Bellevue Art Museum
Call Me Chairmaker: work by Garry Knox Bennett. Through Nov 26. On Mapping New Perspectives with a Common Thread, by four contemporary fiber artists. Through Sept 3. 510 Bellevue Way NE, 425-519-0745.

Frye Art Museum
Robert Yoder's Sluice Gate is a geometric floor tapestry (rug) of hand-tufted wool, the closest thing to an abstraction in the representational Frye. Through Sept 10. Klompen: sound sculptor Trimpin makes 120 Dutch clogs dance in the air. Through Jan 21, 2007. Spectatorship and Desire: Love restores the paintings that curator Robin Held removed from the walls, set beside visitor comments made in their absence. Through Mar 4, 2007. Painter, video, and installation artist Sigrid Sandstrom "suggests that ownership is a poor substitute for knowledge—and that representing an object or a place in art is like staking a claim in inhospitable land. " (Jen Graves) Through Sept 10. 704 Terry Ave, 622-9250.

Henry Art Gallery
The Laughing Monks: ceramicist Akio Takamori mines the Henry's collection and mingles it with his own figures. Through Oct 22. Threshold: the painter Byron Kim "pairs the indeterminacy of monochrome painting with specific titles that reference small, playful, everyday moments" (Graves). Through Sept 17. Maya Lin: Systematic Landscapes: "Temporary, non-site-specific exhibitions are not Lin's strength. " (Graves) Through Sept 3. 15th Ave NE at NE 41st St, 543-2280.

Museum of Glass
Fresh! Contemporary Takes on Nature and Allegory. Through Dec 31. Kickin It with Joyce J Scott. Through Oct 22. Karen LaMonte: Absence Adorned. Through Sept 4. 1801 Dock St, 253-284-4732.

Museum of History and Industry
100 Years of American Photography from the National Archives was created by the National Archives and Records Administration and organized for travel by the Smithsonian. Aug 5-Dec 17. 2700 24th Ave E, 324-1126.

Museum of Northwest Art
All in the Painted View: six artists including Anne Appleby and Margie Livingston survey the landscape, from realism to expressionism to total abstraction. A tribute to the sculptor Italo Scanga (1932-2001). Through Oct 8. 121 S First Street, 360-466-4446.

Nordic Heritage Museum
Bellevue Community College teachers Lars Husby and Dale Lindman show architectural ceramics and mixed-media paintings, respectively, in Surface Stances. Through Aug 6. 3014 NW 67th St, 789-5707.

Seattle Asian Art Museum
Seattle Art Museum downtown is closed for renovations until spring 2007; SAAM is filling in. There's studio glass, art deco sculpture, contemporary art (don't miss Claude Zervas's neon river, nooksack, and Jeffry Mitchell's religious lampoon), paintings by Morris Graves and Mark Tobey, and photography by Johsel Namkung. Through Aug 6. Seattle Art Museum downtown is closed for renovations until spring 2007; SAAM is filling in. There's studio glass, art deco sculpture, contemporary art (don't miss Claude Zervas's neon river, nooksack, and Jeffry Mitchell's religious lampoon), paintings by Morris Graves and Mark Tobey, and photography by Johsel Namkung. Iranian-born Shirin Neshat's video installation, Tooba, is a lyrical portrait of a menaced woman making a kind of escape. Picnics, Rhythms and Vacations is a new installation by sound artist and sculptor, Trimpin. Using slide projectors stacked from floor to ceiling and filled with hundreds of found slides collected from flea markets around the world, Trimpin creates a percussive sound composition, accompanied by images thrown on the gallery's walls, floor and ceiling. Through Oct 15. 1400 E Prospect St (Volunteer Park), 654-3100.

Tacoma Art Museum
Native American art and culture as inspiration for pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. Through Sept 4. Twenty-five years of Akio Takamori's renowned, large-scale ceramic sculptures marrying Matissean and Japanese woodblock lines. Through Oct 8. The 2006 Neddy Artist Fellowship Survey. Through Aug 13. The Essence of Line: French Drawings from Ingres to Degas. Through Sept 17. 1701 Pacific Ave, 253-272-4258.

Vancouver Art Gallery
The most complete exhibition of Haida art ever, the museum says: Raven Travelling: Two Centuries of Haida Art. Through Sept 17. The latest in prefab home design: Some Assembly Required. Through Sept 4. Arthur Erickson: Critical Works, 12 major projects from 40 years of work. Through Sept 10. 750 Hornby St, 604-662-4719.

Whatcom Museum of History and Art
Contrasting Objectives: Fifteen Pacific Northwest Photographers includes Jim Breukelman of Vancouver, BC, Rebecca Cummins and Claude Zervas of Seattle, and Christopher Rauschenberg of Portland. Through Sept 10. 121 Prospect St, 360-676-6981.

Wing Luke Asian Museum
Jimmy Tsutomu Mirikitani, curated by Roger Shimomura. Through Sept 17. These Walls Can Speak: Untold Stories, featuring the historic Kong Yick, Higo, and Eastern Hotel buildings. Through Dec 10. 407 Seventh Ave S, 623-5124.

Gallery Openings

The Art Institute of Seattle Gallery
Annual Student Show Aug 3-Sept 30. 2323 Elliot Ave, 448-0900.

recommendedArt Patch Gallery
Lines: photography by Elysha Rose Diaz. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 6-9 pm. Aug 3-27. 306 S Washington St, Ste 102, 388-2373.

Artists' Gallery of Seattle
Work by Yadesa Bojia. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 6-10 pm. Aug 3-31. 902 First Ave S, 340-0830.

Art/Not Terminal Gallery
Dovinity: The Dove is God is black-and-white collage paintings by Ramon Deslauriers. Reception Sat Aug 5, 7-10 pm. Aug 3-Sept 7. 2045 Westlake Ave, 233-0680.

ArtWorks Gallery
Where Are We in This Mundane World? Photography by Virginia Wilcox. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 6-9 pm. Aug 3-31. 619 Western Ave, fourth floor.

Bishop Harvey Gallery
In Those Who Came Before, painter Diana Fairbanks and photographer Mike Sedam examine what remains of the old American West. Reception Wed Aug 9, 6-8 pm. Aug 9-Sept 2. 524 Main St, 550-4372.

Black Box Gallery
The Witch and the Whore: new work by Elena Stueber and Kaliisa Conlon. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 7-12 pm. Thu, Aug 3. 4911 Aurora Ave N.

Burien Arts Gallery
Selected prints by Pressworks. Reception Fri Aug 4, 7-9 pm. Aug 4-Sept 23. 421 SW 146th St, 938-7663.

Corridor Gallery
Pinhole-camera Portraits of the Northwest by Dana Day. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 5-9 pm. Aug 3-26. 306 S Washington St, 856-7037.

D'Adamo/Woltz Gallery
Transitions: new work by Zivana Gojanovic. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 5-8 pm. Aug 3-Sept 5. 307 Occidental Ave S, 652-4414.

recommendedDavidson Contemporary
Works on Paper is a group show with Dawn Cerny, Tim Cross, Marc Dombrosky, Kristen Ramirez, and Mary Simpson. Plus: Dan Gualdoni's Aer Eire Series. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 6-8 pm. Aug 3-Sept 2. 310 S Washington St, 624-7684.

Davidson Galleries
New Work in the Contemporary Print Department and The Published State, Part 2 in the Antique Print Department. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 6-8 pm. Aug 3-Sept 2. 313 Occidental Ave S, 624-1324.

Facere Jewelry Art Gallery
At Play: A Polymer Clay Show is a group show of international and local polymer clay jewelry artists. Reception Thurs Aug 10, 5-7 pm Aug 4-12. 1420 Fifth Ave, Suite #108, 624-6768.

Emotional Baggage: paintings on suitcases by Tim Tinker. Aug 4-31. 1914 Second Ave.

Foster/White Gallery
Dale Chihuly's installations, including chandeliers, plus his drawings and works from his new Black Baskets and Black Cylinders series. Aug 3-Sept 2. 220 Third Ave S, 622-2833.

Fountainhead Gallery
Karen Rieger's sensual oil paintings in Viennese Afternoon, and Michael Ferguson's figurative acrylic paintings in An Artist's View. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 5-7 pm. Aug 3-27. 625 W McGraw St, 285-4467.

Frame Up Studios
Oil paintings by Cheryl King. Reception Fri Aug 4, 6-9 pm. Aug 3-29. 3515 Fremont Ave N, 547-4657.

Francine Seders Gallery
Mixed-media abstractions by Michael Howard. Reception Sun Aug 13, 1:30-4 pm. Aug 4-Sept 3. 6701 Greenwood Ave N, 782-0355.

Gallery 110
Lois Pierris photographs local burlesque shows and Liz Trans paints the High Seas. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 6-8 pm. Aug 3-26. 110 S Washington St, 624-9336.

Gallery 4Culture
Facade is a fairy-tale interior of a Victorian trophy room by Tory Franklin. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 6-8 pm. Aug 3-Sept 1. 101 Prefontaine Pl S, 296-7580.

Gallery IMA
Winklein Rain is work by Victoria Tchetchet and Alan Corkery Hahn. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 6-8:30 pm. Aug 3-Sept 1. 123 S Jackson St, 625-0055.

Globe Gallery
National Geographic photographer William Thompson's Landscapes of the Western Mind. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 6-8 pm. Aug 3-Sept 5. 105 S Main St #100, 612-7655.

Grover/Thurston Gallery
Summer Group Show featuring recent works on paper, paintings, and sculpture by gallery artists. Aug 3-26. 309 Occidental Ave S, 223-0816.

The Island Gallery
American Contemporary wood-fired ceramics by artists from the Prairie, Plains and Pacific. Aug 4-31. 100-106 Madison Ave N, 780-9500.

recommendedJames Harris Gallery
Focusing on the practice of drawing through contemporary artists Claire Cowie, Marcelino Goncalves, Patrick Holderfield, Roy McMakin, Jeffry Mitchell, Mary Ann Peters, Susan Russell Hall, and Keith Tilford, among others; and historical masters Pierre Bonnard, Edward Coley Burne-Jones, Paul Cezanne, Corot, Delacroix, Ingres, Klee, Manet, Pissarro, Vuillard, and more. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 6-8 pm. Aug 3-25. 309A Third Ave S, 903-6220.

The Search for Perfection Continues: of paintings and collages regarding the image of femininity. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 6-9 pm. Aug 3-31. 619 Western Ave, fourth floor, 253-549-2184.

La Familia Gallery
Tempered Shapes: collage and acrylic by Darrel Paul. Aug 3-31. 117 Prefontaine Pl S.

Linda Hodges Gallery
Paintings by Brad Rude. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 6-8 pm. Aug 3-Sept 2. 316 First Ave S, 624-3034.

Lisa Harris Gallery
Myth and Melodrama: monotypes by John Lysak. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 6-9 pm. Aug 3-Sept 2. 1922 Pike Pl, 443-3315.

Local Color
Etched mirrors, water colors, fish prints, and more in this group show with Margot Lovinger, Ashley Hoover, David Dickinson, and Susan Sheridan. Aug 5-31. 1606 Pike Pl, 728-1717.

Punch Gallery
Lion Devouring a Rabbit and Other Collages by Joanna Thomas. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 5-8 pm. Aug 3-Sept 3. 119 Prefontaine Pl S.

Seattle Art Museum Rental/Sales Gallery
The third annual Summer Introductions show presents a group of artists new to the gallery: Thomas Anderson, Dawn Cerny, Stacie Chappell, Kinga Czerska, John Dempcy, Bryan Smith, Randall David Tipton, Cheryl Gail Toh, and Andrea Voinot. Aug 3-Sept 2. 1220 Third Ave, 343-1101.

Shift Studio
Point of Entry is new painting by Crystal Anderson. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 5-8 pm. Aug 3-Sept 2. 306 S Washington St, Ste 105.

Smith Tower Gallery
Watercolor and mixed-media paintings by Violet Eye. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 7-9 pm. Aug 3-31. 512 Second Ave, 666-9039.

recommendedSoil Art Gallery
Exploded View is a group show exposing the normally hidden parts of an artist's practice, with drawings and more by Erica Bradbury, Margie Livingston, John Mills, Leah Nguyen, Tuan Nguyen, Nicholas Nyland, Bill Wells. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 6-9 pm. Aug 3-Sept 1. 112 Third Ave S, 264-8601.

Some Space Gallery
Photography by Shannon Welles. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 6-9 pm. Aug 3-31. 625 1st Ave, 718-3104.

recommendedSweatshop Inc.
Gray Area is a group show "exploring the Seattle experience" featuring Chad Wentzel, Sarah Sandman, and Bree Nichols. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 7-12 pm. Aug 3-27. 1202 E Pine St, Ste B, 388-2373.

Seven Deadly Sins: photography and mixed-media by Angela Dawn. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 6-10 pm. Aug 3-27. 2018 First Ave, 441-3441.

Vetri International Glass
Glass artist Bridget Boss brings up The Elephant in the Room. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 5-8 pm. Aug 3-27. 1404 First Ave, 667-9608.

Viveza Gallery
Two collections of new work: A Turn of the Crank: Sink in Script by Casey Curran and Mattie Iverson's Soft Focus. Reception Fri Aug 4, 6-10 pm. Aug 4-Sept 3. 2604 Western Ave, 956-3584.

Wessel & Lieberman Booksellers
The work of book designer, printer, and art director Sam Antupit. Aug 5-Sept 2. 208 First Ave S, 682-3545.

William Traver Gallery
Phenomenon. . . In Particular Order: sculpture by Seattle artist Sean Albert. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 5-8 pm. Aug 3-Sept 3. In the Surface: the blown glass vessels of emerging glass artist Ethan Stern. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 5-8 pm. Aug 3-Sept 3. As the Crows Fly: sculptural objects by glass artist Jonathan Mossop. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 5-8 pm. Aug 3-Sept 3. 110 Union St. #200, 587-6501.

William Traver Gallery Tacoma
Major historical works by Dale Chihuly and pieces by well-known artists who have worked on his team over the years. Aug 5-Sept 10. 1821 E Dock St, Ste 100, 253-383-3685.

Continuing Exhibitions

Water Wings: nine photographers on the swimming pool. Through Aug 9. 5208 Ballard Ave NW, 706-0969.

recommended911 Media Arts Gallery
Diagram of the Dynamics of the Physical Embodiment of Desire and Legible Nature: Fate is an Afterthought—new video installations by Adam Chapman. Through Aug 29. 402 Ninth Ave N, 682-6552.

Alibi Room
You Were There: paintings by Lucas Vidana. Through Sept 6. 85 Pike St, 625-9647 (office).

Art/Not Terminal Gallery
Snapped: four artists consider the definition of art photography. Through Aug 3. 2045 Westlake Ave, 233-0680.

In the Garden and Elsewhere. Through Aug 19. 4711 California Ave SW, 938-0339.

Legacies of War: artwork by bombing survivors from Laos. Through Aug 26. 512 First Ave S, 839-0377.

Azuma Gallery
Etchings: work by Ryohei Tanaka. Through Aug 19. 530 First Ave S, 622-5599.

Baas Art Gallery & Framing
Arabian Reflections: ink and watercolor paintings on paper by Anita West. Through Aug 18. 2703 E Madison St, 324-4742.

Ballard Fetherston Gallery
The One Night Stand Series presents The Two Week Affair: Summer Roadtrip 2006. Through Aug 12. 818 E Pike St, 322-9440.

GardenArts Invitational: ten local artists, garden-themed art. Through Aug 6. 2856 NW Market St, 784-9987.

Bellevue City Hall
Bellevue Arts Commission presents the Seventh Biennial Bellevue Sculpture Exhibition. Through Oct 9. 1111 110 Ave NE, 425-452-4852.

Belltown Lofts
Photographs by Timothy Wind and Michael Ross. Through Aug 13. 66 Bell St, 770-9277.

Benham Gallery
South Park Photo Vision: Kids using cameras to express their views of their neighborhood. Through Aug 19. 1216 First Ave, 622-2480.

Bishop Harvey Gallery
Three artists, three mediums: painting, photography, and pottery. Through Aug 5. 524 Main St, 550-4372.

Blank Design
Waiting for BodhiDharma is installation artist Christian French's amusing tribute to the Western notions of Zen Buddhism, complete with sports trophies engraved with Zen-like sayings. Through Sept 30. 1601 Second Ave, 624-3827.

Bluebottle Gallery
Jessixa draws us Robots and Cupcakes. Reception Sat Aug 5, 6-8 pm. Through Aug 27. 415 E Pine St, 325-1592.

BLVD Gallery
Natural Selection is work by Losefatu Sua, Sam Sneke, and Angry Woebots. Through Aug 5. 2316 Second Ave, 374-8977.

Cafe Flora
A group exhibition: Now Serving Employee Art. Through Aug 15. 2901 E Madison St, 325-9100.

Caffe Ladro
From the Sketchbook: Grist for the Mill by Karin Bolstad. Through Sept 30. 600 Queen Anne Ave N, 282-1549.

Capitol Hill Arts Center
Pane in the Glass II is illuminated window panes by the Twilight Artist Collective. Through Aug 31. 1621 12th Ave, 388-0569.

Catherine Person Gallery
At Once: a group show of the gallery's artists. Through Aug 25. 319 Third Ave, 726-1836.

Center on Contemporary Art
The Hope Series is sculpture and installation by Idaho artist Robert Kantor, including one work built around a WWII-era 500-pound bomb. Through Sept 3. Buried Treasures is an installation in Christian French's ongoing project of burying his own art and creating treasure maps that imprecisely record its locations in a practice that includes drawing, ceramics, photography, found objects, and sculpture. Through Sept 3. Mike Berg's Run My Hand Around the Font is three self-lit cylindrical metal sculptures where the bulk of the metal has been cut away so the pieces have a calligraphic rhythm, in a process of ink drawing and photo-etching. Through Sept 3. 410 Dexter Ave N, 728-1980.

Columbia Center Gallery
Celebration IV, by the Women Painters of Washington. Through Oct 27. Portraits of Healing: Celebrating the Gift of Hospice by photographer Nancy Medwell. Through Aug 31. 701 Fifth Ave, Third Floor, 262-5400.

Columbia City Gallery
Constellation of Shadows and Leaves is mixed media by Carletta Wilson. Also on view: The Human Animal, a group show of gallery artists. Through Sept 10. 4864 Rainier Ave S, 760-9843.

recommendedCrawl Space Gallery
In Piss President, a series of works in pen and ink on gesso, Brad Biancardi reduces government buildings in DC to gaping blueprints, reconstructing them as open, not secretive, spaces. Through Aug 13. 504 E Denny Way, #1, 322-5752.

Critical Line
Keeping Score: Joanne Kim's photographs, reams of hand-written credit-card statements by Kate Bingaman, and sound helmets by Anna Huff (AKA Anna Oxygen, who appeared in Stranger writer Charles Mudede's film Police Beat). Through Oct 1. 741 St Helens Ave, 253-444-2741.

Electric Heavyland
Dead + Moving is painting and illustration by Fourthcity artist Kinoko. Through Aug 30. 252 NE 45TH ST, 545-2800.

Experience Music Project
"In its six years, EMP has been more of an overpriced tourist attraction than a home for the exchange of ideas about rock music, and rock is something we know Allen loves. How does he really feel about art, and what is his vision for showing it? This show doesn't answer those questions. Instead, it relies on celebrity. Even in rock, that only goes so far. " (Graves) Through Sept 24. 2901 Broad St, 770-2700.

Faire Gallery Cafe
Departure: new paintings by Elissa Eng. Through Aug 25. 1351 E Olive Way, 652-0781.

Fenomena Art Gallery
Artwork inspired by The Spirit of Africa. Through Aug 31. 200 Roy St, #104, 399-5301.

G. Gibson Gallery
Chevaleresses is paintings by Alicia Berger. Also on view: 58 Degrees, photography by Iain Stewart. Through Aug 26. 300 S Washington St, 587-4033.

The Galactic Boutique
Everything Is Going To Be Alright:paintings by Dave Bloomfield. Reception Tues Aug 14, 6-9 pm. Through Aug 31. 1213 Pine St, 749-9167.

Gallery 63 Eleven
Stranger contributor/grunge photographer Charles Peterson documents nearly a decade of travel. Through Aug 9. 6311 24th Ave NW, 478-2238.

Garde Rail Gallery
Southern Folk Art: vintage works by the Rev. Howard Finster and Mose Tolliver, among others. Through Aug 31. 110 Third Ave S, 621-1055.

The Gilt Edge Society
The Munny Show, curated by Schmancy, with artists ParsKid, Shawn Wolfe, Le Merde, and many more. Through Aug 14. 2312 Fourth Ave, 728-8008.

Global Art Venue
Paintings by Carrie Goller. Through Aug 3. 314 First Ave S, 264-8755.

Greg Kucera Gallery
The legendary quiltmakers of the remote area of Gee's Bend, Alabama, show abstract quilts and etchings. Plus: Patchwork, works by contemporary artists who refer to or are influenced by the patchwork traditions of American quiltmaking. Through Sept 2. 212 Third Ave 2, 624-0770.

Harbor Steps
West Edge Sculpture Invitational: works by 29 Seattle-area sculptors at Harbor Steps and on the stairs outside Benaroya Hall. Through Oct 29. First Avenue and University Street.

recommendedHoward House
New Sculpture Survey includes Diem Chau, Ben Chickadel, Erik Geschke, Jon Haddock, Jenny Heishman, Sean Johnson, Michael O'Malley, and Jason Wood. Hubert Dobler is featured in Howard's Fun House in the back. Through Aug 26. 604 Second Ave, 256-6399.

Joe Bar
Scapes II is oil paintings by Aaron Bagley. Reception Thurs Aug 2, 6-9 pm. Through Aug 31. 810 E Roy St, 324-0407.

Juniper Flowers
New paintings by Adriana Grant. Through Aug 31. 308 W Republican St, 285-2700.

Laura Frost Gallery
Art and music to benefit the Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project. Through Aug 10. 5805 14th Ave NW, 783-1451.

recommendedLawrimore Project
The deans of Seattle performance art—John Sutton, Ben Beres, and Zac Culler—have built a majestic monument to trompe l'oeil materialism: a real Chinese restaurant, where you may even be able to order food. Do not miss this. Through Aug 3. 831 Airport Way S, 501-1231.

recommendedLee Center for the Arts
Painted On is 10 Seattle painters, including Brian Murphy, Brad Biancardi, and Francisco Guerrero. Through Aug 25. 901 12th Ave, 296-5360.

M. Rosetta Hunter Art Gallery
Etapas y Tecnicas by Rene Julio. Through Aug 18. Seattle Central Community College, 1701 Broadway, #2BE2116, 344-4379.

Mitchelli's Gallery Bar
Dress Up, by metal artist Sandy Lew-Hailer. Through Sept 4. 84 Yesler Way, 623-3883.

National Parks Conservation Association
Oils, watercolors, and photographs in Northwest National Parks: From Inspiration to Action. Through Sept 2. 313A First Ave S, 903-1444.

Patricia Cameron Gallery
Look Both Ways: paintings by Amanda Coleman. Through Aug 26. 234 Dexter Ave N, 343-9647.

Phinney Center Gallery
Brian Allen's altered photographs show neighborhood buildings reduced to their facades in Flat Buildings, and David Oudeis shows mixed-media creations in It's All About Me. Reception Fri Aug 4, 7-9 pm. Through Aug 25. 6532 Phinney Ave N, 783-2244.

New lighted boxes by Joe Walker. Reception Fri Aug 4, 7-9 pm. Through Sept 30. 1114 Howell St, 233-9873.

School of Visual Concepts
Shared Dreams is an exhibit of 36 posters designed in a collaborative effort by U. S. and Cuban artists. Through Sept 8. 500 Aurora Ave N, 623-1560.

Seattle Piano Gallery
Color Dreams is paintings by Lana Lisitsa. Through Sept 30. 2230 Eight Ave, 282-7101.

Sev Shoon Arts Center
Group show of the Print Zero Studio artists. Through Aug 5. 2862 NW Market St, 782-2415.

Square Room
New work by Kem Alexander. Through Aug 31. 1316 E Pike St, 267-7120.

Tollbooth Gallery (Tacoma)
Movement, a video and print installation by Claire Yuckert. Through Aug 13. Broadway and 11th Street, 253-444-2741.

University House at Wallingford
Visually Speaking: MFA and BFA student work. Through Oct 13. 4400 Stone Way N, 447-1181.

Wall Space
The Genius of Place: black-and-white photography by John Anderson. Reception Thurs Aug 3, 6-9 pm. Through Aug 26. 600 First Ave #322, 330-9137.

Washington State Convention & Trade Center
A group show from the instructors of Gage Academy of Art. Through Oct 2. 800 Convention Place, 694-5000.

Western Bridge
Anchored by gorgeous installations from Jeffry Mitchell, Kutlug Ataman, and Paul Morrison, "Boys and Flowers—organized by Western Bridge director Eric Fredericksen, whose style is marked by intelligent levity—sticks with the play of its title. The show is more fat, supple peony than tightly wound rose. " Through Aug 12. 3412 Fourth Ave S, 838-7444.

Wright Exhibition Space
An exhibition of poetry as visual art, organized by Wave Books. Through Nov 15. 407 Dexter Ave N, 264-8200.


Fremont's First Friday August Art Walk. Friday Aug 4, 2006. Fri, Aug 4. Fremont.

Here Today is an exhibition of temporary public installations, including work by Diane Kurzyna. Through Sept 15. Olympia.

recommendedOne Mile from Maryhill Museum of Art
Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo, Seattle artist-architects who work under the name Lead Pencil Studio, have created a full-scale architectural double of the completely weird and isolated Maryhill Museum of Art. The double stands across the Columbia River Gorge from the museum about a mile away, in stark Oregon grassland. (Which will be weirder?) Through Oct 1. Across Columbia River Gorge from Maryhill Museum of Art, Near Goldendale, WA.

Plymouth Congregational Church
Eyes Wide Open: The Human Cost of War, an installation of more than 360 pairs of empty combat boots. Through Aug 4. 1217 Sixth Ave.

recommendedWestern Bridge
Universal Nonlinear Design architect Jerry Garcia will talk about his radical and thrilling proposal to remake Denny Park, the city's oldest park and currently an underused and poorly designed green space next to the major arterial of Denny Way. His plan would reverse a small part of the largest earth-moving project in American history: the Denny Regrade, which flattened the steep hills of northern downtown back in the early part of the 20th century. "The project's power is that its theatricality is equal to its utility, its deceit equal to its truthfulness. It solves the park's practical problems while endowing Seattle with an unparalleled urban earthwork of art. It inspires, and is the product of, investigative zeal. It exercises the imagination, the memory, and the body. " (Graves) Free. 8 pm Thu, Aug 3. 3412 Fourth Ave S, 838-7444.