Seattle Transgender Film Festival
Here is something that Seattle should take pride in. We have the world's largest trans film festival. Not Berlin, not London, not New York City—but Seattle. The festival is called Translations, and it features a bunch of films from places that do not have the largest trans film festival. CHARLES MUDEDE


R&M Chef Tasting Event
Taste an exclusive smattering of little desserts crafted by R&M chefs Rod and Marc, packed into a box for curbside pickup. Once you get your parcel, you can join the chefs for a livestreamed tasting.


For the Benefit of Royal Room: Rubber Soul
Rl Heyer, Jen Ayers, Faith Stankevich, Igor Abuladze, Norman Baker, Sean P. Bates, Gary Westlake, and other local musicians will bang out the Beatles' Rubber Soul in its entirety.

John Doe of X
Outpost in the Burbs presents a virtual concert with John Doe of the legendary LA punk band X. 

Nectar Virtual Concert Series: the High Seagrass
Nectar will livestream a performance from local bluegrass band the High Seagrass on their YouTube channel. 


The Secret of Seattle's Disappearing Hill
Seattle's most famous land alteration project was the removal of an entire downtown hill, the Denny Regrade, where you'll now find Jeff Bezos's balls. On this virtual tour with Atlas Obscura, learn why the project, completed between 1897 and 1930, took place.

Tori Amos in Conversation
Your favorite mezzo-soprano Tori Amos will talk about her new book (Resistance: A Songwriter's Story of Hope, Change & Courage) live with Brooklyn's Murmrr.

UW Engage Science: Bark Beetles, Iron Bacteria, and DNA Thumb Drives
Outbreaks of native North American native bark beetles (such as the mountain pine beetle) have killed over millions of acres of trees in the last 20 years, and their scope is only becoming more severe as climate change makes the air hotter and drier in the Pacific Northwest. Join UW's Jenna Morris as she explores how modifying forest structure can influence response to these outbreaks.



Eat Read Hugo
Hugo House's annual fundraiser helps support its grants for student scholarships, writing classes, youth programs, and events. This year's event will take the form of an online auction with welcome toasts, author testimonials, and a conversation between Charles Johnson (Night Hawks), and bestselling author Garth Stein (The Art of Racing the Rain). The main event will take place this Thursday-Saturday, but the auction is open now.


Nights In
In support of the World Central Kitchen, Eater presents a weeklong livestreamed series with big-name chefs and celebrities.  Guests include Top Chef winner Brooke Williamson (Mon), former wide receiver Victor Cruz (Tues), chef and restaurateur Jet Tila (Wed), and others.


Pacific Northwest Ballet Streaming Series
Pacific Northwest Ballet had to cancel several anticipated performances this season due to COVID-19, including Alejandro Cerrudo's One Thousand Pieces. Now, the company is releasing dress rehearsals of the shows (followed by Q&As) on their Facebook and YouTube channels in a series that will last through the end of June.

Pat Graney's Faith Triptych
These three performances from renowned choreographer Pat Graney (titled "Faith," "Sleep," and "Tattoo," respectively) span the course of a decade, from 1991-2001. Stream all three parts featuring 12 of the original cast members (including KT Niehoff, Peggy Piacenza, and Amii Legendre).