Carol Bolt
Event: More at the King County Gallery, through Feb 23.

More what? "More, more, more. It's how this year has been for me. It's been wonderfully difficult. And the show comes out of the idea of wanting more, having more, recognizing when you have more, being grateful for having more, recognizing when more comes in a different way than you wished for, and still trying to be grateful for it. So, more metaphorically, but also quite physically. Visually, I like more, I like the expanse of volume and excess, whether it's through obsessive collecting of stuff or obsessive markmaking--that kind of activity I find very satisfying to do, and also to look at. My life has been about more. I'm really grateful for the things I've received and the people I have in my life. I've also had losses this year: I lost a very dear friend of mine to cancer, and that's been really difficult, and I've been trying to remember the 'half-empty-half-full' thing because I really miss him and the sounds he used to make, the laughter. So I'm trying to remember that I'm grateful for the time I had with him. But then I think, 'I want more time with him.' But how much more would have been enough? I haven't figured that out. It's the same thing I'm struggling with in my studio--I could keep making, keep making, but how much of this stuff is enough?"

Sort of an internal supply and demand. "Absolutely. So for the show I chose the idea of how much can I accumulate and how much is enough. I chose the peppermint candy because it's a beautiful little object--a little funny candy jewel. Peppermint candy for me is such a symbol--you go out to eat and they put the little peppermint candy on your check. Why would they do that? What do they care how your breath smells--you're on your way out the door! Maybe it's simply that gesture of giving out that they know is going to come back to them. If they give a peppermint candy to you, albeit a small gesture, what does that expand out into? That cyclicalness is so interesting to me."