Parks & Arts

While Seattle is busy throwing its money down endless holes such as the Symphony Hall or the Opera House, Tacoma is busy showing us how it's really done. The new Museum of Glass, which broke ground this past Wednesday, is scheduled to cost a whopping 57.3 million dollars--and those are Tacoma dollars! The museum proudly announced nearly $12 million in funding in 2000 alone, a full $10 million of it from an anonymous source. I guess anyone who wants to see a whole museum devoted to misshapen, translucent, striated blobs would be wise to keep their name off of it. JAMIE HOOK

After the Dance

In the aftermath of the recent turmoil surrounding Dance on Capitol Hill ["Dancing Around Finance," Sept 7], tensions between the two antagonists seem to have diminished only slightly. Fusion Dance claims Dance on Capitol Hill (DoCH) Administrative Director David Sparenberg is telling people that nothing is going on in DoCH's former space on 15th Ave, now occupied by Fusion. Sparenberg denies this, saying he's simply not referring anyone to Fusion; he says he feels the space was "hijacked," and he's going to push for a general boycott of Fusion. Beyond this, there has been no further contact between the organizations. The former teachers of DoCH, in the meantime, are pragmatically pulling themselves together. Some are now teaching at Fusion; others have transferred to other schools, including the American Dance Institute. DoCH took part in the recent Cirque de Broadway street fair with the hopes of raising enough money to retire its sizable debt. Sparenberg is also hoping to launch a new dance publication to fill the void left by the recently departed DanceNet; presumably, his boycott will begin in its pages. BRET FETZER

Typing Explosion Explodes

Seattle's superstar poetry group the Typing Explosion, which creates poetry on demand, will be featured in an upcoming edition of People magazine (they have already been on the cover of the arts section of USA Today). All did not, however, go completely as planned during the interview. "The guy was a prick," Typing Explosion member Rachel Kessler (also The Stranger's food critic) says of the People freelancer. "All he asked about was what rock stars we associate with. He didn't even buy us lunch." Furthermore, Kessler said, she would like to point out that just because she has a baby doesn't mean she doesn't still expect to be wined, dined, and wolf-whistled at. TRACI VOGEL

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