The American Museum of Natural History will host SpaceFest at Home on Wednesday in honor of the SpaceX Crew Dragon launch—the first-ever commercial aircraft to send NASA astronauts to space. Watch the event with commentary from astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and other experts, who will go live even if the launch is postponed due to bad weather. Courtesy of NASA

The three-day Memorial Day weekend is over, which means this week is 24 hours shorter (that's just math!). To give you something to look forward between now and Friday, we've rounded up the latest, most exciting stuff popping up on the internet this week on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms—from a virtual High Dive concert with Guayaba to the Portland Mercury's I, Anonymous Live, and from a group book launch party with Corinne Manning, Kristen Millares Young, and EJ Koh to The Roast of Peaches Christ. Find even more events on our complete streaming events calendar, and check back on Friday for a roundup of the best local virtual events this weekend.

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Hannah Gadsby's 'Douglas'
Last year (Jesus was it really only one year ago?) Hannah Gadsby—after successfully upending the world of stand-up for a hot minute with her Netflix special Nanette—retired, then unretired, then embarked on her first world tour, which sold out every stop (including two shows at the Moore here in Seattle). Douglas is now coming to Netflix, and it differs from Nanette in that there isn't a show-stopping ending that turns your heart inside out (Gadsby addresses that expectation pretty early on), but it's also a more finely-tailored, comfortable, and confident hour of stand-up, one that touches on the controversy of male comics completely disqualifying Nanette as stand-up at all, somewhere before she turns the whole concert into a renaissance art lecture. According to Gadsby, "It's gonna be good! Unless you don't like it! Then it's still gonna be good, and you'll be wrong." BOBBY ROBERTS


Every Penguin in the World
Wildlife photographer and author Charles Bergman will introduce you to the 18 species of penguins that live across the Southern Hemisphere, which he's been documenting for the past 20 years of his career.


Anatomy of the Spider-Verse
Comic book artist J. Bruce Bogle will unpack the well-received 2018 animated movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse with live commentary during a virtual screening. 

Cookie Couture & Betty Wetter raid your closet every Tues night in Bedroom Bingo!
Get sent on a virtual scavenger hunt to find random items around your home! Find 5 items and win!

Georgia on My Mind Free Online Concert
This annual concert benefiting the Georgia Music Foundation, hosted this year by the Indigo Girls' Brent Cobb and Amy Ray and featuring headliner Brandi Carlile, will move from Nashville's Ryman Auditorium to the interwebs.

Phoebe Bridgers Virtual World Tour - Kitchen
Cinematically somber singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers will play live from her very own kitchen. 

Xander Corbett
Alt singer-songwriter Xander Corbett will play some live tunes as part of Seattle Theatre Group and Starbucks' virtual Up Next concert series.


Book Launch: Ed Skoog and Susan Leslie Moore
Portland poets Susan Leslie Moore and Ed Skoog will read selections from their newest books (That Place Where You Opened Your Hands and Travelers Leaving the City, respectively) via Zoom.

Deep Dive with Harry Turpin: A Conversation with Teresa Thuman
Join Harry Turpin (the host of the quarantine conversation series Deep Dive) for his second interview with Sound Theatre Company Producing Artistic Director Teresa Thuman. They'll chat about the origins of the company, what the future might look like, and more, culminating in a Q&A.

Porochista Khakpour with Fatemeh Fakhraie: Exile, Identity, and Immigration
Drawing from her new book Brown Album: Essays On Exile And Identity, Porochista Khakpour will recall her family's journey from Iran to "Tehrangeles" (an enclave of wealthy Persians in Los Angeles) during the Iranian Revolution. She'll be joined in conversation by Iranian American novelist Porochista Khakpour (Sons and Other Flammable Objects).

The Reality of War in Outer Space
As space exploration projects like Elon Musk's SpaceX start to lift off toward other planets (SpaceX's Crew Dragon will be the first commercially built spacecraft to fly NASA astronauts to the international space station on May 27), the United States Space Force is already thinking about potential future conflicts among humans in outer space. Dr. Saadia Pekkanen, the co-founding Director at the University of Washington Space Policy and Research Center, will talk about some trends she and her team are noticing, and why it's essential to understand them before they evolve in real life.



Virtual Silent Reading Party
The first worldwide silent-reading party was such a huge success that we're making it weekly. Every Wednesday at 6 pm we're going to throw these parties, at least until stay-at-home is over. Attendees at the first Zoom silent-reading party included famous actors, writers, composers, artists, families, teenagers doing their homework, people staring into space listening to the music because it was just so beautiful, cats, and even one household on Orcas Island that was eating dinner and decided to broadcast the reading party as their background music. (What a brilliant idea!) It wasn't just a great party to be at. Behind the scenes, this was a roaring success as well. The Stranger brought in revenue from the reading party for the first time ever, our musician Paul Matthew Moore made ten times more on Venmo tips than he's ever made in the tip jar at the Sorrento (thank you for your generosity—he deserves it!), and hundreds of people at the party have written us emails, clamoring for more. CHRISTOPHER FRIZZELLE


German Cinema Now! Ulrike Ottinger’s 'Madame X: An Absolute Ruler'
As part of the monthly Goethe Pop Up film series curated by Jasmin Krakenberg, see a one-night virtual screening of German filmmaker Ulrike Ottinger's 1977 feature that follows the notorious pirate queen Madame X as she gathers a group of women to join her on her ship Orlando.

HBO Max Launch
The latest contender coming for Netflix's streaming crown is one of the oldest movie studios in Hollywood history: Warner Bros has (pretty confusingly) taken their (already confusing) HBO Now/HBO Go streaming platform and "Max"-imized it, adding a ton of classic catalog films (the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Cabaret, Enter the Dragon), a sizable chunk of the Criterion Collection (Seven Samurai, Eraserhead, Godzilla, Paris, Texas), a bunch of Looney Tunes shorts both old and new, Doctor Who and other BBC offerings, and as a particularly fine feather in their acquisitions cap, the North American streaming rights to the Studio Ghibli library (Castle in the Sky, Princess Mononke, Spirited Away). The cost is a little bit higher than Netflix, but if you're already subscribed to HBO through most online means—like we said, it's kind of confusing, make sure you doublecheck how you subscribed—you don't have to do anything, or pay any more per month to get the HBO Max content, which will eventually include a Friends reunion. BOBBY ROBERTS

SIFF Movie Club: Lane 1974 - Virtual Q&A
Watch Seattle filmmaker SJ Chiro's debut feature, about a teen girl being raised on a commune (and which former Stranger calendar staffer Julia Raban described as "a beautiful coming-of-age period piece, full of meticulous details and a firmly rooted 1970s Northern California aesthetic"), and then tune into a Zoom Q&A with the director, actor Sophia Mitri Schloss, cinematographer Sebastien Scandiuzzi, and producer Jennessa West.


Bob's Burgers Trivia Night
Catch up on the shenanigans of the burger joint-owning family before answering questions at this virtual Bob's Burgers trivia night.

Jeopardy! featuring Lauren Schneider Lipton
Middle school teacher Lauren Schneider Lipton will represent Seattle in the Jeopardy! Teachers Tournament quarterfinals on KOMO-TV (ABC). 

MovieCat Trivia
Show off your screen smarts with some quality virtual movie nerd company, plus "cats drawn into movie scenes."

NASA/SpaceX Crew Launch Live Watch Party
NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley will be the first to travel to the International Space Station on a commercially built American rocket, the SpaceX Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon. Before watching the 1:33 pm PST launch on NASA TV and the SpaceX webcast, the Museum of Flight's Rich Lienesch will answer questions about Elon Musk's program and the building of the rocket.

SpaceFest at Home
New York's American Museum of Natural History will celebrate the first US human mission to space in almost a decade with a live SpaceX watch party with Museum Curator Ruth Angus. She'll prime you with information on past space explorations by everyone from novelist Jules Verne to Neil Armstrong.

Virtual Planetarium Show: Moons Live
Learn about the moons in our solar system and recent astronomy discoveries from Pacific Science Center educators, then go for a social distancing walk after dark to see if you can apply your newfangled knowledge. 


Royal Room Staycation Festival - Solos: The Contrabass Sessions
Enjoy live jazz from Geoff Harper, Abbey Blackwell, Chris Symer, and Michael Glynn, prerecorded at the Royal Room and streamed online.


MoMA PS1 Benefit: Online AF
The Museum of Modern Art will host a virtual variety show with live performances, music sets, and more in support of Long Island's MoMA PS1. The theme is "webcam glam," so cyber up your look and tune into appearances from Moses Sumney, Nick Hakim, and others. 

Pop-Up Magazine: Spring Issue At Home
What sounds like a really good podcast, looks like a bright, dynamic magazine, and carries the live performance magic of a stage show? That’s right! Pop-Up Magazine is back with their Spring Issue. A live show that aims to create a magazine-type experience right before your eyes, Pop-Up Magazine is the IRL cousin of the awesome print publication California Sunday Magazine. Featured contributors include storyteller Emily Silverman, plant therapist Darryl Cheng, comedian Alyssa Limperis, documentary filmmaker Alejandra Vasquez, and more. You’ll have to be watching to see how it all comes together.  SUZETTE SMITH

Virtual Selected Shorts: Choose Your Own Reality
Join host BD Wong (Nora from Queens) alongside performers D’Arcy Carden (The Good Place), Paul Giamatti (Billions), and Marin Ireland (Sneaky Pete) as they take stories by well-known and emerging writers and perform them live on YouTube. This lineup includes adaptations of "Blind Oracle of Mactan" by Nathan Go, "What It Would Look Like" by Sherrie Flick, "Who Is Greg Stalfa and What Does He Mean?" by Rachel Yoder, and "The Eyes Have It" by Philip K. Dick. 


Ask a Novelist with Peter Mountford
Former Hugo House writer-in-residence Peter Mountford (who won a Washington State Book Award for his 2012 novel A Young Man’s Guide to Late Capitalism) will drop pearls of wisdom for budding novel writers in this free Zoom class.

Barton Gellman: Edward Snowden and American Surveillance State
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Barton Gellman, who's reported heavily on 9/11, Dick Cheney's vice presidency, and the global surveillance disclosure, will join fellow Washington Post journalist Carol Leonnig for a virtual chat on the infamous Edward Snowden case and the U.S. surveillance state in general.

The Knockout Queen: An Evening w/ Rufi Thorpe and Laurie Frankel
In Rufi Thorpe's new novel The Knockout Queen, a teenager with a seemingly perfect life secretly struggles with her sense of identity until she befriends a new student who lives next door to her (and whose parents have significantly less means than her own wealthy real estate business-owning father). The author will chat alongside Seattle writer Laurie Frankel (This Is How It Always Is) via Zoom.



The I, Anonymous Live-streaming Show!
The long-running Portland Mercury column “I, Anonymous” is famous for asking readers to send in their most whacked-out rants and scandalous confessions—anonymously! In this special LIVE-STREAMED edition of The I, Anonymous Show, your host Kate Murphy will read some of the wildest and uncensored I, Anonymous submissions we've ever received. And even better, these secret (often very naughty) stories will be dissected and discussed by a panel of hilarious, nationally recognized comedians: Bri Pruett, Steven Wilber, and Curtis Cook! So if you're looking for a night of side-splitting, jaw-dropping rants and confessions—don't miss this live-streamed edition of The I, Anonymous Show! BOBBY ROBERTS

Model Minority: An Asian Womxn Comedy Show
Stephanie Nam will host a lineup of fellow funny womxn of the Asian diaspora in this virtual comedy showcase. The lineup? How about Pallavi Gunalan, Dhaya Lakshiminarayanan, Irene Tu, and Fareeha Kahn! That sounds like a damn good night full of tried-and-true stand-up champions, you say? You're 100-percent correct on that note. Check 'em out as they "debunk the model minority myth and challenge stereotypes" all night long. BOBBY ROBERTS


The Simpsons
One of the biggest selling points of Disney+ was that it would have all of The Simpsons available, day one, despite the fact the show basically has no business even being on that platform considering how cutesy-poo and precious the company is being (i.e. digitally adding an ass-merkin to Daryl Hannah's buttcrack in Splash) Obviously, it's only there because The Simpsons is more valuable to Disney as an exploitable brand than for its status as a landmark show that—in its glory days (Seasons 3-10)—was possibly the greatest sitcom in TV history. A great example of that is how the show was cropped, cut up, stretched out, and slapped on Disney+ at launch, making a show not particularly known for its stellar animation look even uglier for the sake of satisfying a tiny handful of whiny dullards who are still mystified and dumbstruck by the notion of "black bars" in the 21st century. Well GOOD NEWS, EVERYBODY: Disney+ is finally making The Simpsons' golden years available in their original, uncut, less uglified original aspect ratio. Let the re-watches...begin! BOBBY ROBERTS


The Most Mysterious Stars in our Galaxy
For this virtual edition of Astronomy on Tap, grab a beer and join Dr. James Davenport as he delves into the most mysterious stars in the universe. 


The Doubleclicks & Molly Lewis LIVE - In Animal Crossing
Portland-based nerd-folk musical duo the Doubleclicks and ukulele virtuoso Molly Lewis will teleport to the Deer Queer Cafe inside everyone's favorite quarantine Nintendo game Animal Crossing to play live music and raise money for trans and gender diverse people in need. 

High Dive Live Stream Concert Series Presents: Guayaba
Pulling from hella goth lineage (the horror and pleasure of 19th-century phantasmagorias), local musician Guayaba’s latest record, Fantasmagoría, reflects their Afro-Latinx roots as well as their keen eye for the world that runs just parallel to this one, that consists of our desires and deepest fears. As such, their album encompasses genres like horrorcore, bossa nova, psychedelia, and hip-hop, as Guayaba raps in both Spanish and English, creating a sonic world ripe enough in which to see your own soul’s surreal reflection. JASMYNE KEIMIG

Morlot Conducts Strauss & Ravel
Hear a past performance of former Seattle Symphony music director Ludovic Morlot conducting pieces by Richard Strauss and Maurice Ravel. 

Noisey Night In
"Stay Home, give back" goes the tagline, and Vice's YouTube charity event is coming back for even more of that giving back, with live performances from Finneas, Phoebe Bridgers, Beach Bunny, and more, all to help benefit the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. BOBBY ROBERTS

Ricky Gene Powell's Deadgrass
Return of DeadGrass hark back to Grateful Dead hits with an acoustic bluegrass twist. 


Angel Blue
Soprano Angel Blue (who made her debut as Clara in Seattle Opera's 2011 production of Porgy and Bess) will sing Rachmaninov, Heggie, Charpentier, and Verdi, as well as a few African American spirituals, with live accompaniment from Jay Rozendaal.

John Moe: The Hilarious World of Depression
John Moe, the host of the local podcast The Hilarious World of Depression, (which "illuminates depression in an entirely fresh and hopeful way, showing it's okay not to be okay, and it's also okay to laugh about it") will record a livestreamed episode with KUOW's Bill Radke and author Jenny Lawson. 


Bite Back: People Taking On Corporate Food and Winning
The co-founder and president of Restaurant Opportunities Centers United and the author of Bite Back: People Taking On Corporate Food and Winning will address the many flaws in the global food system and offer some potential solutions. 

Gina Rae La Cerva: Virtual Author Talk: Feasting Wild
On Book Larder's Instagram Live, hear geographer and anthropologist Gina Rae La Cerva talk about her new book all about the pricey commodification of "wild foods."

Launched: Corinne Manning, Kristen Millares Young & EJ Koh
Local authors Corinne Manning, Kristen Millares Young, and E.J. Koh (who all met each other around the same time and collectively wondered if anyone would publish their books) will celebrate their new books with a group reading, followed by a conversation with writer Paul Lisicky. On the Zoom call, the authors will be arranging houseplants and bouquets of flowers in the foreground, and you're invited to do the same. (By the way, all three books—Let's launch We Had No Rules, Subduction, and The Magical Language of Others—are all available at Elliott Bay Books and other local bookstores.)



The Roast of Peaches Christ
SF Sketchfest, an undeniable pillar of the comedy community on the West Coast, has been helping keep quarantines full of laughs by opening up their vaults and letting online viewers see things only a couple hundred people have likely seen before, and today's treasure is a firecracker for sure: The Roast of Peaches Christ stars the super-popular drag queen having to endure reams of good-natured abuse from stars including Mink Stole, Cassandra Peterson (AKA Elvira, Mistress of the Dark), Clea DuVall, Heather Matarazzo, Heklina, and more. Hosted by roastmistress Coco Peru, with special guest, the Prince of Puke himself, John Waters. Proceeds help benefit the Shanti Project and Oasis San Francisco. BOBBY ROBERTS


Wild Drive Premier Tours
If you've been watching a lot of National Geographic these days but don't live close to nature, you will likely go nuts over the semi-wild moose and calves at the Northwest Trek Wildlife Park. These in-person tours (remember those?) allow 10 cars to drive through at a time. 


The Great Big Jewish Food Fest
Stroum Jewish Cultural Center will host Shabbat dinners, happy hours, conversations, and more online events where you can show off your grandmother's brisket and celebrate Jewish food traditions via Zoom, Instagram, and Facebook.


Pat Graney's Faith Triptych
These three performances from renowned choreographer Pat Graney (titled "Faith," "Sleep," and "Tattoo," respectively), originally commissioned by On the Boards, span the course of a decade, from 1991-2001. Stream all three parts featuring 12 of the original cast members (including KT Niehoff, Peggy Piacenza, and Amii Legendre).

A Streetcar Named Desire
One of the unexpected benefits to being sheltered-in-place is that access to great theater has become just a little bit easier. National Theatre Live is a big part of that, taking recorded performances they'd usually earmark for theatrical exhibition and putting them on YouTube for free. And this week's installment is a goddamn monster: The Young Vic's 2014 staging of Tennessee Williams' landmark play A Streetcar Named Desire, with Gillian Anderson (!) as Blanche DuBois, Vanessa Kirby as Stella, and Ben Foster as Stanley Kowalski. Jesus Christ that's one stacked cast, and you've got one week to set aside the three-and-a-half-hours needed to experience it. We'd suggest just dropping everything right now and hitting play as soon as you can. BOBBY ROBERTS


Cascadia & Beyond: Visionary Surrealism Group Exhibit
Surrealist artists Andrew Gonzalez, Brigid Marlin, Don Farrell, Emily Kell, Kim Evans, Liba WS, Mark Henson, and many others will trip you out in this virtual Ghost Gallery exhibition. 
Closing Thursday