Bellevue Art Museum
William Morris: Native Species. Through Apr 29, 2007. Call Me Chairmaker: work by Garry Knox Bennett. Through Nov 26. Islamic calligraphy by Mohamed Zakariya. Through Feb 18, 2007. 510 Bellevue Way NE, 425-519-0745.

Burke Museum
Vanished Kingdoms: The Wulsin Photographs of Tibet, China and Mongolia 1921-1925: hand-tinted lantern slides. Through Feb 4, 2007. NE 45th St and 17th Ave NE, 543-5590.

recommendedFrye Art Museum
I Love My Time, I Don't Like My Time: the Viennese artist Erwin Wurm explores the heart of sculpture through funny, serious, provocative, and self-effacing performance, video, photography, and drawing. Through Jan 28, 2007. Klompen: Trimpin's coin-operated Dutch clogs dancing in air. Through Jan 21, 2007. "Demon seed or sweet innocent?" That's the question about the children in the historical folk art portraits of Little Women, Little Men. Through Feb 4, 2007. Spectatorship and Desire: Love restores the paintings that curator Robin Held removed from the walls, set beside visitor comments made in their absence. Through Mar 4, 2007. 704 Terry Ave, 622-9250.

recommendedHenry Art Gallery
We Decided to Let Them Say "We Are Convinced" Twice. It Was More Convincing This Way: Raad's photographs of the 1982 siege of Beirut, taken when he was 15 and now reprinted from the degraded negatives, are certainly guilty of being distant and beautiful. Raad is making the radical proposition that these empty post-traumatic frames, with their winsome static, represent best the way the world really looks. Through Feb 11, 2007. Floating Plaster/City Motion: the return (and expansion) of the fantastic animated floor installation by Yuki Nakamura and Robert Campbell that premiered at 911 Media Arts in September. Through Dec 31. Take the Cake: Stranger Genius Award Winners 2003-2006. "On the one hand, this was the Henry Art Gallery's way of conferring credibility on The Stranger while fulfilling its commitment to local artists. On the other, this hybrid—artists selected by The Stranger but arranged and explained by the Henry—doesn't show either of us at our wily, independent best. Good thing the artists are geniuses." (Jen Graves) Through Dec 14. The Biographical Landscape: the groundbreaking photography of Stephen Shore, 1968-1993. (See review.) Through Dec 31. Up to Date: Monsen Collects Contemporary: Selected photographs from the collection of Joseph and Elaine Monsen, including works by Nan Goldin, Katy Grannan, Justine Kurland, Laura Letinsky, Yasumasa Morimura, and Grant Mudford. Through Dec 31. neuroTransmitter: Beyond Territory: two multimedia installations by Valerie Tevere and Angel Nevarez exploring the history of pirate radio and suggesting that radio be reclaimed as a tool for protest and social advancement. Through Dec 31. 15th Ave NE at NE 41st St, 543-2280.

Museum of Glass
Contrasts: A Glass Primer: long term exhibition emphasizing history of glassmaking. Through Nov 30. Fresh! Contemporary Takes on Nature and Allegory. Through Dec 31. Transparently Built: exploring the diverse architectural properties of glass. Through May 27, 2007. Chihuly in Tacoma: an array of glass objects from the Chihuly Studio collection. Through Dec 10. 1801 Dock St, 253-284-4732.

Museum of History and Industry
100 Years of American Photography from the National Archives. Through Dec 17. Home for the Holidays: Norman Rockwell's original hand-drawn holiday covers for the Saturday Evening Post. Nov 28-Jan 15. 2700 24th Ave E, 324-1126.

Museum of Northwest Art
Entering Ether is five interrelated, site-specific installations by Lanny Bergner, interspersed with screen and wire studio works. Through Jan 7, 2007. 121 S First Street, 360-466-4446.

recommendedSeattle Asian Art Museum
Art deco sculpture from the collection, and drawings for a deco-designed space at the museum that didn't come to be. Through Jan 15, 2007. Iranian-born exile Shirin Neshat's Tooba is a 12-minute video installation of a woman on a dry, dusty hill who is thoroughly menaced by a band of men in black until she makes a sort of disappearance. Through Apr 8, 2007. Vik Muniz: Reflex, a retrospective of the Brazilian-born artist who arranges sculptural mosaics made of unusual (often edible) materials, photographs them, and afterward destroys them. Through Jan 15, 2007. Discovering Buddhist Art, Seeking the Sublime: Various Buddha sculptures, including two standing Buddhas—one from China around 600 A.D., the other from eleventh-century Japan—and a pantheon of related beings. Ongoing. 1400 E Prospect St (Volunteer Park), 654-3100.

Tacoma Art Museum
Trimpin's installation Conloninpurple: a five-octave, playable, room-sized instrument. Through Dec 31. Telling Stories: Selections from the Permanent Collection is a series of narratives, with new works from NW artists Claire Cowie, Lucinda Parker and Steve Davis. Through Dec 1. Symphonic Poem: Sculpture and flatwork by Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson conjures the lives of Africans and African-Americans. Through Jan 28, 2007. The Art of Eric Carle: original works on paper by the artist most known for the children's book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Through Jan 21, 2007. 1701 Pacific Ave, 253-272-4258.

Vancouver Art Gallery
Emily Carr: New Perspectives on a Canadian Icon. Through Jan 7, 2007. Paint: a generation of it in BC. Through Feb 25, 2007. Kyohei Sakaguchi's installation Zero Yen House: the architecture of temporary dwellings. Through Jan 1, 2007. 750 Hornby St, 604-662-4719.

Whatcom Museum of History and Art
Building Tradition: Contemporary Northwest Art from the Tacoma Art Museum. Through Apr 29, 2007. Rodin: In His Own Words. Through Dec 10. 121 Prospect St, 360-676-6981.

Wing Luke Asian Museum
These Walls Can Speak: Untold Stories, featuring the historic Kong Yick, Higo, and Eastern Hotel buildings. Through Dec 10. Voyage of the Barangay: Filipino Currents in King County, a photo exhibit highlighting the contributions of the Filipino culture to this region. Through Dec 10. 407 Seventh Ave S, 623-5124.

Gallery Openings

Foster/White Gallery
Small Works: new works by gallery artists in smaller sizes to encourage first-time and holiday buying. Nov 25-Dec 23. 220 Third Ave S, 622-2833.

Fortunettes: 101 small framed works, each with its own fortune, by Dan Ayala and Beth Yockey. Nov 25-Dec 8. 1721 First Ave S.

Continuing Exhibitions

1508.5 Gallery
Counting Stars: new photography by Laura Totten focusing on families, weddings, and children. Through Nov 30. 1508.5 East Olive Way.

4 Culture
Functional objects—handmade doors, railings, light fixtures—by 23 artists. Through Dec 1. 101 Prefontaine Place S.

Art on Center
Songs of Iris: new works by Frank d'lppolito focusing on the connection between the abstractions of paintings and music. Through Dec 23. 1604 Center St, 253-627-8180.

Arthead Gallery
In Praise of Beauty: oil and watercolor by Ken Duffin and Eugene Erickson. Through Nov 25. 5411 Meridian Ave N, 633-5544.

Art/Not Terminal Gallery
Window Panes: abstract and stylized-realism painting by Ed Beier. Through Dec 4. 2045 Westlake Ave, 233-0680.

Visual Ensembles: mixed media by Stacie Chappell, Dave Thomas, Lois James, and Gary Georger. Through Dec 2. 4711 California Ave SW, 938-0339.

ArtWorks Gallery
Faces/Places: paintings by Connie Stern. Through Nov 30. 619 Western Ave, fourth floor.

Empty Space: a retrospective body of work exploring personal memories and experiences by Vietnamese artist Tu Duy. Through Dec 30. 512 First Ave S, 839-0377.

Ballard Fetherston Gallery
Pieces: Dorothy Rissman sheaths new joints of black bamboo until the plant no longer needs the help. Through Dec 14. 818 E Pike St, 322-9440.

Benham Gallery
Women Empowered: work from Phil Borges' latest book illuminates ordinary women around the world. Borges works with CARE, a leading organization in the fight against global poverty, with a focus on impoverished women. Through Dec 24. 1216 First Ave, 622-2480.

Bluebottle Gallery
Hundred Year Round Trip: new works by Amy Rice. Through Nov 30. 415 E Pine St, 325-1592.

BLVD Gallery
Hard Light: new works by Robert Hardgrave and Warren Dykeman. Through Dec 2. 2316 Second Ave, 374-8977.

Cafe Allegro
Pink Socks of Earth: the socks pose for photographs and paintings by the irrepressible Frenchman Philippe Moncorge. Through Nov 30. 4214 University Way NE, 634-2310.

Cafe Solstice
Colorful paintings and black and white photographs by Stanford Lee Wilson. Through Nov 30. 4116 University Way NE, 634-3400.

Caffe Ladro
Works by local pop artist Lucas Vidana. Through Nov 30. 600 Queen Anne Ave N.

Caffe Ladro
Abstract paintings by Marilyn Ullin. Through Nov 30. 813 5th Ave.

Caffe Ladro
Recent paintings by Natalie Oswald. Through Dec 31. 7011 California Ave SW.

Caffe Ladro
Aerial photography by Long Nguyen. Through Dec 31. 2205 Queen Anne Ave N, 282-5313.

Caffe Ladro
New paintings by Rachel Dory. Through Dec 31. 452 N 36th St.

Caffe Ladro
Local portrait painter Michele Leal will unveil a series of images of Guatemalan coffee farmers affiliated with Tony's Coffee Roasting Co. Through Dec 31. 435 15th Ave E, 282-1549.

Caffe Ladro
Portraits by Joey Bates. Through Dec 31. 108 Union St., (206) 267-0600.

Caffe Vita
Recent work by Jim Hodge. Through Dec 31. 1005 East Pike, 709-4440.

Catherine Person Gallery
Illumine: an exhibition of illuminated photographs by Seattle artist Yancy Wright. Informal artist talk: Sat Nov 19, at noon. Through Dec 22. 319 Third Ave, 726-1836.

recommendedCenter on Contemporary Art
The 2006 CoCA Annual: work by 16 artists, each hand selected by this year's juror Jennifer Gately, Northwest art curator at the Portland Art Museum. Through Dec 30. 410 Dexter Ave N, 728-1980.

Christoff Gallery
The Problems of Philosophy: paintings, drawings and assemblages by Tim Marsden exploring "mankind's petty vanities." Through Dec 3. 6004 12th Ave S #17, 767-0280.

Columbia City Gallery
Adornments and Small Works : jewelry artists Kathryn Booze, Bill Booze, Carol Hershman and Nikki Jacobynew. From the Furnace: Viscosity Glass Studio artists Scott Graham, Cristy Aloysi, Elli Bemis, Becca Chernow, and Brian and Andrea Mazrim. Through Jan 14, 2007. 4864 Rainier Ave S, 760-9843.

Cornish College of the Arts Main Gallery
Design Department: 2006 Faculty Exhibition. Through Nov 30. Thelma Lehmann Exhibition: selected works in honor of her 90th birthday. Through Dec 16. 1000 Lenora Street, 726-5011.

Corridor Gallery
"BTW, OMG! WTF?": drawings by Paul Thomas, aka Tar Art Rat. Through Dec 2. 306 S Washington St, 856-7037.

recommendedCrawl Space Gallery
Current Works: Session Two: the second in a two-part exhibit focused on the current studio practice of the artists who run Crawl Space. Through Dec 10. 504 E Denny Way, #1, 322-5752.

recommendedCritical Line
Artwork from the homeless patrons of Tacoma's only daytime drop-in shelter: Nativity House. Through Dec 30. 741 St Helens Ave, 253-444-2741.

D'Adamo/Woltz Gallery
Visual Non Sequiturs: surreal oil paintings by Tom Gehrig. Through Dec 5. Salvador Dali Print Exhibit: framed and unframed work completed by Dali in the 1960s. Through Dec 20. 307 Occidental Ave S, 652-4414.

recommendedDavidson Contemporary
Outsourced: enamel on metal panels the artist Donald Fels made with a group of signpainters during a seven-month stay in India. Through Dec 2. New Paintings: hand-painted, wildly surrealistic alterations on found photographs by Francesca Sundsten. Through Dec 2. 310 S Washington St, 624-7684.

recommendedDavidson Galleries
Nine Days in Kobe: recent colored woodcuts and paintings by Lockwood Dennis. Shunga: erotic Japanese prints, 1780-1900. Through Dec 2. 313 Occidental Ave S, 624-1324.

Design Commission Gallery
Respect: to the people and ideas that have influenced the studio. Through Nov 30. 119 Prefontaine Pl S.

Experience Music Project
"In its six years, EMP has been more of an overpriced tourist attraction than a home for the exchange of ideas about rock music, and rock is something we know Allen loves. How does he really feel about art, and what is his vision for showing it? This show doesn't answer those questions. Instead, it relies on celebrity. Even in rock, that only goes so far." (Graves) Through Jan 1, 2007. 2901 Broad St, 770-2700.

New paintings by Aaron Bagley. Through Nov 30. 1914 Second Ave.

Form/Space Atelier
Works by Lauren Grosskopf, Jaki Martin and Betty Hageman. Through Dec 3. Portrait Sprawl/Canvas Hardscape: paintings focused on the small-scale, two-dimensional aspect of the built environment. Through Nov 30. 1907 Second Ave, 448-2302.

Foster/White Gallery
Substance of Matter: textural abstract painting by Dale Lindman. Through Nov 25. 220 Third Ave S, 622-2833.

Fountainhead Gallery
Detour Through Mexico: "optimistic sketches" of life in the 16th-century town of San Miguel de Allende. Through Nov 26. 625 W McGraw St, 285-4467.

Frame Up Studios
Lisa Lamoreaux's mixed-media paintings in Systems Theory. Through Nov 28. 3515 Fremont Ave N, 547-4657.

Francine Seders Gallery
Bitter Love: Gail Grinnell's convoluted acrylic drawings overlay and intertwine with the concise notations printed on dressmaking patterns. Through Dec 24. Up From Down: Mark Wenet explores the inclination to impose patterns on randomness in his collection of small constructions made of found objects. Through Dec 24. 6701 Greenwood Ave N, 782-0355.

Frank and Dunya
Glass and jewelry by Susanna Prince. Through Dec 1. 3418 Fremont Ave N, 547-6760.

G. Gibson Gallery
15 + 1/2 : anniversary show by gallery artists including Alicia Berger, Michael Brophy, Larry Calkins, Maija Fiebig, Bill Jacobson, Michael Kenna, Doug Keyes, Richard Misrach, Susan Seubert and Grace Weston. Through Dec 23. 300 S Washington St, 587-4033.

Gage Academy of Art
New Classical : classical realist drawings and paintings by artist, author and Gage Academy instructor Juliette Aristides. Through Nov 26. Classical Atelier: works from the students of the Classical Atelier program at Gage Academy. Through Nov 26. 1501 10th Ave East, 323-4243.

The Galactic Boutique
New works by Sean Fear. Through Nov 30. 1213 Pine St, 749-9167.

recommendedGallery 110
Imprimo: by Seattle Print Arts members. Through Dec 2. 110 S Washington St, 624-9336.

Gallery at One Union Square
The architectural photography of Stephen L. Rosen. Through Feb 24, 2007. 600 University and 6th Ave.

Gallery at Shoreline
Colorful and Classic: paintings, photographs, and glass. Through Jan 3, 2007. 18560 1st Ave NE.

Gallery IMA
Cue Mnemonic: hauntingly playful ceramic figures, masks and vessels by Paul Metivier. Ad Rem: bright abstract paintings by Glenn Ossiander. Through Dec 1. 123 S Jackson St, 625-0055.

Gallery OK
Menlo Park: Art Using Light As a Medium by Daniel and Joseph Flahiff. Through Nov 29. 212 Alaskan Way S.

recommendedGarde Rail Gallery
Gregory Blackstock collects everything from sharks to cop cars for his illustrated lists. Through Nov 25. 110 Third Ave S, 621-1055.

Gargoyle Statuary
Saints & Sinners: using egg tempera on wood panels with gold leaf, Lis Wright explores mythological themes. Through Dec 11. 4550 University Way NE.

Glasshouse Studio
New works by Long Clark and Anette Ringe. Through Nov 30. 311 Occidental Ave South, 682-9939.

The Great Nabob
Seattle painter Erik Andrew will be showing a line of his wine-related works. Through Dec 31. 819 Fifth Ave N, 281-9850.

recommendedGreg Kucera Gallery
The Studio Editions: Fifty of Robert Motherwell's etchings from his collaborations with his master printer Catherine Mosley. Through Dec 23. 212 Third Ave 2, 624-0770.

Grover/Thurston Gallery
Windows and Curtains: works by Lance Letscher. Through Dec 2. 309 Occidental Ave S, 223-0816.

Gunner Nordstrom Gallery
New works by Bob Ichter and Liang Wei. Through Dec 10. 127 Lake Street S., 425-827-2822.

recommendedHoward House
Murmurs: Tens of thousands of starlings descended on southern Rome in the winter months, and are the subject of a collaborative photography, video and sound work by Richard Barnes, Alex Schweder and Charles Mason. Through Nov 25. 604 Second Ave, 256-6399.

Icebox Contemporary Art
OVERKILL: an installation by Shannon Eakins, is an environment designed to entice whitetail deer to come inside. Eakins strives to find out whether a wild animal could have a shared aesthetic experience with humans. Through Dec 8. 301A Puyallup Ave, 856-7114.

recommendedIcon Coffee
How do trees grow? Anna McKee's Recent Etchings studies for answers. Through Nov 30. 4301 Fremont Ave N, 632-3535.

recommendedJames Harris Gallery
Actual: Roy McMakin attempts to capture the essence of domestic found objects by eliminating the traditional curve of the photographic lens. Through Dec 22. 309A Third Ave S, 903-6220.

Joe Bar
Shapes and Navigations: Rickie Wolfe works found objects into her paintings and then removes them to reveal their permanent mark. Through Nov 30. 810 E Roy St, 324-0407.

Julia's Gift Gallery
Work by dozens of local craft and fine artists. Through Dec 2. 1209 NE 65th.

Karma Coffee
New work by Demis Martin. Through Nov 30. 2817 NW Market St.

The Kirsten Gallery
North by Northwest: new paintings by Byron Birdsall. Mysterious Views: new paintings by Nathan Arnold. Through Dec 20. 5320 Roosevelt Way NE, 522-2011.

Kobo at Higo
The Simple Cup 2006, with more than 300 cups by 45 North American and 16 Japanese artists. Through Dec 30. 604 S Jackson, 755-8900.

recommendedLawrimore Project
Are We There Yet?: an installation by Sami Ben Larbi. Paintings With Audio and New Prints: by Sami Ben Larbi. Prints: A Preview: by Ben Beres. And video by Erwin Wurm. Through Dec 30. 831 Airport Way S, 501-1231.

recommendedLee Center for the Arts
Screen Shots: Connecting mass media, new media, and art through a range of technologies—computer-generated algorithms, digital video/audio, and projection—by Justin Beckman, James Coupe, and Tivon Rice. Through Dec 2. 901 12th Ave, 296-5360.

Linda Hodges Gallery
Nature Alive: the intricate and brilliantly colored paintings of Alfredo Arreguin. Through Dec 2. 316 First Ave S, 624-3034.

Lisa Harris Gallery
Two Coasts: photographs of East and West Coast locations taken with a hand-constructed pinhole camera fitted with a 35mm lens. Through Dec 2. Recent Allegorical Paintings: imaginary sea and landscape paintings by Thomas Wood. Through Dec 2. 1922 Pike Pl, 443-3315.

Watercolor snapshots of otherworldly situations by Bryan Mandronico, and Entomophibia, insect drawings by Julia Gfroerer. Through Dec 6. 1930 Second Ave, 441-7131.

National Parks Conservation Association
Ice Age Floods: the story of the Ice Age floods through the work of local artists. Through Dec 31. 313A First Ave S, 903-1444.

Sincere Intentions: animal protagonists surrounded by graphite renderings of fleeting thoughts, memories and text, by Tra Selhtrow. Through Jan 14, 2007. 5107 Ballard Ave NW.

Patricia Cameron Gallery
Stealing the Soul: paintings and works on paper by Milan Heger. Through Dec 1. 234 Dexter Ave N, 343-9647.

recommendedPlatform Gallery
King Wave: digital images mounted on metal panels by Stephen Hilyard. Through Dec 30. 114 Third Ave S, 323-2808.

Print Zero Studios
Works on Paper: new printmaking works by Nate Stottrup. Through Nov 25. 323 N 105th St A-2, 363-2997.

recommendedPunch Gallery
Billy in the Lowground: a new film and sound installation by Mary Simpson, Fionn Meade, and Rob Mills, exploring the rough corners of early American balladry. Through Dec 3. 119 Prefontaine Pl S.

Retail Therapy
The Cosmic Olympus by James Bupbup Short. Through Dec 7. 905 E Pike.

Roq La Rue
Retrorama! with new work by Mark Frauenfelder, Wednesday Kirwan, Chris Reccardi, Lynne Nailor and Johnny Yanok. Through Dec 1. 2312 Second Ave, 374-8977.

SAM Gallery Art Sales and Rental
In Focus: James Harris Gallery: artists including Claire Cowie, Steve Davis, Patrick Holderfield, Jeffry Mitchell, Mark Mumford, Mary Ann Peters, Keith Tilford, Claude Zervas and others. Through Dec 2. Aesthetics/Analytics looks at the intersection of art and science through art by Deborah Bell, Jaq Chartier, Patricia Hagen, Janet Marcavage, Barry Maxwell, Susan Robb, Barbara Robertson, Michael Schultheis, Lun-Yi Tsai and Elise Wagner. Through Dec 9. 1220 Third Ave, 343-1101.

recommendedSeattle artREsource
In this new venue, dealers Greg Kucera and Larry Yocom venture into affordable resales from local collectors, with works on sale ranging from Andy Warhol's Wayne Gretzky to Mandy Greer's rag-doll imagery. Ever-changing. Ongoing. 625 First Ave.

Seattle Municipal Tower Gallery
Prints from the city of Seattle's portable works collection. Features work by regional and national artists and encompasses a wide variety of printmaking techniques, including serigraphs, woodcuts and mezzotints as well as new methods using computer technology. Through Dec 29. 700 Fifth Ave, 3rd Floor.

Soil Art Gallery
Opolis pairs the photographs of Salvatore Panatteri with a video installation by Thom Heileson, both exploring cities. Through Nov 26. Topology of Internal Light: watercolors exploring how shapes and light can shift. By Yoshiyuki Paul Komada. Through Nov 26. 112 Third Ave S, 264-8601.

Some Space Gallery
A collection of small works from a variety of local emerging artists including Chris Crites, Shannon Welles, Todd Karam, Travis Stanley, Thomas Wurst, Nate Stottrup, and Laurie Ransom. Through Dec 29. 625 1st Ave, 718-3104.

Stonington Gallery
Myth's Immortal Characters: juniper and bronze works by Hib Sabin. Through Nov 30. 119 S Jackson St, 405-4040.

recommendedSuyama Space
All Things Long To Persist In Their Being: an installation by Ben Butler. "Butler's wood skeleton of some enormous, anonymous, long-gone beast that has come to rest on the floor of Suyama Space makes mock of the pipe dream of penetration, of being inside another to the point of total comprehension. It has one very important moment: the moment when, no matter who you are, you are kicked out." (Graves) Through Dec 8. 2324 Second Ave, 256-0809.

Suzzallo Library, Rm 101
Volti d'Africa: Faces of Africa: portraits of refugees from the Langa Township in South Africa by photographer and journalist Silvia Amodio. Through Nov 30. UW Campus.

U-Frame-It Gallery
Faces of Afghanistan: journals and photographs from an aid worker by Stanfill Marcus Stanfill. Through Dec 3. 5601 20th Ave. NW.

recommendedThe Union Street Electric Gallery
White Vanishing: Light and Shadow: a 14-by-100-foot vinyl mesh mural representing an original porcelain sculpture by Yuki Nakamura. Through Apr 30, 2007. Union Street and Western Avenue.

The Way We Get By: photographs of local musicians on and offstage by Breanne Koselke. Rockstar Heroes: stencils of music icons on canvas by Michael Lane. Through Nov 30. 2018 First Ave, 441-3441.

Violette Boutique
Impressions of Romantic Expressions by Adam Peart. Through Nov 30. 602 2nd Ave.

Viveza Gallery
Terraform: Francesca Berrini tears apart vintage maps and collages the scraps to create new, fabricated worlds. Through Dec 24. 2604 Western Ave, 956-3584.

Wall Of Sound
An Eye for Ears: a group show of LP and CD design work by local artists. Through Nov 30. 315 E Pine St.

Wall Space
In Plain View: by Kathy Smith. 3 Mile Range by Kevin Cruff. Through Dec 9. 600 First Ave #322, 330-9137.

Wessel & Lieberman Booksellers
An Exhibition of Wood Engravings, Prints & Limited Edition Books by Shinsuke Minegishi. Through Dec 30. 208 First Ave S, 682-3545.

recommendedWestern Bridge
Into Black: A slight show on the dark with bright stars, including a sparkling riddle by Hadley + Maxwell, an anti-sunset by Euan McDonald, a neon impression of the cave at Lascaux by Spencer Finch, and Claude Zervas's white-neon tomb of Napoleon. Through Dec 16. 3412 Fourth Ave S, 838-7444.

Whitman Gallery
Inside Outsider Art: work by several local artists involved in Creative Art Space, a visual arts studio and learning center designed to include persons with developmental and physical disabilities in the artistic and creative process. Through Dec 18. Harvard and Seneca.

William Traver Gallery
Transparent Boundaries: sculpture by the Swedish glass star Bertil Vallien. Through Dec 3. Into the Woods: Katja Fritzsche's stylized deer and gazelles draw inspiration from taxidermy and architecture. Through Dec 3. Meditations: Mary Fox's new glass sculptures muse on the human condition and worry about domestic and global issues. Through Dec 3. 110 Union St. #200, 587-6501.

Windows Art Gallery
References: a collaboration by Misty and Alisha Martin on the diversity of architectural elements. Through Nov 30. 4131 Woodland Park Ave N, 632-7332.

Winston Wächter Fine Art
Manifest Destiny: paintings focusing on the Northwest landscape by Bo Bartlett. Through. 203 Dexter Ave N, 652-5855.

New works by Scott J. Morgan. Through Dec 6. 171 S Jackson St, 583-0497.


Focus on Mongolia
November 26 is Mongolian Independence Day. The Burke will celebrate the holiday with Mongolian performers Altanhuyag, Mongonchuluun and Saikhnaa in a program of traditional Mongolian long songs, yatag, and dance. Burke Museum, NE 45th St and 17th Ave NE, 543-5590. Sun Nov 26, 1-3 pm.

Pleasure and Pain
Pleasure and Pain: A Body Systems Dark Art Party: "an exploration into the shadowy sides of art and music." Capitol Hill Arts Center, 1621 12th Ave, 388-0569. $15 presale; $20 at the door.. Mon, Nov 27.

Space.City Presents:
A lecture by Belgian architect Xaveer De Geyter. 6:30 pm. $12 on, $15 at the door. Central Library, 1000 Fourth Ave, 386-4636. Mon, Nov 27.