Congratulations, 2020 grads! You may not get a traditional commencement ceremony this weekend, but you will get semi-personal addresses from Oprah Winfrey (Fri) and Barack Obama (Sat), plus a slew of livestreamed music and comedy performances in your honor. RICK DIAMOND/GETTY IMAGES

We're back to bid you a happy (read: as enjoyable as possible under the current circumstances) Friday, and to remind you that quarantine in its current state will one day come to an end. Until then, here's another roundup of the best livestreamed events happening this weekend in Seattle and beyond—from a class of 2020 graduation ceremony with Oprah (and one with Obama, and another with Mary Lambert and SassyBlack) to the genre-spanning In the House Festival, and from Wa Na Wari's new hip-hop series 2(06) the Break to MIPoPS' and Scarecrow Video's Virtual Moving History VIII - Les Boys. For even more options, check out our complete livestreamed events calendar and our picks for movies and TV shows to watch at home this weekend.

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#Graduation2020: Facebook and Instagram Celebrate the Class of 2020
COVID-19 has been particularly rough on schoolkids. It might not seem that way if you take the most superficial of looks at the situation, i.e. "Hey, they don't have to go to school, I wish I didn't have to go to school, har har!" But not only have kids had their educations interrupted and their friends kept at a distance, but for the class of 2020, all that work they put in was in danger of being unrewarded, or rewarded sorta poorly (if many "virtual" ceremonies are anything to go by). ENTER OPRAH. Effectively taking over all of Facebook, Oprah will deliver a commencement speech to the graduating class of 2020, before turning the stage over to other stars with their own inspirational speeches and performances, including Awkwafina, Jennifer Garner, Lil Nas X, Simone Biles, and Miley Cyrus. Will Oprah figure out a way to hide the keys to a new car under your seat as you watch? Would you put it past her? BOBBY ROBERTS

Virtual 23rd Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium
See what UW undergrad researchers across disciplines have been up to in this virtual showcase. From lightning talks to poster talks to performing arts sessions, you'll definitely learn new things. 


We All Play Our Part: A Benefit for MPTF
Stars like Pierce Brosnan, George Clooney, Taye Diggs, Jodie Foster, Allison Janney, Wanda Sykes, and many others will appear in Motion Picture & Television Fund's one-night benefit for those working behind-the-scenes in TV and movies. You can also expect performances from the likes of Leslie Odom Jr., Brad Paisley, and Rachel Platten. 

Join the party at Speakeasy!— the talkshow where you make cocktails and draw!
Every other Thursday, make a cocktail, chat, and draw with Police Reports Illustrated’s Callan Berry!
Fukdtup Variety Show: Digitally Fukdt! Brassy, sick fun!
Join us for an explosion of salacious, spooky, sappy, sublime, and sinister performances! Hosted by Miss Texas & Strawberry Shartcake!
Seattle's most scenic happy hour is on Blake Island
Enjoy local beer, wine, and specialty cocktails outside. Available Wed-Sun, 3:30 pm - Close

The Russo Bros. Pizza Film School
The superstar sibling directing team behind Avengers: Endgame are looking to already shake up the still-nascent Watch Party groove people are settling into by turning online gatherings into impromptu moviemaking classes. Starting tonight at 5 pm, the Russos will gather all their Insta followers together to have some pizza and discuss one of their very favorite movies, and a big influence on their filmmaking. This week's title? The 1995 French drama La Haine, written and directed by Mathieu Kassovitz, who Americans probably know best as the "Gimme the cassshhh!!" guy from The Fifth Element. So that's mind-blower number one, right there. Mind-blowers two through 115 will certainly come as the Russos and special guest film critic Pete Hammond deconstruct the groundbreaking title, which stars Said Taghmaoui (The Elder in John Wick 3, Sameer in Wonder Woman) and Vincent Cassel (Brotherhood of the Wolf, Eastern Promises). BOBBY ROBERTS

Submit a Film to the Confinement (online) Film Festival
Have you sanitized and rearranged your apartment? Twice? Finished Tiger King? Learned a Third Eye Blind song on your dusty guitar? Baked 11 loaves of bread? Are you homeschooling your children and grasping at straws for “Fine Arts” curriculum? Will you start any project to avoid actually working from home? Then CoFF is for YOU! Since COVID-19 has all of us stuck at home, we’re inviting artists, filmmakers (and non-filmmakers), parents, teachers, and other creators who are experiencing this new normal to make and submit short films—five-minute maximum length—for the first-ever Confinement Film Fest. We’re seeking films that explore our current reality of social distancing and self-quarantine. Funny films, sad shorts, first responder documentaries, anxiety spirals (think Trader Joe’s meets Walking Dead), mind fucks, WFH video mishaps, homeschooling honors, pot-influenced journeys, films about being trapped with an ex (or in-law)—all these have a home at CoFF. Send in your submissions by 5 p.m. tonight!


Nacho Average Showdown: Guy & Hunter Fieri vs. Bill & Homer Murray
Remember that quarantine dream you had where frosty-haired celebrity restaurateur Guy Fieri and his son Hunter went head-to-head against Bill Murray and his son Homer in a nacho-building competition? Well, now it's really happening, live on the Food Network. Chef Carla Hall, Terry Crews, and Shaquille O' Neal will make guest appearances. 


Brad Paisley with Special Guest Lady Antebellum
Country boy Brad Paisley will go live on YouTube with Nashville country group Lady Antebellum as part of Budlight's Seltzer Sessions. 

FIERCE! Music Video Virtual Dance Party
Break a sweat to Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and more of your favorite contemporary female pop stars (plus Little Richard, RIP) at this virtual dance party. If you want to watch but not show off your dance moves, you can catch the livestream on Twitch.

The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert
The remaining members of Queen will honor their late, great leader and raise money for COVID-19 relief efforts with a rebroadcast of their 1992 Freddie Mercury tribute concert, which featured David Bowie, Robert Plant, Axl Rose, and others. It'll remain live for 48 hours only.

Free Broadcast: Wayne Horvitz's '188 Sullivan'
Tune in for a performance of Wayne Horvitz‘s 188 Sullivan: Varèse meets Bird, composed for the South Hudson Music Project and premiered by the Seattle Modern Orchestra at the Royal Room this past February.

Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires
Livestreamed from Nashville's Brooklyn Bowl, country music artists Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires will give an acoustic performance celebrating the release of Jason Isbell and the 400 Units' new album, Reunions.

The Killers: Livestream Q&A
The Killers, every middle schooler's gateway to emo pop-punk, will answer your burning questions, discuss their new record, and reminisce on hit singles on their YouTube channel.

Kremwerk x Depth Livestream
Seattle DJs Cory Simpson and Succubass will head up this dance party in your very own living room, kitchen, bathroom, or closet. 

Nectar Virtual Concert Series presents: General Mojo's
If you like your psych-pop equipped with fuzzy guitar, drippy (and trippy) synths, and vocal harmonies, local five-piece General Mojo's won't disappoint. Catch them live on Nectar's YouTube channel. 

Perfume Genius: Pitchfork Listening Club
Sean Nelson wrote, "When 'genius' is right there in your band name, you’re going to have to deliver. Fortunately, Mike Hadreas figured out how to summon the goods. The first two records were real good, but Perfume Genius achieved a glory on 2014’s Too Bright that only grew more glorious on this year’s No Shape. If there’s any justice, he’ll be carried out of [the 2017] Block Party on a team of white stallions." Join the artist for a special performance of songs from his new album, Set My Heart on Fire Immediately.

The Robyn Party: Livestream Edition
We don’t talk enough about Sweden’s favorite daughter, Robyn, whose high-energy electropop has been some of the world’s finest since the late ’90s. (2005’s Robyn is still 10,000 percent perfect.) God bless [Portland venue] Holocene, then, for hosting a livestream edition of their regular Robyn party tonight at 8 pm, which is exactly what it sounds like: All Robyn, all night. It will make all other dance nights sound like garbage. ERIK HENRIKSEN


All4Doras Livestream Variety Hour
Local boy band cover band All4Doras will keep you entertained with a live Q&A, music video heckling, TMZ-style updates, and live coordinated dancing.

Andrew Lloyd Weekend
Every Friday, Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber (or whoever runs his YouTube) has been posting videos of concerts, tributes, and filmed productions of Andrew Lloyd Weber shows. They're available to watch for 48 hours, they're free, and not only are they delightful things to look forward to every weekend, they're also serving as fundraisers for various arts and health causes (he asks people to make donations if they can). Bravo, Sir Andy! Of course, Weber’s work being what it is, there's a lot of weird backstory, trivia, and cultural ephemera attached to each weekly show. And ohhhh boy, are we fortunate that this weekend’s show is none other than 1998’s filmed direct-to-video version of the best/worst musical ever made: Cats! Now and forever. MATT BAUME

From the Vault
Every Friday, Spectrum Dance Artistic Director (and legendary Seattle dancer) Donald Byrd has been re-releasing a past performance to the company's YouTube channel. Each piece is inspired by "the notion of time during this current period of uncertainty and change." The series will wrap up tonight with a piece called "LOVE."


Solitude Social Club
Hugo House's bookish happy hour will give the digital floor to guest writers every Friday evening. This week, tune in to hear how TaraShea Nesbit (The Wives of Los Alamos) is finding happiness and meaning through literature during this period of isolation.


Paulo Gonzales and Jennifer Zwicklive
Photographic Center Northwest's administrative associate Paulo Gonzales will go live on Instagram to interview 23rd juried exhibition artist Jennifer Zwicklive about her playful installations. 



EDC: Las Vegas Virtual Rave-a-Thon
Electric Daisy Carnival is Las Vegas’ annual electronic music festival for those who like to rave in the morning, the afternoon, the evening, and deep into the night. This year’s event, which should have been this weekend, is, of course, postponed, so Insomniac TV will present a three-day virtual edition with headliners like ARMNHMR, David Guetta, and Tokimonsta.

In the House Festival
If the best parties are the ones that offer something for everyone, this virtual celebrity-packed hootenanny should go down as a triumph in the quar books. Kicking off with a rare vinyl listening party with Zooey Deschanel and moving right along to a comedy skit with Keegan-Michael Key, the three-day event promises entertainment in all genres. Download the "face-to-face social network" app Houseparty to watch.

Prince and the Revolution: Live in '85
Prince bless the vault, and all the purple treasures contained within it. For three days only, Prince's YouTube channel will make this 1985 show (taped at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, NY) available for the first time since the days of VHS. And this isn't just some quick 'n' dirty VHS rip, either—this concert has never looked or sounded as good as it does here, with remastering by the legendary Bernie Grundman, so feel free to turn it up as loud as it can go, and remember: if the elevator tries to bring you down, go crazy, and punch a higher floor. BOBBY ROBERTS


Pat Graney's Faith Triptych
These three performances from renowned choreographer Pat Graney (titled "Faith," "Sleep," and "Tattoo," respectively) span the course of a decade, from 1991-2001. Stream all three parts featuring 12 of the original cast members (including KT Niehoff, Peggy Piacenza, and Amii Legendre).

Sea Wall
While Phoebe Waller-Bridge was deservedly and rightfully showered with awards for Fleabag season two, it can be argued (and she's made this case herself) that if it wasn't for Andrew Scott as Hot Priest, the season would have never happened at all. But before he was Hot Priest (and before he was Moriarty in the BBC's Sherlock, before that show became flaming crap), he was the guy that playwright Simon Stephens wrote Sea Wall for in 2008. The 30-minute play was then recorded in 2012 after a theatrical run in 2012, and is now being made available to stream, for free on YouTube. And even if this play—and Scott's performance in it—weren't described by multiple critics as "a life-changing experience," the fact it's an opportunity to literally spend a half-hour in a locked room with Hot Priest should be enough to get you to click it. BOBBY ROBERTS



The Bat: Improv in the Dark
Use your imagination to conjure images as the Bandit Theatre cast performs improv scenes in the dark.  


Graduate Together: America Honors the High School Class of 2020
The class of 2020 may not get a traditional cap-throwing ceremony, but they will get a live address from President Barack Obama on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and streaming channels. The former commander-in-chief will be joined by LeBron James, Malala Yousafzai, Megan Rapinoe, the Jonas Brothers, Bad Bunny, Pharrell Williams, and other special celebrity guests. 

Muppet Guys Talking: A Special Conversation to Honor Jim Henson
The stars of 2017's documentary/conversation/storytelling session Muppet Guys Talking (and by "stars," I mean Muppet legends like Frank Oz, Dave Goelz, Jerry Nelson, Fran Brill, and Bill Baretta) are reuniting for a livestream to pay tribute to Jim Henson and raise funds in his name to help frontline workers fighting the spread of COVID-19. Attendance is free, but everyone who pre-registers to attend the event will be asked to make a donation to a selected coronavirus-related cause. Also, if you haven't yet watched Muppet Guys Talking, why not rectify that oversight while you're waiting for the charity stream to start. These are the folks who brought Gonzo, Piggy, Snuffleupagus, Pepe the Prawn, Fozzie, Bobo, Boober Fraggle, and so many more to life. Don't you wanna be in that room when they start reminiscing? BOBBY ROBERTS

Online Forest Bathing Walk
Without leaving your house, immerse yourself in the healing surroundings of the UW Botanic Garden forest with guidance from Cascadia Forest Therapy. 

Oprah's Your Life in Focus: A Vision Forward Live Virtual Experience
Every Saturday for four weeks, Oprah Winfrey will share wellness advice that's personally helped her through quarantine.  


LEGO nerds of all ages can watch brick-building demos and check out impressive displays on Zoom. 


2(06) The Break
In honor of Black Music Month, Central District black arts space Wa Na Wari presents a seven-episode series that puts a spin (this will become a pun in mere moments) on livestreamed DJ sessions you might've seen on the Instagram pages of artists like Questlove and DJ D-Nice recently. Each week, local hip-hop enthusiast Jazmyn Scott will pair two Pacific Northwest hip-hop DJs and task them with spinning a decade-specific set, from the 1980s to the present. 

AFTERGLOW: A Live Tribute to the Cornish College Class of 2020
Right after Cornish's virtual commencement for 2020 grads, the public is invited to tune into a livestreamed performance featuring hometown heroes (and Cornish alums!) Mary Lambert, Gabrielle Friedman, Chong the Nomad, and SassyBlack. If you want to see what the art school's graduating class has been working on, check out the virtual edition of their Performance Production Senior Portfolio Showcase.

Baby Van Beezly: Quarantine Livestreams
DJ Baby Van Beezly will bring emo classics by the likes of My Chemical Romance, the Used, Dashboard Confessional, Fall Out Boy, and more from her living room. 

The Black Eyed Peas
Hip-hop-turned-dance-pop group the Black Eyed Peas will kick off Budweiser's "Budweiser Rewind" series live from’s Los Angeles studio. If you have a song request or questions for the artists, you can send them directly through social media. 

Block by Blockwest
Who could have predicted that in 2020, a global pandemic would have closed down most of the economy and relegated most of the world's citizens into self-quarantine? And further, who would have predicted that festival concert season would not only not slow down, but would instead move online? And then, THEN: Who would have predicted the number one place to host these online mega-concerts would be the video game Minecraft? And yet, here we are. In 2020. Staying home, staying safe, and starting at noon, raising money for COVID relief by donating during performances from Pussy Riot, Sir Sly, Hunny, Cherry Glazerr, the Wrecks, the Polar Boys, and many, many more. BOBBY ROBERTS

Courtney Barnett, Banoffee: Livestream for COVID-19 Victorian First Nations Mutual Aid Fund
If you're awake at 4 in the morning and want to groove in your PJs for a good cause, tune into this Instagram live stream with Australian indie-rock favorites Courtney Barnett and Banoffee, who will be donating contributions to the Victorian First Nations Mutual Aid Fund's COVID-19 relief efforts.

Earshot Jazz Live at the Forum: Folks Project
The Folks Project, a side collective of local talents D’Vonne Lewis, Darrius Willrich, Evan Flory-Barnes, and Owour Arunga, pay tribute to the legacy of jazz culture and music that came out of the Central District, honoring artists like Quincy Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Ernestine Anderson, Floyd Sandiford, Buddy Catlett, and Anthony Ray, whom you may know as Sir Mix-A-Lot.

Nectar Virtual Concert Series Presents: Willdabeast
Groove to high-energy electronic soul with Willdabeast on Nectar's YouTube page.

Nelly vs. Ludacris on Verzuz TV
Nelly and Ludacris will go head to head in Verzuz TV's Instagram live battle series curated by Swizz Beatz and Timbaland. 

Original Music Inspired by Zadie Smith's White Teeth
Olivia Brownlee, Jed Crisologo, the Go Janes, Jaspar Lepak, and other Bushwick Book Club members will present a night of original music inspired by Zadie Smith's award-winning 2000 novel White Teeth.

Roberta Flack: First Take 50th Anniversary Listening Party
One of soul's all-time finest vocalists and songwriters takes over the Rhino Records YouTube channel at noon for a listening party celebrating the 50th anniversary of her landmark LP First Take, which is one of those albums that even if you swear you've never heard it, you've heard it—either via basic cultural osmosis, or due to the fact damn near every song on both sides became a radio mainstay over the last five decades. Don't believe it? Refresh your memory by listening to the album, and then hanging out with Roberta at noon today. Proceeds benefit Feed the Children. BOBBY ROBERTS

Rough Draft x KW
Loosely Based's rowdy Rough Draft party misses Kremwerk's sweaty confines as much as the rest of us, but tonight they're making do with a remote situation. Alfonso Tan and Sully will be your DJs. 


The Mystery Box Show
The coronavirus has us all cooped up indoors, but good true-sex storytelling can set you free, and that's why Portland’s Mystery Box Show is taking their long-running, successful local storytelling show to YouTube, with tales from Jason Rouse, Heather Marcus, James Cox, and Reba Sparrow. The stream isn't behind any paywalls either, but if you're feeling generous, there are donation and Patreon links to click while you watch. BOBBY ROBERTS


Global 6K for Water
Strap on your face covering and walk or run six miles in your neighborhood (while keeping your distance, of course) in this virtual edition of the annual event to bring clean water to children in need. Why six kilometers instead of the standard five? That's the average distance that people in developing countries walk for water, which is often contaminated.



Virtual Moving History VIII - Les Boys
Scarecrow Video and the Moving Image Preservation of Puget Sound will bring you a glittery drag show sourced from the Gay Girls Riding Club's videocassette collection. Get ready for songs, dancing, Judy Garland worship, and more pieced-together clips from yesteryear. 


17th of May Concert - Hardanger Arts Festival
Live from Hardanger, Norway, this Syttende Mai celebration co-hosted by the Seattle-Bergen Sister City Association will feature performances from classical music artists from the fjord-flanked region, including Reidun Horvei and Inger-Kristine Riber.

High Dive Live Stream Concert: Andonimus & The Lock'd Pocket
Enjoy an afternoon of funk, blues, and soul with local band Andonimus and the Lock'd Pocket, courtesy of High Dive.

Live from Daryl's House with Wyclef Jean
The house in question is that of Daryl Hall, who recorded a show on AXS TV that featured him and his famous friends hanging out and rocking. The channel will select 14 episodes and stream them live.

Sunday Sound Stream - Free Online Sound Bath Meditation
The folks at Harmony Ayurveda & Reiki Resonance Sound Healing credit sound bath meditations for their ability to "help clear old patterns of thinking and limiting beliefs while planting new seeds of intention for conscious growth, healing, and connection." Sound good? Tune in to livestreamed sessions every Sunday night.

Taylor Swift: City of Lover
Taylor Swift will broadcast her City of Lover concert, which she performed in Paris in September in support of her album Lover, on Disney+, Hulu, and ABC.


Tasveer South Asian LitFest Live Discussion with Ru Freeman
Tasveer will lead a free online discussion and Q&A with Sri Lankan author Ru Freeman (A Disobedient Girl, On Sal Mal Lane).


HAIM Zoom Dance Class: 'Want You Back'
The HAIM sisters will teach you the iconic choreography seen on their Want You Back video.

Virtual 38th Annual Nordstrom Beat the Bridge to Beat Diabetes
Instead of gathering at Husky Stadium, help fund diabetes research through JDRF by running the 38th Annual Nordstrom Beat the Bridge in your neighborhood.