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Quick Places That Also Have Delicious Food

Tat’s Delicatessen is worth a visit any day, but especially on National Fast Food Day. Kelly O


Lately I've been using naan bread for all sorts of sandwiches including Canadian bacon and eggs breakfast sandwiches.

I was thinking...why are there no fast food drive through Indian restaurants?

There are buffets, but you have to wait and sit down and ... blah blah

How about a fusion Naan Burger with a side of curried potatos?

Or Naan Tandoori Chicken Wrap ?

Do these exist ?
@1 I've enjoyed this craziness out around maryland:

It's an absurd mix of mexican and indian with naan as the tortilla, but great!
Yeah, why stop at White History Month? National Fast Food Day is the next obvious step.
The bacon at Red Mill is very much *not* freshly fried; it's been sitting in that gross pile all day. Why they think "we could our bacon hours in advance of serving it" is a charming quirk, I'll never understand. They make a decent, if overrated, burger, but ordering bacon on your burger there is a noob mistake.
Ezell's ain't what it used to be... Ezell Stephens isn't even involved any more, but he now has 3 locations of Heaven Sent Fried Chicken - and they're very much worth a visit. Lake City, Everett and Renton. Back in the day, that original Ezell's on 23rd was totally the shit, though.
@1 and @2 Portland has had naan burritos for ages. Let's face it: every food innovation we think of here in Seattle has already been done to death in Portland. We may as well just try to do a better job of what we already do.

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