Apparently we've also got children on the Seattle City Council, Bruce.


I heard he graduated top of his class in the Navy Seals, has been involved with numerous secret raids on Al-Qaeda, and has over 300 confirmed kills.


@2. The anarchist branch of the seals no less.

Bro. If you have to qualify your ideas with your identity, your ideas probably suck.


Wow - that was compelling. I wonder how many people he convinced to change their minds.


I'd put more money on that guy's background checking out than creepy grifters like David Preston or Harley Lever.


@2 @3

Is there any reason to doubt that he's a veteran? Do you know him well enough to know he's lying? Like many traditionally honorable vets, he didn't brag about what his specific accomplishments are.

Who else likes to denigrate American service people?


"Who the fuck are ya’ll to justify letting people die in the streets with your policies, your laws and your legislation. How do you justify that, killing people." Which policy is that? The $10 bag of black tar that the city hands out? The millions of dollars being spent already? Please enlighten me with your generalizations


I only read the transcript, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't "quoting Marx." For one thing, I don't recall Marx needing to drop quite so many f-bombs.


Beautiful. A nice break from the spineless little shits that wander these parts.


@7: First, woooosh.

Second, it is making fun of the schoolyard tough guy act. "You elected officials all better not make ME angry in this public forum, or'm going swear until you tell me I have to leave, and then go home and also be angry there!"

It's laughable.


@12: "It's laughable," says the person policing tough guys on the internet. Where do you pick up your medal for that?



Also, when they're being wounded, maimed, and killed in foreign countries to forward their economic interests.


@7. He’s an anarchist. But he served in the military for a democratic country.

See how dumb that seems when you say it out loud?

Also, comically angry about the stacks of dead kids that are piling up outside his house.



@13: Oh yeah asshole? You just keep talking like that and I am going to come kick your ass right in front of your mom. I've been studying tactical combat for years, you won't even know what hit you. You don't want to piss off a guy like me, TRUST ME!

Ok, so was that effective, or just pathetic? Are you actually moved in any way, or just surprised by the immaturity?

See? It's laughable.


I would imagine that one of the hardest parts of being on a school board or city council would be having to listen to all the crazies.


@10 "We have no compassion and we ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror. But the royal terrorists, the terrorists by the grace of God and the law, are in practice brutal, disdainful, and mean, in theory cowardly, secretive, and deceitful, and in both respects disreputable." - Marx & Engels, "Suppression of the Neue Rheinische Zeitung," Neue Rheinische Zeitung, May 19, 1849



If I missed the point, it's because it's extremely out of character for you to make fun of schoolyard bully acts. But it's bizarre that you would choose that manner.


@5. You already take. You take more and more. You waste more and more. You sure as hell care about your wants and desires.



Another winning comment. J/k: you're utterly clueless.

I happen to know personally one person who became an anarchist, and one who became a communist, because they served in the US military, and they started to ask deep questions about why all these brown people were shooting at them.

Deep questions that are clearly far beyond your capacity to fathom.


Encouraging violence always solves any problem. Just ask Lenin or Hitler. It really does work in the end.


Once the profanity starts, I tune out. I don't trust people who can't come up with a word besides 'fuck' to express themselves and the English language is so robust. Where is the civility in this country.




I would TOTALLY blow that dude.


@24 - What are you doing on The Stranger's website, then?


"Close your beaks" was a nice line.


@27 An online publication that is geared towards entertainment is a lot different than addressing the city council.


@26 oh yeah, I'm not just blowing he he can fuck me in the alley any day!


News Flash: Middle-Aged White Guy In Camo’ Shirt Spouts Obscenity-Laden Threats When Told He Can’t Have Every Last Little Thing He Wants.

Now, back to your regularly-scheduled whining about how Amazon delivered the death of democracy in Seattle really fast.


You all realize "veteran" doesn't necessarily mean he was kicking in doors in Fallujah and smacking kids around, right?

He could have just as easily been sitting behind a computer 10 hours a day in the AC, checking inventory and wondering when he'd get his next R&R in Pattaya so he could worry about getting the clap from a Ladyboy in the crossfire. He's a Vet sure.

Anyway, I say drag the Looney Lieutenant out anytime, he does wonders for your cause.


Yeah, that guy probably should not have guns.


The fact that he states he's an anarchist sums it up. Anarchists believe in no laws or rules; if you have something an anarchist want he'll come and try to take it. If the anarchist is strong enough to take it, it becomes his. On the other hand, if you are strong enough to keep it, it's still yours.


@16: At the risk of being pulled into the ouroboros of your self-ignorance, I will point out that trying to teach this person a lesson through a Slog comment is far more pathetic than caring about homeless people. Is being you as exhausting as reading you?

This city has become steadily more conservative, self-obsessed, and arrogant over the past five years. It's like living in a five star hotel in hell populated with the most mundane and pretentious people forced west due to their general insufferably and navel-gazing. I'd rather listen to this fellow than listen to all the sycophants here whimpering about poor little Amazon.




@36 Then leave please. The notion that this city has become more conservative with the city counsel/mayors we have elected is delusional at best. But you cant admit that the public in large is against this tax so we all must be Trump supporters now.


Fun little experiment: replace the word "anarchist" in your post with either the words "Trump", or "NRA member".


@38: This city hates homeless people with the same passion Trump hates immigrants. There's a surface liberalism here that everyone clings to as a rhetorical point of pride, but it covers a deep well of conservatism and shallow self-obsession. There's no income tax here. Residents tend to have an obsession with manners and politeness, yet show palpable nausea at any suggestion of government intervention to help people.

Leaving is the easy route. I'd rather try to build something better, something less narcissistic and petty.


@36: Being me is an unmitigated joy. No one is "teaching" anyone anything, I am just goofing off.

I am sorry that reading a short sentence is so exhausting for you, but if that is the case, you can stop reading at any time it gets too hard.


@39 could you imagine a Trumpist saying that the City Council? The Stranger would be exploding in rage and panic! But it's an anarchist so you's cool if it's on the right side.


@Everyone: Yeah, but he's right.


@40 I get it your upset you didn't get your way, but seriously your stretching to connect the dots and its views like yours that isolates yourself on an island. I don't hate homeless, just junkies that steal shit and a city counsel that refuses to do a damn thing to get the heroin off the streets.



Bet you $1000 that this fucking POG was never even stationed in a combat zone.


"Anarchist" is a wingnut trigger word, like "socialist" or "feminist". Conservatives are so P.C.


Well, it's nice to have a younger version of Alex Tsimmerman, isn't it?


@45 if anything “anarchist” is just a polite euphemism for “unemployed”.


@41: Of course...

@44: Never said you hate the homeless, but the average Seattleite sure does. It's the same sort of scapegoating that Trump does with immigrants. It's also an easy way for cowards to punch down.

If people are tired of homelessness being an issue, they should support social housing, a tax on the wealthiest 3% of big business, and, in the long run, a statewide progressive income tax. People that fight those things aren't liberal, at least by the definition used in the Unites States.


the stranger is cheering on a dude basically threatening violence against our legislature?


I think we've just witnessed the premiere of new, long-running Seattle character.


Who wouldn't automatically take direction from an anarchist when it comes to policies, laws, legislation, elected officials, or ... taxes?

I probably met an anarchist or two who weren't full-time pissed off back in the 60s, but since then, nope. Being an anarchists means being pissed off, 360 degrees and 24x7. So does being any part of their occasional captive audiences.


Have you ever met an anarchist who isn't obsessed with military drag?

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