4% -- way to go Sound Transit. I just knew that building our very first modern light rail between SODO and a 1/2 mile from the airport was going to be a game-changer for transit in this region.

It just goes to show that no matter how much money we spend on Public Transit, it can always be made to suck so badly that only FOUR IN ONE HUNDRED PEOPLE will use it. I bet if they put off that new building for another 15 years, neglect maintenance, and fail to hire any more golf cart drivers, they can get that ridership number down to 1% or lower.

Might as well start building the new parking structures now.


A moving sidewalk, like airports in lots of cities, would be a much cheaper solution than building a major overhaul.


This article depresses me, not because of anything it says about the airport and transit but what it says about us/the populace. Seriously!?!?!? This is a "terrible walk"?!?!? This is what we are complaining about!?!? This is a covered, paved walkway, not all that far, to the terminal. I have taken this zillions of times. Heaters are not required in this mild climate---we do not need to be burning more energy for this relatively short and easy and did I mention covered, walk to the terminal. We do not need to be expending public funds to make the walk-way heated and enclosed for people who are already privileged enough to visit the airport regularly when there are still so many unhoused folks in this town. It is this kind of attitude about the mildest of non-inconveniences that has brought us to this state of climate change and larger attitudes about rampant consumerism and me culture. We cannot even convince people to "endure" even the smallest inconvenience or discomfort for the greater good---this article shows why. Come on. There are huge problems in the world and in Seattle. There are medium size problems in the world and Seattle. This doesn't even warrant a small wart on Seattle's ass. Please try to control the privilege, entitlement, and whining.

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