It's the working class who needs more discount. If city employees making 110K benefit from subsidy, so too should this group. They work long hours, often shift work and have long commute and multiple job sites. I hear this complaint all the time from my patients. They miss the cutoff to qualify.
For a city with 10,000 city employees who get free ORCA card, subsidized ferry rides, good benefits, it's mind boggling to see how much this city depends on its volunteers. For the thousands of hours to clean, clear, replant in city parks, median strips and green belts, volunteer at community centers, pools, and local libraries, provide medical treatments, work in food bank and shelters, mentor and tutor students, raise money to improve schools and playgrounds, volunteers should get credit toward buying an ORCA card too.

@1, the working class can't afford to live in Seattle any longer a concern for our City Council members. Just ask any of them.

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