After Seattle YouTube Day at the Living Computers Museum on Saturday, stay on for the Cats of the Internet Pajama Party, which will feature an internet cat video fest and a kitty-petting room. Shutterstock

Our arts critics have already recommended 57 great things to do in Seattle this week and our music critics have picked the 27 best concerts, but there are still hundreds more events happening. To prevent some of the quirkier and more extraordinary ones from slipping through the cracks, we've compiled them here—from alternative music festival offerings like Punk As Folk 2017 and Susquatch 2, to birthday tributes to Bob Dylan and Miles Davis, to Accio Burlesque: A Burlesque Tribute to Harry Potter, to the opening of MOHAI's It's Raining Cats and Dogs exhibit. Click through the links below for complete details and ticket links, and check out our complete Things To Do calendar for even more options this week, including out-of-town Memorial Day weekend festivals.

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1. Cubes Baking Co. Grand Opening
Try out some traditional and traditional-"with a twist" Mexican pastries at this newly opened bakery in Wallingford.

2. Protect Our Tacos!
Eat Mexican food while raising money for Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Northwest. The menu includes Mexican classics such as homemade tamales and nopales salad, carnitas tacos, rice, beans, salsa and various toppings, and Tres Leches cake for dessert. Other activities include a photo booth, a "Dear Senator" writing table and chances to win prizes.


3. Nerd Nite
Nerd Nite Seattle is known for bringing fun, geeky science and tech events into bars. Every lineup is different, and every time they tackle a stimulating new topic. As they put it: "be there and be square." This month, in collaboration with NASA's "Destination Station" national awareness campaign, astronaut Anne McClain and research scientist Pete Hasbrook will talk about research capabilities onboard the International Space Station.


4. Leopards Break into the Temple: Butoh & Sound Improvisation
In a celebration of theater, dance, and musical experimentation, Teatro de la Psychomachia will host a showcase of ongoing Butoh and improvised sound collaboration, drawing inspiration from Kafka-esque tropes.

5. THIS CORROSION: A Night of Goth, Rock and Industrial
Join DJ Dav of the Dead and Michael Lopez for an all-vinyl night of the moodiest and danciest tracks in the goth, rock, and industrial repertoire, spanning from the '80s to now, with visuals from cult classic cinema moments.


6. Alzheimer's Talks: A Conversation with Michael Reagan
Michael Reagan, son of Ronald and the chair of the John Douglas French Alzheimer’s Foundation, will give an update on the latest advances in treating the disease and taking care of those afflicted. Kristoffer W. Rhoads of UW Medicine will moderate.

7. ARCADE Spring Salon: A Conversation with Bill Buxton
Northwest design magazine ARCADE brings you a talk by Bill Buxton, a senior researcher at Microsoft, an expert on human-'puter interaction, and a designer, artist, sportsman, and writer.

8. Asia Talks: Preserving the Floating World
The SAM will host Stephan Salel, curator of Japanese art at the Honolulu Museum of Art, for a talk on the beautiful ukiyo-e woodblock prints collected by James A. Michener. Yes, the James A. Michener who wrote Tales of the South Pacific. Learn more about Michener and the works he brought to the US South Pacific, and stop by early for a bite at the reception.

9. An Evening with Peter Ker Walker: The Making of Seattle's Largest Public Park
Peter Ker Walker, one of the designers of Discovery Park, will lecture on how the 534-acre parcel of gorgeous beach and wooded cliffs became public land (after ownership by the military). You'll discover the history and potential future of Seattle's largest park, as well as its current state and "role in Seattle’s parks system."

10. Microbial Allies Beneath Our Feet & In Our Bodies
Soil science might not immediately conjure up glowing laboratories or shuttle launches or field trips to fascinating natural locales or any of the other more glamorous images associated with science, but, as a panel of a nutritionist, a geologist, and a biologist will show, it's desperately important for our well-being. Scientist couple David Montgomery and Anne Biklé, authors of The Hidden Half of Nature, and nutritionist Michelle Babb, who wrote Anti-Inflammatory Eating For A Happy, Healthy Brain, will discuss health and sustainability issues related to agriculture and soil.

11. Rachel Pearson: 
No Apparent Distress

Dr. Rachel Pearson's No Apparent Distress is a book about economic inequality, America's flawed and prejudiced healthcare system, and Pearson's own coming-of-age story as a doctor.

12. Science in the City: Seeking Life Beyond Earth
We Want To Believe. Specifically, we want an Arrival-style hexapod, but we'll settle for an E.T. Dr. Lucianne Walkowicz from NASA's Kepler mission and the Adler Planetarium in Chicago will tell you about worlds orbiting other stars. She'll address the role of computers in searching for life, stars' influence on planets as hosts for organisms, and whether Spock could really mind-meld with whales. (We're kidding about that last one.)



13. Post-'68 Apocalypse series: Idaho Transfer
Peter Fonda's weird eco-apocalypse horror imagines a group of students who take part in an experimental government project and find themselves trapped in the future, on an Earth emptied of human life.


14. Bob Dylan at 76 in '67
Bob Dylan will be celebrating another rotation around the sun, and so the cast at the Royal Room will be celebrating him in turn, with two evening sets: the first, a full performance of the album John Wesley Harding, released in 1967, and the second, a selection of tracks from Blood on the Tracks and Highway 61 Revisited.

15. Bob Dylan Birthday Bash
Bob Dylan is three quarters of a century old, and some of his most iconic songs from the Civil Rights struggle still make great anthems for today's injustices. Mark his birthday with Freewheelin' Joe Ross (who does a pretty good approximation of that deathless nasal twang), Sean Wheatley, Kelly Van Camp, John Olufs, and others.

16. Crystal Beth & the Boom Boom Band, Hybrid Jesus, RGK and the Alternative Facts
Crystal Beth & the Boom Boom Band are what happens when accomplished jazz musicians decide to take a reckless holiday in the rock realm. The Seattle group—led by the feral vocalizing and bass clarinet of Crystal Beth and featuring the flagrantly virtuosic guitar of Tristan Gianola—assay a kind of artful, deranged rock that recalls the Dirty Three and the Geraldine Fibbers at their most agitated and, alternately, at their most lugubrious. Check out the waltz-time rager of “Flesh” off Yugen 3 for evidence of the former. DAVE SEGAL

17. #IRL Dance Party
This evening promises to be "the ultimate dance party In Real Life," as opposed to all the virtual parties you're used to. Celebrate a variety of art forms with live dance and music performances, and live DJs laying down the bangers all night.

18. Nordo Music: The Love Markets
Cabaret band The Love Markets take over the Culinarium for an evening of songs of love and revolution to the tune of "smoky tangos, carnivalesque waltzes, back-alley brass, and barfly blues."


19. Bawdy Storytelling's "Love the One You're With"
LA Weekly has called it "The Moth for Pervs.” Dixie De La Tour's night of scandalous true stories will boast the nether-regional tales of such figures as Bumbershoot and Moth eminency Claire Webber, "polyamorous karaoke lover" Tanya Kaitlyn, storyteller Sullivan, and others. There will also be music, some game called "Bang-O," prizes, and cocktails.

20. Rob Bell: What is the Bible?
Rob Bell (author of Love Wins and How To Be Here) will present his new book, an exploration of the human side of the Bible and the idea of holiness.



21. re:88 Closing Reception
It'll be your last chance to check out Ruth Marie Tomlinson, John David Tomlinson, Tania Kupczak, and Fritz Rodriquez's residency at the Cornish Playhouse, we're they've been busy turning a baby grand piano into a set of storytelling sculptures.


22. Mama Said
Hilarious queer comic Finn Cottom, prominent "comedian/non-musician" Nick Sahoyah, and frequent local performer Ellen Go Acuario will entertain you, while deliriously vulgar rapper/producer Michete will throw some killer rhythmic shade. With a set by DJ The Philomath Groove.

23. Anything Nose: A Benefit for Comic Relief
Choose your ticket price from $8 and up for this benefit comedy fest, which raises money for the Red Nose Day fundraiser for kids in poor communities worldwide.


24. AND: Spectacle Spectacular 12
Raise money for On the Boards' theater programs at this three-course dinner and cocktail party. Meet some cool theater people as you're entertained by the jazz inventions of the excellent group Industrial Revelation.

25. Dog Fest
Quite simply, bring your dog bestie to South Lake Union to meet trainers from Downtown Dog Lounge, grab some treats, learn grooming tips, and socialize.


26. Boone: The Bounty Hunter with John Hennigan in Person
In the mood for a big, bad movie starring a badass wrestler? Come to Central Cinema for a screening of Boone: The Bounty Hunter and meet the star himself, John Hennigan ( aka John Morrison/Johnny Mundo). In Boone, Hennigan plays a reality TV producer/bounty hunter who films his exploits bringing down celebrities who've done something naughty (Kevin Sorbo is one of them...ah, the days of Hercules are long behind us). But soon he wants to catch bigger fish: dangerous drug dealers. Save your questions for the larger-than-life leading man after the film.


27. Cosmos + Cocktails
Join E. Smith Mercantile and wellness astrologer Stephanie Gailing for "an astrological exploration of 2017." This "AstroSalon" event will teach guests about what they can expect for the rest of the year, such as key dates to be aware of, lunar insights, and wellness strategies. The event promises to provide guests with takeaways that will leave them feeling empowered—but if your fortune just doesn't look that promising, there will be cocktails available for you to drown your sorrows in.

28. Empanendance Day with Rocky's Empanadas
Join Postdoc Brewing and Rocky's Empanadas for a day celebrating all things empanada. Postdoc will be hosting Rocky's, and the menu will feature empanadas in a variety of flavors, plus one-of-a-kind Argentinian-inspired beer.


29. Bushwick Book Club
The unusual Bushwick Book Club writes original songs based on their reading selections. This time, their inspiration was Emily St. John Mandel's Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning Station Eleven, a touching and elegant novel about keeping theater and music alive after the apocalypse.

30. A Galaxy Far, Far Away... The Concert
Enjoy "A Galaxy Far, Far Away... The Concert," a 40th anniversary celebration of "the greatest space movie of all time," or as everyone else knows it, Star Wars. Local musicians Andy Coe, Joe Doria, and their crews will play instrumental covers and music inspired by George Lucas' film legacy.

31. Live in the Laser Dome: Quiet, NEAT, Talktin and Easy
Moody psych-punks Quiet will be joined by similarly monosyllabic NEAT and prog-folk group Talktin and Easy in the laser dome, with a full laser show plotting constellations throughout their live sets.


32. Drag Queen Bingo with Bobbi Jo Blessings
Seattle's favorite "Jesus-lovin' casserole queen" will lead you on a bingo adventure with jello shots and drink specials along the way. Win cold, hard (or warm, sloppy) cash.

33. Weird: Back At It Again
Join Miss Gay Seattle Londyn Bradshaw for a benefit show designed to raise funds for Lambert House. The May edition features live performances from local queens Americano, Betty Wetter, SHE, Stacey Starstruck, Dutchess Drew, and Delilah Delyte.


34. China Miéville
China Miéville is an author mostly known for his fantasy and science fiction books including King Rat, Iron Council, and The Scar, and now (100 years after the Russian Revolution) he'll share his latest work based on real history: October: The Story of the Russian Revolution.

35. The Denise Levertov Award with Richard Rodriguez
Image Journal will honor memoirist, intellectual writer, and gay Catholic person Richard Rodriguez with the Denise Levertov Award, which honors literary achievement by people of faith. Rodriguez has written on such subjects as desert landscapes, mixed race, and morality across the United States and Mexico. Hear him read from his work and stay after for a dessert reception.

36. An Evening with James Kakalios
You can speak to someone thousands of miles away with a tap on that shiny black rectangle that never leaves your pocket except when it's in your hand. You can heat food from the inside out. You can communicate with your car by touch or voice. By the standards of a century ago, you're a magician. But do you know how any of it actually works? Never fear: physics professor James Kakalios explains it in The Physics of Everyday Things. Understand from whence your godlike abilities flow and learn about the "invisible forces that surround us."


37. Art Against Trump V2: Zine Release Show
Get ready for the second edition of Art Against Trump at a launch party featuring live music, storytelling, and poetry—plus, of course, the magazine itself, on sale for $15.

38. Unite US Now
Unite US Now wants to offer positive stories to the public and highlight "the cooperation, positivism, and human interest that is often lost in our modern society." They intend to link activist organizations with the community and ask for input on which topics to cover.



39. Andrew Santino
Andrew Santino has had roles in TV shows including The League, This Is Us, and The Office, and headlined festivals including Just For Laughs and South by Southwest.


40. Accio Burlesque: A Burlesque Tribute to Harry Potter
You were a child then and now you're an adult. You want different things from life. You don't want to read Harry Potter. You want Harry Potter burlesque! Academic question: Which is wronger, sexy Dobby or sexy Voldemort? Maybe you'll find out.

41. INNOMINATE by LROD + Artists
LROD, dancers, and company will explore Latin surrealism and Mexican identity and culture in the US and in Mexico, with special events like piñata, lucha, and an appearance of La Llorona or the "weeping woman" of folktale.

42. Noraefa
Noraefa, based on words that mean "light" and "dark" in Hebrew, is a dance piece that reveals duality and contrast. Every night, art and costumes will be auctioned off to raise money for the ACLU and other important nonprofits.



43. Vocalpoint! Seattle: Addicted to Love
Experience the many forms love takes through the popular music of icons like The Beach Boys, Whitney Houston, Queen, and more within Vocalpoint's Addicted to Love production.


44. Big Fish
Remember Tim Burton's 2003 film Big Fish, about an incorrigible tall tale-teller, his devoted wife, and his skeptical son? UW theater company Stage Notes will perform Andrew Lippa and John August's stage show based on the folksily fantastical film, which was in turn based on a novel by Daniel Wallace.



45. Andy Miller's Sweethearts of Comedy
Stand-up comic Andy Miller will share the stage with his favorite funny darlings. In May, his guests will be Wilfred Padua, Cameron Mazzuca, Evelyn Jensen, Tyler Smith, and Brent Flyberg. Laugh for free and drink (not for free, but the brews are nicely priced).


46. The ‘80s Teen Movie High School Reunion
Return to the days of mullet magic at this "high school reunion" SIFF party styled on films like The Breakfast Club, Say Anything, Heathers, Footloose, The Karate Kid, Better Off Dead, The Lost Boys, and so forth. Will you be the bratty beauty, the smartypants outcast, the big-haired basket case, or the punk with a heart of gold? The Brown Derby Series' hilarious restaged screenplays and music by 80s Invasion will bring back the most rockin' and most ridiculous aspects of the decade. There will also be a scavenger hunt, a music video sing-along, and a souvenir "yearbook" to take home.


47. The Derelicts, Thee Deception, Pukesnake
Weird Rock Night returns to Slim's with a stacked line-up of absolute freaks, including nosebleed thrashers The Derelicts, freedom rockers Thee Deception, and assjazz enthusiasts Pukesnake.

48. Fresh Prints: Live Art & Throwback Hits
Fresh Prints promises the freshest in throwback hits from the '90s and '00s with nostalgia-heavy spins from Topspin, Mack Long, and Sean Majors. Amidst the music, artists Hera Won, Afro, Caitlin Cassidy, and Anthony Linebarger will be live-painting your favorite '80s and '90s hiphop and R&B album covers.

49. Lux Fridays: Vogue — The Black Light Party
Lux Fridays are about to get even lux-ier with an all-out black light party for the ladies, with DJs Christyle and Supagi serving up a night of EDM and hiphop remixes.

50. Sassy & Sweet Happy Hour
Get a lil bit of that sweet and sassy at this pre-weekend happy hour hosted by the Cloud Room, with live DJ sets from electro-soul star Sassyblack and hiphop fusion selector Huneycut.

51. Supersonic Electronic: A Night of Cosmic Italo Disco
Come bask in the euphoric sounds of this perennially so-unhip-it’s-hip genre that has taken on a life of its own, proving far more influential than its profit-minded producers could have ever expected, as nu-disco superstars like Todd Terje and Prins Thomas have taken Italo disco global. If you like your disco with a hefty dose of laser-sharp synths and pulsating drum machines, then put that mustache you’ve been cultivating to good use and get down to the Italian sounds that will be coming from the DJ booth at the Timbre Room this Friday. DJs Dorsia b2b nSo, Caravaggio's Lover, and Najiska will be providing the astral soundtrack with choice Italo disco hits designed to take you to whole new realms. NICK ZURKO


52. Geoff Mann: Keynesianism, Political Economy, and Revolution
Geoff Mann of Simon Fraser University has just published In the Long Run We’re All Dead: Keynes, Political Economy, and Revolution, in which he examines and exposes the perceived shortcomings of the economic theory of John Maynard Keynes. He sees this theory as "modern liberalism’s most persuasive internal critique, meeting two centuries of crisis with a proposal for capital without capitalism and revolution without revolutionaries." Learn more about Keynesianism, the objections to it, and applications to today's crises.



53. Kermet Apio
Hawaiian-born, Seattle-based comedian Kermet ("It's Not Easy Being Named Kermet") Apio of Up Late NW and the 206 will perform what we're guessing will be a funny and self-deprecating set.


54. Fifth Annual Miles Davis Birthday Celebration
Jazz demigod Miles Davis is honored on his birthday weekend two nights in a row by trumpeter Thomas Marriott, with New York pianist Orrin Evans, Kassa Overall on drums, and more special guests.


55. What a Woman!
Don't confuse this theater production with the 1943 film of the same name starring Rosalind Russell. Instead, this show is set in the honey empire of Mississippi, and will offer murderous drama and powerful women (as well as plentiful bee puns).



56. Second Annual Couth Buzzard Jazz Festival
Literally rising from the ashes of a gas explosion last year, Couth Buzzard is throwing a music festival to celebrate all that their community is thankful for: namely, jazz (and their neighborhood). Co-sponsored by Earshot Jazz, this fest offers performers like Seth Alexander, Kenny Mandell, and the Birch Pereira Trio in a varied sampling of jazz's history to enjoy over Memorial Day weekend.

In the grand tradition of excellently cynical local music scenes, SUSQUATCH 2 kicks off its second year of being the primary choice of everyone not going to Sasquatch this weekend. Over three nights, local artists like Zoolab, Versing, S1UGS, Ghost Soda, Bloom Offering, and many more will take over the stages at three local venues for an alt-party celebrating our local music scene.


58. Maiden Voyage
In this modern take on ancient myth, Penelope has raised a child on her own while her husband has battled on the seas for 20 years. She's successful and independent, having written a lauded book on her absent mate's adventures. But when the husband returns, things don't go exactly like they did in mythical antiquity. Rebecca Tourino Collinsworth is both writer and director.



59. Fremont Elf Grand Opening
Visit this cute little pop-up shop for "magical and quirky" goods from lovely Icelandic Kogga Pottery, Lonnie Comics, and other works of art and artisanry.

60. Sarah Vilendrer: Abortion? Abortion! Abortion.
Sarah Vilendrer dares to say it aloud: That word describing a stigmatized but common medical procedure. Her exhibit consists of 104 stories on hand-dyed paper and hung on macramé stands. The gallery writes, "Let's reframe the narrative and affirm abortion as the social good that it is. Let's UNITE our voices, ERASE the stigma, and RECLAIM our right to abortion without restrictions."


61. Not Too Late with Elicia Sanchez: Episode 26!
The late show with local favorite Elicia Sanchez and "comedian/non-musician" Nick Sahoyah promises stunts, music, comedy, "musk," and surprises. It's filmed for late-night access, so you'll be a live audience!


62. Tankfest Northwest
Old tanks will rumble to temporary life at this military vehicle fest with special activities for kids, like remote-control tank fun, a scavenger hunt, and face-painting. The museum will be showing Disney's Cars if you need some extra relaxation, and you can get up close with animals that create their own armor—the reptile man's turtles and other scaly friends.


63. Mighty-O Tour de Donut
Lucky for you, Bike Benefits and Mighty-O donuts have recently collaborated on a genius idea: a one-day pedal tour around the city, "fueled by delicious donuts." The self-guided tour will start in Ballard and will continue on to Capitol Hill, followed by a stop at Green Lake. Each stop will pause at a Mighty-O location. Participants will receive a Mighty-O Tour de Donut shirt, and donuts and coffee will be available before the tour starts.


64. Cats of the Internet Pajama Party
Cats: Our favorite masters of technology. Pay tribute to our adorable, YouTube-dominating friends with a "Cat-themed VR Immersion Experience," an internet cat video fest, and—because nothing beats the real thing—a kitty-petting room. Unless you're getting married or something, is there anything better you could be doing on Saturday night? There'll also be a cash bar and music by DJ Morgue Anne.

65. It's Raining Cats and Dogs Opening Day
Frederick L. Brown's The City is More Than Human: An Animal History of Seattle is an exploration of the way that animals—from pigs to dogs—have shaped Seattle. If that title intrigues you, definitely check out this exhibit at MOHAI, that will focus on cats and dogs, and the way they fit into Seattle's larger narrative. As you might have heard, we like our pets here. (Is it because we spend so many winter months huddling up with creature comforts, and some creatures?) Whatever the reason, celebrate and examine the role that these animals have in our lives and in our histories.

66. Salon Series 9: Iterations: Concept Art and Development
Join video game concept artist Adrian Majkrzak for a three-hour lecture followed by a reception. He'll discuss how he made it in the industry and his work on such projects as Destiny and Riot Games releases.

67. Seattle YouTube Day: Featuring Local Creators
If you wanna be a YouTube star, here's your chance to get some pointers from local web celebrities like Andru Edwards (Gear Live), Danielle Robbins (Parejeda), Nikki Egdamin (Life Made Simple with Nikki), and many others. And the moderators will also be YouTube stars, like the "the Tipsy Psychic" Zoe Richter and Amara Dumlao of Amara in Seattle. Plus, learn how to use "YouTube for Good" and share your own (safe-for-kids) channel. Your ticket includes admission to the Living Computers Museum.


68. 2017 Chittenden Locks Summer Concert Series Opening Day
Grab a blanket, a Nalgene full of wine, and your child or someone else's child and head to the Locks for their annual free public summer concert series. Starting today, you'll be able to enjoy live music performances from symphonic bands, show choirs, jazz trios, and more every weekend in the gardens by the Locks.

69. Cover Night: Cloud Cover, For Now, For Troubled Minds.
Cloud Cover are, perhaps unsurprisingly, a rock and roll cover band. They'll helm Blue Moon's monthly cover night with support from For Now and For Troubled Minds.

70. Pigs on the Wing Perform "The Wall"
Since you can't see the original line-up of Pink Floyd, check out Pigs on the Wing, an immersive musical Pink Floyd show experience from Portland, who will be performing "The Wall" in its entirety.

71. Punk As Folk 2017
Experience a night of switch-flipping, genre-bending musical throwdown as Silent City Productions presents the sixth annual Punk As Folk, a celebration of punk-inspired folk music and folk-inspired punk music (that cleverly coincides with Folklife). This year, Punk As Folk returns to the Conor Byrne with a stacked lineup of real PNW folk-punk enthusiasts: Danbert Nobacon, The Pickpocket Revue, Sourmash Hug Band, Mistress Kali, Reggie Bugmuncher, and more.

72. The Revolution Was On The Radio: A Night of Protest Songs
Gather with others in a community spirit to sing traditional protest songs (think Joan Baez, Woody Guthrie, and Nina Simone) as a group catharsis measure. Acclaimed local artist Whitney Mongé will headline.


73. BookJam
Head to Pony for a literary reason this time: drinking (natch) and mingling with fellow book lovers as y'all discuss books, cultural moments, and creative icons that have influenced queer culture, featuring a special musical performance by Adé, and evening soundtrack by DJ Kirky.

74. Look: A Competition Runway
Do you love attention and need cash? Perfect—get dressed and stomp down the Timbre Room runway for a chance to beat out the other babes for cash in hand and the admiration of all your peers. Hosted by the Chixie Dicks, the evening's categories include "Sex Bomb," "Mug," and "Avant Garde."


75. Peace Circles for Racial Healing: Uncovering Unconscious Bias
This event is focused on racial healing and creating a dialogue about race that is "safe, preemptive and proactive," and will be hosted by "Circle Keepers" Dr. Pamela Taylor and Dr. Keiko Ozeki.


76. I Love the 90s 5K
Run or walk a quick 5K around Green Lake in your flannel, hoop earrings, and denim jackets.



77. Let's All Drink and Do Broadway
Let's All Drink and Do Broadway promises a booze-soaked combination of show tunes and short form improv.


78. Family Science Weekend
See a special Diver Show, spot plankton, learn about care of ocean mammals, and discover octopus facts at the aquarium all weekend.



79. 3rd Annual Stand Up For Harm Reduction
The People's Harm Reduction Alliance is back with their third year of comedy in service of humanity. The PHRA advocates practices to help drug users stay alive and safe(r), such as needle distribution. This celebration offers burlesque, comedy, and "the presenting of the 'Golden Syringe,' a Lifetime achievement Award that PHRA gives out."

80. David Huntsberger: The Nothingness Tour!
Nerdy comedian Huntsberger, who shared the Professor Blastoff hosting duties with Tig Notaro and Kyle Dunnigan, will make you laugh with sciencey facts and philosophy. Erin Ingle, Andie Main, Scot Losse, and Henry Russell Stoddard will provide local comedic backup.


81. 2017 Gothic Seattle Pageant & Awards
Get ready for the moodiest party of the year with MCs Rita Hall Savoie, Monsignor, and Daemon Chadeau hosting the crowning of goth royalty—a contest based not on beauty or popularity but on the can-do community spirit goths are known for. Featuring performances by Ashen Witherburn and Maggie Bloodstone.


82. The Beauty of Kaiseki in May
"Kaiseki" is a traditional, multi-course Japanese dinner (and also refers to the skills and savoir-faire that must be attained to prepare the meal), and is made from seasonal ingredients. This month, Hiro Tawara will serve up a five-course Kaiseki meal based on the theme of the Children's Day holiday in Japan.

83. Memorial Day Weekend: "Down The Shore"
This Memorial Day weekend, join the folks at Mean Sandwich for a New Jersey-themed celebration, centered around the tradition of "going down the shore." There will be New Jerseyan classics such as sliders, subs, lobster, zeppoli and more. Plus...we hear homemade slushies will also make an appearance.


84. Powder Puff Pinball Tournament
Dress up as your "favorite" member of the Trump family at this women-only double-elimination pinball tournament. Why not?

85. Scratch Day
Meet four programmers from the MIT Scratch Team, which developed a free educational programming language for kids and teams. Bring your own laptop and play with or learn Scratch, whether you're a pint-size budding developer or an old fart who wants to catch up with this coding thing.


86. 11th Annual White Party
For eleven years now, the questionably-named All White Party has roared through the Parlor Ultra Lounge with drink specials, packed warehouse aesthetics, a strict dress code, and shoulder-rubbing opportunities with NFL and NBA players (this is more of an elbow-rubbing unless you are also of linebacker stature). Make sure your outfit game is tight as there will be roaming photographers, as well as bottle service, and DJs Polo, Lovesick, and Famous spinning.

87. The Bobs Final Show!
A cappella quartet The Bobs perform vocal renditions of everybody from Bach to Hendrix. This is reportedly their final appearance ever, so they're doing two sets.

88. Cruise Control
All aboard for this wild Hawaii boat-borne party with two floors of music, a hot patty-eating contest, beer, ludi, dominoes, Taste of the Caribbean nosh (included), and an afterparty at Contour.

89. The Gruv: The Return of Choklate and DJ Topsin
Enjoy a night of live music, fancy booze, and fresh fashion as a part of the Gruv nightlife series, with a live set by sultry R&B singer Choklate, and smooth spins by DJ Topspin.

90. Jai Ho! Bollywood Disco Retro Costume Party
Jai Ho throws it all the way back for a disco-themed costume dance party within their wild Bollywood zone. Expect high energy house, bhangra, retro, and other Indian-flavored beats at an all-night dance party with DJ Prashant, along with henna by donation, and a bhangra dance lesson at the beginning.

91. Memorial Weekend Live Music
Infinity Project will play your favorite Journey songs as you sip Chateau Ste. Michelle's tasty wines and enjoy dishes from food trucks NOSH, Jemil's Big Easy, and Buns on Wheels on their lush lawn.

92. Nookie: A Nu-Metal Tribute Night
The newest in local themed DJ nights, Nookie brings out all your favorite nü-metal hits from groups like System of a Down, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Linking Park, and more for a night of wallet-chained nostalgia.

93. Pop2K: Spinning Dance Party Hits from 2000-2010!
If the 2000s were your favorite decade, then Pop2K will be your new dance party of choice. The Pop2K DJ team break out all the best millennium jams from artists like Lady Gaga, Backstreet Boys, Katy Perry, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Black Eyed Peas, Ke$ha, Sisqo, and many, many more.


94. Corky Lee
Corky Lee has spent his career documenting the lives of Asian Americans in all their nuance and variety; some of these photos will be displayed during this "undisputed unofficial Asian American photographer laureate's” talk. Members of the OCA (a Seattle Asia Pacific American advocacy group) will also speak about the history of the Dragon Boat Festival. Plus, try some traditional festival foods.

95. Noel Franklin: Girl On The Road
Pick up a sample chapter of cartoonist Noel Franklin's autobiographical memoir-in-progess, Girl On The Road, a project supported by 4Culture, a CityArtist Grant, and an Artist Trust GAP. Franklin has drawn moodily lit, dramatic and detailed comics for the Stranger, Seattle Weekly, and inkt]art, as well as putting out several self-published zines. She'll talk about her themes and artistic working methods.


96. Sea to Ski
Ski to Sea is a multi-sport, multi-town adventure for daring Washingtonians and visitors, running from the Mount Baker area to the Marina Park in Bellingham. To compete, you must be able to ski cross-country and downhill (or snowboard), run, bike (road and cyclocross), canoe, and kayak. Wait at the Bellingham finish line to watch the intrepid teams race towards the finish line and enjoy some food and beer from the comfort of the shore.


97. The 420 Games Seattle
Jog away your worries over 4.20 miles, then spend the next two hours drinking, watching standup comedy, learning about the cannabis industry, and hearing music.

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