Bellevue Art Museum
Call Me Chairmaker: work by Garry Knox Bennett. Through Nov 26. 510 Bellevue Way NE, 425-519-0745.

recommendedFrye Art Museum
Klompen: sound sculptor Trimpin makes 120 Dutch clogs dance in the air. Through Jan 21, 2007. The Chicago recluse Henry Darger painted a whole world that wasn't discovered until his death: "His life's work needs no followers; his life's work had no audience. And yet here we are in the gallery looking at Darger's paintings. Why? Not because they are beautiful, or edifying. The paintings themselves do nothing for us. We are here because of the sheer scale of Darger's obsession. The number of girls, clouds, and flowers is too great for the mind to grasp all at once. It is a 'magnification to the point of nothingness,' to borrow a line from Borges." (Charles Mudede) Through Oct 29. Spectatorship and Desire: Love restores the paintings that curator Robin Held removed from the walls, set beside visitor comments made in their absence. Through Mar 4, 2007. Little Women, Little Men: Folk Art portraits from the Fenimore Art Museum. Through Feb 4, 2007. 704 Terry Ave, 622-9250.

recommendedHenry Art Gallery
Monsen 75 at 75: For his 75th birthday, the noted photography collector Joseph Monsen selects his 75 favorite photographs, including works by William Henry Fox Talbot, Gustave Le Grey, Robert Frank, William Eggleston, Lee Friedlander, Andreas Gursky, Thomas Struth, and Cindy Sherman. Through Oct 22. day ring, night ring: Steve Roden's pair of sound art compositions were created in response to James Turrell's Skyspace. Through Oct 15. The Laughing Monks: ceramicist Akio Takamori mines the Henry's collection and mingles it with his own figures. Through Oct 22. 15th Ave NE at NE 41st St, 543-2280.

Museum of Glass
Kickin It with Joyce J Scott. Through Oct 22. Transparently Built: exploring the diverse architectural properties of glass. Through May 27, 2007. Fresh! Contemporary Takes on Nature and Allegory. Through Dec 31. 1801 Dock St, 253-284-4732.

Museum of History and Industry
100 Years of American Photography from the National Archives. Through Dec 17. 2700 24th Ave E, 324-1126.

Museum of Northwest Art
All in the Painted View: six artists including Anne Appleby and Margie Livingston survey the landscape, from realism to expressionism to total abstraction. A tribute to the sculptor Italo Scanga (1932-2001). Through Oct 8. 121 S First Street, 360-466-4446.

recommendedSeattle Asian Art Museum
Seattle Art Museum downtown is closed for renovations until spring 2007; SAAM is filling in. Don't miss art deco sculpture, Claude Zervas's neon river, and Iranian-born Shirin Neshat's video installation, Tooba, a lyrical portrait of a menaced woman making a kind of escape. Plus, there's Picnics, Rhythms and Vacations is a new installation by Trimpin. Using slide projectors stacked from floor to ceiling and filled with hundreds of found slides collected from flea markets around the world, the artist created a percussive sound composition, accompanied by images thrown on the gallery's walls, floor and ceiling. Through Oct 15. 1400 E Prospect St (Volunteer Park), 654-3100.

recommendedTacoma Art Museum
Twenty-five years of Akio Takamori's renowned, large-scale ceramic sculptures marrying Matissean and Japanese woodblock lines. Through Oct 8. Trimpin's installation Conloninpurple is a five-octave, room-sized metal and wood instrument that produces natural sounds played by museum visitors or generated by pre-composed musical sequences. Through Dec 31. Symphonic Poem: Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson features 90 works that offer a commentary on the lives of Africans in Africa and African-Americans in her native Columbus, Ohio. Through Jan 28, 2007. 1701 Pacific Ave, 253-272-4258.

Vancouver Art Gallery
Kyohei Sakaguchi's installation Zero Yen House: the architecture of temporary dwellings. Through Jan 1, 2007. 750 Hornby St, 604-662-4719.

Whatcom Museum of History and Art
Rodin: In His Own Words. Through Dec 10. 121 Prospect St, 360-676-6981.

Wing Luke Asian Museum
These Walls Can Speak: Untold Stories, featuring the historic Kong Yick, Higo, and Eastern Hotel buildings. Through Dec 10. 407 Seventh Ave S, 623-5124.

Gallery Openings

Bluebottle Gallery
San Francisco, 1940-1942: new bag paintings by Chris Crites. Reception Sat Oct 7, 6-8 pm. Oct 1-29. 415 E Pine St, 325-1592.

City Hall
Five Blocks to Green Lake: environmental portraiture by Gary Grenell. Oct 2-30. 600 Fourth Ave, 684-7171.

recommendedGarde Rail Gallery
Gregory Blackstock collects everything from sharks to cop cars for his illustrated lists. Reception Wed Oct 4, 6-8 pm. Oct 4-Nov 11. 110 Third Ave S, 621-1055.

Jacob Lawrence Gallery
Alfredo Arreguin: Selected Works 1992-2006. Lauro Flores Marian Yamplosky: Imágenes de México. Oct 4-28. Art Building, University of Washington.

Joe Bar
Dolls of Air and Space: paintings and video by Hayley Barker. Reception Wed Oct 4, 6 pm. Oct 1-31. 810 E Roy St, 324-0407.

Square Room
Black Shoe Polish On My Dress: new work by Brian McGuffey. Reception Fri Sept 29, 6-9 pm. Sept 29-Oct 29. 1316 E Pike St, 267-7120.

Eight: portraits by Heather Luke. Reception Thurs Oct 5, 6-10 pm. Oct 1-31. 2018 First Ave, 441-3441.

Vancouver Art Gallery
Paint: seven new painters and BC painting since the '60s. Sept 30-Feb 27. 750 Hornby St, 604-662-4719.

Viveza Gallery
Primordial Soup: Eva Speer takes us on a mixed-media journey of the inevitable mutation of all forms. Reception Fri Oct 6, 6-10 pm. Oct 4-Nov 5. 2604 Western Ave, 956-3584.

Wall Space
Saint Petersberg Shadows Into Light, black and white photography by Alexey Titarenko. Oct 3-Nov 4. 600 First Ave #322, 330-9137.

Whitman Gallery
Poetic Images: photography by Curt Smith. Reception Sun Oct 8, 12:30-1:30 pm. Oct 1-31. Harvard and Seneca.

Windows Art Gallery
Barbara Mallon's The Legacy of Trees, capturing the wildness of the here and the now. Reception Fri Oct 6, 6-9 pm. Oct 1-31. 4131 Woodland Park Ave N, 632-7332.

Continuing Exhibitions

I Dont Shut Up I Grow Up: paintings and drawings by Willow Robin and August Heffner. Through Oct 10. 5208 Ballard Ave NW, 706-0969.

recommended911 Media Arts Center
The idea was that two teams of one traditional-media and one digital-media artist each would make new work. But the pieces created by Carrie Bodle and Margie Livingston, and especially the installation by Robert Campbell and Yuki Nakamura, go way, way beyond their setups. Don't miss this one. Through Oct 27. 402 Ninth Ave N, 682-6552.

Alchemy Gallery
The Pink and Blue Paintings: new work by Julie Alexander. Through Sept 30. 619 Western Ave, second floor.

Alibi Room
New work by 2H. Through Sept 30. 85 Pike St, 625-9647 (office).

The Art Institute of Seattle Gallery
Annual student show. Through Sept 30. 2323 Elliot Ave, 448-0900.

Artists' Gallery of Seattle
Work by Charlie Barr. Through Oct 5. 902 First Ave S, 340-0830.

Art/Not Terminal Gallery
Creation is Not An ISM: Art of An Intelligent Design by Phil Fagerholm. Through Oct 5. 2045 Westlake Ave, 233-0680.

One Moment in Time: work from members of the Northwest Collage Society. Through Nov 4. 4711 California Ave SW, 938-0339.

ArtWorks Gallery
Tech-Style: The Art of Living in A Material World. Through Sept 30. 619 Western Ave, fourth floor.

Textures of Contemporary Vietnam: work in lacquer by Khanh Bui & Phong. Through Sept 30. 512 First Ave S, 839-0377.

Avalon Glassworks Gallery
Fused glass jewelry by Crystal Ouzillou. Through Sept 29. 2914 SW Avalon Way, 937-6369.

Ballard Fetherston Gallery
New Works on Paper: Melinda Hannigan. Through Oct 7. 818 E Pike St, 322-9440.

Bellevue City Hall
The Seventh Biennial Bellevue Sculpture Exhibition. Through Oct 9. 1111 110 Ave NE, 425-452-4852.

Belltown Lofts
Photography by Andrew Vornbrock and Derrick Jefferies. Through Oct 7. 66 Bell St, 427-7480.

Benham Gallery
Curves Ahead: three photographers and the beauty of the curved line. Through Sept 30. 1216 First Ave, 622-2480.

Blank Design
Waiting for BodhiDharma is installation artist Christian French's amusing tribute to the Western notions of Zen Buddhism, complete with sports trophies engraved with Zen-like sayings. Through Sept 30. 1601 Second Ave, 624-3827.

Bluebottle Gallery
Count the Birdies by Matthew Porter. Through Sept 28. 415 E Pine St, 325-1592.

recommendedBLVD Gallery
!Come Me! new works by street artist and all-around bad-boy David Choe (see review). Through Oct 6. 2316 Second Ave, 374-8977.

Caffe Ladro
From the Sketchbook: Grist for the Mill by Karin Bolstad. Through Sept 30. Portraiture by Joey Bates. Through Oct 31. 435 15th Ave E, 282-1549.

Caffe Ladro
Paintings by Laura Marks. Through Oct 31. 2205 Queen Anne Ave N, 282-5313.

Caffe Ladro
New figurative works by Erik Andrew. Through Oct 31. 7011 California Ave SW.

Caffe Vita
Photographic portraits by Davis Freeman. Through Oct 31. 1005 E Pike St, 709-4440.

Catherine Person Gallery
Between is works on paper by Juan Carlos Castellanos. Through Sept 30. 319 Third Ave, 726-1836.

Center on Contemporary Art
The Hope Series is sculpture and installation by Idaho artist Robert Kantor, including one work built around a WWII-era 500-pound bomb. Through Oct 8. 410 Dexter Ave N, 728-1980.

Columbia Center Gallery
Celebration IV, by the Women Painters of Washington. Through Oct 27. 701 Fifth Ave, Third Floor, 262-5400.

Columbia City Gallery
Drawing in the New Year: 6 artists explore memory and ancestry at the Jewish New Year. Through Nov 5. 4864 Rainier Ave S, 760-9843.

recommendedCornish College of the Arts Main Gallery
Works by Cornish alum Diem Chau, a contemporary sculptor whose crayons carved as figures were recently at Howard House. Through Oct 20. 1000 Lenora Street, 726-5011.

recommendedCrawl Space Gallery
Wyndel Hunt's home study in enforced obscurity in June now finds a public outlet in Landscapes for Phantom Limbs: RG Region CS2, a video and drawing installation. Through Oct 15. 504 E Denny Way, #1, 322-5752.

Critical Line
Keeping Score: Joanne Kim's photographs, reams of hand-written credit-card statements by Kate Bingaman, and sound helmets by Anna Huff (AKA Anna Oxygen, who appeared in Stranger writer Charles Mudede's film Police Beat). Through Oct 1. 741 St Helens Ave, 253-444-2741.

D'Adamo/Woltz Gallery
Paintings by Gregory Deane. Through Oct 2. 307 Occidental Ave S, 652-4414.

Dandelion Botanical
Movement as metaphor in oil paintings by Jenny Zoe Casey. Through Sept 30. 5424 Ballard Ave NW, Ste 103.

recommendedDavidson Contemporary
In his series The Silent Flow of Daily Life, Xiaoze Xie painstakingly recreates recreations of events: he paints detailed portraits of stacks of newspapers. Protruding tendrils, bright colors, and deep orifices embellish Ying-Yueh Chuang's sculptural installations. Through Sept 30. 310 S Washington St, 624-7684.

Davidson Galleries
The Cowboy Series by Francisco Toldedo, Continuum by Peter Milton, and Ralph Pearson's etchings in the Antique Print Department. Through Sept 30. 313 Occidental Ave S, 624-1324.

Experience Music Project
"In its six years, EMP has been more of an overpriced tourist attraction than a home for the exchange of ideas about rock music, and rock is something we know Allen loves. How does he really feel about art, and what is his vision for showing it? This show doesn't answer those questions. Instead, it relies on celebrity. Even in rock, that only goes so far." (Graves) Through Jan 1, 2007. 2901 Broad St, 770-2700.

Faire Gallery Cafe
Drawings and paintings by Julia Gfröre. Through Sept 28. 1351 E Olive Way, 652-0781.

Fenomena Art Gallery
Twilight: paintings by Nha Vuu. Through Sept 30. 200 Roy St, #104, 399-5301.

Form/Space Atelier
Urban Living: Delicate Uprising Artist Cooperative presents paintings and sculpture evocative of city life. Through Oct 1. 1907 Second Ave, 437-4962.

Foster/White Gallery
some sweet day by Darlene Cole and Awaken by James Waterman. Through Sept 30. 220 Third Ave S, 622-2833.

Fountainhead Gallery
Beyond Boundaries: paintings by Anne John and Rhythm and Silence: The Ambient Series by Sheila Evans. Through Oct 1. 625 W McGraw St, 285-4467.

recommendedFrancine Seders Gallery
Three installations: A Round the House by Kathryn Glowen, ARTiFACTS by Mar Goman, and The Home Place by Yvonne Puffer. Through Oct 1. 6701 Greenwood Ave N, 782-0355.

Frank and Dunya
New paintings by Alexander Maltsev. Through Sept 30. 3418 Fremont Ave N, 547-6760.

Fuel Coffee
The Past: pop-styled portraits of the 1920s by Javier S. Ortega. Through Oct 31. 610 19th Ave E, 329-4700.

recommendedG. Gibson Gallery
Katrina-Land: Photographs of the hurricane's devastation by Chris Jordan, Debbie Fleming Caffery, Wyatt Gallery, and Will Steacy. "A phone book spread open on a bed of dried, cracked mud is photographed so lovingly that you still can read the information that all at once became obsolete. A garish dollar store in ruins functions as the 'after' picture to Andreas Gursky's famed 99 Cent mega-photo." (Graves) Through Sept 30. 300 S Washington St, 587-4033.

Gage Academy of Art
A group show, Symbolism, curated by Claudia Freund. Through Sept 30. Recent land and portrait work by Amy Huddleston. Reception Sun Oct 22, 6-8 pm. Through Oct 22. 1501 10th Ave East, 323-4243.

Gallery 110
Places Overlooked/Autochthonous Paintings by Thomas Ager. Veiled Targets/Buoys/Filled Vessels: ceramics, fiber, and video by David Traylor. Through Sept 30. 110 S Washington St, 624-9336.

Gallery 1412
Live Nude Goats IV: an eclectic showcase of work by 14 artists. Through Sept 30. 1412 18th Ave E, 956-8372.

Gallery 4Culture
Archipelago by Tim Cross. Through Sept 28. 101 Prefontaine Pl S, 296-7580.

Gallery IMA
Inner Conversions: the works of Dale Witherow and Joon Hahn. Through Oct 1. 123 S Jackson St, 625-0055.

Garde Rail Gallery
Sculpture by Kevin Titzer, paintings by Casey McGlynn. Through Sept 30. 110 Third Ave S, 621-1055.

Gary Word Fine Arts
Gary Word with a new body of work of oil painted fused glass and canvas. Through Nov 15. 810 Pike st.

Globe Gallery
National Geographic photographer William Thompson's Landscapes of the Western Mind. Through Oct 3. 105 S Main St #100, 612-7655.

The Great Nabob
Abstract paintings by Jennifer Cepeda. Through Oct 31. 819 Fifth Ave N, 281-9850.

recommendedGreg Kucera Gallery
Chris Engman alters the world to make photographs; this is the Seattle artist's first solo show at Greg Kucera. Print Focus: recent digital editions by Mark Newport. Through Sept 30. 212 Third Ave 2, 624-0770.

Harbor Steps
West Edge Sculpture Invitational: works by 29 Seattle-area sculptors at Harbor Steps and on the stairs outside Benaroya Hall. Through Oct 29. First Avenue and University Street.

recommendedHoward House
Private Moments is the first Howard House show for large-scale figurative sculptor Will Ryman. Through Oct 14. 604 Second Ave, 256-6399.

Icebox Contemporary Art
The Justin Show: a multi-media presentation by Justin Gorman. Through Oct 18. 301A Puyallup Ave, 856-7114.

Jack Straw New Media Gallery
Huldre: an interactive sound installation by S. Lyn Goeringer. Through Oct 27. 4261 Roosevelt Way NE, 634-0919.

recommendedJames Harris Gallery
Patrick Holderfield's sculptural installation Pilgrim. "How does Patrick Holderfield do it? I don't entirely know, and this mystery is part of the pleasure. I do know he has mastered several styles and mediums and likes to mash them up. Trying to bring it all together, you're continually traveling toward an impossible, irresistible destination: a world that coheres. On the way there's violence, confusion, manipulated imagery, and even the destruction of trees. No wonder this feels like home." (Graves) Through Sept 30. 309A Third Ave S, 903-6220.

Joe Bar
Coin Toss: A Study of Birds and Bees by Allison Agostinelli and Natalie Oswald. Through Sept 30. 810 E Roy St, 324-0407.

Kirkland Arts Center
The Other Side of the Grassy Knoll: four views of the natural world in sculpture. Through Oct 7. 620 Market St, 425-822-7161.

Kobo at Higo
Hiroshi Ogawa fires his pottery with bio-diesel. Through Oct 7. Rhizome: new bamboo jewelry by Julia Harrison. Through Oct 7. 604 S Jackson, 755-8900.

La Familia Gallery
The Individual: a group show. Through Sept 30. 117 Prefontaine Pl S.

recommendedLee Center for the Arts
"Eric Eley's installation, Intricate Matter, has to be seen from both inside the gallery and across the street. One view is not enough. From the inside, the piece is an elongated and many-legged insect, or possibly a sci-fi prop or a snippet of architecture, and definitely the work of a mathematical mind." (Graves) Through Oct 27. 901 12th Ave, 296-5360.

Linda Hodges Gallery
Trees: An Interpretation, a group show. Through Sept 30. 316 First Ave S, 624-3034.

Lisa Harris Gallery
Cloudscapes and Nocturnes: recent paintings by Mitchell Albala. Through Sept 30. 1922 Pike Pl, 443-3315.

Local Color
A group show of painting, photography and collage. Through Sept 30. 1606 Pike Pl, 728-1717.

M. Rosetta Hunter Art Gallery
From Out of the Woodwork: Seattle Central's wood construction center showcases student talent. Through Oct 18. Seattle Central Community College, 1701 Broadway, #2BE2116, 344-4379.

Mitchelli's Gallery Bar
Dress Up by Sandy Lew-Hailer. Through Sept 30. 84 Yesler Way, 623-3883.

Ink and watercolor by Jen Corace. Through Oct 11. 5107 Ballard Ave NW.

Ouch My Eye Studios
CUI BONO? is a group show. Through Oct 9. 1022 First Ave S, 381-8457.

Patricia Cameron Gallery
Lost in the Woods mixed media and pastel works on paper by Sam Chapman. Oil paintings by Dave McGranaghan. Through Oct 14. 234 Dexter Ave N, 343-9647.

Phinney Center Gallery
My Utopia: paintings by Crista Matteson. Through Sept 29. 6532 Phinney Ave N, 783-2244.

Photographic Center Northwest
The Glass Between Us: color photography by Rebecca Norris Webb. The artist lectures at the gallery Fri, Sept 15, at 7 pm. Through Sept 29. 900 12th Ave, 720-7222.

recommendedPlatform Gallery
Blindsight: new color-drunk abstractions by Jaq Chartier. "Jaq Chartier's paintings are the best kind: the kind you have to see in person. Things happen when you stand in front of them. The dots glow and bleed and the shapes refuse to come into focus, so much so in one work at Platform Gallery (L. Burnt Orange [net]) that an orange web pattern quivers up through the eye, into the brain, and just absolutely fools around." (Graves) Through Oct 7. 114 Third Ave S, 323-2808.

Punch Gallery
Flux and Form by Michael Sherwin. Through Oct 1. 119 Prefontaine Pl S.

New lighted boxes by Joe Walker. Through Sept 30. 1114 Howell St, 233-9873.

Retrofit Home
Bears and Flowers: new paintings by Joey Veltkamp. Through Sept 30. 1419 12th Ave.

recommendedRoq La Rue
A group show inspired by all things tiki. Through Oct 9. 2312 Second Ave, 374-8977.

SAM Gallery Art Sales and Rental
Structures: a group show dealing with patterns of organization in the built environment, in consciousness and in other systems. Through Oct 14. 1220 Third Ave, 343-1101.

Seattle Piano Gallery
Color Dreams is paintings by Lana Lisitsa. Through Sept 30. 2230 Eight Ave, 282-7101.

Shift Studio
Menu: Garth Amundson and Pierre Gour on the perceptions and politics o' food. Through Sept 30. 306 S Washington St, Ste 105.

Soil Art Gallery
Tinker Tailor Jeweler Spy: by Jana Brevick. In the Backspace: Four Stages of Snow by Sara Osebold. Through Oct 1. 112 Third Ave S, 264-8601.

Stonington Gallery
An exhibition in three parts: Classically Northern (formline works), Thomas Stream: A Retrospective (gouache painting), and Bering Spirit (Alaskan artists). Through Sept 30. 119 S Jackson St, 405-4040.

recommendedSuyama Space
All Things Long To Persist In Their Being: an installation by Ben Butler. Through Dec 8. 2324 Second Ave, 256-0809.

Tacoma Contemporary-Woolworth Windows
The Human Condition is sculpture by Jessica Geiger. Through Oct 28. 11th and Commerce (downtown Tacoma).

Tacoma Public Library
ConCreativity: curated by Lynn Di Nino, 27 Puget Sound artists create in concrete. Through Nov 4. 1102 Tacoma Ave S.

Tollbooth Gallery (Tacoma)
Dreams of Failure is video art by Ido Fluk. Through Sept 30. Broadway and 11th Street, 253-444-2741.

University House at Wallingford
Visually Speaking: MFA and BFA student work. Through Oct 13. 4400 Stone Way N, 447-1181.

Bi Bim Pop: new work by Junichi Tsuneoka. Through Sept 30. 2018 First Ave, 441-3441.

Vidya Gallery
12' tall papier-mâché troll is produced by local teacher/sculptor, Kim Graham, using volunteer help in 15 straight days. Through Oct 1. 619 Western Ave #22, 697-4439.

Viveza Gallery
Coming of Age marks the gallery's fifth birthday and features emerging artists. Through Oct 1. 2604 Western Ave, 956-3584.

recommendedWall Of Sound
A Small Pool of Time: A conglomeration of Jesse Paul Miller's spontaneous and compulsive small sketches, collages, drawings burned on driftwood, and action-painting takeoffs made on spinning records. Through Sept 30. 315 E Pine St.

Wall Space
Eastern Time: photographs by Carolina Kroon. Through Sept 30. 600 First Ave #322, 330-9137.

Washington State Convention & Trade Center
A group show from the instructors of Gage Academy of Art. Through Oct 2. 800 Convention Place, 694-5000.

recommendedWestern Bridge
Into Black: A show on the dark, with a sparkling riddle by Hadley + Maxwell, Olafur Eliasson's neon clock of the time zones, Euan Macdonald's amazing video of the fading light of dusk seen from a helicopter and facing away from the light, and some more. Through Dec 16. 3412 Fourth Ave S, 838-7444.

William Traver Gallery
Three shows with great names: Woolgathering by Nancy Callan, Translucent Truths by Shea Bajaj, and Camellia by Layla Walter. Through Oct 1. 110 Union St. #200, 587-6501.

William Traver Gallery Tacoma
Under the Microscope: new work by glass artist Orfeo Quagliata. Through Sept 30. 1821 E Dock St, Ste 100, 253-383-3685.

recommendedWoodside/Braseth Gallery
Cityscapes & Panoramas: highly detailed, plein-air paintings of Seattle by Michael Stasinos. Through Sept 30. 2101 Ninth Ave, 622-7243.

Wright Exhibition Space
An exhibition of poetry as visual art, organized by Wave Books. Through Nov 15. 407 Dexter Ave N, 264-8200.

Landscapes by Pauline Smith. Through Oct 4. 171 S Jackson St, 583-0497.


recommendedKickstart Cuties
A scooter pin-up art show with pictures of babes on bikes by local cartoonists Ellen Forney, Bruce Bickford, Jim Woodring, Bob Rini, David Lasky, Matt Rodriguez. All proceeds go to Jason Gooder, who was recently injured in a fall. Reception Sat Sept 30, 6-8 pm. Cafe Racer Espresso, 5828 Roosevelt Way NE, 523-5282.

recommended Conversation with the Collector
Photo collector Joseph Monsen talks about how and why he got what he got. Henry Art Gallery, 15th Ave NE at NE 41st St, 543-2280. 7 pm. Through Sept 28.

Handmade Tile Seconds
Support your local tilemakers! Handmade Tile Seconds Sale to benefit the non-profit tile makers group Artisan Tile NW. Artisan Tile NW, 3410 Woodland Park Ave N, 360-331-1295. Sat, Sept 30, 10 am-5 pm.

recommended Maryhill Double
Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo, the Seattle artist-architects chosen as this year's Stranger Visual Art Geniuses, made this wild and powerful landscape intervention at the Washington-Oregon border: "Maryhill Double is a replica of the three-story, monolithic Maryhill Museum of Art, but instead of Maryhill's steel-reinforced concrete, the Double is made of scaffolding open to the scouring winds. In place of walls is a glistening skin, made of translucent blue construction netting. Behind it, across the gorge, is Maryhill, now looking terribly small, the way the Double does when you're at Maryhill. Actually, they enclose an interior space of the same size. They're mirror images, one stony and built for the ages, the other ethereal and shivering in the wind. The Double, as incorporeal as Hill's ashes buried under his replica of Stonehenge a mile from the museum, is a visible reminder of the rowdy, invisible spirit waiting at the museum to be discovered." (Graves) Sept 10, 17, 24 and Oct 1st. Across Columbia River Gorge from Maryhill Museum of Art, one mile away, near Goldendale, Wa. Through Oct 1.

Natural Selection
Natural Selection: A Lottery of Photographs Benefiting Blue Earth Alliance. Greg Kucera Gallery, 212 Third Ave 2, 624-0770. Sat, Sept 30, 6 pm.

Plush You!
Sponsored by Stitches, Plush You!, is two workshops in one perfect day. Participants will construct wee wonderful wee soft toys and pet jewelry. Richard Hugo House, 1634 11th Ave, 322-7030. Sat, Sept 30, 11:30 am.

recommended An Urban Art Film Series
UniPlex Film Series: an evening of films by, about, and featuring the best of the Urban Contemporary art movement. BLVD Gallery, 2316 Second Ave, 374-8977. $5 suggested. Fri, Sept 29, 7 pm.