No one used to vomit on Capitol Hill? Ha! I lived at Belmont and Olive for a dozen years (supposedly during that halcyon time when no one vomited), and worked at part-time The Cuff for most of those years. Coming home at 2:30am was a minefield.

And for a few years we had a reporter for The Stranger living in our building, and the woman was basically an angry drunk who was a fountain of vomit.

And delicacy forbids me from discussing the sad state of Cal Anderson Park before it was Cal Anderson Park.

I could go on, but no one wants to listen to old people reminisce about vomit. Suffice to say that Capitol Hill was never a place where people withheld their innards. There may more of it now, but that's probably because there's more bars to draw vomiters into the area. Maybe the CH business association needs to hires some people to hose down the sidewalks and affected businesses.


Back in the day we called The Comet the Vomit for a reason.


Those dang Californians and tech bros with their vomiting. When I was younger, no Seattleites knew what vomit even was.

Seriously though, sometimes I wish people puked better, like not in the middle of the sidewalk. Find a bush or something, jeez. One time a woman in McStabby's was hunched over, I asked her if she was okay or if I should call anyone and she said she just has to throw up and they won't let her use the bathroom. Like, there's an entire world out there, no need to puke on this McDonald's floor.


@1--further reminder what an irreplaceable voice Catalina here is.



When did you live there? I lived in the Centennial Arms - although it wasn't called that at the time - on the NE corner of Olive & Belmont in the late 1980's and early '90's.

And yes, there has always been vomit on Capitol Hill - perhaps, as you say, not as much as now, but it wasn't exactly pristine by anyone's standards.


The Truly Cool have NEVER been permitted by The Assholes to live ENTIRELY amongst themselves ( for such is the nature of Nature . . . . )


Just taking this rare opportunity to comment on a Sean Nelson post.


If Sean deigns to open his posts for comment, I may deign to read his posts.


I spent most of the 90s living on Capitol Hill, and while MOST of the vomit peppering the sidewalk wasn't mine...

Vomiting on a door, though—that's just low.


Comte dear, I lived across in the street in the Centenial's twin, the Olive Crest (RIP) I loved that building: Big apartments, a pool, cheap covered parking and a fountain in the courtyard, for God's sake!

I also lived in the "New" McDermott on Bellevue between Pike and Pine, and rented a house at the corner of Denny and Boylston in the late 80's. (That was during my "grunge" phase)



Ah yes, remember it well! My landlord at the time told me they'd been built as temporary hotels for the World's Fair, then converted to apartments after it closed.


Hey Sean! The sign has somehow miraculously worked two weekends in a row. Please don't jinx it or antagonize people. It's so nice to not wake up to calls at 6AM on Sundays from gym members telling me there is puke on the door again. We've been good neighbors to the Stranger (we offer your employees a discount!). If our door gets caked in vomit this weekend, I'm emailing you personally to come help clean it up! ;)

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