As someone who lives very close to the Columbia City road diet section of Rainier, I see it as a huge mess. Speeds may have decreased, but the traffic has become horribly congested. Cars regularly run red lights, and cross walks are blocked by cars that are otherwise unable to turn right or left onto Rainier. Prior to the road diet, I'd never had any issues as a pedestrian on that stretch of Rainier, in the six years I've lived down there. Since then, there's been at least a dozen times where I have to jump back on the curb to avoid being hit by a car.

I'm not opposed to the idea of a road diet, but it has to holistically improve the situation for everyone for it to work. The South Alaska St. road diet, just up Rainier from Columbia City is an example that improved traffic flow, pedestrian safety, and bike safety.
@2: Why did you post that? In Slogland, everyone is by default a racist. But you have no way out if it now that you've cemented the association for yourself.
Perhaps if the route #7 shame-train wasn't the world's best glimpse into Hobbes' state of nature, people would get out of their cars more often.
@3 BTW I'm not saying whites or any other drivers around here should hold their head high. Most Americans of any color would have a hard time qualifying for a license in a strict (and safer) country like Germany. The incompetence is just much more noticeable on Rainier Ave. Sad but true. And scary.
side streets. and wilson/seward park ave. that's where all the traffic and accidents have gone. but sdot apparently doesn't include those when they trumpet "success!"
@6: Anecdotal at best, I find the only generalizations you can make are about drivers are behavior (e.g. Seattle "over-polite" or speeders), and stereotypical behavior as to the vehicle make and model.

Nine times out of ten you don't see the color of their skin.

In regard to pedestrians, most of them are too self-absorbed with their devices that they aren't going to see you.
Have you spent time at SDOT in order to verify the opinion stated in this piece? If not then the validity of your argument is about as good as these comments. =\
The "diet" has sent tons of traffic from Rainier over to Seward Park Ave. S. Rainier might be better but Seward Park Ave. S. is much worse. There's a huge backup every morning and afternoon during rush hour at each stop sign/light, unlike anything I had ever seen before on that street.
Yep. I now drive fast down the side streets to avoid the diet. Great job sdot.
Also, "no urban street should be above 20mph". Really?! Ok, cut 99 thru Seattle to 20, east marginal, 15th thru interbay, lake city way. With the slow mess that is MLK southenders have no options.

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