good thing that those that are wasting time driving around are all those immigrants and people so desperate for extra work in order to afford our new "Tech Seattle" that they'll do so driving around our new tech worker class.

and of course anyone else who doesn't live within walking distance of their destination who should have dumped their car years ago in order to spend countless hours getting around on our half-ass-wanna-be-NYC public transit system because a bunch of young, central-Seattle-based pundits think they should.

and for crissakes, we wouldn't want to burden the City to actually plan for how this unfettered growth is actually going to work...
seattle is so fucked. enjoy!
Maybe if the city was realistic about people's behaviors and actually required developers to put more parking in their buildings then all of this cruising behavior could be mediated.
All those cars are needed in case their owners need to get a gallon of milk.
I'm sure you intended to combine Fela and Femi as a matter of poetic license.
Their data wasn't for Seattle, it was for part of downtown. Which of course has a shit-ton of Uber cars and people parking!

(Didn't it seem a little ridiculous that a quarter of all the cars on the road would be parking? Sanity check this stuff please.)
@6, Reality checks don't get clicks.
FELA Kuti!

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