If you're riding the bus, it's because you're too broke to drive or too tired of waiting in traffic. Car ownership is actually, finally FALLING in Seattle. And private cars can and do perform public services: car shares and ride shares. This snapshot of so-called predatory car advertising doesn't account for the full picture that is car ownership/bus ridership in Seattle.
It's not just the messages they cause to appear, but those they prevent from appearing: Every fossil fuel station ought to have a warning label that informs the user of climate change harms. The icebergs are melting and the reefs are dying. Photographs of these impacts should also be presented and required by law, just as they are in more effective tobacco cessation campaigns.

We won't be seeing these sort of labels in Seattle or elsewhere in the USA because of the ferocity which the American Petroleum Institute and other industry groups will litigate their morally indefensible activities.
@2: The petroleum products used to create, transport, and apply the labels will also contribute to global warming.
@3 they can be made out of whatever recycled bullshit you're using for your posts, raindrip
Maybe the city should divest from any bank or any mutual fund that invests in any business related to the automobile industry.
When I was in high school, riding a bus somewhere, I noticed one of the ads below the ceiling of the bus was for Pennzoil: "Protects against stop and go driving. Tell your friends who have cars."

I was amazed and insulted (I owned a car at the time and still do). I remember the exact phrasing because I stole that stupid fucking poster and put it up in my room.

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