Don't be a dick on escalators: "Standing Still On An Escalator β€” Not Walking Up It β€” Is Fastest" as determined by the London Tube.…
Yes, yes, yes. The Stranger loves the light rail. Fucking stop already.
β€œI had no time to be polite. I had to keep on moving.” You are a very odious person and your very poor breeding shows. Only the worst sort of savage consciously discards civility.
Sound Transit needs to put up signs reading: "Stand Right, Walk Left...OR ELSE!"
Mr Steve @1: That is the dumbest thing I've ever read... the correct answer is: Stand Right, Walk Left it?
Charles, you're my last hope. Will you share your thoughts with us regarding Clinton vs Sanders, or have Savage and Frizzelle shut you down too?
Charles, I love you to pieces, but elsewhere in these light rail threads is a link to a story in the Guardian that pretty much puts to lie the notion that subway riders should "stand right, walk left." Doing so gives up half the escalator capacity for the sake of a fraction of its users. Instead, people should do the co-operative, sharing, we're-all-in-this-together thing and stand two folks wide on the escalator.
You should always take time to be polite, Charles. And what are you in such a hurry for? You can write clickbait from anywhere.
There's a train "stuck" in the Beacon Hill tunnel as I write this (our driver's word choice). I am stuck on the train behind it.
All you lazy fucks advocating standing still on escalators didn't actually read the study you're appealing to, did you? Because they found 100% standing was the most efficient way to move people only on very crowded escalators where people are queueing to board.

If there's enough room to stand to the right, then get the fuck out of the way. This is not a carnival ride.
@10: thank you. The escalator analogue of the rule that using the left lane for passing goes out the window doing rush hour or heavy congestion. Yes, then you fill up all lanes, but normally slower traffic/standers stay the fuck right.
Charles, you may be a man of the city but you are no man of Seattle. A true Seattleite would have spent the entire escalator ride standing politely behind that woman yet seething silently, and later complain to everyone at the office.
"No time to be polite"........Mr. Mudede, come down off your high horse, you're no better than anyone else. If you want to keep walking take the stairs. Remember, rudeness and unkind behavior is what dehumanizes dense urban areas.
A fair(ish) and balanced comment thread following a Mudede article. This is a first!!!
@MrSteve007: Standing Still On An Escalator β€” Not Walking Up It β€” Is Fastest

Actually, walking downwards against the motion of escalator is even faster still. Counterintuitive but true.
The light rail coverage reads like every staffer at the Stranger got a new bike for their birthday. It is cute and sweet and fun.
you're not going to write a slog post for every time you commute, are you?
@8 β€” You win the comment thread.
Thank God for that extra 43 seconds of time you saved. Life is short.
Just an "excuse me" is enough to go past escalator blockers. Don't sweat the small stuff. There's plenty of other crap to get worked up about.
Just an "excuse me" is enough to go past escalator blockers. Don't sweat the small stuff. There's plenty of other crap out there to get worked up about.

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