Housing Solution May Pass

Seattle's army of complainers bemoaning the loss of affordable artist and small business space in Belltown and Pioneer Square might do well to keep an eye on the progress of San Francisco's strangely fascistic, liberal-supported "Proposition L." This landmark proposition specifically targets dot-com growth in the city, with special emphasis on the historically affordable Mission District, by banning outright new office spaces in certain areas, and prohibiting the conversion of live-work units to office use. The proposition, loudly decried by the mayor, developers, and dot-commers, was narrowly in the lead as of Thursday November 9.

Meanwhile, Seattle continues its fight against encroachment in Pioneer Square with the help of Minnesota non-profit Artspace, who, in conjunction with King County, have forwarded a deal to convert the city-owned Tashiro-Kaplan buildings into 52 low-income live-work spaces. JAMIE HOOK

Housing Woes Delay "Wasted Motel"

Spoken-word group Sister Spit members Michelle Tea, Shar Rednour, Jackie Strano, Sash Sunday, and Kassy Kayiatos have delayed their tour to Seattle, titled "Wasted Motel," for reasons that might lead to their wasting real time in motels--two of the tour members have been evicted from their home in San Francisco. Evictions in that city have been on the rise, leaving many artists out in the cold--in fact, housing might be the biggest arts story on the West Coast right now (see previous story). Tour sponsors Eleventh Hour Productions will try to reschedule the performance for a later date, probably not until early next year. TRACI VOGEL

Not Venus, Microsoft

Seemingly the entire city was blanketed with anonymous, handmade political flyers this week, titled "2 Birds of a Feather. Flock Together." The flyers, written in a gonzo journalism style rivaling that of the New York Post, assert that Al Gore is "more dangerous than Pat B. because no one really knows what he is up to." In fact, the writer says Al Gore "calls himself a 'Democrat'" but that "he is a Democrat as I am from Venus." What is most curious about the flyer received at The Stranger, however, is that the header indicates it originated from "Microsoft Bld 40." TRACI VOGEL

He's Snow Angel!

Smartypants theater director John Jesurun's current work, Snow, makes use of over 60 surveillance cameras scattered throughout the set and wired to a central control room. While In Arts News can pass no judgment on the resulting work (see this week's theater review for that), we can say that numerous on-site sources involved in mounting Snow describe Jesurun variously as, "the biggest asshole I've ever worked with," "totally pretentious," "completely unprofessional," and, "a pompous ass" with a head "too big to fit through the front door." In relaying these tidbits of character observation, sources had to cover their mouths with their hands to obscure the movement of their lips, lest they be caught by the omniscient surveillance eye of the maniacal Jesurun. JAMIE HOOK

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