The following interviews took place at Cal Anderson Park during the 2017 solar eclipse.

Wilhelm Robinson, 9


Is this your first solar eclipse?


What did you think?

I think it was pretty cool.

What was cool about it?

The sun turns into an orange sliver.

Nadav Nahari, 41, and Julie Andres, 46


I noticed the two of you were doing some kind of couples yoga. What is it called?

NN: It’s exactly like couples yoga. It’s acroyoga, acrobatic yoga. And it works as a partnership. You, like in yoga, find structure with the ground. In acroyoga, with your partner and the ground.

Is it coincidence that you came out to do acroyoga during the eclipse?

JA: No. It’s very intentional.

Is there a benefit of doing acroyoga during a solar eclipse?

JA: Absolutely. It sends your magical powers out into the universe and then you get the eclipse energy back in your body. It’s magical.

NN: It’s magic wherever you do it, whenever you do it.

Danielle Hayes and Emily McCarty


You have two boxes: Orville Redenbacher and Milk Bones. What are their functions?

DH: Per NASA’s website and The Washington Post.

EM: And NPR.

DM: You poke a little hole in it and let the sun rays briefly go through here, through the foil where you poke a hole. Then you look through here and you see the eclipse. It’s the same physics, so to speak, behind a pinhole camera.


DH: But it didn’t work.

EM: It kinda worked. The little hole works okay.

What do you see when you look through it?

DH: You see the brightness of the direct sun coming through, and then you see a more distant spot that is crescent-like. And the crescent has actually changed in size since we thought our boxes weren’t working.

Can I take a look it?

EM: Totally. So, look at the smaller little hole. That’s where most of the sun comes from. Do you see it?

Oh yeah.

DH: So it’s kinda up in the top-left corner. That should be the eclipse. And that makes sense because it flips it upside down, and right now with the solar eclipse glasses, the crescent of the sun is on top. [To Emily: They work!]

EM: I know! [High five]