Not that you need a special occasion to treat yourself to creamy scoops atop a cone (or a cup, if you're into that), but we've taken National Ice Cream Day (Sun July 19) as an opportunity to round up our favorite creameries offering takeout and delivery. Peruse the myriad options below, from seasonal flavors at Molly Moon's and Salt & Straw to soft serve and fizzy floats at Rachel's Ginger Beer.

Bluebird Ice Cream
Bluebird crafts wonderful, ultra-smooth small-batch ice cream in flavors like chocolate pudding, Elysian stout, and snickerdoodle, as well as an array of from-scratch sodas. Both are good on their own, but even better together in an ice cream float.
Open regular hours; also available via non-third-party delivery and pickup at several local farmers markets

Bottega Italiana
Authentic gelateria Bottega Italiana was opened in 2003 in Pike Place Market by native Italians Luca Guerrieri, Antonella Ragazzi, and David Arato. The owners are committed to quality, natural ingredients.
Open regular hours

Cupcake Royale
Cupcake Royale was started in 2003 in Seattle as the first cupcake bakery and cafe outside of New York City, and has since expanded from the original Capitol Hill location to include multiple locations across the city. They have a variety of classic and seasonal flavors, house-made ice cream (some with cupcake pieces!), and espresso drinks.
Multiple locations: Ballard, Capitol Hill, Downtown, Madrona, and West Seattle
Open regular hours; also available for preordered pickup and non-third-party delivery

D'Ambrosio Gelateria Artigianale
University-certified Master Gelataio Enzo D’Ambrosio makes Italian gelato every day, using only the best organic dairy and fruit. You won’t see any experimental hoo-ha involving bacon or cayenne pepper here, only traditional flavors such as nocciola (hazelnut), crema all’uovo (egg cream), and caffe scuro (dark coffee). It’s damn good, rich without being too heavy, it’s not at all icy, and unlike even the densest ice cream, there isn’t so much as a molecule of air whipped into it. It is 100 percent flavor.
Open regular hours; also available for third-party delivery

Fainting Goat Gelato
People love this family-owned gelato place with its rotating roster of flavors like avocado, amaretto, banana cream pie, bilberry, biscotto, and chocolate (and that’s just the first half-dozen). They use organic milk from Fresh Breeze Farms in Lynden and organic sugar, and they seek out seasonal berries and “the best nuts” (yes!). Some people even love Fainting Goat (and its shorter lines) more than Molly Moon's down the street.
Multiple locations: Fremont and Wallingford
Open regular hours

This "ice cream boutique" serves locally sourced, handcrafted flavors made with liquid nitrogen to create a smoother texture. Customers can choose from five bases (custard, cream, chocolate, gelato, or sorbet); flavors like quinoa, olive oil, rhubarb, or pistachio rose; optional waffle cones or bowls; and stunning toppings like edible flowers or chocolate pearls. They also serve gorgeously intricate cakes and cupcakes.
Open regular hours; also available for preordered pickup and non-third-party delivery

Frankie & Jo's
Never in a million years would I think that a vegan ice cream store would have something for me. But the other day I stopped by Frankie & Jo's, because it's two blocks from the office and because I'd heard they sell "ice cream churned from plants," and I had to know what that meant. I kept picturing Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors going into a blender. I kept picturing green ice cream. It's not green. It's... just like regular ice cream. Not only is it vegan, it's gluten-free. You could've fooled me. The Chocolate Date was amazing, tasty, perfectly textured, made with dates, cocoa power, sea salt, and coconut milk. I enjoyed it more than regular chocolate ice cream; granted, I love dates. I also had California Cabin, made with "apple-wood smoked vanilla and pine ice cream, with black-pepper cardamom shortbread." Its ingredient list also includes "roasted cashew nut milk" and "locally foraged fir needles and bark." That sounds weird, but oh my god it was good—subtle, spiced, with bits of cookie crunch. CHRISTOPHER FRIZZELLE
Multiple locations: Ballard, Capitol Hill, and University Village
Open regular hours

Full Tilt Ice Cream
The various Full Tilts offer a rotating menu of more than a dozen flavors—including raspberry ripple, toasted coconut, corn and chili, vanilla bean, and mint chocolate chip (with vegan options, too)—arcade and pinball machines, and beer.
Multiple locations: Ballard, Columbia City, University District, and White Center
Open regular hours

Husky Deli
At West Seattle’s most excellent and old-school Husky Deli, you can buy strange European candy and all sorts of things, but mostly you’ll want to get their homemade ice cream—they’ve been making it on-site since “Herman put an ice cream machine in the front window” of the “farms store” in 1932 (seriously).
West Seattle
Open regular hours; also available for non-third-party delivery

Molly Moon's
Leilani Polk has written: "The only thing better than walking by any of Molly Moon's eight locations and filling your lungs with the aroma of griddle-baked waffle cones is actually ducking in and ordering one filled with the ice cream flavor of your choice. Whether it's one of the 10 that are always on the menu (Stumptown coffee, melted chocolate, maple walnut, and salted caramel among them), or one of their seasonal offerings (right now, it's cherry chunk, pink lemonade sorbet, and wild honey), you pretty much can't go wrong." For National Ice Cream Day, the chain is also teaming up with Ice Cream for Change to raise money for racial justice organizations, and they'll donate 10 percent of all shop sales to Persist PAC, "a political action committee dedicated to supporting Black women running for the Washington State Legislature."
Multiple locations: Wallingford, Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, Madrona, U Village, Redmond, and Bellevue
Open regular hours

Mora Iced Creamery
This ice cream shop owned by Ana Orselli and Jerry Perez, natives of Buenos Aires, prides itself on fresh ingredients and "old world" flavors lie marron glacé (glazed chestnut), dulce de leche, and gianduja (chocolate hazelnut mousse). Peruse the 48 flavors on hand—given the ecstatic reviews from Food & Wine magazine, Seattle Met, and many others, you are unlikely to be displeased with the choices.
Multiple locations: Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo and Kingston
Open regular hours; also available for national shipping

Nutty Squirrel Gelato
“True to the Northwest, our flavors change with the seasons,” say the owners of Nutty Squirrel Gelato, which uses local fruit and nuts in its house-made gelato and sorbetto, as well as gelato popsicles and cakes.
Multiple locations: Magnolia and Phinney
Available for curbside pickup and delivery

Parfait Organic Artisan Ice Cream
Parfait makes its ice cream in small batches from scratch (unlike some local “homemade” ice-creameries), using all-organic everything (milk, eggs, produce), then dispenses it from a truck and a shop in Ballard (and both are really cute).
Available for preordered pickup (next window opens on July 22 for pickup July 26)

Rachel's Ginger Beer
Because RGB's name is so synonymous with spicy-sweet soda, it's easy to forget that they also offer soft-serve ice cream, available twirled into fizzy floats—don't miss the pineapple dole whip flavor.
Multiple locations: Capitol Hill, Pike Place, and University Village
Open regular hours

Salt and Straw
This Portland-based artisan ice creamery has opened two locations in Seattle. Aside from its perilously lengthy queues, the chain is perhaps best known for its intriguing flavor collabs with local producers, so look for their interpretations of beloved Seattle fixtures in the form of flavors like Beecher's Cheese with peppercorn toffee, raspberry Rachel's Ginger Beer coconut cream, Ellenos Yogurt matcha, and Elm Coffee with Westland Distillery Whiskey. Each month, they also release a lineup of limited edition flavors around a different theme (this month is berries). Plus, for National Ice Cream Day, they're teaming up with Ice Cream for Change and donating 25 percent of proceeds from their online shop to the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund. Keep your eyes on their Instagram, too: They've announced they "have a sweet surprise for those who visit our shops."
Multiple locations: Ballard and Capitol Hill
Open regular hours; also available for preordered pickup and delivery

Scoop Du Jour Ice Creamery
Scoop du Jour, which has a long history in the Madison Park neighborhood, serves brightly colored local sherberts and ice creams, as well as lunch fare like burgers and sandwiches.
Madison Park
Available for third-party delivery

Seattle Cookie Counter
The Cookie Counter is a fully vegan sweets store, serving "delicious treats that you might never guess are vegan." In addition to their storefront location, they also operate a vegan ice cream truck in the summer, featuring cookie and brownie ice cream sandwiches, "drummies" (drumsticks), and ice cream bars.
Available for preordered pickup on weekends

Shug's Soda Fountain and Ice Cream
A retro-style, pastel-colored dream of a shop, all built around a restored 1930s-era soda fountain, featuring egg creams, sodas made with housemade syrups, 15 ice cream flavors from Lopez Island Creamery (including a few vegan options), sundaes, and floats. There’s beer and wine too, as well as a short menu of savory soups, sandwiches, and salads.
Multiple locations: Pike Place and West Seattle
Open regular hours; also available for preordered pickup, third-party delivery, and outdoor seating at the Pike Place location only

Inspired by Thai rolled ice cream, this chef-run dessert shop folds fresh, cold custards flavored with typical (strawberry, chocolate, marshmallow) and unusual (mozzarella, balsamic reduction, bacon) ingredients. Vegan options are available.
Chinatown-International District
Available for curbside pickup

Sweet Alchemy
The top three words used to describe the ice cream sold at Sweet Alchemy are creamy, creamy, and creamy! With unique flavors ranging from banana Nutella to a dirty chai affogato, there seems to be a sweet treat for everyone.
Multiple locations: Capitol Hill, Ballard and University District
Available for preordered pickup and delivery